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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • Could somebody respond to my post#670? I would appreciate whatever comments anyone has. Thanks.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,101
    I still come around here because, even though I don't own a GTP anymore, I still miss it.

    sufgt--last year, as teo pointed out, I was in an accident with my GTP. It was "t-boned" by a guy who ran a redlight. From the skid marks, the cop estimated the other guy was doing between 40MPH-50MPH upon impact. The other guy was driving a late model Acura. I was hit on the passenger side and my car looked like he caught me smack in the middle of the front passenger door (although the whole passenger side looked like it took a 20 megaton blast).

    Obviously, my car was totalled. But, there was no inclusion into the passenger compartment at all. Passenger side windows were "blown out" but all the other damage was confined to the outside of the car. I actually saw the door side beams on the passenger side and they did the exact job they wee supposed to...keep the other car out.

    After the shock wore off, I took off my seatbelt (no airbags went off). I opened up my drivers side door, bushed off some little "beads of glass" and walked away. The other guy was taken to the hospital via ambulance. I checked up on him a couple of weeks later and he ended up being in the hospital for over a week.

    Because of this incident, I took the insurance check and bought another GTP. Great cars! Safer than anything I'd seen before.

    Oh yea...did we mention it was very fast, comfortable, full of features and fun to drive?
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    By now you must have put another tank of gas in right? If it was detonation originally, then it should be gone now.

    Detonation is very close to pinging. In fact it sounds the same.

    Excessive detonation can damage spark plugs, valves and piston heads.

    The easiest thing to check is to pull the spark plugs and exam the tips.
  • wkawka Posts: 14
    On my 2001 GTP I did notice a thumping noise with the gas tank. Although, I assumed it was the gas sloshing around. It really doesnt' bother me too much though. Only time a notice it is when I'm backing out of the garage. Actually, I didn't know there was a plastic liner but if there is doesn't it sound like the tank would be safer in a collision?

    I've had no problems with my GTP at all. It's great fun to drive.
  • mkcomkco Posts: 65
    I've got a 2001 GTP too and have occasionally notice a thump when backing up...usually just the first time I back up. Are you saying this is due to the gas tank? Is there a fix for it?

    I really didn't even think about this (or notice it lately) until I read the recent posts. I've consider my GTP to be pretty much flawless (aside from its excessive thrist!)
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    In my search for the perfect car I decided to rent the GP for 2 days and spend
    some time with the spouse (get the feel with both of us in the seats). This was
    a great move because it gave me some confidence I can survive without my High
    riding sport Ut (Explorer)and have some fun in a sedan. I'm not sure the seats in
    the GP were all that- felt uncomfortable on day 1 but okay day 2 with some adjusting.
    The lighted door buttons are great at nite and I think the red glow dash is fun-
    odd but fun. Handling on highway and country roads was beautiful, as well as
    easy enough to park and get around in town. I guess I have a hard time because there
    are so many sedans out there it starts to confuse you. I suppose you just have to bite
    the bullet- hope you make a good choice and if not trade it in 2 years or so. Any
    opinions about trade in value on the GP versus competition? Olds has some
    good deals but I'm iffy about the continued service with the future (GM will be honoring
    the warranty but depending on were you go the dealers could hang you out to dry).
    Well owners- give me a little input here!
  • wkawka Posts: 14
    Mine is just a regular GTP sedan. Interested to hear about what they say is the cause of the thumping noise, please post when you hear something.

    One interesting thing I just noticed. When standing outside of the car at one of the rear doors. I looked inside the car all the way across to the opposite rear door. From that vantage point I can see some light comming through the bottom front of the door. It looks like the doors don't quite seal. From the other side of the car I noticed the same thing. Anyone else have a sedan that shows the same thing?
  • mkcomkco Posts: 65
    I noticed the light too...when I'm sitting in the drivers seat and looking at the opposite rear door! (Maybe my car isn't as flawless as I thought!)

    Regarding the seats, it took me a couple of days to get used to the firmness of my GTP's seat. But now, I really like them.
  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    Did you rent an SE, GT or GTP? If it was an SE, certainly try the GT or the GTP even if you have the extra bucks. I have a 2000 GT, silvermist, sunroof, all the goodies. I believe they changed the packages on the 2001, so the 1SB package may not quite have everything on the new ones. I have had no problems with mine except a seat back rattle which was fixed promptly.

    My mom bought a 2000 SE. Just recently traded for the GT. Take it for what is't worth!! Good luck.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    FWIW my Chrysler 300M makes thumping noise somewhere in the rear when I back out of the driveway for the first time in the morning.

    I think it is related to the gas pump.
  • Thanks tsjay & toon01 for the well wishes. I'm still enjoying the car and it warmed up enough today to open the sunroof. Woo hoo! lol

    I've only had a chance to check the mileage once so far and I only got 16/gallon (city). I was a little disappointed as I got that with my '93 Firebird. I'll have to keep checking it and hope it increases a bit. What is anyone else getting on the GT's in the city.

    Two more questions - when idling at a drive-thru or street light I hear something click (from the engine) about every 30 seconds . Anyone else notice this with theirs? Should I get the oil changed at around 700 miles? I read somewhere that it is good to get the oil cleaned out early and not wait for 3,000 miles?

    Thanks everything!

  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    I rented an SE (seemed lucky to get it- had to drive to OHare and prereserve with a manager)
    The cruise control on the wiper arm seemed cheap (it's easier on the steering wheel) and I
    know I'd want the radio controls on the wheel too. I'm kind of debating over the Impala ss, Monte carlo SS or Grand Prix GT. I've looked at/test drove Accord and Galant but they
    don't have the exterior looks or feel to them. The Olds are at great prices right now so it's
    tough to decide. Insurance on all the 4 doors it's within dollars of each other. Thanks
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Please, DO NOT judge the Grand Prix's by your experience with an SE!

    It would be like thinking about a Corvette and driving a Cavalier to judge it by.

    There is a WORLD of difference between an SE and a GT! The GT has much better suspension, better tires, and a LOT better acceleration (unless the SE had the 3800 engine).

    I promise you that, for the money, there is not another car out there that can hold a candle to the Grand Prix GT! [Unless it is the GTP :)]

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The Pontiac Grand Prix SE sedan is the only model offered with the 3100 OHV V6 engine that churns out 175HP. This engine works fine on any N-body sedan model (Malibu, Grand AM, Alero) but it is anemic and deficient for the larger and heavier W-body platform Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is best enjoyed with the Normally aspirated 3800 Series II OHV V6 GT model (200HP) or the Supercharged version of that same engine (240HP)GTP model.

    Based on recent observations and a couple of test drives of GP GTP sedan models, the ergonomics, dashboard and controls layout are virtually identical among the three trim levels...whether it is the SE, GT or GTP. The cockpits on these cars are generally pleasing and comfortable; however, some controls layout and dashboard design and materials still reflect the 'Old School of GM ergonomics' from the Roger Smith era...some examples:

    The controls for the Cruise Control, Windshield Wipers, High Beams and turn signals are ALL crammed into the ancient 'SmartStalk' lever from the 1980's. The same stalk configuration is standard in all trim levels. The critical controls for the Cruise Control should be placed in the Steering Wheel hub (Like in the Impala/Montecarlo) where they are much easy to access and can be operated by just button tactile feedback (Advantage = Impala/Montecarlo)

    Mechanical odomoter, Trip Meter and in dash gear shift indicator. I am sure this is not a biggie at all (Nothing against mechanical instruments) but this is an area where you can also see that the GP has that ancient GM feeling to it. The newer (By 3 model years) Impala/Montecarlo models feature FULL digital odometer, trip meter and gear shift indicator quadrant. The main instrument pod presentation seems much better in the Impala/Monte...easier to read instruments (look very sporty) and doesn't have that glowing orange night time lighting, instead a more easy on the eyes and subdued greenish/blueish cluster illumination...the instruments look more like they were pulled off an imported automobile than the General's parts bin...just my opinion, please do not take offense.

    * The Hazard blinker lights switch in the GP is placed right above the steering wheel plastic stalk/column cover right in a location that makes it hard to reach on a hurry or emergency. The Impala/Monte has this switch mounted on the instrument cluster pod where it is much easier to reach on an emergency.

    * Sorry, but the plastics used in the GP cabin are not impressive for a car of this price caliber..some dash and door trim pieces feel very cheap and flimsy to the touch...great potential for rattles as the car ages. In this area I feel the Impala/Montecarlo have much better interior plastics and assembly quality and fit are more carefully executed, again for a GM car. I feel that the plastics in the GP belong more in the Cavalier, the the lowly Chevy Impala gets better interior materials...Pontiac has to do some explaning on that one.

    * Crash testing scores. This is an area where the Impala/Montecarlo clearly surpasses any other W-body platform car from GM. Consistent 5 star frontal score and a 4-side frontal score. The Impala/Monte are built like tanks. However, the GP, Intrigue and Regal have not scored as good and solid as the Impala..this reflects on the age of these cars last revised for the '97 model year. The Impala already meets year 2003 goverment safety requirements while the GP only complies with 1997 safety regulations....some food for tought:

    As for the rest, the Impala, GP, Regal, intrigue are pretty competitive in engines, transmissions, gizmos, etc, but I feel the Chevrolets give you the most bang for the buck, better safety and sligthly better ergonomics, fit and finish and quality.

    Also, the Impala, Montecarlo and Regal are built in Canada. GM Canadian assembly plants have always scored higher in quality than the US GM plants. The Grand prix/Intrigue are built at the Fairfax, Kansas plant and the quality stats of that assembly facility have always been lower (and it shows)than the quality ratings of the Oshawa, Ontario Canada assembly plants. Maybe these cars are better because are not built by the UAW syndicated folks..their Canadian and Mexican counterparts seem to always do a much better job at putting cars together.

    have fun and enjoy whatever you choose!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    To be precise:

    - The 3.1l engine is used currently not only with GP SE and Chevrolet Malibu, but also with Buick Century. And with Chevrolet Lumina, still in production, for fleet sales only.

    - On the other hand, 99-2001 GA and Oldsmobile Alero have different engines - either 2.4l 4-cylinder, or 3.4l V-6. The 3.4l engine is used also with the base Impala, MC, and with several minivans and minivan-like Pontiac Aztec.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I already was aware regarding the 3100 V6 other vehicle applications and the 3400 V6 applications as well.

  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    All of teo's comments are pretty much on the mark. I am surprised, however, that he did not mention the engine cradle and steering shaft issues. Please go over to the Impala and MC forums and read up if you haven't already. Seems as though the issues have been fixed as long as you purchase a vehicle with a later build date. Good luck with whatever you choose. I miss my MCSS so much. One of the many things I loved about that car; you just don't see very many and it is unique. Lots of GPs everywhere.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    You are absolutely right about the cradle, steering shaft issues on the 2000 model year Impala/Montes.

    Bdime::: If you want to learn more about the Impala, go to the Impala topic right here in Townhall.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    There is a blue 98 GTP Pace Car being offered on E-Bay that is reported to be autographed by Dale Earnhardt. Seller says he has a pic of Dale signing the dashboard. 1998 is, of course, the year that he won Daytona 500. No bids yet and $19.5K is the starting bid. The car has 29.5K miles and is said to be tweaked to 300 hp. Got to think this is going to attract some attention - and could become quite valuable.

    What a shame he's gone. I watched the race on a 48 inch screen with surround sound and was enjoying it immensely. Can't get that image out of my head now of Dale careening into the wall. It didn't seem too bad compared to the spectacular pile-up earlier (ironically during the Tony Stewart Grand Prix Commercial) that sent Tony's # 20 Pontiac somersaulting over the pack.

  • Hey...did you all see the Grand Prix G-8 Concept Car? I'M DROOLING...I'd LOVE to see this puppy hit the production floor some day!

    Check it out at:
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