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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Yeah, navy blue metallic is new this year. You're seeing similar dark blues on the Impala and Regal and a few others. We chose it over silver and the new red (Redfire metallic - a real looker IMO) partly because of its uniqueness (you don't see many on the road) but also because it looks really sharp. We've already received a ton of compliments on the car - and the colour - and we've only had this car in our driveway for a few days.

    Our other car (a 2000 Bonneville SLE) is dark bronzemist - so, as much as the GP in that colour is also a winner, it was out of the question for us. I read a while back that dark bronzemist will be discontinued for the Bonneville in '02 - we'll see if that holds true and if the same will apply to the GP.

  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I haven't seen any navy blue metallic Grand Prix's but will keep my eyes open for one. I'm sure it's a good looking car. I've seen just about all the different colors listed in my 2001 brochure but the navy and possibly the green. I don't know how long the dark forest green has been out.

    I have to go to the Pontiac place today and will ask them if they're discontinuing the dark bronzemist (if I remember). If they've only carried the color for 2 years then there won't be as many on the road. I've only seen one other car in the dark bronzemist.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    The blue is gorgeous. My dealer had a 2-door GT and GTP and a 4-door GTP all in blue and they're responsible for making me wait a week to take delivery. It'll be a challenge to keep clean and I'll try to keep the swirl marks to a minimum but clean this thing has eye appeal.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I'll certainly be on the lookout for a navy blue GP. Eventually, I'll spot one. I'm sure it's worth the effort of keeping clean!

    I haven't washed my car yet. We've got this rust colored "sediment" in the water and I'm afraid it will ruin the paint job on a new car. I plan on getting over to my parents house soon to wash it.
  • sincerosincero Posts: 5
    You're right about the challenge in keeping the blue metallic GP clean...I have been wiping fingerprints off the car since purchased. Once the car is shined...there's no better looking car on the road.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Better get Zaino.

    Rust sediment in water: I would agree that washing your car with that could be risky - you don't want to be firing "rust catalysts" into crevices where you're unsure of the paint finish. If you're not renting (or even if you are), you might want to consider installing a whole house sediment filter (they're about $25 up here and the filters - good for a month or two - are about $2@). If you're the least bit handy, it'll take an hour to install (if you've never done plumbing work before, let a pro do it). We're in the country so have a drilled well and had an iron precipitate problem. This little unit cleaned that up immediately. Well worth it.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    on the filter. The filter would be well worth the money. I drink bottled water but the animal's water bowl turned orange even though the water appears to come out clear. The water company says the water is safe to drink but I wonder. I'm sure if the water turned my animal's bowl orange it wouldn't be good for a car. (I'm getting water from my parent's house for my animals now - thank goodness for Mom and Dad.)

    Anyway, I'll stop by Home Depot today and talk to them about that filter.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    the brand name (in Canada) is Rainfresh - get the one with the built-in bypass (a simple twist of the unit and you can change the filter without cutting off the water supply to the house). Once you've installed it, the water should be good enough to give to Poochie and wash the car.

  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I went to Home Depot and they have a filter system that costs $16. (I guess that's the same as $25 Canadian.) The filters that need replacing every so often cost about $10. He told me how to go about it so I'm going to talk to my dad and see if he could do it for me. They have another system for $50 and the filters wouldn't need to be changed as often.

    Thanks for letting me know about this!
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I saw a blue Grand Am today (either a 2000 or 2001) but still no navy blue Grand Prix. The Grand Am that I saw was more of a medium blue and I would assume the navy blue GP is a little darker - more along the lines of the navy blue metallic Impala.

    One thing about a new car - it never really seems like work to wash it!
  • xavier627xavier627 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know how to make the Fog Lamps stay on when you have the high beams on? In the T/A i know you have to take out he relay and solder or attach the two wires together. This would really help especially when i'll be installing the the blazertech 3200 driving lights. I have a 2000 beamer and the lights on that thing is bright, even without the xenon.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I imagine that rewiring would be in order with the GP as well as they are set-up for the fogs to NOT work with the highbeams (since highbeams are the worst things to use in fog). Let us know if you find the answer.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    It turns out that I don't have a cut off valve on this house. The valve is where the meter box is and that belongs to the city. I doubt they'd let me alter that. If you have a well, I imagine you went about installing your filter system differently. Back to square one.

    I'm going to see if it's possible to put a filter on the hose or outside faucet for car washing.

    I saw a Dark Bronzemist Bonneville today. That's the first one that I've seen in a Bonneville. It was nice looking. Naturally, I'm partial to that color!
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Pity about the whole-house filter (hard to believe that they make houses without a shut-off valve inside - nothing that a real plumber couldn't easily deal with I'm sure). Rusty water is definitely NOT recommended for washing.

    I take it from your observation that your GP is dark bronzemist - you discerning car guy you. Yep, another point for GM in the colour development department.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Dan - I think our friend Stnel (Stacy) is probably not a car "guy"! She certainly is one fine lady with very very good taste in automobiles!

  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    No problem! A lot of people don't read profiles and even if they do, they've been acting up. I've noticed the recent posts under my name date back to April with the Impala. I think that's been a problem with a lot of profiles.

    I'm sure the tech people are aware of it and will get it fixed.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    My apologies. Actually, I had read your profile and I still didn't clue in. Of course names are getting soooo generic that guys like me (with a guy name like Dan) get easily confused. My wife's name is Daryl (as in Hannah) and with actors like Stacy Keach (definitely a man), it's just too much for me I suppose. I throw myself on the mercy of the forum's membership...
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I didn't take offense. Names can be confusing.

    GM is on the mark with some nice looking colors. I saw a Redfire in a parking lot the other day and that really was a pretty color of red. The sales manager offered me a good price on the Redfire that I looked at but in test driving the car, it had a funny feel to it in comparison to the other GP's that I test drove. But that was my top color choice. I am real happy, though, with the Dark Bronzemist.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I FINALLY got my car washed - went over to the parents house. I didn't know I needed to dry the car off though and now water spots have replaced the dirt. At least the water spots won't hurt the paint until I can get it washed again.

    I've never dried a car before after washing it and have never gotten water spots. Is this because the paint is metallic or if the new cars are coated with something when they're new? My other cars were white (non-metallic).
  • sincerosincero Posts: 5

    I also washed my car this past weekend and found a number of waterspots afterwards. I thought I had done a good job drying it but obviously I was wrong. Let me know how your next wash goes!
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