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GMC Envoy Denali XL Gas Gauge and Oil Pump Problems



  • Sarah, I was told by GMC i need an engine and they will charge $4-$5K for the engine. No warranty GM will not cover and this seems to be a flaw in this engine. Bringing in they would only do pressure test but the engine need to be replaced from the issues I have
  • If this is something you would like for us to look into further with you, we'd be happy to open up a Service Request! Please email us more information (include your name/Edmunds username, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership).
    GM Customer Service
  • kpickkpick Posts: 1
    just bought a 05 denali xl a month ago & the oil pressure gauge started acting up by dropping to 0 and now is just pegged at max took it to the dealer for a alignment and to look at the oil pressure issue and they tell me i need a whole new instrument panel and it's going to cost 500$ oh and the kicker is they say my extended warranty they just sold me wasn't going to cover it has anybody had this problem master tech warranty is anybody familiar with this warranty
  • While I don't have information on the Master Tech warranty, if we can look into the situation at the dealership please get in touch via email with more information (please include the last 8 digits of your VIN and involved dealership).
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi I have an 07 Envoy Denali and I have a problem with my engine light being on. Took it to get a diagnostic check and the Throttle position sensor needs to be replaced. I have replaced my altenator and battery in 2010. Now my bags that lifts the truck struggle and does not work on a daily basis, my lights may not come on and the oil gauge light is on (and also dropped down to zero). Two years ago i replace the motor that controls the window that cost me around $500 bucks. If all these problems are common why haven't they did a recall on them. I mean is this why they don't make them anymore. I am strugglng what can I do, Its not in warranty and it seems like the motherboard going bad. What are my options?
    Please let me know...
  • Good morning,
    If you would like to explore any available options through Customer Service, we can get a Service Request set up for you. Please send us an email with more information (include your name/Edmunds user name, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership) and my coworker Christina will advise you from that point.
    GM Customer Service
  • sorry to tell you this KISHIA1, but, you'll get no help from GM on any of your problems... we taxpayers bailed out GM because they could'nt keep themselves afloat. now when something like ALL these gauge problems arise, [many thousands, said the service writer himself] and they should do a recall, they say "oh sorry thats not covered" if it was TOYOTA they would fix EVERY single one as they have shown in the last recall.. i'm done with GM i own a perfect, garage kept ENVOY with low milage and they would'nt even split the cost with me on they're under engeneered parts..... been a GMC man all my life, was ordering a caddy CTS this spring.... FORGET THAT, hyundai has a sport coupe out that will kick the pants off the caddy.... so who loses????
  • I am on number three Fuel Sending Unit. I complained to GM over the phone and emails to no answer. I am a true believer in buying American made products until now. I get a letter in the mail from a GM dealer saying they know that there is a huge problem with the sending unit and that they will pay half. Half? You put a crap piece on an overly expensive car and you will only pay half. I recently bought a Toyota Solara and it is awesome. Thank you Toyota and thanks for nothing GM! Trying to sell the Envoy :mad:
  • Here is the problem. We shouldn't have to waste our time with a lawsuit. Look what Toyota and Honda did; they replaced their issues and didn't run away from them!
  • When you called, were you assigned a case number? We could look into what is going on with it, if you like. Please send it to us via email and we'll see what we can find.
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,
    That was a year ago. I will find it and send it to you! Its nice to see people like you working for GM, but for me it is too late! I will never buy another GM product again. Which is sad, because all of our company vehicles were GMC and all of my personal cars were GM products. Tell your superiors to get a grip on what really matters; THE CUSTOMER!
  • After working with the GM District Specialist and taking my vehicle to the GMC dealership as requested. The service Mgr determined my engine in my 2006 Envoy needs to be replaced after suddenly throwing "low oil pressure" message and going from low to normal consistently. They have no idea why and stated they would need to totally disassemble the engine to find out what caused this (at my cost). The District specialist called to tell me GM would not give any assistance with any issues I have with my vehicle do to the fact it has high mileage 114K and that is probably part of the cause in my engine failure, after fuel sending unit died as many of you have experienced as well. I will never buy another GM product. I have a 97 Toyota Avalon with 154K and 01 F150 with 135K that ride like new and other than basic tune-up has been trouble free. Family member has Envoy and had major issues as well. Many of you can probably relate.
  • Well it look's like I'm not alone, my 2007 Envoy dash is starting to look like a Christmas tree. This is one of the strangest vehicles I have ever owned.
    1. the gas guage died, got repaired under warranty thank goodness it was expensive, along with the drivers side window motor.
    2. the left and right - front and rear speakers come and go when they want to
    3. the tire pressure light comes and goes thru out the day year round, tires have correct pressure.
    4. the check engine light comes and goes, my mechanic is confused can't get a code & he's good!
    5. the seatbelt/door bell is loud then soft, then quiet then loud etc...
    6. the dash light at the heat and a/c temp control knobs comes and goes
    7. the stab. track lights have now come on and stay on, the button on the side of the gear shift has no effect. I'm waiting for one of us to get stranded before we can get rid of this piece of junk.
    Now I am not an individual that neglects a vehicle, the Chev car my wife drove before the GMC Envoy had 206,000 miles. My current Chev. Silverodo work truck has 337,000 miles we take care of our cars.
    This Envoy has 75,000 on it now and really started having problems at about 20,000 miles.
    I figure it will cost a chunk of cash just to figure out what all the lights mean and no telling what it will cost to repair. I've got to get the damn lights off the dash so I can sell it. NO MORE GMC'S FOR THIS CONSUMER!
  • I'm sorry that your Envoy has not been a satisfactory vehicle for you, rottielover. Have you already worked with Customer Service to address these issues? We're available to look into your situation further with you and will try to help get this resolved at a dealership.
    GM Customer Service
  • hey rottielover, feel bad for you bro. but you'll get no help from GM on this same as i did'nt. everytime its even moist out my speedo and oil pressure gauge go as far as the enclosure will let them. on your "check engine" light issue, have your mechanic check how fast car is coming up to temprature. thats what mine was, truck was running too cool needed new thermistat, and MAP sensor to clear that up... there is a huge problem with the gauge packages of these trucks, but they wont admit it and do a recall... but just like me they're saying to you "thanks for bailing us out when we were going under"
    SUCKERS we all were.. damn shame too, cuz i really liked my envoy.... i'll be driving a TOYOTA soon as this is done, [which probably wont be too long] good luck on the temp. fix, and with getting help from them..... aint gonna happen......
  • rottielover,
    Do not waste your time with GM. They will talk as if they want to help you and screw you over royally. Unfortunately we bailed these crooks out that manufactured a defective product and knowing there mistake they stopped making the vehicle. It had nothing to do with new models coming out and not wanting those models to clash. I will be a STRONG advocate against anyone that tells me they are going to buy a GM vehicle. I actually had a district NO specialist that have NO knowledge of cars tell me that my engine failed (low oil pressure suddenly is do to the high mileage on my vehicle 114K. I have a 2001 Ford F150 and 1997 Toyota with 132K and 154K and they have NEVER had an issue. I had to change fuel sensor, oil pressure sending unit, camshaft positioner sensor and finally engine needs to be replaced. If anyone knows of any Class action in regards to this model let me know ASAP if anyone is going to go that route you have MANY supporters in this forum!
  • Hi Sarah,

    Since you are following this thread,you might be able to give me direction. I just bought an 06 Envoy Denali with 109 kms on it and am afraid that I have bought a vehicle with the exact problem these people are complaining about. Two days of normal used car maintenance and the a day of low oil pressure and a noisy engine. I changed the oil pressure sensor and the problem continued. Five minutes ago I started the vehicle and there are no noticable problems oil pressure is good annd the noise is gone. No fault codes.
    I imagine that there must be some steps that can be taken now other than puting it back up for sale.
  • my exact issue a couple weeks ago and 3 shops including gmc told me engine must be replaced. One was my uncle a 30 year Chrysler technician manager. Hopefully this is not your fate. I had 114K and GMC says high mileage is partly to blame. Dont look for help from them. Sarah is very helpful with her concern but unfortunately for us she does not make the call.
  • I have a 2006 GMC Envoy; I bought with 46,000 miles on it. I am so aggravated with GMC and their tactics to resolve issues that are clearly their fault for putting faulty pieces and parts into a car and not taking responsibility for their mistake. Every light in my 2006 Envoy goes on and off all the time and honestly I've gotten to the point that I don't pay attention to it anymore! Then we received a letter from GMC stating that they will pay 1/2 for a "faulty fuel level sensor", FAULTY?? I didn't buy a car with FAULTY parts if they are FAULTY it's because you put them in FAULTY, why am I responsible for that or anyone else for that matter..?? To me if you put something FAULTY into a product it's your responsibility to FIX IT not mine!!

    My husband is out of work and we’re trying to make ends meet and I have a car that I'm riding around in a car and I have no idea how much gas I have. I am driving on major highways all the time and my car has died 3 times so far the last being a very dangerous and scary situation. I also have two small kids, if anything happens to me or my family while I'm driving and my car dies in the middle of a highway trust me GM this won't be the last time you hear from me. It's very dangerous driving in a situation like that. I was on a highway with NO SHOULDER and my car died... THANK GOD I found the only SMALL shoulder by an exit ramp I past to swerve over to. Other wise I could have been killed. I was on this little shoulder and was still scared because of all the tractor trailers flying by me...

    Not sure why there has not been a TOTAL RECALL on this because someone is going to get hurt or killed. Why can't the government see this.. They are next on my e-mail list.. GMC Stand by your customers and product and FIX IT... Not for 1/2 for free it's your fault were having this issue!

    If GMC can't take responsibility for the issues their cars are having due to their incompetence I will NEVER and I mean NEVER by another GM Product EVER and make sure no one else I know does either... No wonder why people by foreign cars at least with all the issues everyone else has had I have to respect them for standing up to their name and correcting it. No GMC wants to send a letter in the mail stating they know there is a Faulty piece that was put in the cars and they will fix it but only pay have or only for the part not for the labor? Are you kidding me.... What kind of service is that? We all bought cars in WORKING condition assuming all the parts were legit not faulty or bad!!

    Also GM don't forget who BAILED you out when you were going under.... that's right TAX PAYERS! Is this what we get in return after purchasing your product? We'll I hope you go under again and guess what you will NOT get another bail I can assure you on that. Millions of people are barely trying to make ends meet and half don't have jobs and you want them to pay yet again your screw up... Classic

    I fully agree with "Air Springs & everyone else for that matter"
    If GM cannot stand behind this obvious safety Issues with failed fuel gauges I can't stand behind them anymore!! I’m all for “Buy American” to stand behind my country and keep Americans working. If I do buy American again I can bet it won’t be a GM car…
  • I couldn't agree with you more.... I'll try to find some Class Action Issues and if I find any I'll let you know...
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