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Mitsubishi Galant



  • Turns out it is an aftermarket product and the trunk button does not work... :cry:
  • acl1acl1 Posts: 1
    Had similar problem with my 2002. Heater core valve is probably stuck in closed position. In my 2002, its controlled by a motor driven module located next to heater core below dash. Access requires removing various panels and ducts below glove compartment--not exactly easy but doable. Dealer part that costs > $100. Good intention e.g. minimize cable actuators, etc. resulting in Bad implementation by using a substandard motor control subsystem design. Good cars sometime have minor design faults of which this is an example.
    Good luck.
  • My 04 Galant LS is doing the same thing (ABS, TCL OFF, and Anti Lock) lights come on after driving. I was told it is a "sensor" issue. Has anyone had this problem and gotten it repaired? Is it costly? Will it cause any trouble in the long run (i.e. engine failure?) Please help :)

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    It could be a bad sensor. It could be a failed computer module. ABS and anti-lock are one and the same and the light(s) are telling you that neither the ABS nor the traction control is operable. So, yes, this could cause a real problem in the wrong circumstances. Other than that, it won't hurt the car in and of itself.
  • jtmobjtmob Posts: 1
    same problem. flushed system, changed t-stat; still no heat. what is the name of the module and can you give a little more detail on the process of accessing and repairing the module?

  • I'm dealing with same. A/C works fine, everything looked clean under the hood, but no heat. It's killing me in the Denver blizzard. I'm an amature under the hood, any further assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Any diagrams on websites?

    Thanks, happy new year.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    I have a 2004 LS V6... no problems here. But curious why you aren't taking it to the dealer. You get a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty. Repair should be free and painless. Also I recieved free maintanence for 44,000 miles..... Bought mine 2 years ago.

    So tell me again why you need to be your own mechanic?

    Happy Motoring!
  • Greetings good people--I know it's been a while but what can I say--I'M BACK. Let's get started: 1) Fair assessment about the '07's rtol#2. But let's not go crazy here. The only thing the Galant had over the Camry (#1 AGAIN!!) and I'm emphasizing had was the look on the exterior. As for all the other things...i.e. reliability, performance, Camry is LIGHT years ahead of the Galant. I don't care what Consumer reports says (I like to know where/who they "poll" when they get their info), the proof is in the pudding (as in sales--total sales). 2) It's good to see that Mitsu is thinking outside the box when it comes to the brakes (another good point rtol#2). My brother's '04 had intermittent problems with the rotors, but in all the '05's and '06's did improve especially on the handling.

    ...In the end the Galant is and will always play catch up with the Accords and Camry's of the world. Better than the Altima's, but still not ready to play with the big dogs...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome back... it's been quite a while! :)
  • The 2007 Galant Ralliart is unbelievable...and to think I was going to buy an 07' CRV! This is my first Mitsubishi and I'm tickled pink! :blush: Inside and out this is one impressive vehicle!
  • Good to be back!!!! Anyways, one question....did you ever try driving or own an 07 Galant (ES, GTS or Ralliart)at all?
    If not, sad to say but you're missing a lot, it's fun & thrill to drive just as it is advertised. FYI, Mitsu Ralliarts are very well known for their car rally in Asia & other parts of the world even before Honda's & the camrys were built!!!!!>>> Also, in terms of car sales, it does not follow that the car itself is that reliable, it only happens that their marketing/ads are better than the other. Want to test drive & see the results?? I bet that 07 galants will beat the accords, camrys & fusions!!! It's all about advertisements..........Mitsubishi has the better & best warranties of all car dealers - see for yourself, NOT the Ford Fusions as they were saying!!!! You better research first before you say something ok?? 07 Galant Ralliart has a 3.8L, V6 engine & compare the hp/rpm & the torque from Camry, Altima, Maxima, Fusion & Accord - ralliart will beat them all...........thanks.
  • I'm 101% w/you!!!! Ralliarts are one of the most powerful & fast engines built by Mitsubishi FYI: It's made in Japan plus the trnasmission too!!!! If you go to the website of mitsu Japan, Ralliarts won the Dakar Car Rally for several consecutive years now. It's not about the no. of cars in terms of sales itself BUT to own & drive an 07 Galant is really WOW/ and what a blasts!!!!!!!
    Keep going & drive safely..........Camrys', Accords, Altimas, Maxima & Fusion - eat my dust!!!!! VVVVVVVVVRRRRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes I forgot about the engine!!!!! Mitsu did improve on the horse power-and the "quiet ride"(especially the 4-cyclinder engines). But like I said we shall see..........
  • kam108kam108 Posts: 16
    I so agree with you. There's so much brainwashing via advertisements and Consumer Reports. I guess people just have to find out for themselves. I previously fell for all the brainwashing, and bought a Toyota. I hated the transmission, even found it to be dangerous. I traded it for a Galant, and am very content. To the person who thinks Camry's are light years ahead, they must not be reading the complaints of Camry owners on both Edmund's forums and on the NHTSA website. I think the way the car drives is the most important. The only thing I liked better about my Toyota was the quiet engine. My Galant engine is noisy, but at least I don't feel like I'm going to run into someone, or that they're going to run into me!
  • I've always wondered why alot of cars that in reliability they have a poor rating and in satisfaction they have an excellent score. Why someone would love soo much a car thats always breaking down and always in the shop??? And why sometimes CR rates a Toyota car excellent and recomended....but then says (excellent score only applies to the 2wd, 4wd rates poor) I other non-toyota cars you see a BIG poor reliability score....and then they say (base model rates better than average reliability) why in Toyota they dont show the poor score in their 4wd toyota???? Because its a Toyota. And it doesn't look right to say that about a Toyota. But Mitsubishi's have demonstrated above average and excellent reliability records but they always have to find something bad to say. CR is biased in my opinion. I may be wrong.... but thats how i see it.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25 - 6/overview/index.htm

    Of the 47 vehicles on the Consumer Reports most-reliable list, 39 were from Japanese automakers. Six came from the domestic automakers, and one each came from South Korea and Europe. Twenty-one Toyota vehicles earned top ratings. Honda had 11 vehicles at the top of our ratings. Ford, General Motors, and Subaru each had three, Mitsubishi and Nissan each had two, while Hyundai and Mini each had one.

    But my reason for owning a 2004 Galant LS besides the great 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty, the free 44,000 maintenence program (free oil and services), the smile the V6 puts on my face when I pass 2 cars on a windy road, the best thing about it was it only cost me $14,800 new 2 years ago... The $6000 rebates and nice year end discount from my dealer provided me a substantial automobile for the same money as a Civic.

    Would I buy another... Might if they provide incentives like that again. I had an Eclipse before the Galant. And if the next generation improves the interior like they have elsewhere in the world Mitsu might have another Honda guy gone Mitsu.....

    Happy Motoring!
  • It's been eleven months now. All is well!

    The dealership fixed the glovebox to my satisfaction, it's flush when shut now. They gave me an extra oil change for the trouble.

    Edit: The TPMS sensors were correct when going off. The dealership gave me a digital pressure gauge, they were reading low, and since inflating the tires while cold, it's been perfect. This is a great safety option!

    The vehicle was tinted in the spring with Madico tint. Made a huge difference in the heat. Put one of those solar shades in the front window when parked and that helped even more. From a vanity standpoint, it looks better with tint, too!

    No major problems. A rock flew off a truck and chipped the paint, bought touch-up at the dealership. The took the VIN and not only did I get my color, but the batch, too.

    I think the frame groans at times, low speed when turning (like backing out) or on inclines. Couldn't get it to do that at the dealership, it's very infrequent. Not a big deal at this point.

    Overall I'm very satisfied with the car. My friends have an '06 Galant ES, and no problems of any kind for them.

    As to '07 models...

    Saw several Ralliarts at the dealership. Orange and red were the only two colors, and none had navigation. Nice vehicles. Should have asked to test drive one, didn't dawn on me until now. D'oh!

    Didn't see any ES models on the lot with the package that includes the Rockford stereo, they only had those on their Ralliarts where it's standard.

    My color, Titanium Pearl, has been dropped, though another color, Satin Meisai Pearl, looked light gray on a cloudy day. I'm wondering if the Meisai might not look light green in some lighting conditions, because both my friends and I have seen light metallic green Galants, though the sales reps had not heard of a green one. Meisai looks green on the Mitsu website, but I learned on my car search that websites and real life color matching is not accurate.

    Consumer Reports has lowered the reliability rating to average. They've also lowered it to the first recommended tier, not the higher second one it once was. Not sure why they did this. I've been confounded by their "logic" on more than one occasion, especially when viewing used car ratings. It doesn't always add up.

    The dealership said that the next model year Galant should bring a new body style, but had no photos of it, just the new body style '08 Lancer. I love the 04-07 style Galant.

    In summary it's been an excellent vehicle to date. The '07s have continued on the improvement trend, with better packages (I would have got the $1000 sport package that adds the Rockford stereo and other goodies if it had been available on my model year) and side curtain airbags front and back, plus the standard sportronic transmissions, among other things. So the four cylinders are quieter now? Nice, though mine doesn't much bother me.

    I'm still driven to thrill every time I get behind the wheel!
  • nitinbudnitinbud Posts: 3
    i have a 2003 galant. i bought it used. there is a problem that i dont know what it is! when i go through a small pot hole or a minor bump the rear end of the car shakes left to right like as if it is sitting on an untightened bar that the body shakes left to right (almost a jerky slap of the fishtail) Does anyone know what that is?! PLease help! also the car when driving to work this morning it was a little wet and rainy the rear end was swaying left to right lilke a fish tail slowly but steadily. freaked me out! please help!
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Wow that sounds bad. Did u check before buying if that car was in a accident? Some wrecks are superficially fixed, titles washed, sold to unaware owners and then problems start. Have a reputable technician at ure near Mitsubishi dealer inspect ure vehicle. Run a Carfax report ASAP!!! Go take ure Galant to a Mitsubishi dealer. Dont jeopardize ure security and life driving a unsafe car. And i mean any make and model. It could happen to anyone and any type of car.
  • nitinbudnitinbud Posts: 3
    hi! thanks for your response! so you dont know what the problem is? let me know if you have an idea! thanks
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