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Mitsubishi Galant



  • I have an 2002 Galant and I had the same problem starting last spring. It was summer in Michigan so I didn't worry about not having heat at that point. This fall I had the thermostat changed and that did not fix the problem. Two weeks after I had that replaced my car starting overheating and leaking coolant. I had to have it towed to a local repair garage. I just recieved a call that my heater core needed to be replaced and that it was leaking. I was told that it should take care of my heat problem and the overheating problem. Good luck, I would recommend to start saving up, this repair is going to cost me $855.00. The whole dash has to be removed to get to the heater core.
  • I purchased a silver 2004 Mitsubishi Galant and the paint is fading so extensively, it looks as though the car is 15 years old. I am a mother of three teenage boys and money is hard to come by. When I can finally afford to buy a car that was built in the same century ( 2007) that I am living in I EXPECT the automobile body paint not to have fading paint...expecially when the car was built in 2004.

    I know I am embarrassed to drive my car in public., however, I put all my savings into buying this car., not knowing there was an external paint problem.

    The only request that I have with Mitsubishi is that they reimburse all of the Galant owners, that have fading exterior body paint issues...a credit of a minumum of $1500.00 with customer's choice of colors to paint their vehicle at their nearest automobile body painting shop to have these vehicles repainted in a proper manner. If need be pay for rental vehicles for the duration of the painting process.

    The least the Mitsubishi Car manufacturer can do is get us a supreme exterior automobile paint ( especially without lead) on their expense.

    I have never been so disappointed in an automobile as I have with my 2004 Galant.

    Maybe someone has a conscience within the corporation to make this right. Not all of Americans have the money to repaint their vehicles due to corporate neglect...

    What a shame that we ( Americans) have to fight to get what we pay for.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would really like to know why my car throws hot air thru the circulation system ???? I have noticed sinced I've owned the car that the ventilation system blows hot air.. I really can't afford to run the air conditioning system year round.

    It can be 40 degrees outside and the and controls "off" and the vents are still blowing hot air...WHY????? Abviously the air is coming from the engine... That should not be happening.

    I would like Mitsubishi to come clean and recall all of these problems. The sooner the better....if they want their business to continue.

    Does anyone know how to contact Mitsubishi directly????
  • Have you had any luck with a repair?
    My 02 Galant is doing the same thing. I replace the thermostat but still no heat.
  • Anyone consider a class action suit against mitsubishi? My Galant is doing the same thing and it is a 2003! It should not be having trouble with heat or air. I might look into doing that!
  • I have a 2002 mitsubish and I cant get the heater to get hot water for heat, it stays in air conditoning mode all the time
  • exactly what is your heater not doing? :confuse: :confuse:
  • My car is past waranty this year and I cant afford a 75.00 dollar an hr. labor rate. This thing has been a gem until the waranty ran out
  • my 4 cylinder has all the power needed and it gets around 30 MPH. all the time :)
  • I would not trust that answer. the computer is not the cause of this. it seams to me that sometining is out of adjustment. How many miles have you driven it since the repair. Have you driven it in all kinds of situations such as cit rural high way etc.? ;)
  • I recently had to replace the battery in my gallant and now the car starts
    but once it gets warmed up it stalls ,what could be causing this also
    check engine light is on.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    Well, when it warms up the idle is going to drop from the cold/start-up fast idle to the normal idle speed. Perhaps the idle sensor isn't operating correctly. Since you had to replace the battery the first thing I'd check would be all fuses. After that, take it to a place like AutoZone or another repair shop that will read your engine's computer codes for free/cheap. I would hope that the ECU would be throwing an error when the engine stalls and that code would point you towards a solution.
  • my 2001 mitsubishi gallant has a new battery since then once it warms up it stalls and the rpms drop.
  • :confuse: i recently replaced my battery in my 2000 galant also.and its doing the exact samething,when i turn the heat on it acts as if the car is about to cut off(rpms drop) and when i come to complete stop it acts as if its about to cut off(rpms drop).what could be causing this?help!!!!!
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    See my post 2326 on the prior page for some suggestions.
  • well I ended up taking my cat to the garage come to find out the battery was not bad to begin with, turns out the fuel injector needed
    to be cleaned running great now 130.00 later. hope this helps you.
  • thanks for the insight! i just upgraded my gas from 87 to 93 octane,an checked my fuses and the problem seemed to disappear.i guess my galant was having a bad day,but i will keep the info you supplied in mind incase the problem comes back..thanks! :)
  • Just bought it with 12k miles. Any thoughts on the 2007?
  • goper6goper6 Posts: 1
    I just came from Bell Mitsubishi in Rahway NJ and after the horrible service I swear on my mother's grave that I will never buy another Mitsubishi again.
    I own a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant and the problem was windshield washer fluid was not coming out to clean my windscreen, my highbeam and my foglights were also not working.
    After 3 visits and over $1000 dollars the windshield washer is only coming out of the passenger side duct and they messed up my alarm, when I press lock on my alarm remote it works, but unlock does not work.
    On a previous occasion when I took the car for servicing, when I got it back they had left the transmission fluid dipstick on top of the car engine and the hood closed, I drove for two weeks not knowing what they had done
    If you have a choice avoid Bell Mitsubishi in Rahway NJ.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - welcome to CarSpace. Hate to see you blame the manufacturer for a bad dealer experience since they are independent operations. Perhaps another Mitsubishi dealer in your area would provide better service?

    Let me suggest that you submit a Service Review of this dealership in our Dealer Ratings & Reviews section. That's the best way to alert other consumers in your area of what happened to you.
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