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Mitsubishi Galant



  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    I have done the scheduled maintenance on my Galant. The cost of that is going to be similar to any other car, give or take a little. Things to reduce the maintenance: Engines with a timing chain v. timing belt, ones that state a longer interval between oil changes, etc.

    Then there are other items that aren't scheduled but are considered maintenance and not repairs: Tires, brakes, battery, etc. Buy longer-life tires (usually lower speed rated which is fine unless you drive 100+), ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads, long life battery. Use a K&N air filter for cost savings not supposed performance benefits (1 filter for the life of the car).

    In terms of repairs, on my '99 LS V6 I've only done a couple and over 9.5 years and 143K miles they totaled well under $1000.

    If you drive way, way more than the average 12K miles a year your maintenance could add up but even then I don't see how it would approach averaging $100 a month.

    Heck, even if I blew both the engine & trans today and had to replace them I'd still be averaging under that.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    Something in either the bulbs or the wiring is causing them to draw too much power & over heat. The sealed design on modern headlights traps the heat, which can cause the housing to melt.

    Replace the bulbs. That's the cheapest diagnostic. Preferably with a different brand.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    Trust but verify. The mileage computer should be accurate and it probably is, but for two or three tanks, try comparing it's reading to the old fashioned method: odometer miles driven divided by gallons added at full fill-up. She my find the trip computer is consistently off by 0.5-1.5MPG. This is not uncommon.
  • the_guythe_guy Posts: 17
    I have a '00 Mits Galant 112K. I bought it used at 76K. How could I tell if it has had a timing belt changed? If I were to get it changed, how much should it cost? Thanks.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    I don't think there's any real way to tell if it has been changed or not. Either way, it will be due at 120K so replace it then or earlier if you are worried about it.

    Also, water pumps (in general, not Mitsu specifically) frequently only last around 140K miles or so. The labor to replace it is roughly the same as that to do the timing belt. You might consider replacing the water pump & timing belt together as there's no real extra labor (labor cost) involved.

    As to the cost, it will vary. Call you local dealer but also call other reputable shops. Timing belts aren't anything super-special that requires dealer server. Meineke and others can replace them. It will be a few hundred dollars, though, as it takes a few hours.
  • I just made this repair to my mitsu. It was pretty simple if you have the patience and mechanical ability. I posted the steps to repair it with pictures here: Definitely disconnect the battery when working around the airbag.
  • Wondering if you found out an asnwer to your problem? I have a 02 with the same issue, including the rattling noise when i would start the car, thanks
  • I also have an 2003 Galant with the same problem. Reading back it seems that it could be the valve and I am wondering how I can fix this myself if someone knows how as I can't afford a mechanic right now. I also had the rattling noises at times but it no longer does that. I am tired of freezing and it's going to get very cold this winter.

    Thanks for any ideas and help!
  • Hi I have a new Galant 2008 GCC spec in Dubai. When I drive over 120K the car beeps continualy and does not stop untill I slow down. Some other cars just beep a few times then stop.

    Can anybody help me turn this off or only have it beep a few times.

    Please help ?

  • after replacing my battery in my keyless remote it's not working.i called the dealer and they quoted me 50.00 to reprogram my remote.i can't see my self paying 50.00 for someone to push a couple of buttons.please can someone help me. my galant is a 2000 model,es. :cry:
  • make sure the battery is installed correctly.
  • Hi, I am a brand-new-car-user. I got a used car (1999 GTZ) but the audio system doesnot work. The dealer says I need to replace the battery. I want to know whether it is connected to the audio system? Thanks.
    Sorry for bothering you with a stupid question.

  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    I have a '99 LS and I think they both used the same Infinity audio system (7 speakers, 210W). If so, it's an anti-theft system so if power is removed (disconnected battery, stolen, etc.) the radio locks up & can only be unlocked by entering a 4 digit code. The code is user-set, not factory, so you should ask the prior owner for it. Or change it to something of your own choosing if you can successfully power up the unit.

    Frankly, while I like the stereo, it's not current on features (no MP3 capability, etc.) so I'd suggest that if the dealer is going to charge a lot to repair the unit you may want to consider just replacing it with an aftermarket stereo. They aren't very expensive nowadays.
  • If this is the factory installed radio, you can call Mitsubishi and they will give you the code and tell you how to program it in. All you need is your VIN number when you call.
  • Do you think Putting these speakers (MR318619) Replacing the stock Speakers in a Malibu LS would be better?
  • If anyone can help me out in regards to my question
  • Really appreciate!
  • I have owned several Japanese cars over the years - Mazda, Subaru, and Honda (currently own 1999 Honda Accord). I am in the process of shopping for a late model used car and there is a dealer in PA that has 4 2008 Galants with low mileage and even one 2009 Galant. I don't know much about the Mitsubishi Galant as far as how it rides or more important long term reliability. Consumer Reports and other car reviews give it an average grade compared to other cars in its class. I am planning a trip to this dealer tomorrow to check out one of the 2008 Galants and I plan on taking it for a test drive. Can someone give me any information about the Galant that might convince me that this car would be a good buy?
  • My daughter bought a 2007 Galant Ralliart about 9 months ago, with11k mi. She loves it and it has been trouble free. It has that burnt orange paint and gets a lot of attention. The oem gps needs an update which costs $400, so as the map gets obsolete, she may buy a cheap gps to keep as a supplement.
  • Okay look its hard to find parts for my 21 Year Old Galant E (&/Or Sigma) Its easyer to find part under the sigma name then galant, okay she has a 3.0 V6 Fuel Injected sohc :sick: :confuse: :confuse: And I need Atleast A few pic's of the back and under side underneth the heat plate thats over the manafold, &/or A PDF File of the motor i have ( Engine displacement 6G72 ) If Any Of Y'al Mits-Head Can Help Me I Would Be Very Greatful???!!!!

    I Am The Only Person She
    Will Let Do Any Kind Of
    Work On HER, Have Had
    Problems After Other Persons
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