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Mitsubishi Galant



  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Can't help much on the ceiling material but the black outside trim piece .. I had a soft cloth car wash snag the front of one on the '99 Galant I used to have. I didn't see it at the time but it eventually became loose. I just had the dealer replace it. That was probably about $200 installed back in 2002 when it happened. The piece itself just clips in IIRC so if you can get one either new or from a junk yard you could probably install it yourself.
  • hmachmac Posts: 1
    Hey i'm new here, recently bought a 1997 Galant automatic which was imported from japan in 2005. When at a standstill, the car seems to idle erratically. The engine speed goes between 1000-1200rpm up and down constantly when waiting at lights etc. What kind of problem would you associate this with? Also the "check oil" warning light flickers on and off when the car is cold, even though the oil was replaced recently. Thanks for your help
  • idntnvuidntnvu Posts: 251
    The cheapest fix for a sagging headliner is thumb tacks, but you can go to an auto parts store (Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, etc) and they actually have something similar to a thumb tack but it screws in. They're both pretty cheap. You can have the headliner re-done fairly cheap also, but the tacks are the cheapest, easiest fix.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Posts: 251
    So, the Bluetooth is working properly now, I think the problem was actually with the phone. I have a Blackberry Tour, and I restarted it and it seemed to fix the problem. The fan blower motor has not went out yet, and seems to have improved, but I'm still monitoring it closely. I'm still about 2500 miles away from the next service, so hopefully it'll hold out and I'll get it checked out then. If it gets worse, I'll take it in.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Lots of possibilities but, assuming the engine is at operating temp, a 1000+ idle sounds awfully high so I'd start with the idle controls/sensors. Most cars idle around 500-800 RPMs.

    Other thoughts revolve around fuel & air intake so sensors & filters for those could be checked. Also worth looking into are major electrical items like the alternator and ECU/ECM.

    But before all that, since this is a JDM vehicle, make sure you're putting in gas with an octane rating at least as high as what they use in Japan. They use a different scale for rating it. See posts 5 and 8 in this thread: I'd suggest you put in premium gas and try to find non-Ethanol blends if they're available in your area (they aren't in mine).
  • I am having the same problem but i dont get to know which is the right fuse. I don't have the user manual so i would have to check eack fuse one by one. Could you please help me locate the fuse for this circuit?


  • bshmidtbshmidt Posts: 3
    edited January 2011
    I own my galant for a while now and my dealership is strict with things not being covered by warranty and they charge the $100 inspection fee. I would like to quickly ask if these items would be covered by my warranty.

    I have currently 49000 miles.

    1) Clunk from struts or suspension when hitting bumps

    2) Engine is very squeeky when its cold

    3) Right power mirror does not work.

    4) AC does not blow when set to your feet. Heat barely comes out also.
  • jojojackjojojack Posts: 1
    Have a question about my 2009 Galant-It has 47,000 mi on it, and I've had since December 2009.
    I've loved the car, except I have an issue with it starting sometimes.
    I happened ever 6 months, but recently has become more frequent, like every few weeks or so. It will start...eventually. I suspect there is a prob with the ignition/spark plugs or fuel line or something. It trying to start, but during these times when it doesn't want to, will take 5 or so seconds to finally start up.
    I want to go to the service department prepared, because when I first took it in when it did this once in January 2010, the girl told me to change the battery in my key. I highly doubt that is the issue.
    Anyway, the nearest dealership is 2 hours away, so I know it will be all day, and want to know what I should have them check, besides the ignition/starter, spark plugs/wires and fuel line. Thanks!
  • jpagan87jpagan87 Posts: 1
    hey how did you fix this problem? I had the same problem.. now after i replaced it now the car wont even turn on.... please tell me what u did.
  • kurosawakurosawa Posts: 1
    I've just received a replacement remote control for my 2003 Mitsubishi Galant. It came from a seller who specializes in Mitsubishi parts out of Florida. The device came without instructions on how to program it to my car. I had believed it would come already programed from this business since they asked for my vehicle's vin. Does anybody out there know how to program it? I am pretty sure a lot of Mitsubishi owners will benefit from this information.

    Thanking you in advance for your help.

    Kurosawa Desu
  • lance1980lance1980 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant and i am having AC and Heating Issues for example: When I turn on the AC it will work for a little bit then stop working, sometimes if I let it don't run it for a while the AC will come back on. On rare occasions the AC never kicks on at all....When I run my heat...the heat never gets Hot like it use to when the car was newer...It is warm / lukewarm....I am not sure if these issues would be related in any way...Any help will be appreciated, thank you.
  • cuda27cuda27 Posts: 1
    Have a Mitsubishi 2002 galant was having staring problems replaced Battery and negative lead cable also replaced plugs and wires, ran fine for a few days now sometimes will not start right away also when idle lights dim, when gas applied runs fine.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Sounds to me like the battery is not getting recharged sufficiently.

    Check the alternator output; it could be failing. Also look for a short somewhere that could be causing the battery to drain. Also look for lights that are stuck on like interior or trunk lights; those are well-known sources of battery grain on many cars.

    The odds of success are small, but you might also see if you can find a place that'll read the on-board diagnostic computer codes to see if the system is throwing any errors. I doubt it is, though, at least none until the battery is too low for a start.
  • jjle28jjle28 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant 4 CYLINDER recently as of august 2011, i started hearing a metal like dragging noise hard to tell where its coming from.. Similiar to a heat sheild noise.. Does anyone or has anyone had this problem if so what could it be? I'm kinda leaning towards my breaks but its not constant, more wen i give it gas. and i had the heat sheild removed a few yrs ago as the noise is similar. :confuse:
  • jjle28jjle28 Posts: 2
    Could be wrong but sounds like the EGR valve... Its a pricy cost at about 450- 600. dollars, i had the same issue and noises.. however i bout a kit and had a mechanic clean it.. ocassionally the light comes back on.
  • I replaced the timing belt on my Galant. I verified all my timing marks were aligned and that the balance shaft was in the correct postion. I turned it over by hand to verify that everything operated without binding.
    Now, it will not start. I have redone the timing belt twice and checked the timing marks.
    1. I checked cylinder pressures

    I have no idea what I did wrong. Help please.
  • I had the same problem it was once or twice a year, on the hottest day, and instop and go traffic. Then more and more often, then if I turned it on before I hit 40mph. Then it started with the heat. Finally nothing at all. No one could agree on what it was. FinalY, I went to NAPA got a recondititoned compressor kit with the help of an automotive a/c class at the local community college. Spent $400 saved a thousand. I has six months of comfort, until I got T-boned.
  • got mine on here .....
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  • I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant, automatic, with a little over 100K mi on it. Right about the time I passed 100K a couple weeks ago, my car started doing this thing where when I am at a stop light (the car is in drive and I am on the brake)- the whole car acts like it wants to jolt forward. It would move if I wasn't on the brake. Best I can describe it is like a jolt/jump/surge type action. I just had to have my O2 sensor replaced and I thought that would fix the problem, but it hasn't. Is it a transmission issue or engine issue or some other issue? Any thoughts?
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Could be engine or transmission. For engine, I'd orient towards things that would make the engine rev like the idle control sensor. Could also be a bad thermostat telling the ECU the engine's cold which triggers it to go to the fast idle it does when the engine is first started & cold.

    For the trans, I'm less certain but there could be an issue with how the trans is handling being stopped. Has the trans been serviced/had the fluid changed? Check the trans fluid level (with it warm) & color.
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