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Mitsubishi Galant



  • My dashboard lights don't come on unless I press the brake pedal.

    I still have turn signal lights, cruise control and even power on the accessory plug-in - but the lights on the speedometer area, ashtray, and HVAC controls won't come on unless I tap the brakes.

    Anyone know what could be wrong?
  • pavippavip Posts: 2
    Hi Marcin97, I have the same problem with oil pressure light flickering after the engine warms up. What did the dealer diagnose in your case? Thanks for your answer. Pavi
  • pavippavip Posts: 2
    I have 2002 Galant. Recently, I noticed that after about 15-20 minutes of driving when I come to a stop or a light my oil pressure light starts to flicker or lights up. This happens when rpms drop below 1000. When I shift to neutral and give it a little gas (upto 1000 rpms) the light turns off. Also, it's off during highway driving. Anybody had that problem? Temperature gauge is normal, have oil and coolant. Thanks for any ideas. Cheers Pavi
  • bjpleinbjplein Posts: 2
    My 2001 Galant did that for at least 5 years. I never did anything about it and nothing ever happened. Mechanic said to ignore it if it goes out and doesn't stay on constantly while driving. So I did. I got rid of the car 6 months ago for other reasons. Love my new Honda. Would never buy another Mitsubishi.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,218
    I did notice that sometimes after an extended drive on the highway when exiting & stopping at the offramp the engine idle would sag and sometimes act like it might stall. It didn't, though. I figured it was a sensor or timing glitch in the control software. I found that if I eased to a stop it was less likely to happen.

    That was a '99 V6 Galant - same family as the '02.

    I now have a '10 Outlander V6 and haven't noticed that issue at all.
  • My very dry car sits in the driveway. It rains. The rug below drivers feet puddles. I removed rug and scraped floor. I hose front of car just below windshield wipers and after about twenty minutes water begins to drip from the floor just below the brake peddle on lower part of the up ramp. It drips out of the wall like a mini artesian well.

    I have caulked every crevice posible on the outside of the car and in the area just below the windshield wiper. You need to remove the long panel that keeps out the large leaves. A few days ago we had a large storm with lotsa water and wind, and the floor filled up about one inch deep.

    I have had mechanics and body repairmen look at it and they have no solution. It is not a driving problem. It is a "standing still" problem.
  • Car: 2000 Mitsubishi Galant
    According to a picture on the internet, the fuel pump relay is under the hood but it's not there. We checked with the local Mitsubishi dealership and they said the fuel pump relay should be in a panel next to the driver side door: But it looks nothing like the diagram they gave us.
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