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Mitsubishi Galant



  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    We have a 99 Galant ES, one day we parked the car in the morning, came back a few hours later on a hot day, got in the car, turned ON the A/C and for all the sudden a real stinky smell came out of the A/C vents, the smell is still there a two weeks later, we have never smelled that before in the whole time we had this car ( not when either the A/C or the heater is ON), any one knows whats causing this problem?, any one had experienced this problem?, any one with any ideas on how to get ready of this smell?
    thanks in advance to all who help

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    For all you V6 Galant owners, is premium fuel a requirement or just suggested??? Just curious.

    Also, what is a good price for a GTZ on the road?
  • workathomeworkathome Posts: 13
    Well, I bought the V6 LS, which I love. It seems that if I put Premium or reg in there is not much difference. They suggest it because of the higher octane which will be cleaner and better for the engine. but if you put less in, don't worry, put in a octane booster or put in the "middle" octane. Try and put the best in you can. Anyone Agree?

    BTW.. I have no idea what the brake handle thing is about. I have NO problem with my brake handle...

    I drove my galant from LA to Chicago and had a great time. NO Problems
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    The story about that guy with his GTZ could be fake or real, but at the same time, all those horror stories about the galant could also be fake. So.. to make it short , don't always trust everything you see on this forum ... at least read reviews by major car magazines, and look for other sources if you're thinking about a galant.
    OK here's my real storie:
    (which may sound fake for some)
    -I bouth my 2000 galant back in december 99 , now I only have 800 miles since i don't drive it much, and only thing that bothers me is that I tried to put in Door guards and they don't fit perfectly.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Hey folks. I'm EpiKGTZ. I wrote that story. It's all true, including the ticket. You can pay it if you want. (Want a scan?) I do have two scans of my car already if you want those also.

    I'm sorry if I sounded like a Mitzu rep. I was just excited about the car. I do love it. And I don't have the problems some of you are having. But I do have a wife that wanted her stamp of approval on any car I chose. We have two small kids and needed a 4 door sedan. (Hence the reason I dumped my Camaro.)

    I dunno, maybe I should be worried. I posted a happy post and you all thought it was a fake.

    - EpiKGTZ

    PS - I paid $23,252 after destination. And you are right, they wouldn't go any lower due to the demand. They told me it was only the 2nd 2000 GTZ they got in, and they don't know when they will get more.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    So far all I have put in has been regular. Gas mileage has been around 24 for me which is 85% city driving.

    No problems, no noises, etc. so until I hear or experience otherwise (or the gas prices come down) I'm going to stick with the regular.

    - EpiK
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    I got my '99 galant a year ago. The whole story was posted above. So now it's been parked for a while and I drive an '87 Wrangler that I bought from a friend for $2000. And I paid $19500 for Galant (Tax & license included) which is useless. Does anybody know where to buy big yellow lemon-shape stickers? I want to put them on the Galant. Any information on when to order stickers with custom text will be appreciated. I want to put "Mitsubishi Sucks" on the front windshield.
    P.S. The last reliable Mitsubishi product was the aircraft they produced during WWII. Seems to be that Mitsubishi has been a looser ever scince. They made a jet aircraft (TF-1) which couldn't fly. They also build tanks for the Japanese army (10-15 years behind in technology compared to USA and Germany), so I think that Japan is not a threat to the Asia any more. Not with Mitsubishi products...
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    Found out you cannot get 1.9% financing at carsdirect price of $18295 for 2000 ES V6. To get the rate you must pay an additional $1000. Local dealer was willing to go to $19,100 including mud guards & cargo net. Does not include tax, license, etc. THe car did have 500 miles, which they said was from a dealer trade--does that sound suspicious?
  • kaysheakkaysheak Posts: 1
    I see that you guys know a lot about the newer Galant Models but I have questions about an older model. First off I am a college student and I am thinking of buying a 1990 Galant from my aunt. She's the only owner and had never really had any problems with it. Its in pretty good shape just needs a few things like the tint in the windows to be replaced and a paint job.

    Whats a fair price for this car?

    What would be the best place to get it painted at a reasonable price?

    Anybody with any answers or any extra tips they can give would be greatly appreciated.

  • tebbenstebbens Posts: 5
    Glad to here your excitment Adam...couldn't believe the others thought you were a fake. Oh well...We recently purchased an Alero and have been very pleased. Looked at the Galant and liked but didn't seem as comfy. We will probably be getting another car soon, I hope and am seriously thinking about the Galant. She really looks nice and as I remember was really sporty. Hope I can keep the speed down and avoid those tickets! Hope we aren't to suspicious of everyone? Appreciate all the posts, gives us things to check out before we take ours home if we do take one. Keep them coming, Ben. P.S. Am also looking at the Pearl White, Sharp!
  • rossmck1rossmck1 Posts: 1
    I only wish I had discovered this site before buying. Here's my purchase:

    It's a 2000 ES 4-cylinder demo with 5000 mi. The options included only the sunroof and leather (not normally available on ES). I upgraded the wheels and tires to 16" alloy through the dealer (Knoxville, TN) for a grand total of $21,200. I purchased in February under the 0 down, 0 payment, 0 interest until 2001 program because I'm currently still a full-time student. The only down side is the 9.9% APR over 5-yrs. The dealer told me I should refinance once I start my job in October -- is this a good idea??

    I plan on driving this until it dies so resale value wasn't a consideration. I absolutely love the car but I'm still not sure if I negotiated much of a price. What do you all think?
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    i would say you got no deal at all. with 5k miles, that wasn't worth it for that much. but if you love the car and will keep it till it dies (hopefully never) it will pay-off in the long run. i love my car and i'm a full time student too :) (not to make you mad or anything but in june of 99 i bought brand new '99 ES with standard options for 16,700 with 0.9% for 48 mo.) got 21k miles now and runs soo smooth.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Don't worry too much about the deal. There are more important things to be worrying about. Over the long haul maybe you are paying $10 - $15 a month over the BEST price you could have gotten. Heck, depending on where you live you could be making that up on gas prices alone. Up until I visited my in-laws two weeks ago I thought my gas prices were bad ($1.40 here in Raleigh), they are in the Chicago area and paying $2.00. Based on a 15 gallon tank, that's $10 bucks a tank! Since I fill up a few times a month, I'm saving some decent money over people in Illinois.

    The important thing is you are happy with the car. Refinance if you can down the road, but do a bunch of research because you may have a hard time finding a better a rate because you will be refinancing a "used" car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Places like specialize in financing used cars. I think their rates are something like 7.49 most or all of the time.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    Don't mean to contradict, (don't take it the wrong way...) but the best rate from E-Loan is 7.99% for a 3 year term on a NEW car. If you go to 5 years it's up to 8.39%. It's even more for a used car. And remember, that's for good credit. He had to settle for the 9.99% because he was a student who hadn't established himself yet. The rates will be higher until his credit rating goes up.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You are right. Sorry dude. Haven't checked them in a while and also forgot that the interest rates just hiked up not long ago as well. My fault. :)
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    Here is a link to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute and their crash test of 1999-2000 Galant. For those who don't know yet, Galant was given an "A"!
  • akh25akh25 Posts: 1
    EDID:I too am from Minnesota-Mpls/St.Paul area and am looking at purchasing a 2000 ES V6. I was wondering what dealer you went through. Did you have a trade-in? If so, did they give you a fair price? What was the final price you paid-including tax, title and license? Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    The dealer was Kline. My tax was a little different because I live in Duluth and we have a separate auto sales tax of 1%. You can figure the tax, title etc on your own after you get a firm price on the car. They went to $19,100 for a 2000 Es v6 including mudguards and cargo net, but the car did have 500 miles on it.
  • edidedid Posts: 4
    Forgot to mention no trade was considered.
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