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Mitsubishi Galant



  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    everyone knows him in this forum and we are sick and tired of his useless comments and constant whining. boxxer, you can scroll up and see previous posts by this guy and our replies. then you will understand why we do not appreciate his opinions in this forum anymore. i have a '99 Galant ES with 30k miles, and would i've never regret my decision. it's is a great car!
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    I agree. I have a '99 GTZ, the wife has a '00 GTZ both have been great. I have about 26k on the 99 and 6500 on the '00. From the post I'v read here as well as other sites. The majority of the people love their galants & don't regret purchasing it. There's always going to be 1 bad apple that wants to ruin the batch. if you do your research you'll find the galant is a good quality car.
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    Yeah Mpevzner is a bad apple in this forum. All he does is bash Mitsu! Like was said, if you scroll up you will see all of his posts are bashes! Most of these notes in here are positive comments about the Galant. Don't let Mpevzner influence your decision! He is just like I said a bad apple! The Galant is better looking than Camry and Accord and also less expensive. So, in my opinion and for the money the Galant is hard to beat!
  • ddg2ddg2 Posts: 2
    I am looking at a '99 gtz with 25,000 miles on it. The asking price is "18,000 or best offer". What would be a good offer on this car and does it sound like a good deal?? I love the styling of the new gtz's and think that they look better than any sedan on the road with the eception of the 2001 maxima se.....witch also costs about 10k more. Tell me a good offer cause I am very interested but can't really afford 18k. Thanks

    P.s does anyone think that the galant looks like a linclon LS....(for about half the price)..hahah
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    $18k sounds like a reasonable price. Depending on where you are, you might be able to go down a bit $17k???
  • Galant looks like Lincoln
    Yeah! Kind'a...
    They both look kind'a like an old bimmer. Galant looks like 3 series and Lincoln like 5 series. As far as the reliability goes Galant and BMW both suck. As for Lincoln - I dunno. I never had it. Go look at all the posts boxxer, not just mine. You'll see that people have problems with:
    1. Noises, rattles, squeaks & etc.
    2. Brake rotor warpage - Galant and Diamante are both prone for their poor brakes.
    3. Electrical problems. And we thought that Mitsubishi was also an electronics manufacturer. Surprise! This company builds the following products:
    1. Airplanes that don't fly.
    2. Tanks that are unusable for any military operations.
    3. Cars that constantly break down.
    It's also a part of Mitsubishi corporate culture to lie to their clients and/or governments of the countries where they sell their products. Instead of supporting their products they try to screw you over and cover their own [non-permissible content removed].
  • Please note my post back in the early part of August. Read that and keep in mind that was written when I hadn't even had my Galant for one week. Now I find my seats (and seatbelt) comfortable. Of course I still miss my Protege's size (I agree, Boston14)
  • Why can't we get Mitsubishi in Canada, people from Montreal flock to dealerships in Upstate NY and VT to buy these cars but this car company does no sell north of the border, not very bright !
  • Probably Misubishi finds the canadian market less attractive. Lucky you! you get less lemons than the americans :)
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    Hey get a life man! Like I said we know how you feel in this forum! Enough is enough! Say your peace and go on! I have no problems with my Galant and the majority in here don't either! So, just because you had a bad experience with your Galant does that mean everyone else will? I don't think so! Cmon and go do your bashing somewhere else!
  • i've got a 95 ls, bought it used and the churping noise sounds like valve tapping, idles fine, power is ok, but my power locks won't unlock, what's up w/ that? Please advise on the churping noise, i decided to wait til 100k for the timing belt , i live in VA so i figured the Cali rules don't apply to me , but i love this car and i don't wanna see it dead, the churping noise seems to be coming from, well i don't know...anybody w/ similar problems?
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    Well dude, we won't argue about the galant being a perfect car .. It does have it's little problems (lucky for me, i got none) .. but then , you have to make a decision about how those little things may impact you ..

    For example : is the extra $3000 for a bland looking car that everyone and their dog drives worth the little less discomfort that you may (if unlucky) encounter on the Galant?

    Les say the accord : My cousin and I bought our cars the same week .. his 00 accord already developped rattles , mines hasn't. But my other cousin 98 accord haven't had any problems since he got it 3 yrs ago.

    My other cousin Camry has also proved to be a really good car ..

    The Galant has to prove itself over long time before it can develop trust...

    Like I said before the best way is to visit all the forums of cars you have in mind, and you'll see that on any single car, there will always be a complain ...

    bottom line: save yourself the extra $3000
  • I recently bought a '99 Galant ES. Three reasons why I bought it, speed, speed and speed. The way it accelerates and it's smoothness, in my opinion, outperforms it's competitors. Camrys, Accords, Civics, etc... are all good cars but they're so boring! Everyone and their cousin drives one. I wanted to drive something different on the road and I though a Galant was different. I've read lots of positive feedback about the car and few negatives. But when I tell people I bought a Mitsubishi, they say " A Mitsubishi, why did you buy a Mitsubishi?!!". I've heard though that Mitsu had problems with their previous galant models but they improved their 1999 and 2000. I hope I made the right choice in terms of dependability and quality (?)
  • OK. I did my homework here on Edmunds & went to buy a GTZ last weekend (Let me say that I have used Edmunds before so I trust their advice). Walked on the lot and a salesman said they were selling GTZs $100 above invoice. Armed with knowledge I was excited about getting a deal close to the TMV. When I set down to talk numbers they stated "Oh, $100 over dealer's invoice" (base invoice+Dest charge+2.8% advertisement fee) and they didn't want to sell the car any lower. I could agree with everything but the 2.8% (Edmunds says 1% or $200). They said 2.8% was mandated by Mitsubishi. By the way, they showed me holdback of over $400 (Edmunds says no holdback for GTZs). Taking all this into account I negotiated a fair price, but what was the dealer really doing? Anyone run into 2.8% advertising on GTZs before?
  • vpitvpit Posts: 1
    I have '94 galant Es which has about 76K miles on it. I bought it when it had 72k on it. I was a bit paranoid about the vehicle since it was a used one. But the vehicle has been really great so far, except that the "check engine" light came up a couple of times while the vehicle was on the move. I don't know what the problem is..but it goes off after I slow down or stop the car and start it again. I saw a few similar complaints (#324 and #329). Has anybody else seen the same problem and if so, do you know what the problem is due to??
  • Does Anyone know if there is a Strut Tower Brace/Bar available for the 99 Galant?
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    The one from the 99/00 Eclipse GT will fit on the 99 Galant. I have one for my GTZ
  • Did it make any difference?
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    I've seen some guy selling strut bar for the galant on ebay for like $34-38 bucks.
  • id had a 93 galant and i was looking for a 2000. went to mitsu to look at the galant, took it for a ride felt crampt and bumpy, went to nissan took the altima for a ride and felt like there was more leg, shoulder, hip, head room and the 16" wheels made the car ride smoother and handle better, and the interior has velor seats as the galant has cloth. and never have to worry about changing the timming belt because the altima has a timming chain.
    Dont what to bust anyones bubble IMO opion the altima is a better, more polished car that love to go fast.
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