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Mitsubishi Galant



  • I also would like to increase the size of my tires to 215-60-15. This is probably a silly question, can I use the existing original stock rims??
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    215 60 15 will be just fine for the original rims. I would have loved to go to 225 but some places will not go beyond the guide books for plus sizing.
  • wino2wino2 Posts: 1
    I've had a load of problems with my 99 mits. besides trim pieces falling off, i've had the transmission replaced ( I was told erratic & abrupt shifting was normal, for 48,000 mi.)Then a seal failed and dumped trans fluid all over driveway. At 54,000 mi my brakes grind,the dash rattles and I hold my breath that it continues to run.I can't wait to dump this load.I'll buy another Maxima (what a great car)
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    that is a whole lot of terrain you crossed. I guess that would be like asking NFL teams to play 3 games a week.
  • Gallant are great cars. I've had a couple of Mitsubishi's before (2 stations and a talon psi(eclipse gsx) and for me to buy a 4dr was a dread. Especially knowing that threes not much that can be hooked up on the car. But persistence pays off. Had my GTZ for about 4 moths now going onto 8000 miles. Haven't had a problem yet except for the car being keyed the at the dealer and not seeing it until the next day (dealer wouldn't take responsibility of it). Oh well. Anyway not sure if we have anyone who loves to hook up their cars like I do. I pretty sure if you looked there was only a couple of things you did find for it weapon I intake and custom exhaust. I did some research did find some for these cars. My GTZ didn't even break 80 miles (60 from dealer swap) same day picking it up from the dealer and had a custom cat back exhaust to a turbo dunk (great top end power) and apex-i filter adapter (pushed 115mph, after break in period, with no hesitation) As of now 4mths later and 8000 miles car has:

    2001 Galant GTZ dover white
    apex-i intake
    apex-i turbo dunk w/ custom piping
    coilover suspension w/ adjustable struts (2.5")
    bigger power slot rotors frnt/rear
    bigger 2 piston calipers front
    LS front stabilizer bar
    lower pulley
    custom rear lights
    17" enkei shoguns w/ nitto 450's
    triptonic shifter

    getting done within these 2-3 weeks
    custom body kit
    engine work (custom twin turbo)
    and misc electronics

    Have fun and good luck with your cars

    e-mail me if you need performace parts for these car
  • I'm thinking of buying a GTZ. I've read all 545 posts(pretty lame, huh), but the posts about the reliability problems have made me think about buying another Honda Accord. Whoever has a 2001 Galant,especially the GTZ, email me at with your own experiences. Would you recommend the GTZ? It would help me alot, Thanks.
  • Hey folks,
    I'm looking to buy a 2001 Es 4cyl. and would like some feedback on gas mileage. 21 city and 28 hwy is what is in print but is anyone doing better? It will be drive 2800-3200 hwy miles a month in Florida, i.e. no hills. Any help will be appreciated thanks
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    gets around 22 combined mpg and its about the same as most other midsize cars I have driven. To me a few miles difference between cars in a similar size should not make or break your decision to buy a Galant. YOU will love the 2.4 engine, its is a blast to me.
  • Boston14 you must work for a Mitsubishi dealership. Your remark to Wino2's post is the same as what I got from the service manager and the service representative when I started to complain about the problems with my Galant.
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    We have over 11,000 miles on our 00GTZ and it's been great! We had a couple service items, the SRS(airbag)light stayed on and the glove box had an annoying rattle. They replaced the passenger seatback(where the side airbag & sensor are located)and the SRS light has operated as it should. They replaced the glovebox locking latch and now the car is quiet again! With the V-6 we've been getting 28-30mpg hwy, and around 22-26 in town, it's a very smooth motor w/ great low-end acceleration. We test drove the Acura CL, Honda V6, and Toyota CamryV6,and chose the GTZ due to price, 1.9 financing, unique styling, and overall value. The Acura would be the only car I would have rather had if I were to do it again, but it's also about $5000 more w/ the same equipment!
  • I just purchased a 200l Silver Mist Metallic Gallant LS for $23,200 including destination. What a beautiful car. I also test drove the Chrysler Sebring LXI, Honda Accord LX-V6 and EX-V6, and one SUV the Mazda Tribute, all nice vehicles. The Sebring was just not as comfortable, and well Chrysler is not a company I would buy anything from right now. The accord was more expensive with the same options and lets face it the Accord is definitely as plain as it comes. No imagination went into the styling of the Accord. The Tribute handled like a car and looked good, but with 5 or 6 recalls no thanks. The Galant had the most comfortable driver's seat out of the 3, the most features for the money, and a great safety rating. The warranty was also better. Honda offers no roadside assistance and only a 36k powertrain warranty. Mitsubishi offers a 60k powertrain and 36k roadside. I'm very excited about my new car and hope to enjoy it for several years to come.
  • Hi , on my 2000 4cyl ES , i'm getting 24 mpg 50% freeway .. which is pretty average .. my sister protege gets 26 , and my brother's civic gets like 26 too .. so not that bad consider I have a bigger engine .
    One thing people should take into account is people who are happy with their cars usually never say anything ... only people with problems or concern post them ..
    -As bad as the galant may seem to anyone , it surely beats any of the ford,chrysler,GM stuff.
  • I read with interest the earlier post from a new owner of an LS who seems glad to have paid only $23,200 for his new LS. While this appears less than sticker which I calculate to be $24,442 ($23,907 + $535 destination)it is hardly a great deal. According to Edmunds there is a $1000 cash back on all Galants and in my region (Tennessee) an additional $650 dealer incentive. In Memphis one dealer is advertising his 2001 ES Galants for $1000 under invoice and when I visited the sales floor he seemed quite ready to give the same deal on all other models. Given that invoice and destination is $22,285 this would bring the price down to $21,285 and still leaves both the additional $650 and dealer hold back to dicker from.
  • 4u24u2 Posts: 17
    What an awesome car! I live in D.C., and am looking forward to my trip to the Hudson River Valley in a couple of weeks. The V6 and tranny are incredibly smooth, and the midrange acceleration is stellar. The stereo system is wonderful, as well. I love this car.

    Question: I need to get my second oil change/tire rotation before the trip. Could any of you recommend a dealer in the D.C. metro area? I had a great experience at CarMax (VA) for my first oil change, but it's just soo far. Let me know if you know of any other good dealers in the D.C. metro area.

    Thanks for your help!!
  • I'm sorry some people think I paid too much for my vehicle. I did get over 1,200- 1,300 dollars off MSRP. Good enough for me. I was trying to reach a certain dollar amount in payments and I got that. Besides at 1.9 APR I did not feel pressured to go as low because they were not going to screw me out of money with high interest rates. I am very happy and love the car.
  • Thanks to all the mileage responses. I am going to dealership this week. Advertised deal here in FL for 2001 Es is $1000 down( plus dest. charges,tax tag)and $249.00 for 54 months with dealer retaining all rebates. Numerous to choose from and dealership says if color/interior are not right will have car there in 48 hours.
    We'll keep you posted.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    with the economy put to rest by Alan Greenspan now is the time to resist the new car smell and take your 5 weekends or more to fing that perfect used car. I will never ever again go through the new car drive off the lot and lose more than the Nasdaq routine again. I am not a used car salesmen, its just that any car on the road is used even the car you dream about when you are at you boring 9 to 5 job.
  • Darn the luck. I have touted in this forum how I have had trouble-free driving with my '00 ES 4 cyl., and upon changing the oil at 25,000 miles, have developed an oil leak around the valve cover. Oil has dribbled down on all sides of the engine. Probably a bad gasket. Getting it checked out this Friday, and will share the results.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Are you sure it's not spill oil from when the new oil was poured back into the engine? I don't know how the 4cyl looks like but on the V6 if you spill any oil & don't wipe it up it may appear that the valve cover is leaking.
  • Yea, I'm sure the oil was not from pouring oil into the engine. In fact, I was preparing to change the oil when I popped the hood open, and saw the oil all around the seam where the valve cover rests on top of the engine. Oil was found in front of the engine, and the rear, like it is a bad gasket fitting.
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