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Mitsubishi Galant



  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Funny you should say that. A guy at work recently purchased a Mazda tribute which was recalled twice. Mazda sent him an apology letter for the inconvience and a nice waterproof backpack type thingy-that's customer service.
  • I had warped brake rotors, among other problems, on my 2000 Galant ES when it only had 18 miles on it. I was told that it was from the car sitting on the loading dock for a long time. Having read the previous posts and in light of the recent news stories, I can't help but wonder if they were feeding me a line of ****. There are times when I can't help but wonder if I got a "remanufactured" car.
  • I'm having second thoughts regarding buying a galant new or used. Maybe I'll reconsider it 5-10 years from now or until they establish their reputation from (scandals, recalls for the second time around) and improved the overall quality of their car.
    I like the good looks, sleek styling but reliability in the long run is what matters most.

    I looked at another used galant (private seller) it's a 1999 ES I4 AT with only 10100K miles on it. Asking price:$13000.00 firm. We talked and I explained and she came out with $11500.00 as her best offer. Ask her about the recall and she said she has not received notification from the dealer. But the carfax report said otherwise.
    At 10K miles, the car temperature knob is broken would'nt stay in place. Aircon, 5-10 minutes had passed still no cold air coming out from the vent only warm air. I'm not surprised after she told me that she had the dome lamp replaced after falling off several times. I wondered what would be the next problem?
    It seems to me that this is an indication of a "bad apple" and they are becoming more evident as I go looked around for a late model car, low mileage used galant.
    For now I'll stick to my good old Corolla (I'm keeping this one for life)and would consider other car make/model. Off to the honda? or nissan?
  • I bought a new dover white 2001 Galant GTZ today for $23,800.00 total, including taxes & paper work. This includes an in-dash six CD changer. The only problem is that I got 4.9% instead of 1.9%. Changed my payment by $14.00-not bad though. I just hope I don't have any problems, but I pick it up Tuesday. I'll keep any posts for problems.
  • Hello My Fell Galant Owners,

    Just wondering if I wanted to write a letter to Mitsubishi who and where would I address it to.
    Curious if any cops are available regarding recalls. My 99ES has 13707 miles on it and no major problems except minor adjustments. So far very happy and I hope it stays that way. I know people on this site have had problems but unfortunetly hats the way it goes and all cars made are not problem free. Just hope the service kept. is complying. My service kept. in Manhattans west side is 100% on the ball. They listen and are extremely friendly and are helpful in every way. Thanks
  • I have a 2000 Galant ES V6. Absolutely no problems, until now. Back around Christmas time I was out of town, and needed to go out to the store.....and there was ice on the road. I started out at a light, turning left, going very, very slow. I ended up sliding into a curb while turning. Had to have the alignment adjusted, and I had the tires balanced and rotated for good measure. But........still have vibration through the steering wheel AND driver side floor board (felt through pedals also). The vibration starts at 50, but is worse at 70 and seems to start fading slowly after that. The steering wheel does not vibrate or shake, but can feel vibration. The vibration is steady, doesn't get faster with increase in vehicle speed. If I turn the wheel slightly to the right, vibration TOTALLY goes away. Turn the wheel slightly to the left, and the vibration seems to pick up tempo. Nothing is bent in the front end. Took to dealer, and all they try to tell me is that it is the tires. My experience has been that if the tires are bad, the wheel will shake everywhere, and when the tires were rotated, the vibration would have gotten better or worse, not have stayed the same. I am thinking that it is either the CV joint(s), or the wheel bearings. Right now it is just irritating, but don't want it to turn into something major down the road. Any ideas as to what it could be??
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    I had a bent rim one time on a previous car that caused vibration. Maybe you bent a wheel rim when running into the curb. You probably could have the tire place check to see. That's my opinion anyway. Good luck!
  • I had the same vibration problem (99 ES) that suprdav stated above for the exception that the vibration starts @ 65 and fades after 75, the vibration would fade a way when turning slightly to the right and come back when turning to the left, I tried rotate and balance 5 times using 3 different shops (incase one had an out of adjustment balancing machine), I got a letter in the mail a bout a steering box recall (it stated in there a possible vibration), took it to the dealer, they said that the box is OK, then the dealer said it was the tires or bent wheel (but how can I get a bent wheel with out hitting a curb or pothole, the car started to do this suddenly). Well, I went out and bought new wheels and tires, don't ask me how much it cost me, they where expensive, that did not fix it then tried 2 other name brand of tires it still did not fix it, then they said it was the rotors might be warped, so I bought new rotors and replace the pads (that was expensive too) I also made sure that they didn't use the impact wrench. Now guess what? it still did not fix it. My personal opinion is that there is some wrong with the steering box but the dealer either did not really look at steering box or they just flat out did not know how to inspect it or what to inspect. This problem has been experienced by a many of the 99 and up galant owner, I think it a Mitsubishi problem.
    Don't take me wonge I love Mitsubishi cars, I had good experience in the past with the Galant, eclips and 3000GT, but none had this problem. I still love my car, but this problem is just flat out costing me a lot of money with no results. I'm just frustrated. So if any one else had this problem and was able to fix it, please share it with us.

  • I have a Y2K ES-V6. At about 3K miles, I noticed a sort of metal to metal clicking noise coming from what I felt was the right front suspension, when the car's weight would shift from front to rear, like when starting from a stop, and when coming to a stop. After the dealer replaced some minor suspension parts, without solving the problem, I brought the car to another dealer for another try. Eventually they apparently found a service bulletin about the problem. Though they did not really document in detail the work done (just something like "fixed in accordance with service bulletin # whatever), what apparently was causing the noise was the upper strut mounting plates moving with the weight shift. They put some yellow rubberized stuff around the circumference of the mounting plates. This eliminated the clicking noise. Before the final fix, I had also noticed a slight high speed (50+ MPH) vibration, but I had not connected the vibration to the clicking sound, or asked them to check the vibration. After their fix, the vibration also ceased. HTH, but YMMV.
  • I love my car but I have had problems with the brakes and steering. When just applying the brakes, nothing happens, but when i am taking a corner and applying the brakes, the whole car shudders beyond control. Other wise 40K and alls okay. Way better than my 96' Taurus SE. I spent 22K for it and i had to replace the head gasket 3 times in the first year. All covered by warentee. Then about 30K miles, the transmission went. No engagement of gears whatsoever. Then i figured that everything that could break did. Well, big mistake! In the next few months the car went through numerous electrical problems. Alternator, batteries, starter, radio, and headlights all died. Then the car began to shake badly (Not as bad as the Galant i have to admit). If you saw the condition of my car, you'd thnk it was atleast 10 years old. I think the Ford dealer spent more money than the car was worth to fix it.I went out and bought Galant because it was cheap. I paid around 18K for it. BTW, this v-6 is way more powerful and smooth than the volcan v-6 in my taurus.
  • I own a 2001 Galant and have noticed that when the car is coming to 30 miles and hour and below there seems to be a stutter when you come to a stop. Has anyone else had this problem. This is my 3rd Galant and I never had any problem with the first two.
  • miranmiran Posts: 4
    i own a 1999 galant es,i have 15000 plus miles and have had no problems so far,there were two recalls,one for a defective switch which they fixed,and the other with steering box,loose nut ,that was ok and did not need any fixing,so far each time i brought in the car they were very efficient.i am very satisfied with the performance and do not have any of the problems i am reading about in this forum,maybe im just lucky,i would like to hear from more owners and hope there are other owners who are satisfied.
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    I have a 2000 ES 4cyl with 17,000 miles. No problems either! I think it is a good car and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a car in the class of the Galant.
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    my 2000 es 4cyl is just great. only one defect, power door locks didnt work once but fixed under warranty as a wire was loose. The car is still tons of fun to drive to as I love the rev sounds the 4cyl makes, reminds me of a Saab sometimes. Just wish the recalls would stop as they lower resale value, not that I am selling.
  • I keep reading about recalls. Are you notified directly by Mitsubishi or the dealer?? How do you know that there is a recall??
  • You will be notified directly by Mitsubishi. You can check for recalls at NHTSA's web site -
  • For those of you experencing vibration problems from an unknown source. After you have addressed the obvious problems of alignment, rims, motor mounts, etc, check out the automatic transmission. I replaced wheels, wheel bearings, had the wheels aligned and the tires balanced repeatedly when I noticed that the vibrations on my Gallant tended to occur in overdrive. A defective torque converter WILL cause such vibratons. See if the problems don't improve with overdrive off.
  • I paid 23400 for my Galant was I robbed or did I get a good deal? Don't be mislead by that 1.9%, if your credit scores are not over 700 and you have inquired about credit cards in the past 12 months. You may get the 4.9% if your lucky, my sales person told me that Mitsusa is very difficult to deal with re: financing. Also, anyone know of any 2001 recalls?
  • gt2kgt2k Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    I purchased my 2001 GTZ back in September, I was the first one sold on the lot, he he. The fact that all the salesman were envious is nothing, I love this car. I have 7700 miles on it, and yes I have had a few problems but South Park Mitsu was eager to fix them for me with no hassles. Just minor things, nothing worth throwing the car out for. Any car is going to have problems, read the Toyota posts, I found their sales people rude, which is weird because they are selling such a plain car. My car looks good, I had every option added, and I would NEVER trade it for a plain Camery or Accord, save those for my grandfather. People notice me on the road, not the plain Camery that everybody and their mother is driving, I would recommend it. Also I would recommend that Toyota hire a few designers with style. Go buy one. NOW !!!
  • I paid 23200 for my 2001 Galant LS on Feb. 5th. I got the 1.9% apr. With that APR I felt it was a good deal. With the 4.9 or higher I would have tried to go for about 22800. There have been 4 recalls on the Galant. The first three are for cars made before November 2000, so it should not affect yours. The fourth one was just issued on the NHTSA website for a transmission part recall. It runs through December 2000. That one might affect you.
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