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Mitsubishi Galant



  • cgacga Posts: 23
    In the spirit of give and take here’s a review of my 2000 Galant ES-4cyl, (13,100 miles), which I bought new about sixteen months ago. I live in western NY and firmly believe you can’t honestly judge a car before driving it through all four seasons. Also, I believe leasing a car is not as big a commitment as buying it, so I tend to pay more attention to a buyer’s evaluation. I’ve been driving for over thirty years and have owned and driven many cars.


    Good price/performance/style value. High government crash test rating. Good all around gas mileage (I get 26-29mpg in the warm weather with no highway and no real city driving). Stylish looks—people notice this car. Quiet at idle and at steady speed with windows rolled up. Unusually responsive standard 4-cyl(6-cyl is marginally better and not worth it, in my opinion). Stops comparatively quickly. Good trunk size and usability. Good visibility. Large glove box. Good (poor treble) sounding radio. Good heater. Good headroom. Gauges and controls well laid out. Pleasant and easy to drive. Fairly comfortable front seats.

    THE BAD:

    Insufficient room in the back. Driving in snowy, slippery conditions, the car sometimes exhibits a dangerous lack of control when exposed to even moderate crosswinds. I’m very sensitive to this and others may not notice this quirk until they slide into a ditch, or worse. Also, overall slightly vague steering response. (The dealer has checked out the car and claims it performs up to specifications.) Slightly higher revving engine than one would expect. Head-scratchingly stupid velour material covering the armrests, which have already begun to wear. A/C often ineffective below 40 mph. I HATE the position of the emergency brake lever. Painfully high depreciation rate, which may be improving slightly. Poor headlight design. Some spare parts hard to find. Amazingly unresponsive and uncooperative dealer.

    The zero percent three-year finance deal at the time of purchase forced me to take a look at the Galant – also the dealer’s willingness to sell it for about $450 above “true invoice.”

    Frankly, were I shopping for a comparatively priced new sedan today, I would probably not put the Galant at the top of my list, but would definitely consider it, and depending upon market conditions, might buy a Galant again. However, there are lots of surprisingly good new car deals as I write this, and I would check them all out before committing.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    In my opinion, any car that can go above 100k miles without much majors deserve my respect ..
    Timing belt at 60k is normal, especially since it's been like working non-stop ... Transmition at 60k maybe a bit early, but doesn't mitsu have that 5 yr or something like that warranty on tranny?
    Well, anyway, for everyone else .. warranty gold has this $450 off on their extended warranty.
  • rodmcpodrodmcpod Posts: 3
    If your 95 Galant was so bad, why did you get another on in 99? I think the stats on both your cars are impressive. You should be happy.
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    The Misubishi engineers screwed up the design of transmission cooler lines. Overheating is the #1 cause of failure of automatic transmissions. Mitsubishi has issued a recall on these faulty transmission lines, but if you've put enough miles on your car already, the transmission is probably damaged. Too late. Most people in this conference are in the $30K -$40K range, so we've got more horror stories coming :(
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    Why are you trying to scare people with your message? The recall states that, due to a fault in the manufacturing process, the transmission cooler lines COULD leak, which would damage the transmission due to lack of fluid. If your transmission cooler lines are replaced before they begin leaking, there is NO damage to the transmission because of this manufacturing problem. I realize you apparently had a lot of problems with your car; fortunately most of the rest of us haven't. You have a right to your opinion as to the quality of Mitsu vehicles, but no right to try to scare people with INACCURATE info.
  • jdbtensaijdbtensai Posts: 122
    Where are all the Galant owners?
  • jdbtensaijdbtensai Posts: 122
    Just wondering why people picked the Galant? As opposed to a Maxima, Camry, Accord, or whatever. Price? Handling? Quality? Appearance? Etc.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    just read the posts in this forum. there is plenty of pros and some cons. btw, Maxima is not in the same category as Galant. if you want to compare Nissan then you have to go with Altima.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    has any1 purchased an extended warranty from the on-line place called with 49k on my '99 Galant I was wondering if it would be a good investment if I would by their best package for about $1100. I think this would cover me to 100k.
  • jdbtensaijdbtensai Posts: 122
    if you are talking pre-2002 then the Galant v6 competes with the maxima. and the i4 can go against the altima, maybe. though much bigger with a nicer interior. if you are talking the 2002 altima, then i agree completely.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    If you're thinking about keeping your car uo to 100k miles, then yeah go for it !! ... It can't be over $1000 though !! .. Warrantygold has this $475 off on their diamond .

    Put it this way, my sister's protege had to replace head gaskets at 80,000 which cost her $600 !! ... but then my cousins Camry is at 140k miles without majors !

  • mattbartmattbart Posts: 12
    am i the only galant-owning smoker who has all kinds of cigarette burns on the stupid velour on the driver's side door? the first time i realized this was a problem was when i rolled down the windows with a cigarette in my hand. that left a nice big burn... this car was obviously deigned by a non-smoker.
  • mattbartmattbart Posts: 12
    why the galant, you ask? here's why for me.

    1. Depreciation. As a salesman who typically puts 50k a year on my car, depreciation works to my advantage. I picked up my 2000 Galant with 15k for about $14,500. 2000 Accords and Camrys with comparable mileage are in the $16's. Since I drive my cars into the ground, resale value is not an issue to me. Drive it for 4 years and 200k, and sell it to a high school kid for $1500. Works for me.

    2. Styling. Camry and Accord... bland, bland, bland. Galant... sporty, sophisticated. BMW-ish styling. And the fog lights are cool. My only complaint is that from far away the tail lights look like an old Taurus.

    3. Fast four-banger. After recently totaling a two-year-old Explorer and costing my insurance company over $20,000, I needed to buy a four cylinder vehicle. I'm expecting my rates to skyrocket at the next renewal, or at the very least I'll lose my safe driver discount. Didn't want a V6 bumping me up into sports car rate tables. Anyway, my four-banger automatic Galant is actually quicker than my brother's 98 Accord 4-cyl 5-speed. The Accord is faster off the line but once the Galant gets up past around 25 mph it really takes off.

    And a comment regarding some of the warranty discussions from a couple pages back, I purchased my Mitsubishi from an independent used car dealership and found a Mitsubishi dealer who bends over backwards to take care of me, even on recalls and warranty repairs. Anyone in Connecticut, try Tony March Mitsubishi in Hartford. Best service department I've ever dealt with.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    with my 49k mi, i'm getting close to buying new set of tires. i was looking at Gyear's Aquatred 3, with 80k mi warranty. the weird thing is that '99 Galant ES came with 195/60/15 but the 2k model came with 65s. should i stick with 60 or 65? i'm not a race-boy and i don't have any aftermarket rims. i just want a nice ride :) what do you guys think?
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Goodyear makes very good tires, the Aquatreds would be a good choice, especially if you live in a wet part of the country. I'd stick with the 60's, they're a little wider profile and a more common size. Michelin is also a great USA made tire, I doubt they have an 80K warranty though. Usually when a tire has a real high mileage warranty it means the rubber is of a stiffer compound, which usually translates into a rougher ride. Personally, I'd go with a 40,000 mile medium treadwear tire by Goodyear, Michelin, or Yokohama, and make sure the tire has at least an H speed rating, stay away from the S rated tires. Just my 2cents!
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    A couple reasons I can think of are that the Galant looks better than the competition, and there arent as many Galants as there are Accords, Camrys, and Maximas. Other than that, however, I'd much rather go for a Hyundai XG300L at this price range if I wanted those things. Afterall, even though Mitsu might be slightly more reliable than a Hyundai, at least Hyundai has a long warranty. But other than the exclusivity of the XG and the Galant, I'd say in general, go with an Accord or wait for the '02 Camry, Altima, and Maxima.
  • pesho75pesho75 Posts: 2
    Five months ago I bought a 2001 Galant ES-V6, only option is sunroof, and I really like the car. Unfortunately, I must travel to Europe for a year and now I need to sell it fast (within a month). It has 7K miles on it and is in excellent condition, almost new. Could anyone please give me some insights on selling the car - realistic price I can get, how and where to advertise, etc. Thanks!
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    That's gonna be a hard one because of the incentives on the new ones. Someone that wants to finance is going to pay a much higher interest rate on your car. The payment would be the same if they paid you around $17,000. So considering it's used, they are gonna want to pay much less than that. You'll probably be very lucky to get $15,000 on a quick sale. You may want to store the thing for a year if you can possibly swing it. You take a severe beating by selling a new car so quickly.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    It's so bad that you have to sell your galant so soon .. you'll definately loose a lot of money ...

    To beging with, you already lost around $2000 of tax and license fees .. On top of that add depreciation, which is very bad the first year !
  • vadim_stvadim_st Posts: 13
    Here is a question for techies: I know that some ATs, with overdrive off, "stretch" the remaining gears, upshifting later. This gives more control, sportier ride, etc. Anybody knows if the same applies for Galants (say, driving in third instead of Drive), of will it just exclude the fourth gear?
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