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Mitsubishi Galant



  • cayennered1cayennered1 Posts: 193
    I use mid range fuel in my 99 V6. Performance is fine, but not quite as awesome as when I first got the car and used premium.

    I own a 99 and have had no electrical problems in 36000 miles.

    As for insurance I have been dissapointed in constant rate increases over the past 3 years of ownership. My car is 3 model years old and I pay more than when it was new and that is with no claims. I live in Michigan and have changed companies with only a slight reduction from the increases of the presecessor. I did check with and they quoted me a much lower rate but I've been too busy to deal with changing again.

    Then again, since my Blue Cross payment has gone up over 100% in just 3 years I'm shell shocked and don't react the way I should.
  • marcb4marcb4 Posts: 9
    Thanks in great part to the postings in this forum, I purchased my 99 Galant GTZ and am extremely happy so far. The car came with the original AM/FM/cassette stereo that includes controls for a CD player/changer. I've been looking at different CD players/changers and most recommendations so far run around $360 (installed) for a 10-disk changer (Alpine).

    Has anybody installed an aftermarket CD player/changer that has worked well at a reasonable price? I actually would be happy with a single in-dash player - I'm mostly concerned about quality, price and potential damage to the car during installation.

    BTW, my insurance went up $8/year from my 99 Camry V6...


    Marc B.
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    Why not save some $$$ if you want a single CD and hit the salvage yards (online?) and order the factory CD player from a 2002 or 2002 Galant? It would slide right in, take the same wiring, and not be too attractive to thieves.

    The stereo on the 2002 is a gem, with an honest to goodness rotary knob to control the volume (and most other things) and get this, it plays not only CDs, but also CDR and CDRW disks you record on your computer, and actually sounds good as well.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm curious. Does anyone know if Mitsu stereos can be swapped across the board? Like, do they take the same wiring harness and what not? I would be interested in getting the more powerful stereo offered in the Galant to replace the 100 watt one in my 02 Lancer. What is the power rating for the standard Galant CD player? Can the Infinity system be installed or is there an amplifier that is separate from the stereo with that option? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    My 02 Galant has the exact same unit as the 02 Lancer, though the speakers likely differ. They also have an up-market infinity system available with 210 watts, again, not sure if the speakers differ.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Is your Galant's unit backlit in blue or white? They look exactly the same (same knobs and buttons)? I looked on Mitsu's website and your stereo has 40 more watts of power. Might be a worthwhile upgrade if I can find someone who upgraded and wants to sell their old stereo or find a wrecked car.
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    Its backlit in a soft blueish white, which matches the lighting of the dashboard. You said that the Lancer's audio system had 100 watts, which would make it the exact same unit.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The Lancer has 100 watts; your Galant has 140 watts (according to Mitsu's website). Think its a worthwhile upgrade if I can find one cheap enough?
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    The product brochure for the 2002 lists 100 watts
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    The website does say 140, that's strange. Actually though, 40% more wattage does not equate to 40% more vollume, the difference would actually not be that drastic (the first 5 watts or so are the most important, with the power required for higher vollume dropping exponentially from there.

    A better upgrade would be some premium speakers and sticking to your stock head unit (25 watts X 4 is plenty - my last car had 10).
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I suppose you are right. The rear speakers are absolutely terrible. The magnets are puny, the bass sucks, the highs are muffled, and you can't get much volume out of them. They are 6.5" by the way. I guess I will try upgrading those first and then see if the stereo is just too wimpy in its power amplification. I don't want some thumping stereo but I would like some decent sound. It irks me that Mitsubishi puts 6 speakers on the Lancer LS, but only 4 on their sporty OZ model.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    I griped about this a year ago on this forum. My super reliable replacement water pump died after 9K miles (original Mitsu pump lasted 100K). The place I brought it to could not get the timing correct, just like the last shop I brought it to a year ago. I had to bring it to the dealer to get it timed, just like the last time. Both shops that screwed it up told me that all ticks lined up, so is there something unconventional about the timing on these cars? If a shop goes anywhere near your timing belt and your car all of a sudden rides like crap, have them fix it.
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    The Galant also has only four speakers, and in the base system (which I have), they don't get particularly loud despite the 100 or 140 watts I may or may not have.

    Still, the sound is excellent at moderate vollume levels, good enough that I won't bother changing them.

    The number of speakers doesn't always relate to the quality of the sound. I had a 1996 Toyota Corolla with 4 speakers and 40 watts. The speakers were 6.5 inch rounds in the rear (the rears on my Galant are 6X9) and 5 1/4 inch rounds in front.

    What was amazing was that stereo in the corolla, a base Toyota system with a cassette and four speakers, sounded better than my Galant's does (and the Galant system is very nice - no complaints). In fact, it sounded better than the excellent system in my wife's Saturn L200 (100 watts, 8 speakers) or the Toyota Camry I rented over the holidays (also 8 speakers).

    The system in that Corolla got so lout, without distorting base or any vibration, that it was intollerable to test its limits (ear-splitting!!!).

    Get a good set of speakers and you will have audio bliss, even with "only" four.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I know the # of speakers doesn't matter much. In fact, with the right speakers and stereo, 2 is enough. The CD player in my 92 Miata has the best sound quality I have ever heard. Of course its an aftermarket Pioneer CD player with 45 wattsx4 hooked up to two Sony Explode 3 way 6.5" speakers. The bass thumps so much the doors buzz at even moderate volumes, the vocals are crystal clear, and the stereo gets loud fast. Getting back in my Lancer is just horrid. I find myself cranking and cranking the volume and it just gets loud while sounding crappy. It's amazing how muffled songs sound. Anyway, what irks me about not having the extra tweeters like the LS model has is the fact my OZ model costs more then the LS. Why Mitsu decided to only offer the tweeters on the LS model baffles me and doesn't make any sense. Plus, the tweeters would have helped allow a fuller sound in the car. But I'm really pulling at straws to find faults with my car. My Lancer has been flawless after 7300 miles. No rattles, no mechanical problems, just very high build quality. I'm very impressed with this car. With some new speakers, this car should be just about perfect :)
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    Glad you like your Lancer. I actually considered one when I bought my Galant, and found the smaller car to actually have a roomier back seat, be almost as quiet and ride just as smoothly. In the end, it was the near silence of the Galant's ride and the very small difference in out-the-door price that made me go for the Galant, which as a 4th year product is easier to bargain on than the brand-new Lancer. I got mine for straight invoice price.
  • chymerchymer Posts: 7
    We own a 1997 Galant ES with 64,000 miles and just had to replace the Vibration Crankshaft Pulley thingy. Has anyone else had a problem with this? The dealer we took it to said they've seen many Diamontes and Galants coming in with this problem. When this part goes bad, it vibrates extensively and throws the belts off. He suggested that Mitsubishi needs to redesign this part. The part alone was $120 then another $120 in labor. Not a huge price, but not fun.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    My so far great '94 Galant ES with 110K miles is smoking. I can't really tell the color (black, white, blue), but it seems white-gray. I don't see the smoke at start-up or while driving. If it idles for a few minutes and I hit the gas a little, a smoke cloud rises from the exhaust. Any thoughts on how much longer I can drive without major work (rings, valves, total rebuild, etc.)? The car still feels as strong as ever. It's leaking oil so I can't really tell if the quart that disappears every 1000 miles is being burned or is dropping off the engine.
  • lawman1967lawman1967 Posts: 314
    As in everything car-trouble related, fixing now will be cheaper than fixing later. Regardless, if the car still feels good and you still like it, its probably cheaper to fix than replace.
  • marcb4marcb4 Posts: 9
    My 99 Galant GTZ (purchased used with 28K miles, now with 30K) behaves strangely during freeway driving: At freeway speeds, when going over expansion joints or large bumps, the car "yaws" - something like a side-to-side motion that feels uncomfortable at best, unsafe at worst. This lateral motion is especially noticeable in the back seat. I've taken it to a reputable mechanic who's verified everything - alignment, tires, etc. The tires are worn a bit unevenly but other than that everything seems OK. Has anyone else experienced this sort of motion ? Could uneven tires cause this kind of yaw ? Is this typical of the GTZ with its stiffer supension ? Thanks for your inputs.
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,217
    I have a 99 LS with 61K miles and haven't had any such problem. Around 18-21K, I did have some highway-speed front wheel shimmy that was fixed free as there was a TSB. The nice thing was it included a front brake job.

    The only time I have felt a yaw motion is when I drive over the grated steel bridges leading in to downtown Chicago. But the nature of the road surface is causing that; it has little to do with the car itself.

    My LS has been pretty much problem-free and I hope to keep it until it has well over 100K miles.
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