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Mitsubishi Galant



  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I recently received the $1000 coupon in the mail as well. This, IMO, is very shrewd, targeted advertising. It is essentially a rebate, but not a regional/national one, that everyone gets, which would consequently hurt the resale value of the vehicle. It is one that specifically targets those who have already shown interest in the Galant. Additionally, Mitsu has the Galant Test Drive kit, with a voucher to receive a $25 AmEx card, to generate foot traffic in showrooms. If I was in the market for a new car, and could afford it, I think a great deal on a new Galant would be an LS V6, with Sunroof/Diamond Pkg/Side Airbags. I'd offer a couple hundred over MSRP, less the rebate, and you've got an excellent, brand new car with a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty for 21K.

    Not too bad.

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I'd be true if you offered a couple hundred over the INVOICE price not the MSRP (isn't that what you meant?)

    I will definitely check it out this weekend but it's at CarMax with no haggle prices and theirs seem to be much higher than at other dealerships right now which negates the value of that check I received (it's to be used exclusively at CarMax in my case). But, you're right, they'll make me go there even though I'm looking for a new Montero :) You never know though.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    LOL. Yes, I did indeeed mean invoice, NOT MSRP. My bad.

    Happy Motoring.

  • I did also receive a $1000 cash award & only applicable on a specified Mitsu Dealer when you purchase or lease a 2004 Mitsu models PLUS $1000 Loyalty Reward for old Mitsu users PLUS additional $1000 rebate for all 2004 models.

    I like that idea of yours on buying an '04 LS Model w/ leather pckge./diamond pkge/sunroof/side air bags and have the 17"alloy wheels(as I mentioned before to portknoxxa)& apply all those rewards/rebates thus, arriving a total of only around $21K+++!!!!

    Likewise, back lights for an LS model looks better for me (Plain red w/ thin/small transparent stripes on top) then have a Lip Spoiler on it .......looks perfect now!!!!
    I could'nt wait for a "black" color to see. Did you see their ads on TV now & brochures??? Hope, Mitsu will increase their market share on this category for Midsize Family Sedan in 2004!!!!
    Good luck for all Mitsu users/buyers and all I can say is.......VVVRRRROOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ya now what? I've never heard of CarMax or any of these rebates you all are talking about and I've been researching this car since Dec. 13, 2003, the first time I saw the GTS. Had no idea Mitsu was redesigning the Galant. I mean every site that came up using the search I visited the site had about 10 shortcuts to various sites on my desktop. But like you said, it's too late now and you win some and you lose some. I ordered my GTS on New Years Eve and it took them until Jan. 19 to locate one that a dealer was willing to give up. In the future I'll research more. later
  • Even though you did not get these $$$rewards/rebates that we're sharing you, that's okay, you still did the right thing on buying a new '04 GTS Galant!!!!
    Maybe in some areas/dealers, they don't mention on this simply bec. if you don't ask for rebates, they will never give this. And, if you compare 3 or more same Mitsu dealers on different state/areas, you 'll be surprised that they don't give the same incentives, just let them know & they'll give it to you! Anyway, you still have the new '04 GTS and I really love the "white face" gauge w/c is only avail. on the GTS. Enjoy your ride and again.......VVVRRROOMMMM!!!!!
  • To Portknoxxa, can you send me pics.of your new'04 GTS on my email which can be viewed now on my profile rtolentino2? Again, regards and drive safely!!!! VVVRRROOMMMMMM!!!!!!
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Ok, so today I finally went to CarMax to claim my CD (the same ole' volume one that Mitsu has been giving out for years) and my $25 gas postcard. Where do I start... First of all, I want to state that what I'll say below is strictly my own objective opinion based on what I saw and experienced today. I'm still a Mitsu fan, I drive one today and I'll most likely buy one this year (Montero).

    I understand that CarMax is a no haggle, no pressure experience but I was not greeted by anyone or helped initially since salespeople preferred to play football in the main hallway and damage lighting fixtures instead (I'm NOT making this up!). At one point a player had to climb on top of the used Durango for sale to save the football that got caught in the lamp hanging down from the ceiling. Someone then finally decided to talk to me and take me for the test drive.

    I really like the way the upgraded LS looks from the outside. The wheels are super nice, the lights look great and color choices are excellent. The only missing option is the lack of halogen lights (exclusive to GTS) which sucks big time.

    I was taken aback once I climbed aboard. The dark leather (or is it vinyl?) looked and felt terrible, lots of cheap, painted silver plastic, with flimsy buttons on that fancy stereo. Not good... I haven't seen the tan leather option but hopefully it looks better. I guess I'm used to driving SUVs too much but the blind spots were pretty bad. I'm 6 feet tall and it shouldn't be like that. I'd feel very uneasy driving this car aggressively (just changing lanes, really) in Atlanta's traffic.

    I can't comment on the engine too much but it felt powerful enough - I just don't push my cars too much, even during the test drive. The sales guy was very SURPRISED when I told him it had 230 HPs - he thought it was 215 - is he selling donuts or cars? That was truly said...

    How can they sell these things, you ask? Well they don't sell them and that's the problem. I've been watching their inventory and they sold their only Galant (happened to be the GTS) and it just happened today. The other 11 have been sitting on the lot for the past couple of weeks. They have them priced too high while other dealers are offering the same loaded Galant LS for $1K under the invoice.

    Misinformation, lack of information, and the fact they just didn't care was evident at every step. For example, I asked the salesperson about the loyalty rebate and he said there was no such thing. The official Mitsu "rep" looked the rebate info up in his "system" and confirmed what the salesperson said.

    It's a pity that Mitsubishi had to resort to having a dealer like this in their network. Refusing legitimate rebates to customers should be investigated by Mitsubishi. They also claim to be number one in the Southeast but so is every other dealer I've been to. Maybe number one in the phonebook?

    Anyway, there's still nothing like the interior of the Montero (still the best Mitsubishi in my opinion sans the gas mileage) and this type of conservative but classy interior is what Galant should have been aiming for...
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    There is no excuse for the salesman not knowing his cars or how that dealer is run, however, he probably got the hp rating confused with the Endeavor. The Endeavor is only rated at 215 with the same exact engine. At least he was in the right hp rating range for the engine instead of not knowing period or way off the mark :)
  • Finally, I was able to test drove a GTS'04 Galant last night and it was terrific as compared to ES models-----VVVVRRRROOOMMMMM........0-60mp is about 6.5 seconds (depends on the driver). Also, I got my Mitsu CD and $25 Amex reward for the 2nd time for my Test Drive. Exterior color is Metallic Blue w/ two tone interiors (Black & Beige leather interiors) and it was fun driving!!!! the 240 watts infinity stereo sounds great - I can't wait to have one!!I want to avail of the $1K loyalty rebate, $1k Bonus Reward & whatever incentives they can give until Mar.'03.
    Handling is good & lots of power too!!! Salesperson here at Browning Mitsu Dealer are very accomodating and friendly - sad to say those salesperson at Carmax are less accomodating & misinformed about those rebates. Thanks!!!
  • I REALLY like the one with the "do you realize that you have the most beautiful face" song. Great job - it makes Galant seem like a pleasant family car, which it is.

    The other one with the guy reciting his shopping list is very lame. How is that supposed to make me want to buy this car with some dork driving it?

    The superbowl commercial (shot in LA just a week ago) comparing accident avoidance maneuvers with the Camry was bad (see it now on site) - what a waste of money - just show the first one and be done with it. The song would stick in everyone’s head…

    What do you guys and gals think? Do you like the current marketing campaign? It does seem like they've spent a lot money so far while my local CarMax ("The largest Mitsubishi volume dealer in the SouthEast") sold just a few Galants including only one GTS.
  • Yeah,you're right...the 1st TV ad is great, 2nd ad lacks depth on it & the 3rd ad, w/c was shown during the Superbowl - i think it's cool- showing how tough is the new'04 Galant for its traction control & great suspension!!!!But am still waiting for them to show the interior looks & the engine itself as shown on their brochures w/s is really great!!!
  • I just visited their website on this TV ads - SeeWhatHappens----and their "future ADS" - This TV ad tops them's not bad at all since they just want to convince that the 04'Galant GTS will beat its competitors on this mid-size sedan category (Camry, Accord & Altima). I'm very impressed on this TV ad, that's the one I'm waiting for - fully redesigned!!!!! Again, VVVRRRROOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!
  • The thing about this ad that annoys me is that the Galant and the Camry are driven by race car drivers wearing helmets and stuff.

    There are plenty of other ads similar to this one by BMW, Infinity, etc. and they always show regular-looking people using their cars in "real-life" situations (dodging a kid chasing a ball into the street, a skid, or avoding a rolling truck).

    All I'm saying is that they're more effective and more believable than a flipping Sentra in the middle of a deserted highway (plus probably MUCH cheaper to put together - they had to close two miles worth of highway in LA to do this).

    Then, where's the Accord, where's the Altima and why did they pick on Camry. To the uninformed consumer it looks like the car's handling is only better than the Camry's and not just better over all. It doesn't project a strong image of superior suspension and traction control; just that it's superior to the Camry in dodging bowling balls - very silly if you ask me... and way too expensive to experiment like this trying to appeal to the older audience (better credit...) for crying out loud (that's what Mitsu's "stategists" are trying to do this year)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The ad shown on TV is a bit too vague and narrow in its message. But if you look on their website, you see all of the tests that ACI completed. The fact they are an independent testing company and was able to show the Galant outperformed the Camry and Accord in braking, handling, and acceleration makes the Galant look good. Its unfortunate they couldn't have showed all that in one commercial though.

    Whether this "continued on internet" advertising will work for others, I can't say, but it was interesting to me and got the message across that the Galant is a sportier alternative to the Camry and Accord.
  • Just to clarify this TV ads - it was only shown during the "superbowl" & it's still yet to show the whole pciture of the Ad!! It's just a if you go their website, it will say that there's a conclusion for this particular ad - and a new version will be released soon!!!!! Just wait & you'll see the whole "catch" of this TV ad. As to the drivers,since this is a "TEST DRIVE" and difficult to handle during the test, professional race car drivers or stunt drivers are needed to do this AMCI Test Drive in the freeway!!! So, they require to wear helmets and other safety stuffs & be realistic, and not suited for any ordinary drivers as you mentioned in your email. Again, let's wait for the new ad to come out this month. Convinced??
  • ...go to websites to see stuff that was advertised on TV but we're not who Mitsu should be targeting; they said it themselves.

    This is what I just read on thecarconnection today in their daily edition article titled "Chevy, Caddy Score Big in Super Bowl Ads" and it proves my point - too bad:

    "A cliffhanger spot for the Mitsubishi Galant scored relatively poorly, at 6.40 and 39th. The ad showed crash avoidance technology, with the Galant up against the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. The ad stopped short of showing how a potential accident ended up, and directed viewers to the company's Web site."

    Let's check CarMax's stock of Galants - oops, the same ole's stuff and then some (21 of them). They sold that one GTS the day I test drove the Galant. They've been sitting on the same cars since then including two new Galant GTS's. NOT A SINGLE SALE since then! (a week and a half) We'll see how they'll do this weekend.

    Talk about effectiveness... plus the cars are just too expensive. People will still overwhelmingly choose the Accord EX V-6 which happens to be cheaper right now. Such is the reality of poor brand perception and flipping Sentras doesn't help :-(
  • I'm happy with my GTS. I'm also happy that I had the patience not to get an Accord EX V6, or Altima 3.5 SE, or Camry V6, and waited for the right car to come along. Like I said before the Galant is for a different type of driver not your everyday guy or gal. I'll gladly park my GTS next to any of those cars, or pass them on the highway. DISCLAIMER:I do not condone or participate in any unsafe and reckless driving.
  • Looking at mitsubishi for first time. Like the endeavour and galant. Does anyone have second thoughts about purchasing their cars over the more popular competition? Will mitsubishi ever catch up to honda and toyota for quality and value?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Nope, no regrets here. I loved my 02 Lancer and I love my 03 Diamante. My friend is very happy with his 04 Endeavor. I think Mitsu provides good value, especially when you take into account their new lower prices and their constant rebates. The quality has always been there as far as I'm concerned (with the exception of the Eclipses that were infiltrated with Chrysler parts). Mitsu was late to the game and has struggled to make a name for itself in the mainstream after concentrating too much on low selling high performance cars. Honda and Toyota started making a name for themselves in the 70s and was mostly known for their bread and butter sedans and cheap hatchbacks. Mitsu didn't start selling cars under its own nameplate until 1985 or 86. They chose to concentrate on offering high tech gizmos and high performance sports cars, like the Galant VR4, Eclipse turbo, and 3000GT. Their standard cars were lost in the crowd, mostly due to offbeat or bland styling (anyone remember the Galant Sigma or the Tredia?). This, I think, is the main reason why so many people don't think of Mitsu as being a high quality car. Their sales were low and the high selling Eclipse had too many so-so Chrysler parts, so people just assumed their cars couldn't match Honda and Toyota. In actuality, Mitsu can match them in mechanical reliability. The main area where they are a step behind is fit and finish, which is subjective. My personal experience with them has been great and I have no problem recommending others to buy them.
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