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Mitsubishi Galant



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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    I'm sure they'll help you get everything straightened out.
  • i like the new galant GTS, especially in pearl white with the black leather interior, but i'm REALLY AFRAID (shudder) that it will turn out to be a bad choice compared to a new nissan altima V6 or new mazda6 V6 wagon. what do you think?

    i value torque (because i don't like whining), comfy seats (because i have soft sensitive buns), and lots of shoulder room (because i'm built like a superhero). oh yeah, and i have a really fat...head. help me out here, puh-leez!
  • The prices and performance for the above cars are/will be very comparable. I don't think any of them will let you down (the wagon obviously has the unbeatable advantage in the form of additional space) but Galant's residual will be pretty much worthless in a few years, so unless you like to keep your cars for very long (like I do) Galant will cost you more in the long-run.
  • Acc. to review, this website of Mitsu-Galant is one of the most viewed websites in terms of autos specially when it was first shown during the SuperBowl event. Not to mention their upcoming new commercials to be released soon!!! Last Sunday, I chanced upon seeing a black GTS Galant & we're both driving at a speed of 100 mph(side by side)at FW-605 in LA & glanced inside the car, driver is the wife & husband is the passenger - did a thumbs up sign,as if ,they're really enjoying their ride!!! Note: Am driving a 2002 Galant ES too! You could see smile on their faces!! Wake up & Drive...........feel the difference!!!!!! VVVRRRROOOOMMMMM
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    are only 4 things:

    1. Better looking front grille
    2. Better suppression of noise from engine and outside
    3. Full side curtain airbags
    4. Folding rear seat

    That can propel the sales of this car to the very top of its class.
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    They could have used a triangular plate instead of the rectangular ( Or is it trapezoidal? ) one in the middle of the grille to make it more attractive. I remember seeing a spyshot/artist's rendition ( don't remember which ) of the 2006 Diamante which had a nicer looking triangular plate in the middle of the grille.

    Also I read in another forum that the Galant does not have a light in the glove compartment. I did not verify this myself.

    Small things. But attention to detail can make this car a really great one. I hope they fix these in the next model year. This car deserves so much better.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    Jaunary: 3700 units sold
    Febrauary: 4781 units old

    Note: not all Mitsu dealers a supply of 04 Galants for January.

    About the grille aren't there aftermarket grilles to fix that I think if you need to? Maybe Mitsu can offer some kind of optional sport grille in the future at Mitsu dealers. I would look in aftermarket car mags to see if they are aftermarket grille's for the Galant. I think its too though early in the Galants production for Mitsu to be offering aftermarket products like that.
  • As a happy owner of an '04 GTS. I am pleased with the grill. I've never quite looked at car's grill in determining if I should by the car. But at the same time the Kia Amanti and Chrysler 300C do have oversized ugly fronts, so to each his own. How would you guys rate the grills on the Accord, Camry, Altima, and Mazda 6. As far as not having a light in the glove compartment, I'll check in the morning, again not something that I look for when buying a car. I purchased my GTS purely on the sportiness of the car interior/exterior, size of the car, and the fact that it's not a typical family sedan, and course what's under the hood.
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Please don't get me wrong. i am rooting for the Galant. I really want it to succeed. I feel that it deserves more attention from shoppers. I feel it is a really good car.

    By pointing Mitsubishi's attention to the small shortcomings in the present model I am only helping them to make an even better car next year.

    Enjoy your Galant. I used to own one from 95 to 99 and may get one next year.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    For those of you interested, and who take CR for what its worth- a full test of the Galant ES 4 cylinder will appear in the May issue. In the April Auto Issue, there is a short writeup, and the car's overall score appears as well. Compared to the rest of the herd of midsizers, the Galant performed only midpack, trailing the overall scores of other 4 cylinder models like the Passat, Accord, Camry, Altima, 6, Malibu. Logically, it also achieved a lower score than the V6 models of those vehicles as well.

    The Galant did however, outscore the Duratec V6 Taurus/Sable, Hyundai XG, Kia Optima, Sebring/Stratus V6 and 4, Grand Prix, V6 powered Suzuki Verona, among others.

    The critical acclaim of this car is pretty consistent- its a good but undistinguished entry, which I felt as well (I posted regarding my test drive in early Dec.)

  • Hey Alpha01, based on your comment reg.the full test result of the 4 cyl. 04'Galant, I definitely agree w/ you BUT as to V6 engines - GTS, better read the Auto Review 2004 models & other auto magazines, results are better as compared to previous models. As to Motor Trend Feb. issue, the GTS Galant beats Toyota Camry & Chevy Malibu as no. 2 behind the Accord in this mid-size sedan category. Small details like: small trunk opening & load, no fold down rear seats, no side curtain air bags, no glove compartment lights, no access to navigation system, poor rear visibility - these are all "stupid" small details consumers are looking for. Better see the test results for the V6 engines - Honda is not far away from the GTS Galant but it's no. 1 as to torque is concern.

    I'll agree to portknoxxa when he bought his new '04 GTS Galant - you should always consider the power of your engine & torque, as "well" mentioned before here in our site, plus the warranty you can get (10 yrs.-100K)plus safety controls, the style & reasonable price of the car. As to mid-size sedans, GTS Galant is still one of the best - you should first try to test drive a new one before making such negative comments on this car!!! as I have mentioned before, FEEL THE DIFFERENCE & WAKE UP & DRIVE first a new Mitsu Galant- (GTS in particular)& VVRRROOOMMMM!!!!!!
  • Hey guys there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is light in the glove compartment, the other small details mentioned by RTO are small details easily corrected. As far as poor rear visibility, that is directly related to the individual driving the car, seat position, driver's size, etc. That's were car reviews are 100% objective. I have no problems. A fold down rear bench would be nice but it's not mandatory for me. Navigation is a cool toy but if i wanted one i would have gone with the other competitors. I'll agree with alpha01 that the Galant might not be up there with the accord or camry, But that's only in residual/resale value. Honda and Toyota have earned it for over 20+ years, but other than that the Galant has to be really close to those cars, and certainly is better than a Mazda 6 or Altima, and is certainly way ahead of a sonata which i traded in for the GTS, verona, malibu, XG, taurus and the others mentioned are no where near the 2004 galant especially in V6 form. Again when one can "fall in love" with a car and purchase that car based purely on test drives and 1st hand experience without seeing commercials, or "expert reviews", than the car speaks for it self. Another question guys on the Mitsu website Feb 2004. sales where up from Jan. 2004 Sales For the Galant. I was just wondering is that for all Galants or just 2004 Galants. Are they including 2003's in those numbers.
  • in overall engine performance. The Honda has 10 more horsepower but needs an extra 1000 rpm to produce it. The more telling factor is torque. The GTS has 250 ft-lbs at only 4000 rpm where the Accord needs 5000 rpm to produce only 212 ft-lbs. Since it's torque that gets the car moving the advantage in both output and lower rpm is very significant for the Galant.

    The best the Camry can offer is 225hp@5600 and 240ft-lbs@3600. The more mainstream V6 Camry is going to be 210@5800 and 220@4400.

    The Galant certainly needs issues such as folding rear seat addressed. It's a great car and I'm honestly more enthused to sell it than I was the Honda's. Mitsubishi has made major advances. They just need the world to catch on and the residuals and ratings to catch up to where the cars actually are.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Galant is not a great car, its a good car, and a solid choice for those who desire something that is not another Camry, Accord, or Altima.

    I've driven it, I'm not an armchair critic. Problems such as lack of side curtains, marginal fuel economy, and poor resale value are more troubling than the admittedly blantant oversight of a non-folding rear seat.

    But if I were a salesman, I'd be excited about selling a product that actually sold, not one that struggles along at a pace of <5000/month, and has received far from critical acclaim. The Road Test by Motor Trend is the only overwhelmingly positive one I have read., Car and Driver, James Healy of USA Today, and Consumer Reports articles can be referenced to back my claims.

    With respect to the output debate, the Galant 4s and V6 trail the Accord and Camry 4s and V6s from 1-4 MPG, depending on the comparison, something to consider. Interesting that the Camry SE V6 (and rumor has it... all Camrys as of 05) produces but 5 hp and 10 lb. ft. less than the Galant V6, which has a HALF LITER advantage in size. The 2.4L MIVEC is also nowhere near as smooth or quiet as competing 4s, Toyota's imparticularly (Honda is quiet but just a touch rough at idle.)

  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    It looks like there's a new $1000 rebate this month. Those football players at Carmax have three GTSs (still the same ones from two months ago) for $23,508 and a few more more loaded LSs for $22,518 - now, that's much better but still not good enough to spark overwhelming interest...
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    These are purely subjective, based on my priorities and tastes:


    - Good exterior looks, except for the grill
    - Good interior
    - Plenty of torque
    - Good ride
    - Great warranty

    Relatively insignificant shotcomings:

    - no fold down rear seats
    - no side curtain air bags
    - no access to navigation

    Significant shortcomings:

    - small trunk opening & load
    - poor rear visibility
    - poor resale value
    - less fuel efficient engine
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228

    The new Galant did well in the offset impact. The structure held up very well. Only one possible leg injury kept it from reaching "best pick" status. Good job Mitsu!
  • I was also impressed the way Mitsubishi Galant rated on this crash impact test shown lately on TV - it only shows they did a lot of improvement on their base structure - "as in solid" structure!!!! You should see their latest TV ad to be shown soon!!! "WAKE UP & DRIVE AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE"!!!!!! VVVRRROOOMMMMM-
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    You're very passionate about this good but not great vehicle. I find it puzzling, though laudable, and a breath of fresh air here in the TownHall.

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