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Mitsubishi Galant



  • OK people..everyone can't be happy with the new Galants. I mean honestly, give it to me head on. What isn't there to like? I understand that sales so far are in the tank, and Mitsus president was fired and replaced. So everything can't be peaches and cream in Mutsu land?!?!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I saw one up close the other day and it did look very impressive except for those g-d awful wheel covers, what were they thinking! It really detracts from the nice lines of the car.
    I saw a darkish gray one with a redish pin stripe and it looked quite nice. Looked in at the interior and the dash looked very retro and cool, much better than the bland Camry dash but not as cool as the Accords.
    Showed my wife the Accord, as I'm planting the seed in her mind, as I hope this will be her next car in 2006. She sees cars as appliances to get one from point A to B, whereas cars are my passion. I figure if I start early enough, she will learn to like the Accord and we'll have it in the garage!

    The Sandman :-)
  • Hey Sandman, the one you saw is the cheapest model of an '04 Galant DE. What do you expect for a cheap model?? BUT..... if you look at their options, you could replace them by a 16" or 17" alloy wheels depending on what package you want!!! An LS or GTS models are the most ideal one in terms of style, handling, safety & performance!!!!! I don't agree that Accord's interior is better than the GTS or LS Galant models, except for the "navigation" options wherein Galant don't have yet BUT ---- you should look at their GTS leather interiors w/ a 270 watt Infinity Stereo surround (rated as 1st in this midsize category).

    As to "noleasegalant"'s comment, I respect your critics on Mitsu Galants BUT, it's still rated as one of the best 10 cars in this category (Midsize) - No. 06 BUT still doing their best to improve & add some features maybe on their next line of production........As to torque & engine, I personally 100% agree w/ Houstonseller's - GTS beats the rest topic (see previous messages) - you still need to test drive the "real" thing here before critizing the Mitsu Galant ---- "Wake Up baby and Feel the DIFFERENCE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you are an owner of 2004 Mitsubishi Galant GTS, not only is everything peaches and cream, but it's a beautiful world. I'm up to 5000 miles and the car is absolutely fantastic. No problems to report at all, just got the oil changed yesterday. I ordered colored mud guards to match the car (sterling silver), i put in xenon blue low beams-who needs an HID system, added super white turn signals to the back and just wait until I throw some 18" ROH rimz on it. Have not tinted the windows because the cool blue lighting on the dash is well, cool and I like when people in other cars are looking into my car. I have not seen another GTS on the road and I feel very special. I've seen DE's and ES's and few LS's. The car is a pure head turner, cars slowing down to see it, cars speeding up to see it. Like I said before I purchased the GTS for two reasons: styling int/ext and that 3.8L engine. As a GTS owner why do I care if the pres. was fired and sales are slow.
  • Hey guys, I am new to this site....
    I purchased a DOVE PEARL GTS about 2 weeks ago for $23,900 It is my first new car... I tell you, I am so happy with this car...

    fine detailed lines.
    great stereo/cd player.
    steering wheel radio controls.
    white dash cluster
    huge trunk...
    roomy interior
    excellent pick-up and braking...
    I can go on and on.....

    CONS: not that many they are.
    Needs the fold down seats-preferred.
    Gas tank cover is manually opened..
    doors are not leather ....
    shift knob could be desinged better....
    radio intergrated with heating control panels....
    incase you wanted to replace the radio you can't...

    I love this car... hope to have it for over 10 yrs.... =)

    anybody have pictures of their GTS?
    I am willing to share..
    please email me at
    I wanted the titanium color but I fell in love with the dove pearl...

    car is well worth the money..
    How my message helps..

  • OK so everything is great according to you guys. But I live in the NYC area and honestly, and I mean honestly, I can count on one hand the number of '04 Galants I've seen. As to my response to rtolentino2--the good ratings so far HAVE NOT meant lots of sales. Look at the number of midside sedans in the same class and tell me where the Galant ranks in me, it ain't good.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I sat in a silver GTS this weekend and was quite impressed with the leather. It was very soft and supple and looked rich. The seats were perfectly comfortable too. It made me jealous because the leather on my more expensive Diamante is much harder and feels more like vinyl. Mitsu has finally offered a high quality leather. I must agree with ashandgalant04 with regard to the door panels though. The vinyl they use there looks cheap. They need to add a gathered leather look to the panels like they do on the Diamante.
  • I also notice that the majority of the Galants mentioned are GTS' which is the top trim. What happened to the ES and LS????? I'll tell you what happened--they are garbage! No one has them (or almost no one). The fact that you have to get the top trim in this class to get any satisfaction should tell folks what to expect. I see and know lots of Toyota Camry LE and SE owners. They don't need to buy the XLS, the top trim in that class(I know a lot of '01 and '00 happy Camry owners--I'll give Mitsu a break by NOT speaking about Honda). I also wouldn't pay $23,000 for ANY Mitsu..not even if Jesus built it--and Mary was the saleswoman!!!!
  • Didn't Jesus build the Pope Mobile, 0-60 in 20secs.?? The reason why we talk about the GTS is because it's a great performing car in an age where almost everyone is looking for that car that they can call "fast and furious" In there own mind. All the automakers are focusing on performance even in the family car segment. The ES and LS Galants do not come with a sport tuned suspension, clear tail lenses, and those 17" tires. When I placed an order for a GTS back on Dec. 23 it was only about $1000-1500 more than a LS with diamond pkg and all the other goodies. So why not upgrade. The only reason why I chose the GTS over the LS is because of the look of the GTS. Even with Honda I would not have purchased anything other than a V6 EX top of the line, same with Altima I Would have purchased a 3.5SE. Those cars did not appeal to me at all even if 400,000 are sold, that means nothin' to me. Most Camry's I see on the road are LE's and probably 4cyl. The SE does not differentiate itself that much from a LE or XLE. The SE being the sporty one and the XLE being the luxury one, they both look pretty much the same. The GTS differentiates itself from it's siblings in a major way on the exterior. Honda DX, LX, EX all look the same pretty much. I'm still trying to figure out why sales of these cars are so important to some. I do not care if they discontinue the GTS tomorrow, I am happy guy driving a wonderfully built car and a car that can perform with any in it's class and maybe even out perform them and keep in mind it is the heaviest of the bunch. I guess that 250 tourqe and sport suspension makes a difference. Things like leather on the door, folding rear seat, and how many are on the road do not concern me one bit. Not every car was meant to sell 400k units per year and I'm fine with that.
  • n6547tn6547t Posts: 7
    I have had 3 D's 1993, 1997, and 2000. We just turned in the 2000 for an 04 GTS. The build quality on the GTS is much better than on any of the D's. I have a gut feeling that there is a lot of difference between the GTS and other Galants in terms of looks and performance - have not driven other models of the Galant. I also bought a Toyota LE for my mother the day after we took delivery of the GTS. I feel that it is a fine car but has absolutely no personalty. It dose everything well but is dull. I would agree that there is no reason to spend the money for the XLS. When I see Camrys on the road I can not tell one model from another. At least the GTS stands out from all the other Asian cars.

    As to the GTS vs D's build quality. I have found nothing wrong with the GTS (the Toyota speedometer is off by 3 miles per hour at 60mph)
    as delivered. I also find the seats more comfortable than the D's and the heated seats are much better in coverage. The GTS is not as quiet and rides stiffer but handles soooo much better. We live in the Boston area and have property in Vermont which is a 4 hour ride away. We have not had a chance to make this trip yet but I am looking forward to it already. In the D's I was always happy to get their. to me the mark of a really good car is one that you can drive 4 to 6 hours and when you get to your destination you look for a reason to get back in and drive some more.
  • Like I've been saying,,,you have to get the top of the line GTS to get ANY satisfaction in this segment...Look at the high incentive packages Mitsu had to put out in '03 just to look respectable. BTW, I think Jesus even has enough sense to drive a Camry now..just like all the other 400000+ suckers. Quality (Camry) talks, BS (Mitsu) walks!!!!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm just curious what kind of quality problems you had with the 97 and 00 Diamante? I own an 03 currently so I'd like to hear what issues you had. So far, I've run into a wind noise problem, clogged washer nozzles, and warped front rotors. The paint quality is also really bad on the pendleton black. Otherwise, the car seems to be fine and I do like it, but I'd like to know if I should look out for any other problems. Also, how much firmer is the Galant GTS's ride compared to the Diamante? I know it will be quite a bit firmer over bumps and around turns but would you consider it supple or does it hit bumps pretty hard? Is it comfortable riding on the highway or a tad too firm? I might look into one in a year or so, thus my curiousity.
  • I've driven all 4 trim levels and you don't "have" to go to any one to get quality. You only have to go to the one that has all the features you want. I would personally be satisfied with any of the 4 levels that someone wanted to give me. If I'm going to spend my money I'm going for the GTS because I want a hot rod. If I didn't want the significant performance emphasis I'd look at the ES with a couple of packages on it.

    nolease, you appear to have a definite dislike of Mitsubishi and your posts give the impression of an agenda to denegrate Mitsu. Perhaps that's not the case but that's what I see when I read any of your postings.

    My .02
  • Just one (1) final comment to all: I agree w/ Portknoxxa & n6547T - it's not a matter of "figures" in no. of sales BUT the performance (as to HP & torque)& to be different as compared to Camry/Honda & Nissan - they really look alike to each other - DULL & could not tell & differentiate an ES,SE to XLE, etc. What matter to me most is : being different from the other mid-size cars - Galant has lots of improvements on their '04 Models particularly the GTS - handling & style in its class!!!! I love the pics. you sent me portknoxxa on my email!!!!

    As I have mentioned before on my previous messages: FEEL THE DIFFERENCE / WAKE UP & DRIVE!!!!!!!!!! VVVVVRRRRROOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!
  • No, I don't hate Mitsu.. but as a former owner I will state how I feel about the car. I have that right after $20,000+ spent and another $4000-$6,000 on repairs!! Like I've been saying Mitsu can't be the new sedan utopia if sales have been in the tank for the last year or so...
  • If I had a choice between a BMW 525i, 530i, 545i, and M5 you better believe that I'm taking the M5. MB E320, E500, or E55, not even close. E55 all the way. There is nothing wrong with the other Galant trims I've seen them all and test drove the LS and an ES. The LS which I liked a lot just did not have the aggressiveness that I wanted in a car, and I was driving a 2002 Sonata GLS at the time so a serious upgrade was in order. I would not call Camry/Accord buyers suckers, they just followed a trend to buy those cars, but not I. The performance of the GTS is all I need. Hey nolease, I bet that a Galant LS will out perform a Camry XLE.
  • Let me get this think a '04 LS Galant will outperform a '04 XLS Camry?!?!. I think those commercials have your brain on lockdown!! Hey you take the LS and I'll take the XLS as in 2000, or 2001. You know what--I have nothing to lose--make it a 1999 XLS!! You might, just might make it if 1)The brakes don't give 2)The altenator does not fail, or 3) Mitsu decided to finally get it right and hire some Toyota people!!!! Anyway, I guess I could use the extra $$$ for another car...
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Maybe you could reiterate for us what made you so sour on Mitsubishi. Like what problems did you have with your Galant and at what mileage? What year is your car? Do you still even own it?

    I'm just really curious why you feel the need to continually slam the company's cars. I had a poor excuse of a car from Suzuki. I traded it in and never looked back. I don't keep going in the forums and tell other Aerio owners how crappy their cars are. Mitsubishi builds a quality car whether you believe it or not. You can't judge their cars as a whole based on your 1 bad experience. I've owned 3, one with very high mileage and they all proved reliable. Though my current Diamante hasn't been perfect, the issues I have had were minor (other then the rotors). I still would buy another Mitsu product in a heartbeat. Toyota builds nice cars, but they are by no means perfect and the company is often arrogant about problems and slow to admit it and fix it.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    For one thing if you're one of a few owners of the Galant and the company is not making money on it and other models, the dealership network will slowly disappear. I’m not saying that Mitsu is in dire straits but they’re not doing too well either. I know of two dealerships in my area but others are not so fortunate (I also saw two of them close in the past few years). It’s not as bad as Isuzu or Suzuki but it’s getting there.

    Some of you might not care because you keep your cars for a couple of years, so the long-term PROVEN reliability, the dealership network and the future of the company are not as important.

    For many, including myself who likes to keep his cars for 10+ years, those things are very important and I’d say it shows in the sales figures… The GTS needs to get down to sub-20K to sway people like me into buying it and increase the sales volume significantly.

    I will then go to the local Carmax and take one of the Galants off their hands (though they managed to sell two GTS and one DE trim in the past two months - yay!)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You are kidding right? A GTS below $20k new?? That simply isn't possible. Not even Kia and Hyundai can pull off a car with the GTS's credentials below 20k. Mitsu might as well pack up their bags then give away cars at that price.

    As far as proven reliability, Mitsubishi has been selling cars in this country for quite some time, almost as long as Honda and Toyota. Their reliability record was excellent until the mid-90s hit, at which time they slumped a little but have since gone back up. I'm not quite sure how much more proof you need that they are capable of building a reliable car. Their reliability record and uniqueness is what keeps me coming back to them over and over.
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