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Mitsubishi Galant



  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I was never aware there sister company ever did provide funding for Mitsu motors. but with DCX pulling out its gonna take some good minds and lotsa cash to save a "non-profit company". Hope they do. the only thing I canpersonally say about owning a new mitsu i know Its value has drastically dropped.who cares cars a rarely an investment. Mitsus problems arent strongly tied to build quality and durability, BAD LOANS-MASSIVE RECALLS-HORID MARKETING. seems like mitsus mareting peeps would do better at mrketing Toothbrushes and tap water.
    though I must admit there ads appealed to me and my 20-somethings.
              I heard somewhere that Mitsu forecasted 100,000 galant units this year do you know where they are in that?
             thanks sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    In my opinion mitsu was plain stupid in covering overseas defects, that cost then tons more in long run. One lawsuit resulting in a death on a Fuso truck cost mitsu 33millin alone. I hope they put that bailout package to good use. There actual Products in north am are generally well made and durable.They just made numerous Bad "business decisions" that dont really reflect on there actual products.
       mitsu just doesn't make enough presents in the market, I live about 60 miles from the Mitsu plant in Illinois.
    but dont see to many mitsus here, but lately alot more endeavor suvs
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    that covering defects that killed 2 people is of course not measurable in dollars, but for the company bottom line it sure hurts Reputation & trust.
    I have not received 1 recall for my galant....does anybody know If a recall is only safety related or does it include non-safety issues? thanks sean
  • I've had my GTS since January, and I opted gor it instead of An Accord, Mazda 6 Camry, or Altima, because it was so different from the rest of the pack. Styling is kinda "Banglesque", and for me it was the sportiest and most aggressive family sedan out there, and that powerful V6 is 1derful. I was also pleased with the interior, as far as styling, comfort, and overall layout. I definitely wanted a car that stood out from the rest. This is my first ever Galant or Mitsu for that matter, and i read somewhere that the next 3.8L V6 is going to be 250-260hp 1st to show up in the next gen. Eclipse and then the Galant in 2007 or 8. I'll definitely trade in my '04 for the next Galant. P.S. check out the Mitsu web site under company news for auto sales. They might make 50,000 Galant units.
  • If anyone is going to check out the up-coming SEMA show MMNA is going to feature a Ralliart inspired Galant and Endeavor. The drawings (front view only) are at the Mitsubishimotors website. the Endeavor looks to be lowered quite a bit. Unfortunately there are no solid details on equipment, yet. This would be a smart move for MMNA as we could produce them at the factory at Normal plus it would offer the so-called "niche" autos Mitsubishi has built thier rep on to the North American buyer. Maybe MMNA is waiting for some feedback from the show so I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers & hope.
  • I am looking at the used market, and I am wondering how reliable the 2003 models are....I have seen a lot of them in the local auto trader...and seem like a good value...but it also seems like they have a poor resale. this is not a huge concern for me, moreso the quality of the car.

    Any thoughts or comments? Is this a decent vehicle? Any problems I should be aware of?
  • 03 Galants are a good value. Should be able to pick up a ES with less than 15,000 miles for around $10,000-$11,000. Resale is horrible due to the number of Galants that were sold to fleets (somewhere around 30-50% have been the numbers I have seen). They seem to be fairly reliable. A few people have reported problems with brakes. Otherwise they seem fine. You can get a lemon no matter what brand you buy. Chances are obviously higher with some but I would not put the Galant in the "high-risk" category.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    hi fleet sales yes, plus the 58% of galants bought under the 0/0/0 program were later repo models mostly '03 mitsubishis, There are alot here to in chicago area '03 for around 11-12K most seemto be ES models I looked at one before I bought my '04 and if not for complete redesign of the 04 I would have gotten the 03. And remember also fleet sales are way way down I dont know if that affects older ones or not, so it shuld level out soon, incidentally my galant got hit last week, pretty hard in the front corner and really took it well compared to the thunderbird that hit me, any way its in process of getting fixed, his insurance co sent me to enterprise and they had zero '04 galants.and dude said Mitsu has cut way back to them, so i guess its true, I found the '03 compared to my 04 just as good in driving and actually found it a little quieter. They are good cars, Just Mitsu's self inflicting wounds. later sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Does anybody know why exactly why fleet sales drive down prices? if its numbers then why doesnt the accord or camry go down to considering they are everywhere? my galant is in the body shop and they got all the parts needed to fix, exept some tiny little cheap part, on backorder for 2 /12 weeks so i guess ill be driving this cheesy little olds alero later peeep sean
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "Does anybody know why exactly fleet sales drive down prices? if its numbers then why doesn't the Camry and Accord go down to considering they are everywhere?

    To answer the first part of your question fleet sales drive down prices because if a vehicle is selling to excessively to fleets its basically not in demand. As far as Camry and Accord go the Camry fleet sales account for 12% of its sales while fleet sales only account for 2% of Accord sales. Also, Honda and Toyota do not have to use as many rebates to get Camry's and Accord's off their lots as Mitsu's does to get Galants off their lots. Although I have read of late Toyota discounts per car have gone up drastically to compete with the Domestic Big 3 discounting. If Mitsu just put better interior plastics and fixed the front end look of the Galant a little bit I think that would help sales alot. I;m interested with Mitsu does with the next generation Galant.
  • I'm not sure if the concept by the Ralliart skunkworks at the SEMA show will have an affect on future models but I sure hope so!

    This Galant carries a 3.8 Mivec V-6 running 260 hp coupled with a 6 speed manual transmission. It also has tuned Ralliart exhaust, Brembo 4 piston brakes & numerous other ground effects.

    Anyone hoping to see something like this on the market...Please raise your hand.
  • I'll be 1st in line to trade my GTS for the Ralliart Galant.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Ya the front end on my galant while not stunning is growing on me, its more the hood scoupe looking bend in the metal that looks different, I have received nothing but compliments on my galant, always guessed on a more expensive model, i got my '04 galant in oct 03 they had just been released, 17,000 miles already no rattles/problems, The interior is a take it or leave it, I actually like it, its deffinetly more trendy night club looking,i read somewhere that the fella why turned hyndai around is now with mitsu, so he is cleaning house hopefully.He already cut way down on fleet sales, actually Im renting a new alero olsmobile now(galant got hit in front :(
    and the alero was a car i was considering before i got my galant, glad i didn't this thing is nasty for a 04? car, decent but nothing special, GM sells them like crazy, low price i assume like cavalier.decent cars but Old-tech by the time they were introduced,already outdated 1st year in. hope mitsu turns it around, There problem wasnt realy quality/durablity it was recognition in the brand, hyndai was well known for extremely competitive prices but low quality product, Not anymore. You can comfortably buy a hyndai and drive many confident miles. Ive gotta get my windows tinted, +rims..Im riding on some [non-permissible content removed] now. later sean
  • slcslc Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anybody knew which of the factory warranties carried over to purchasers of used '04 Gallants. I think the balance of the 3 yr/36k bumper-2-bumper and part of the drive train warranty carry over. Anybody know precisely?
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I warranties stay with the car 3-36&5-60, As I have also bought a '04 galant with very low miles 1,400miles, But as you may know Mitsu recently added and almost doubled the basic and drive train to something very generous, 5/60 & 10yr 100k! and they are Retro covering already purchased 04 mitsus, which is cool, but I think you had to be an original owner, but we are talking about '04 cars and a plan they put in to place in '04 to extend coverage, so at the most we are talkin about a few months and a few thousand miles, So most buyers naturally bought an 04 mitsu in 04, its just the few like yours and mine that were purchased in 04 and already traded in the same 1/2 of the year, If i ever get the chance I'd like to know if they would retro cover mine, I realized I coulda gotten a BRAnd new galant (zero miles) for apx $800 more 30 miles away, oh well. Anybody else notice na gap in your glove box?
  • Hey, I've posted a couple times here in the past, but it had been in the Dodge Stratus forum. I've been reasearching for about seven months now on what car I want to get (this will be my first), and I have been working oddjobs since I was almost 15 (I just turned 16 in November this year), so I have saved about $3500 on my own, and my parents said they would pay for the other half, so I'm looking in the price range of about $7000, maybe $7600.

    Originally I was going to get a Dodge Stratus, but after seeing a few of their auctions on eBay and autotrader, and almost getting one, I have decided to look at others, and I have looked at most midsize sedans, but I have never looked at the Galant before, and now it looks like a better choice overall, in looks, features, and its safety is about the same as the Stratus, but the cost is cheaper.

    Anyway, my question is what would be the best value on a Galant? I'd like to get a 2000+, and by looking on eBay and autotrader, I primarily see 2002-03 ES' going for about $7800 as the listed price (however, I'm sure the owner would go down). There's one that is a 2003 ES with 44000 miles in Lake City (near Seattle, where I live), for $7950 as the listed price. How low would I have to get this person to sell it for, for it to be a good deal for the money? There are some others on eBay which are GTZ, and they sell for more, however, there is one with 79000 miles, 2001, for an asking price of $7850 - but, it is in Illinois, so I would have to ship it.

    I like the front on the 2003s the most, but I really don't care about that much because they all look good. What should I try to go for - or should I go with one of those above?

    EDIT: Here's the ES: _id=1393758&car_year=2002&make=MIT&distance=300&m- ax_price=8000&model=GALANT&advcd_on=n&end_year=2003&a- mp;min_price=0&certified=n&address=98110&search_type=- used&advanced=n&start_year=2000&color=&cardist=11
    And the GTZ:
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    It doesn't look like your comparing Apples to Apples. With the ES you have car with lower miles, with the GTZ it has higher miles. I am sorry, but I am one person who wouldn't dream of buying a car on ebay. I know it's's just not for me. Let me kick the tires and take a real good look for covered over accidents. What ever you buy, see it before you write the check. There are many, many, '02s and '03s (ES) that are coming off rental, all usually have some warranty left, you should look in to those.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I agree with former post, no matter what deal you can get on ebay or similar may look good, but buddy please do it thee old fashioned way with your own eyes physically looking at the car and get your own impression in person, My ex bought a car on ebay a seemed to be nice 2002 Intrepid, later found out it had an insurance record for the whole passenger side and was repaired but from the moment she had it it had odd noises fron that side and from a very fine angle you could see the doors and front fender were so slightly gapped in variuos places, WE did a carfax before purchase and it was never reported, But when we insured it with state farm, so happens whomever had it before also used state farm, they wouldnt tell us much exept that they made a Collison payment back when the car was 6mos old, for full repair, we had them inspect it and they concluded that there insured had cashed the check and had it fixed substandard and pocketed the rest up tp $3,000 there guess. On another note fairly new galants are a great buy, because of high fleet sales, but they drastically cut fleet sales recently, get it why you can because they are pretty decent cars, I own a '04 Galant and had experince with a 1991 galant with 195K+ miles hand me down and treated it very roughly and never really took care of it, but it never left me stranded, based on that I Went for the '04 Which I get nothing but compliments on,not trying to preach but get one Locally or surrounding area, Im in the chicagoland area and when i got my 04 galant there were alot of '03's for around 11-14, But as far as now I hardly see any for sale anymore they were all bought and on the road. Have fun and be carefull, the GTZ is a looker with the wheels+body kit=spoiler v6. though Daimler chrysler products have greatly improved they are still a little shady especially the pre-2003 models. sean.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Not sure which year they messed with the front end of galant, I think the 99-thru 02? had a slightly better looking grill and if u notice they puffed out the rear lamps also in '02 or '03, Don't fall for the Accord camry do no wrong bull, I had friends and family with thoses models and yes generally good cars they had more problems with thoses than my 1991 galant, my sister had a 2000 camry which required a engine overhaul at around 40K miles due to an engine defect that many toyotas had during that generation, Similar honda had a problem with there Tranny's also, A mechanic I once talked to said generally Mitsus engines are real workhorses, and just as trustworthy as toyota etc.
  • Well greetings good people I'm back...I know it's been a while--took me some time go get over 1) The Red Sox, yes I said the Red Sox!! winning the world series and 2) My brother, yes my baby brother trading in his Ford Explorer for...are you ready for this,,,an 04' Galant ES!!!! I could not believe it. He knows all too well the horror I went through with my Galant, but God bless his heart(I can say "God Bless" here, can't I) he decided to "go against the grain" and take the ultimate chance. He's had it for a month and so far I must admit he has had no problems, yet! Mitsu stepped up big time with their super duper warranty coverage which my brother got along with a couple of free car washes at no extra cost. Like I said in my post way back when I was at the Mitsu dealership in Philly, Mitsu has made some strides, but they need to step up their quality BIG TIME if they want to play with the big dogs...
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