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Mitsubishi Galant



  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Galant GTS got a fairly favorable review in Consumer Reports February issue. It scored midpack overall among family cars, but much higher than the 4 cylinder.


    It finished behind the Camry/Accords (both 4 and 6).


  • Hello. I own an '03 Galant and I've posted before about how much i enjoyed it and how much I saved buying it one year old. AND I bought in on Ebay.


    Anyway, I recently took off the driver's side mirror. The mirror is intact and works, but the casing cracked in half. Does anyone know the name of that part? I don't think I need a new mirror, just the casing. And can I install it myself? I have a pretty reasonable skill level. I have been looking online, but I don't see what the name of this part I need is. if anyone could help me and guide me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  • Okay,

    so a bit of help here...:)

    How do you run the antenna and the wire from the roof to the front of the car? I've tried taking the back seat out and crawling in the trunk and my main problem is getting the wire from the roof to the trunk along the window. HELP!!


  • I believe the part you are looking for is called a mirror housing.
  • Just like to ask if at 60K mileage for an '02 Galant ES needed a major checkup? Do you really need to replace your timing belt, water pump & others all at the same time at 60K mileage?? Or do you need to wait until 80K or 100K??? Thanks.
  • ctm06ctm06 Posts: 2
    It's important that you do the 60K service to ensure the longevity of your engine. By failing to the service or prolonging it, you damage your engine.Not only that it causes excessive wear on other mechanical parts. I own a '99 Galant ES (4 cylinder) and my 60K service set me back about $700 (V6 versions run about $850.) After I had it performed I notice a great difference in the way my vehicle drived/performed.
  • ctm06ctm06 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had to replace the shift linkage in their transmission. I was at the store the other day and I went and came back out and I got in my car and it wouldn't start. The engine wouldn't even turn over all I heard was this little buzzing sound. Well anyways I had to call a tow truck to have the vehicle towed to Mitsubishi. They told it was the shift linkage. This cost me $242 parts and labor. Has anyone experienced this or has anyone heard of this as being a common problem. Also my paint started chipping on my hood. I took it in for an estimate and I was told that the car was never sanded before it was painted. Is their anyway I can get in contact with Mitsubishi to see if they could pay for it. I tried the number on their site but it doesn't work 1-888-MITSU2005.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    In all honesty, the timing belt can probably last 100k with no problems, but since its recommended to be changed at 60k, its better to be safe then sorry. Since the timing belt drives the water pump, its usually just a good idea to go ahead and replace the water pump because there is a chance it may fail before you are due for your next timing belt change. If it does, you will be up for another huge repair bill. The water pump is normally replaced for simply the cost in parts since no extra labor is involved when doing the timing belt.


    So at 60k, I would suggest that the dealer replace all belts, the water pump, spark plugs, and tranny fluid and flush the brake fluid and cooling system. I would not simply ask for the 60k checkup as that is usually padded with bs inspection fees.
  • Due to an unfortunate accident (I was rear-ended)my 04 Accord is in the body-shop. The rental vehicle is a 2004 Galant ES with 30,000 miles. After one 80 mile trip here are my first impressions ...


    The Good


    1. Drives nice

    2. Stereo is great even in the ES model I have

    3. It's roomy

    4. The engine feels peppy at lower speeds

    5. Even in this abused rental car the cabin is pretty rattle-free


    The Bad


    1. The interior has way too many textures, shapes, and colors.

    2. The steering wheel makes me feel like I am driving a school bus

    3. The engine is noisy both under acceleration and while cruising.

    4. There is an overal "cheap" feel to the interior.


    Overall, it's a decent car but not up to class-leading levels in most aspects.
  • eddy3eddy3 Posts: 4
    Hi, all,

    I was going to buy a 2000 galant with 105k on it. Is the milage too high to cause some damage on the engine or tranny?


    Should I do some major tune-up on the engine after I buy the car?

  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    I've seen Mitsubishi cars with 200K + miles on original motor/tranny,. also depends on previous care..some people take care of there cars and some don't. and this usually shows..generally speaking a Mitsu engines are just as solid as other Japnese brands,,jut make sure it was decently cared for..Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Mitsubishi's sales in December were the strongest since August, the Galant in particular sold twice as much as compared to a month ago (NOV).
  • Just like to ask you guys driving this model '02 Mitsu ES Galant 4 cyl. Is it okay to change the tire size from 195/65R15 to 195/60R15??? Will it affect the driving condition aside from the looks??
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Your speedometer's accuracy will be affected by changing to that size. If you want to change tire sizes without affecting the speedometer while increasing performance slightly, I would suggest going with 205/60R-15.
  • eddy3eddy3 Posts: 4
    Hi, all, Is there a coolant drainage valve on galant 2000?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    If you mean an actual valve that you can open and close, then the answer is no. There are coolant drain holes, one at the bottom of the radiator and one somewhere on the engine block. These involve removing a bolt.
  • Well my Accord is ready so I will be returning the Galant to the rental company today. My final thoughts are that it is a good car ruined by so-so interior and a noisy engine.


    I liked the stereo, the ride, and even the styling started to grow on me. The car seemed well-constructed as there were no squeaks or rattles even at 31,700 miles. Power was good at low RPM and the transmission was smooth and very rarely had to kick down to make it up a hill.


    My dislikes are mostly centered around the interior. The blue dash lights are pretty but the effect is ruined by the contrasting shades of green and blue/green used on the center dash lights and the radio display. The bright orange "Passenger Airbag Off" light was extremely annoying. There seemed to be too many different shapes and textures and the steering wheel looks too much like a 04 Malibu's.


    In the end, I think it is a great rental but not a car I would walk into a dealer ready to pay $16,000-$25,000 for brand new. A used one at around $10,000 with low miles wouldn't be bad but it still wouldn't be my first choice for that amount of money. I also think the 99-03 Galant was more appealing, for my taste at least.


    However, it was a decent enough ride that I would at least test drive the proposed GTS with 18" wheels and the V6/6-speed manual combo.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You should know that some Galants do have a more coherent dash illumination scheme. The ES and LS with Infinity sound system and the GTS have the ice blue color for the whole dash. That should help one of your complaints. And it is a very valid complaint. I'm not sure why Mitsu likes to mix different lighting in the interior. The Galant has the smallest problem since at least the blue is mixed with a shade of blue/green. The Outlander XLS/Limited and Lancer OZ/Ralliart/Evolution have red gauges but pale blue center console lighting. Its quite a contrast and very annoying. Those airbag off lights that are popping up on the newer cars are just plain annoying in general. I think they should only light up when the seatbelt is buckled but the person is too light, and even then, it should only turn on for a few minutes after starting the car.


    I gotta say though, I love the Mivec four banger. It's so smooth and spunky. I also think its reasonably quiet. The only noise thats noticeable in my Lancer Sportback Ralliart is from the sport exhaust. The Galant should be even quieter since it doesn't have this exhaust.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    4cyl is actually pretty spunky in my Galant, as far as noise its nothing special in todays standards, infact today it was like spring weather and I noticed everything about my Galant seemed smoother and quieter, not that it was bad in freezing weather, but It seems way more confident and better handeling in slightly warmer weather...Most, if not all cars are probably like this, as my Galant takes forever to reach normal temp when cold out, so im sure that was part of it, most of the time by the time im at my destination in freezing weather its still only 1/4 operating temp,,,Better than my ford that overheated at 10degrees outside!!

           I think the Galant is a Hidden gem,I can say after 20K miles, it is still a much more sporty style, excellent body lines, than the typical <$20,000 sedan. One concern is I was reading a car mag on long term Galant, in which they recevied a service bulletin for engine control module? im wondering if mine is included, It had something to do with the 2.4L Mivec..sounded like a simple part swap? in 20k i Have never had a Check engine light..I agree ,the Airbag Off light gets annoying, with no passenger. The other day I noticed that just because enough weight is detected in the passenger seat will not turn the light off, but it is sensing somebody is there because the passenger seat belt light and the airbag light both illuminate..apparently the seats have sensors on the tracks as well as weight sensors to adjust the deployment accordingly to weight and seat position.. when you think about it, if you are the only one in the car and airbag(s) deploy the passenger airbag will be spared..saving insurance some money? and un needed damage to the passenger side Dash area...good thinkin just get the word out on your Good products!!Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    My Galant ES hit 20K miles recently, Not a rattle or sqeak, no mechanical issues, allignment is perfect and on center, very tight suspension and steering, Feels most at home doing the interstate 75mph+. engine almost feels like it breathes some extras life at higher speeds, never feels underpowered for a 4 Can, doors and trunklid still have a very solid feel opening and closing with a quality sound, (better than my friends '04 Accord EX), he also stated he wished his accord looked as good as my Galant from the B pillar to the rear,

       My only complaints are better seat fabric, headrest fabric looks kind of cheap, but structuraly they are good.

          I like the fact that the doors on Es anyway do not have fabric while the black on top looks good, and the steering wheel is so funky you love it or hate it..a simple chrome emblem on it would look much better( nissan does a good job). I think the Galant deffinetly blows the Camry away in driving and style, and to a lesser degree the Accord, No reflection on Mitsu, but (iffy-Lube) decided to leave my AT dipstick sitting in the engine compartment at about 15,000 miles thru Snow, rain, and in a very dusty area, it still looks clean but me and my friend can change it, if anybody can give me a definite At fluid i can use,,,I's like to use synthetic as I understand ATF+3 is synthetic, and what kind of fluid is good for 2004 mitsus. Seemed like there was water in the dipstick area as when i re inserted the dipstick and pulled it out there was a few drops of water that beaded. (oil and water look) Any ideas..thanks Sean
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