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Mitsubishi Galant



  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    I have the same problem on my '99 GTZ. The rotors are warped (probably from over tighten lug nuts). I'm just living with it for now. I have about 23.5k so pretty soon I'm gonna try to put some cross drilled rotors on the front.
  • 2stressed2stressed Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Galant. I have already replaced the transmission on it once and I feel like it will go out again. When I took my car in the second time to have it looked at, there were two other Galants of the same body style that the mechanic said were both in the shop because of transmission problems also. I am considering buying a new car because of this. Has anyone else with a Galant had this problem?
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Just took delivery of a 2000 GTZ. We were only able to locate one GTZ in a 600 mile radius of our home in New Mexico. I guess since they started making the 2001's, the 2000 GTZ's are pretty scarce. It was definately worth the work to find this car. Black w/ grey leather interior, looks similar to a BMW M5,if you squint your eyes a bit:o) What a great road car, very solid and quiet. We got the car for 23,300, including the gold package (23,795 out the door, we had a no-equity trade-in) with the 1.9% financing & zero down our pmnts are just under $418. I know I paid a fair amount over invoice but with the 1.9 and the rarity of the GTZ, I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with the deal we received, plus NO car out there can match it at $418 a month!!
  • I have a '96 Galant and had to have the transmission rebuilt at 75K miles. It is now in the shop for the 4th time, the torque converter keeps going out. They now tell me that there is a chip in the engine that is bad that makes the torque converter go out. MORE time and money! I am so over this car I don't think I'll ever buy another.
  • alex70alex70 Posts: 2
    I just test drove a 2000 GTZ and was wondering if anyone has compared the galant to the Maxima se. I believe that is the comparable model. Also does anyone have a good idea of what is fair price. The mit. dealer I went to quoted 24,242. I need a very very reliable,problem free car. But I also want style and features for a fair price. Any Ideas/thoughts on diff/advantage of galant vs. maxima
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    We all want trouble free cars, but even the most reliable cars has defects .... You should be better off reading back some of the post, then go to the maximas' forum and do the same thing.

    I'm thinking of getting a spoiler , but it may not look good with the 15 inch tires , maybe i need to change to bigger tires before that.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18

    The comparable Nissan model is the Altima, not the Maxima. (Compare the Diamante to the Maxima).


    I have a '00 GTZ which came with the spoiler, and a friend of mine has an '00 SE which he added the spoiler to. I think both cars look great with the spoiler, although we may not be the comparison you are looking for as he already had wheels instead of the the wheel covers.

    I'll tell you this though, my one regret with the GTZ is the color coordinated grill. I kinda wish they stuck with the chrome. From the (slightly offset) front, I like the way HIS car looks better than mine, and I think the chrome grill has a lot to do with it. The chrome grill with the spoiler DOES look very sporty - it gives the car a "mean" look.
  • texrobintexrobin Posts: 13
    Is there any info on what year models it's for?
  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Sept 99 Car&Driver did a complete Sedan Comparison.Last Place-Hyundai Sonata GLS, 7th- Chevy Malibu LS, 6th-Nissan Altima GXE, 5th-Dodge Stratus ES, 4th-Toyota Camry LE, 3rd-Olds Alero GL,2nd-Honda Accord Es, And the winner-Mitsubishi Galant ES. As far as the Nissan comparison, the Altima doesn't have a V6 option, and the Maxima is a slightly larger more expensive vehicle than the Galant, it's closer to the Toyota Avalon. Unless you're paying cash, you can't get a comparable vehicle to the GTZ with the 1.9 financing. I just got done driving Honda, Olds, and Toyota, and dollar for dollar, the GTZ was the clear winner. As for the price, We got ours last Saturday for a litle less than what you posted, but it's still a decent price, I'm sure you can get $500 knocked off w/out too much wrestling. The 2000 GTZ's are VERY hard to find, and with the 1.9% the dealers don't have much incentive to make major price cuts. Just get it you'll love it :o)
  • alex70alex70 Posts: 2
    I didn't even think about the altima. But now that you mention it I guess your right,it the right comparison, Thanks for the info. I thought the GTZ looked sharp. but the es v6 does have a certain something. I'm glad no problms w/gtz.WAS the gtz a better buy price wise?
    Let me clarify, I know no car is completely prblm free. But I want and need a car that is reliable. I hate being stranded on the highway in the middle of the night or unable to get to work.( no public transport in my town). Thanks for car & drvr info!!! I test drove the camry#4 which I know is reliable but I wasn't very impressed with the styling.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 117
    Is your friend ES 4-cyl or V6 ? and if 4-cyl, does he have original 15" alloys or bigger aftermarkets?
  • The recall only affects Mitsu cars built in Japan. And the article said none of the cars being recalled were exported out of Japan. Thus I think our cars are not affected by the recall. Besides, the US version of the Galant is built in Normal, Illinois, not in Japan. (Our US version is slightly different from the Japanese version.) However, the Montero (Pajero as it is called in Japan) is built in Japan.
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18

    The ES/V6 is probably a tad better buy pricewise because the GTZs are so rare the dealers are less willing to move on the price. My deal was $1 less than someone else on the board who bought a '00 GTZ and $28 less than a 3rd person's so I think there is a set range they want to keep the GTZs at because if we didn't take it, the next person in the door would have. I think it's worth it though, the 1.9% financing more than made up for any small change I though the dealer could have come down, so I am completely happy with my deal.


    His is the V6 and it came with the same wheels that are standard on the GTZ. So when he added the spoiler, the only ways you could tell the difference between his ES and my GTZ on the outside was the chrome grill, the ES symbol (obviously) and the fact that there was a 3rd light both in the back windo and on the spoiler. (The GTZ doesn't have a 3rd light in the back window because it's on the spoiler).

    However, on the inside he has the cloth instead of the leather, doesn't have the side airbags, the sport instrument panel, the woodgrain detailing, or the sport suspension. If I remember correctly, his car was about $2500 less than mine, but I don't know how much he had to add back in to have the spoiler added or if that was part of his final negotiations. I can ask.
  • rungnateerungnatee Posts: 2
    I just recently (two weeks ago)purchased the new 2000 Galant LS V6 with the Infinity audio system and I love the way it handles. I just have one problem...exactly one week after purchasing it the audio system stopped working. I took it back to the dealership and they thought it may be a fuse, but it wasn't. I had already checked. The Infinity audio system has an anti-theft system that requires a code whenever there is a disconnect in power.

    Anyway, not only does the audio system not work, but now when I hit the lock button on my door, it doesn't lock. It seems to be some electronic problems.

    Well...anyway, the dealership says they don't have enough mechanics available this week, so I'll
    be without "The Sound of Music" for a week.

    Has any one else experienced this problem with the Infinity Audio system?
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    I've had my '99 GTZ since 11/98 W/24k miles & haven't had any type of electrical or mechanical problems w/it. (Knock on wood) My fiancee just got a '00 GTZ last week & so far w/500miles on it-no problems either. Looks like you got that 1 in a million deal. Hopefully the dealer can fix it permanantly.
  • stachiestachie Posts: 1
  • ddk1ddk1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone encountered any noises comming from in or under their dash? I have a 2000 ES V6 and 1 thing is my winshield on the driverside has stared rattling like it's not fit tight. The other is a really weird noise some where inthe dash. It started out by sounding like something was loose and now it usually has a tinkling sound. It seems to be comming from the passenger side. Other that that I'm pretty happy with mine.
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    ddk1, I'm only guessing on this, but the noise that is coming from the dricer side, I think it could be you VIN # plate rattling (slightly loose), and the other rattle that you are hearing from the passenger side could be the glove box ( need to adjust the lock on it, so it will stop rattling).
    Now I'm only talking a wild guess, from experiencing those two issues with my fiancee's Galant.

    let me know

  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    We just got our Y2K GTZ last week. our price was 23.7k before tax and all that fun stuff
  • harrisotharrisot Posts: 1
    In Feb we purchased a '00 GTZ under Mitusbishi's 0/0/01 event (10 months to pay on principle was a nice deal). It took several trips to the dealership and my wife playing good-cop to my bad-cop, but we got the price to $22,460. The disadvantage was we missed the Dover White my wife wanted and ended up with a Patriot Red.
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