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Mitsubishi Galant



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You can tell if your Galant has the Infiniti speakers by looking for a speaker mounted right in the center of the dash, directly above the stereo. If it has this, it has the Infiniti sound system. If it doesn't, you have the basic factory stereo system.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    1. You still have the remainder of the 5 year/60k powertrain warranty.

    2. No real problems mechanically with the Galant, although the front brake rotors do tend to warp easily if the lug nuts are put on too tight. You might want to consider having the tranny fluid flushed by the dealer if you are unsure whether it was done at 30k. Mitsu auto trannies require Mitsu fluid, so don't just take it to Jiffy Lube and let them put any old fluid in there. If the fluid is changed at 30k intervals, you can expect long life out of it. Otherwise, it will start slipping around 100k.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,818
    A writer with a national magazine is writing an article on 8 cars that are under $20K for families on a budget or as a 2nd or 3rd car. He is looking for parents with young children who have recently purchased or are planning to purchase any one of the following vehicles: VW Jetta the new “Value Edition”, Chevy Cobalt (with SAB), Mitsubishi Galant, Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, Ford Focus Wagon, Honda Element, Kia Sorento or Dodge Caravan. The writer would like to know if they like it, dislike it, what are the family-style features and what kind of deal did you get on the car? If you fit what the writer is looking for, please email your responses to by May 13, 2005.

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  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    If you find the answer to this, please post it here and let me know. My car is an 04 Lancer Sportback, but it also has the annoying seatbelt beeper. I'm mainly concerned about whether the beeper unit is the same one used for the key-in-ignition and lights-on reminder. I don't want to mess with it if it serves these other purposes, but if it doesn't, I want to rip it out!
  • Oh my god! thank you soooo much! i really appreciate it. my first thought was that somehow i would have to take the door panel off! ~michelle
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    Why not just wear your seatbelt?

    If you refuse, someone over in the Accord room said their uncle got the piece you insert into the buckle from a junkyard and puts it in when he doesn't want to wear his seatbelt. I don't recommend this as I think everyone should always wear their seatbelt. They save lives.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I do actually wear my seatbelt almost religiously. I had changed jobs recently and was required to use my car for work. Three of my stops were a piddling 1/2 mile from my job in a downtown area where speeds rarely exceed 25, so the seatbelt kinda got in the way more then anything and the beeper was just plain annoying. However, my job relocated and that stop has turned into 1.5 miles on busier and faster roads so now I buckle up. Even so, I'd still like to know how to silence the beeper because I'm not stupid enough to forget to put the belt on and hate the fact the beeper is there.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    has the beeper. I just tune it out on the rare occasion I am without my seatbelt long enough to activate it. It's kind of annoying at times but you have to have safety warnings, beepers, etc on EVERYTHING these days to reduce the manufacturer's liability.
  • I just leased a 2005 GTS and I LOVE IT. I traded in my 2000 Galant ES and for 5 years i have lusted over every GTZ (at that time) i saw and chided myself for not upgrading when i bought it. I finally have it!! I am sorry to boast - i know this is the only place where my exctiement is understood! I think the Toyota and Nissan sedans dont even compare. I am quite happy. I even contemplated the new mustang, it was sweet but the interior of the galant is more comfy (heated seats, sunroof). The only upgrade i can think of to make this car even more perfect is to make the adjustable steering column electric.

    The Feb 2005 Consumer Reports compares the GTS to Camry & Altima, looking at the comparison charts there is not that much difference in ratings, the GTS scored equal or higher on almost all of the catagories. The GTS did not receive a recommended rating due to recommended use of higher octane gas and what they considerd a "choppy" ride which i have yet to notice. i love this lil car. If any one is thinking of getting one, i say go for it!!!
  • I almost leased a GTS in March, at that time all maintanence and repairs were covered by the dealer. I waited until April to get my GTS, when i asked about the warranty i was told it was a special promotion at that time and was no longer offered.
  • hey i was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a website where you can customize any make/model car. fantastic idea ... somebody has to have thought of it by now ...
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    Didn't get quite the deal that others talk about on this forum, but none the less feel it was a fair price. Bought last remaining green 2004 LS, w/ sunroof and diamond package for just shy of $6000 under MSRP - includes rebate, loyalty incentive and dealership discount. Traded in my 2000 ES Galant for an additional $4200. I can't believe how different these two cars are. I really enjoyed my 2000 for the 1st 60,000 miles, but it was now needing some costly repairs and I was tired of dealing with the brake issue. The 2004 is a much more substantial car in size, ride and engineering advancements. It doesn't get blown around in the wind and it seems to track a straight line much better than my 2000. I always really liked the exterior of my 2000, but the 2004 has its own unique place. Where the 2004 greatly exceeds the 2000 is in its interior - both in look and function. I've not stepped into any car (any car that I might actually be able to afford) and found the dash and remaining interior any more attractive than I find in the new Galants - of course this is only my opinion. Also, the stock stereo in the LS is incredible. What I find interesting is that I paid just about the same amount of money (w/in a $1000) for the base 2000 five years ago as I just recently paid for a loaded V6 2004. The only thing so far I liked better in the 2000's interior was the driver's seat. I might just still be adjusting to a the new seat of the 2004, but so far it hasn't completely agreed with my lower back. Unfortunately the 2004 LS didn't come standard with lumbar adjustment.

    FYI: I did have fog lights, mud flaps and a chrome exhaust tip added. I can tell already that the fog lights will be money very well spent. The front mud flaps look really good - not sure I like the rear mud flaps and not so sure they'll serve any real purpose (might take them off). The exhaust tip looks great, but serves no purpose whatsoever - oh well, what the heck.

    Only other thing that really caught my eye (or rather my ears) is the amount of wind noise at 60 plus mph. It was a little more than I expected. Other than that and still looking for a place to put loose change, I'm a very happy camper. However, I haven't yet put my 1st 1000 miles on this car.

    I was disappointed to hear that the free maintenance program was no longer available. Would have been a nice bonus.
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    I was very tempted by the new Mustangs as well - awesome looking car. Practicality in regards to northern winters, places to put more than one passenger, and bang for the buck brought me back to the Galant. Now If I could own two cars, .............................. maybe someday. Anyway, I'm not so sure the Galant wouldn't hold its own off the line against one of those new Mustangs. Being the practical guy I am, not that this would much matter to me : )
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Well done!

    Surprising that they dropped the Free Maintanence program....

    The V6 Mustang has about the same performance (0-60 in 6.8 seconds) as the Galant V6 according to all the reviews. Although you're right the Ford is not a practical car. Can't roll down the rear windows for a fresh air view and the V6 sounds so much better in the Galant. Mustang does get a manual, nice and a 5 speed auto yet has no where near the warranty. Plus it's a Ford... Frequency of repairs will tell the tale. It will be interesting if Consumer reports puts it on there recommended list like they just did with the Galant. By the way I owned a new yellow 1970 Mustang with a 302 V8 and 4 on the floor. It was a fine car but horrible in winter. Looks alot like the new one.

    Oh yes I've seen pics of the next 2 Galants, the refreshening of the nose due next year, (Diamante look) and the new '08. The '08 is nice, (still going to polarize) it's the interior which is really a step above. I tried to post them here but they were from a competing magazines forum and they were deleted by the Host.

    Enjoy Stuckey!
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Can you mention the mag names so i can at least look at them?
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Google: Taiwan Mitsubishi Grunder. I'm wrong about it being the 2008 model however.

    Happy Motoring!
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,232
    Well, if you scroll back two or five pages , you should see a post where someone's 99 was at almost 200K. My 99 LS V6 is at 101K right now and has easily been the most reliable car I've ever owned. Not perfect, but everything still works and repairs have been minimal. I still get 23-24MPG in city/mixed driving and 26+ on straight highway. I live in Chicagoland so the car sees both hot & humid summers as well as ice cold winters. Of course YMMV but I have no problem recommending Mitsu.

    A coworker has a 97 or 98 Montero Sport. It has something like 80-90K miles; haven't ridden in it lately. Still, he's going back to it from the Audi TT he bought as the TT was a pile of junk. Every other week something was needing work on the Audi; he's sworn off European cars now.
  • sudeepsudeep Posts: 1

    I too was looking at a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES that's loaded with the works. Its done 80K miles. It runs pretty good and I got it checked at meineke's and the mechanic said he couldnt spot any problems with it. But still my friends (and the mechanic) insist that I should not buy it as they say that Mitsubishis dont run past 100K miles. If i buy this one, I think i will most probably keep it till its past 100K miles. So if someone could help me out and let me know if mitubishis really
    are not that relaible? I thought that since they're Japanese cars, they should be quite relaible. Help!

    PS: Thanks Pat for the correction. I really didnt mean it that way (and I really didn't know it meant sorry! Thanks for letting me know.)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No problem, thanks! :)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Mitsubishis are just as reliable as other Japanese brands but their image was soiled by using Chrysler components in the Eclipse in the mid-late 90s, which was one of their best selling cars. Their own engines are solid performers and can easily run 200k+ as long as its taken care of. There are no known mechanical defects as far as the engine is concerned. The automatic tranny can be a weak link, but its always due to owner neglect. If the tranny's fluid is replaced at 30k intervals, you can expect about 170-200k out of it. If this is not done, the tranny can start slipping by 100k but can often be limped along for another 20-30k before failing completely.

    I used to own a 93 Diamate that I bought used. I sold it with 173,000 miles. It only burned about 1/4 quart of oil between 3k oil changes. Everything was original on the car, including the alternator, AC compressor, and all power equipment. It always started on the first try and never left me stranded. Few cars can claim this level of reliability. I only had problems with the front brake rotors warping due to lugnuts being put on too tightly by tire shops and the interior fan motor burned out. It also ran into a stalling problem at 165k, but I was able to fix it myself by cleaning the gunk out of the throttle body. By the way, I sold this car to a college student back in 2000 and I recently saw my old car on the road in the same condition that I left it in. It has to have at least 200k on it by now!

    So, the statement that Mitsus don't run past 100k is just plain false. There are lots of high mileage good running Mitsus on the road. I think its just another case of "its different so it must be junk".
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