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Mitsubishi Galant



  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Went to a little ship party at MMNA on Thursday May 12 where we sent the first truckload of the PS 24 Eclipse off to Cally-forney. They had a large screen set up showing various Mitsu models including the 2 SEMA Ralliart concepts, Galant & Endeavor, performing maneuvers & under scrutiny at auto shows. They then announced they would be built next year for release as an 07 model.

    This only makes sense seeing as how we have all the necessary ingredients right there & I'm not saying it's been hammered in stone but it's as close to an official announcement I've yet heard. I saw both vehicles at the Chicago auto show & thought they were really well thought out. Right now I have no idea what standard or optional equipment will be. I'm guessing that a 6 speed manual will be available in both, as well as the 5 spd auto. A 6 spd stick AWD Endeavor with the new MIVEC V-6 would be pretty original I'm thinking. Not a whole hell of a lot of something like that cruising down the highway right now.

    I would simply have to have the Ralliart Galant !! End of discussion.
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    To sudeep and everyone.... Mitsubishi's are as reliable as any Japanese car. As ingtonge18 says..... Problems started when the hot selling Eclipse started using Chrysler's Neon engines which are known to daily break downs plus those cars made in Normal IL, for some kind of reason the build quality is not up to the japanese built. I have a 1998 Mitsu Mirage DE coupe with 1.5L 12 valve 92hp with 4/AT. My car has 105,050 miles on the ODO and it NEVER.....belive me...NEVER had left me stranded. My best friend just bought a 2004 Galant DE. She loves it. But i have a friend that has a 97 Eclipse and its been troublesome. 96 Galant and interiors are falling apart. I know Mistubishi is having rough times now..... partly because since 1995+ most of carmaker improved quality and Mistubishi sunk themselves using HORRIBLE Chrysler engines and dumb. Now they are trying to improve the image. Im a truly beliver of Mitsubishi. I know they will make it. As long they come up with fresher cars and made standard safety features like side and curtains airbags, ABS and all the good stuff.....they will make it. Look Hyundai. They had the worst they are highly desirable. So if they did it.....Mitsubishi can do it too.
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    So far I am very much enjoying my new car. It handles quite well - sturdy suspension, ABS, TC, smooth shifting, strong acceleration, and confident braking.

    Avg. MPG so far: lowest 23, highest 25 in mixed highway/city driving (note: likely could do better if I could stop testing how quick it can go from 0 to 60 : ).

    Concerns: (1) occasional "creaky" sound that comes from dash (radio and passenger side) when driven over moderate to harsher bumps, (2) driver comfort (lower back) improving, but still a bit of a problem for me - old car had more lateral support, (3) ceiling insert has twice popped out of its seal as it meets the back of the sunroof, (4) brake dust accumulation.

    Positives: (1) great sound system and controls, (2) still liking the look and function of the dash and gauges, (3) the larger size of the car - I'm the guy who traded in the 2000 Galant, (4) fit and finish of the exterior, (5) very sporty animal in an executive skin - pretty impressive for a car under $20,0000, (6) only car like it in my small town of 35,000.

    Other people tend to react very positive to the styling or very negative. I've not recalled hearing such polarized opinions about the style of any car like I've heard about the Galant. On the other hand, all those who I have taken for a spin have been extremely positive about the ride, their comfort, and interior appeal.

    I certainly hope that Mits. finds a way to thrive. It would be a shame to deprive those who enjoy their products the chance to consider future Mits. models and purchases. Mits. Galants (love them or hate them) provide for additional car world diversity. I'm very glad I have one in my driveway.
  • juvaknightjuvaknight Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem with my 1996 galant S very wierd don't know what it is .did you fix it!
  • Hi Everyone,
    I need some help, just leased a new GTS and the window sticker describes the stereo system as having 8 speakers. I can only find 6. I called the dealer they said it is a misprint, there is only 6. The GTS they have on the showroom also has a sticker stating it has 8 speakers. This seems like a mighty big misprint to me. Anyone have any info on this? My salesperson looked at the car and consulted with the repair department and couldnt find the last 2.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    My guess would be there is a speaker in each door (4), 2 in the trunk under the rear dash, and 1 in each A-pillar above the dash (2), for a total of 8??? This is just my guess from looking at interior shots of the car on the 'net.
  • these are the 6 i have found - 2 in trunk, 2 in front doors, 2 in dash - no speakers in back doors....even the salesperson and service dept couldnt figure out where the other 2 are. :confuse:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Are you certain that none of the housings contain a pair of speakers? This is a common configuration, not sure about the Galant, but it is common in other cars.
  • someguysomeguy Posts: 3
    I, too, was wondering where the other 2 speakers are in my GTS. Maybe the door contains a pair of speakers, or perhaps even one coaxial speaker (which is like a tweeter atop a woofer or midrange). The rear speakers look like singles from inside the trunk unless they're coaxial.

    I bet the dealership's service manual tells all.
  • someguysomeguy Posts: 3
    I just bought a new 2005 GTS, and .... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CAR !!! The only thing I dislike are the daytime running lights, a very minor annoyance compared to how great this car is. My Mitsu dealer swears there's no way to turn them off, but might there be a secret, albeit safe, way to turn them off without screwing up something else on the circuit?
  • portknoxxaportknoxxa Posts: 69
    I looked at the review that Edmunds did on the '04 GTS and they said that there were 6.3" speakers in all four doors In their stereo evaluation. I've owned my GTS for 16 months and I don't have any in my rear doors that are visible. After reading the posts about this topic I called the 888-MITSU number and they did not know and told me to contact a dealer on the matter. Even on the MITSU web site they say that there are 8 speakers. Maybe there are a 4 speakers in the dash because the housing looks big enough to support 2 tweeters or something. Let the scavenger hunt begin!! :)
  • juswheelsjuswheels Posts: 42
    I am about to purchase a new vehicle - Was looking at 3, Chevrolet Malibu Maxx, Mitsubishi Galant and Pontiac G-6.

    All are priced about the same, within $300 to $500 as equiped - The G-6 is the quickest but has a very small trunk but that's offset by very pleasing styling. The Malibu Maxx without any doubt has the best utility and had a surprising quiet, stable ride. The Mitsubishi Galant has the best warranty and drove on a par with the G-6. Not as quick but handling and braking were about equal.

    Wife doesn't really care for the styling of the Chevrolet and I agree it's different but also think it grows on you.

    Not a hard decision, you might think but if I should choose the Galant, it would be my first purchase of a car not built in the US for more that 40 years.

    Thoughts and opinions are very welcome.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Aren't they built in Illnois?

    I thought the Galant was built right here in the good ole U.S. of A.
  • juswheelsjuswheels Posts: 42
    I didn't know that they were built in Illinois. Thanks for the info - But would still welcome opinions on how others feel the 3 cars compare. Thanks
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yep!-Normal, Illnois!
  • observer22observer22 Posts: 41
    Hi Juswheels,

    All three (Galant, G6, Maliu Maxx) are very slow sellers who will have poor resale. Consider a base 2006 (just introduced) Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai has a lot of momentum and no one is talking about them not being around a few years from now (in sharp contrast both Mitsu and Pontiac are regularly mentioned as brands which could die off). Buick's slow-selling Lacrosse might be worth a look since two of your three choices are GM (Buick seems to have realized Lacrosse is priced about $3k too high).

    The Galant will be more reliable than the G6 or the Malibu Maxx, Mitsubishi's 2.4 is a terrific engine that has benefited from a decade's worth of refinement and improvement.

    Have noticed the newly introduced Eclipse has received some lukewarm reviews, Mitsubishi needs a hit desperately. The Galant's ugly front end and the hopeless Outlander should be enough for someone to get fired (was amazed GM did not fire the guy who styled the ugliest vehicle ever produced, Pontiac Aztek, proof positive of GM's dysfunctional condition). Mitsubishi needs a $20K base Endeavor. I have owned two Mirages over the years, both were reliable and fun.
  • juswheelsjuswheels Posts: 42
    Thanks for the info. This past Saturday, I did drive the 06 Sonata. Very Impressed. However since it's a first year car, I decided to pass and priced a Santa Fe. OK car with handling that was a little sloppy, considerable body roll on corners. There's a big "BUT" in the equation for the Santa Fe. This dealer was the worst I've ever tried to deal with in over 20 years. The purchase sheet was a total mystery, no APR, no amount for my trade, no info in incentives or rebates. It was like trying to purchase a car at the Zoo. If Hyundai allows dealers like this one, they are in for problems with their reputation. The next closest dealer is 60 miles and that's too far for any warranty work.

    The Galant I test drove did have the 2.4 Mivec engine and you are correct, it's terrific and they have a super warranty 10/ 100,000. However, I live in the NE and wanted anti-lock brakes. To get those you need an equipment package that adds a lot to the price.

    Re-Sale is not important to me. With my job and family obligations, I put nearly 100,000 miles on my car in 4 to 5 years. Nearly all are highway miles so the wear and tear is minimal. I know this but no one on a used car lot would believe that the miles were 80% highway, so whatever I buy will be essentially worthless when I sell. Example - my current car is an 01 Ford Taurus with 85,000 miles on it. My one major repair was an oil seal for $300. Other than that just oil changes, brakes, tires and 2 transmission services. (I service my tranny every 30,000 and have never had one go.) I did replace the battery last month but other than that, no problems or complaints with the car. I would purchase another but this is the last year for the Taurus.

    The Malibu I drove was very quick, super utility, little or no road noise. I just learned that the Malibu was given the JD Power award for Quality and it tied with the Audi in Side Impact Crash Tests. Rather impressive for a Chevy. I think you might be able to guess where I'm leaning.

    Sorry for the long read but I'm also impressed with the friendly replies and helpful info on this site.

    Thanks again and I welcome additional comments.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Hi juswheels,

    Everyone now qualifies for GM Employee Discount Price for 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx
    Selected Style: LS 1SA
    MSRP: $22,090.00
    GM Employee Discount Price: (approx.) $17,696.53
    Get another $2,000 Rebate for financing through GMAC...
    So your price BEFORE haggling begins is $15, 696.53

    The invoice on this model is $1,825 lower than MSRP...

    So you could EASILY buy this car for $500 over invoice at..... $14,371!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think you'll find anything comparable at this price... I love my '04 Galant LS and strongly advise folks to buy it BUT only if they get the right numbers..... I did via $5,000 in rebates back in January but they're gone now....

    Pluses for the Maxx are the Remote starter option, same platform as the SAAB 9-3 (european handling), love the button on the auto shift for punching up and down the gears manually!
    Besides the V6 in the Maxx has the distinction of the best mile-per-gallon V6 for sale in America so ENJOY! Get it in Black it really looks cool!

    Happy Motoring!
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    I like my new Galant a lot (more so than the Malibu - personal preference), however the creaky/squeaky dash has been driving me crazy. Such a great and classy car with such a noticeable annoyance and distraction. The dash will creak and squeak over bumps, around turns, at stops, and etc. After much investigation (taking different parts of the dash off), I think I found the source of much of the noise. If you press down on the far corners of the dash - near the windshield - you will likely hear of the creaks of speak of. The speaker grills pop out if you can get under the front edge of them and lift up. The speakers themselves are in a plastic casing which twist into the plastic dash setting. It is this plastic on plastic connection that seems to be producing these awful noises.

    1) does anyone else have this(these) problem(s)?
    2) is there a source I'm not considering?
    3) has anyone found a solution to reducing this noise?

    I appreciate any ideas/comments you have.

    On a different subject. I have to agree with "usayso" on the pricing. It is hard to ignore a good deal when they come along. If the Mits. was currently offering what GM is, I would say go for the Galant. At the moment Mits. is not. Good luck "justwheels" with your decision.

    Thanks in advance, Mike.
  • portknoxxaportknoxxa Posts: 69
    You should take another look at the new Sonata. i owned a last gen sonata i think it was a 2002, and it was a 1st year car new everything and the car was almost perfect except there was no sportiness to it, and had no problems whatsoever. I own a '04 Galant GTS and despite the problems of Mitsubuishi, I love the new Galants, mainly the GTS, and I've put on 31,500 miles and no problems. But it sounds like you have already made up your mind. The way I see it. You should get the car that is not going to make you cringe when you have to write that monthly payment. I cringed :cry: everytime when paying for my '02 Sonata. Now I don't cringe I :)
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