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Mitsubishi Galant



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Actually, your 02 Sonata was in its 4th year. The Sonata was all new in 1999. The 02 model was simply a facelift and a slightly larger version of the same V6. Thus why your car was so reliable. The 06 Sonata would be a big gamble, because not only is it a first year car, its the first ever Hyundai built in the US at a completely new factory. A lot of firsts for one car. I think I'd rather leave the gambling to someone else on that one.

    The Malibu Maxx is a sweet car. I almost bought one a year ago and I still want to get one. It's a little ackward looking but the interior packaging is simply amazing, the fuel economy is awesome, its surprisingly fast, and the ride is comfy without feeling wallowy. With the current special prices, I'd probably go for it over the Galant. That being said, the Maxx won't be as cheap as the other guy mentioned. The employee discount pricing is about as low as the dealer will go. The invoice price doesn't march downward with the employee pricing. By buying the car at the employee price, you are already theoretically getting it below invoice. It's all a numbers game though since in reality, the price is not much different from what it was before. You loose the regular rebates but gain the ability to get a good deal without having to haggle.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Not sure what it was before but there's a $2K rebate on the Maxx right now and that's off the employee price - not a bad deal.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25

    I had an opportunity to walk around and sit in the new '06 Eclipse GS (4 cylinder)... Very nice car. Seats had more bolstering, dashboard materials a step up, switchgear though was similar to past models ( I traded a 2000 Eclipse RS for my '04 Galant LS)... Headlights had these lenses fitted externally to change the color of the beam to bluish tint, kind of a zenon look. For $20,500 it was a very nice package. It will be interesting to see how sales are... By this time next year they'll be blowing these out too...

    Also saw the new '06 Subaru Tribeca SUV.... Strange beast, half mini van half SUV (seats 7, and it's fairly small)... The dashboard was gorgeous in my humble opinion. Looks alot like the dash in the Taiwan Mitsubishi Grunder (Asian Galant)...

    And yes I was wrong about my MAXX pricing for juswheels above, no haggling will be necesary as the GM Discount price is the price paid, end of story... Unless you finance with GMAC then another $2,000 comes your way.. NICE...

    Happy Motoring!
  • juswheelsjuswheels Posts: 42
    Purchased the Maxx this morning. :)
    Something you may be interested in - The regular rebates still apply. They are taken off the price after the deduction for the employee discount. This one, was loaded with the exception of leather seats and stickered for $24,000 +. With the employee discount and rebate the price BEFORE deducting my trade was $18,000. I don't think you can touch that with any other car in this class. I believe I'm going to be very satisfied.
  • observer22observer22 Posts: 41
    Local Mitus dealer (really just a used car dealer who sells an occasional Mitsubishi) advertises base Galant (DE) for $500 more than a local dealer lists their new Camry LE.
    And if one considers a large Toyota dealer about 100 miles away, the base Galant is $1500 more than a Camry LE.
    As a longtime Mitsu fan who has owned one for about half of the previous 20 years I must say it looks really bad for this brand's survival. A lengthy recession would likely bump it off. Meanwhile new stick shift Hyundai Elantras selling for $8888 (with air/tilt wheel and radio).
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Nice buy!
    SEE if you buy these vehicles well enough like you and I did ($7,200 off my '04 Galant LS) folks don't have to consider resale value.

    Did you get your Maxx in Black or dark Gray?

    Did you get the DVD player in the rear?

    I love the way the reclining back seats turn the Maxx into a limo, and now with the DVD you can park with your wife up at lover's leap and watch the latest DVD's through your fine car sound system..... Great camping vehicle!

    Happy Motoring!
  • juswheelsjuswheels Posts: 42
    Thanks to all for the help on this:

    The Mitsu is an excellent car but the dollars and cents of the Maxx, coupled with extra safety equipment and great utility made it my choice. The color is Silver Green Metallic. This color looks completely different in person than it does on-line. My wife likes the interior very much but still hasn't gotten used to the exterior look. I jokingly told her that we purchased a new 1986 Taurus at a time when it was the only "Egg With Wheels" , on the road. So, the new Maxx would grow on her, just like the first Taurus did. She replied, "What, Like a Wart". :) (She was just busting my chops)

    Only had it a couple of days and so far I'm very pleased. Absolutely nothing to complain about. :) :)

    That 86 Taurus reminded me of something. Remember the saying "Don't buy a first year car, wait till they get the bugs out". Well, I bought the 86 Taurus the first year it was made. Drove it until 1993, then gave it to my daughter to take to college and she drove it until 1997. After graduating from college she traded it in for a Saturn. Not bad for a first year car.
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    i bought my 2000 galant from a private owner recently. for some electrical work my mechanic had disconnected the battery. and on connecting it - the cd player / radio asks for a 4 digit code - which i don't have. the dealership is quoting a $45 charge to give me the code.
    do i have any other options where i can get the code from? :confuse:
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    That kinda s****. I had a 2000 Galant with the same radio security feature you speak of. Short of trying all 4000 code combinations, I think you'll likely have to shell out the 45 bucks. Actually, on second thought, I would not recommend just entering misc. numbers as the radio may be programmed to give you just several attempts - after several unsuccessful attempts it may not give you the option to try again. Did the car include the owner's manual? As I recall, included with the owner's manual were 2 credit card size documents that contained the code number along with the specific serial number of the radio that came with car. Whenever the car battery would drain completely, I remember having to re-enter that code.

    Good Luck,
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    Hi stuckey
    Thanks for the update.

    I was wondering if having the VIN, there is some database that can be looked up for the Code???
  • lgary1978lgary1978 Posts: 1
    You need to get the serial numebr off the radio which means removing it then call the mitsubishi dealership in burbank california they will give you the radio code u need
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    ok lgary. thanks for the update.
  • buzzabuzza Posts: 2
    Hello! I have been reading old messages here- you guys are very knowledgeable! I'm hoping someone can help me. I am thinking about selling my 2001 Galant GTZ, but am finding a wide variance in the values through various sources. Anyone care to take a guess?

    2001 Galant GTZ
    Dover White Pearl/Gray leather interior
    52,400 miles
    with 4 brand new tires - B F Goodrich Traction TA

    Options added:
    6 disc in-dash CD player
    Wind deflector for sunroof
    Wheel locks

    This car is in great condition and has been well maintained (although I'm not sure I can locate ALL the records). It runs great and I've had no problems with it.

    Thanks for any input,

    Buzz A
  • stuckeystuckey Posts: 12
    maybe $6,500 to $7,000 on a trade.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Hi b........,

    Kelly Blue Book has a trade-in value of $9,390 if it were here in Oregon.;339320;OR029&97520;+t&39;Mitsubishi;2001%20Ga- - - lant&5;MI;E9&&&

    NADA likes you even more with a value of $10,150! - - =2032

    So think between $9,500 and $10,000.....
    BUT because the 2005's are being blown out now you may get an even lower number depending on how your local dealers feel about whether they need to send your car to auction. If I were you I'd check for similar sales in the newspaper (large city) of sedans like yours other GTZ's or LS's or Camry's and Accord's and price yours accordingly for a quick sale rather lose folks interest because your price is too dear. Also shop your car at the local Mitsu dealer for his cash price on the car, no trade in. I got Kelly BB pricing for my '00 Eclipse here at my Mitsu dealer in January. Good Luck and...

    Happy Motoring!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi buzza - you can also stop by our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion and ask our very helpful dealer friend Terry - rroyce10 - for his opinion. You'll need to provide all the information that is itemized above the post box in your message.

    Let us know how it goes!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Kelly Blue Book has a trade-in value of $9,390 if it were here in Oregon."

    Here is Southern California most dealers will start negotiations $2,000.00 back of book. You will never get Kelly Blue Book for most cars. Some don't even use that one for the guide, some use the NADA black book.

    Let's not forget, that you run a REAL POSSIBILITY of Mitsubishi not even being around in the next five to ten years.....
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    Hi Guys!
    I bought my 2000 Galant car from a private seller about 3 weeks and, and I was not really sure when the oil was last changed.

    My Service Engine Soon indicator light turned on last night.

    I went to checked the oil levels today. Found two dipsticks. First one on the right side, and this stick is not straight, it has kinks to indicate low & high levels and is placed closer to the front of the car - which I think is the TRANSMISSION OIL. This one was good and between max and min.

    Second dipstick higher placed than the previous one, is closer to the back, and is flat and straight (but it flexes) & it says ENGINE on the dipstick. In think this one is for the ENGINE OIL. This one was much below LOW level and was thick and black and muddy. Obviously, the engine oil needs to be flushed & changed. Will do so first thing tomorrow.

    Some questions :-
    1. Did I get the two dipsticks right, the one in the front for Transmission Oil and the one at the back for Engine oil?

    2. Will changing the oil solve the problem and make the "Service Engine Soon" light switch off?

    3. Would the Service Engine Soon light indicate some other/bigger problem?

    4. This is my first car & I don't really know which is the best place to go to for an oil change and the costs. Jiffy Lube / CarMax / Dealerships / Garages ? Any suggestions?
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Take it to a dealership. The SES light can indicate other problems so I would recommend a complete diagnostic check. From the description of your engine oil the previous owners maintainance habits may not have been exactly stellar.
  • adityaaditya Posts: 8
    I went and got an oil chage with a 15 point inspection done from Wallmart. And the lights gone now. Phew!

    Hey - I was wondering if I can get a soft/electronic copy of the owner's manual from where. Any clue anybody?

    - Adi
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