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2009 Honda Accord Misfire



  • DTC PO 304, 305, & 306 showed up again. Dealership informed me about a recent service bulletin related to Soto et.v. American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Case No. 3:12-cv-1377-SI (N.D. Cal.) which extent warranty on the power train on all 2008-12 Accord V6 A/T to 8 years with unlimited mileage from the original date of purchase. The Service Bulletin number is 13-078.

    I left my car at the dealership and they will be performing the fixes outlined in the bulletin noted above.

    See or call (888) 888-3082
    Stay tuned!!!
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited December 2013
    Your prayers have been answered. See thread "class action". Every VCM repair (with proper documentation of course) is covered IF YOU FILE WITH THE COURT BY APRIL 10, 2014. Everybody gets an 8 year warranty against this problem.
  • I got the class action notification yesterday:

    Question, So I have a 2009 Accord V6 with 26,000 miles and I should expect this defect to eventually occur with my car?

    Anyone know how common this problem is and does it effect every V6?

    I'm sad because I love the car and it drives/handles great and it's quite fast.
    (I clocked 6.5 sec 0 - 60 time at a amateur drag race once)
  • Guy at work just bought a used 2009 honda accord sedan. Now he got a recall notice(S) from Honda for valve and a few other recall problems. So looks like Honda MIGHT be doing something about this major engine issues. That is why I only buy QUALITY automobiles with DEPENDABLE engines! CHEVY ALL THE WAY! I don't believe to follow everybody else because I might get two more miles to the gallon.....

  • rogerb34rogerb34 Posts: 31

    Honda 2005, V6, 36K miles. DTC misfire cyl 1, 5, and random. No 1 plug had significant oil residue streak on the insulator above the body. Found all plugs had oil residue on the insulators above the body. Replaced plugs, solved misfire problem. Cause was failure of the two seals in each Denso plug. Check by removing cyl 5 plug as it is easier access. Rem plug install torque is 13 lb ft. I used more current Denso plugs as replacement.

  • So you just got to keep replacing plugs on a on going solution?

  • Update, guy at work called Honda Dealership yesterday about recall notice on engine issues, piston rings, valves, spark plugs, bla, bla, bla... They told him if he is not seeing red engine light lighting up then don't bring it in. They WON'T help him! He said recall warranty ends in April this year (2014). They told him then if anything does happen after April, HE will need to PAY. HE IS NOW GOING TO TRADE IN BEFORE AN ISSUE DOES HAPPEN AND HE WILL NEED TO PAY! Great going HONDA! Feel sorry for next "sucker" buyer. That is why I drive a CHEVROLET! Proven track record with dependable engines....

  • Oh, his car has 36,000 miles on it.

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