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Toyota Prius (First Generation)



  • I have also been researching the details of SB1504 (AZ Enactment which provides incentive for use of low/no emmission vehicles) and have written my state Reps to urge their immediate action on the "hybrid electric vehicle" exclusion. Am also forwarding some of the technical articles (like Gary's one from the ACEEE Ranking Toyota Prius as Number One).

    AZ buyers (Gary; Michael; Dan; and others) please email me direct so we can co-ordinate efforts/share responses (I've had none). I have switched my email address to public (in Profiles) for a week or so to facilitate this contact.
    I have also written my US congress persons to urge support of H.R.4270 "The Advanced Technology Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy Act".

    Buyers from other states: send your representative a copy of Maryland's effort (Post 162). Refer them to Arizona's very generous provision (but make sure they get the electric hybrid in there):
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Dealers are still having problems understanding some of the intricacies of this product. I consider myself one of the more informed salesmen and I am still a bit shaky on the issue of CD players.

    The problem stems from the unusual ordering system. Normally, when we have a car allocated from Japan, we can add things like the CD and security system at the port. We generally have a 3 week lead time to make changes like that. With the Prius, we don't yet know how long of a lead time we will have. We just got our first Prius for retail delivery today and only had two days notice and did not have the opportunity to add a CD. I am sure we could add one here but it costs us more to do that.

    This first retail car had some unusual problems (friend of the owner and I think some strings were pulled to rush it through) and I hope we can add various port options but I just don't know yet. I'll let you all know when I find out.
  • shaddadshaddad Posts: 4
    Hi - I work for Toyota in Northern CA region.
    Sorry about the last minute notice on CD players and floor mats.
    They are available as Port-installed options.
    MSRPs are $70 for mats (CF), $335 for in-dash single CD deck (P5).
    We are planning to add these options to the internet order site Aug. 10.
    For now, dealers need to let regional offices know whether customers desire these options.
    All customers will be contacted by regional offices when their Prius arrives in the US to confirm delivery. The port installed options can be added up until the time delivery is scheduled.

    I don't have an answer for when future options will be available, but they will include
    P6 6-disc in-dash CD player $550
    GN Cargo Net $45
    Cruise Control
    Daytime Running lights

    Hope this helps
  • gibrangibran Posts: 2
    I just wanted to mention that I received an e-mail from Toyota after inquiring about the lack of cruise control. I was told it would be available on the 2002 model year which would be available for purchase next year sometime(2001). When I went for my test drive, the Salesperson said he thought the cruise control would be a retrofit for current cars though I have my doubts about this given the technology. I think its interesting to note the various experiences while driving at highway speeds. While my experience was less than acceptable to me, we have others merily crusising down the highway at 80mph and seemingly drag racing onto the interstate. My experience was more akin to the long test report where the tester mentioned taking 10 Seconds to pass a Semi and thought the car was struggleing at 65mph. Either there is a huge variance in these individual cars OR perhaps these test drives simply reflect our different expectations. With my current car(Volvo 240) taking something like 15 seconds to get up to 75mph, I find it hard to beleive my expectations are that great. I test drove a VW TDI which only has 90 hp and found it very quick and fast at highway speeds. Perhaps the Prius I drove was not fully charged. In any case, A very lengthy test drive is highly recommended for the Pius to anyone considering this vehicle.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    a depleted battery means the car is running minus 40 horse power. Since passing power is directly in proportion to the horse power, you can see it can make a big difference. I can almost imagine the difference between a Prius with depleted battery (73 hp) and a fullying charged battery (>100 hp).
  • stirratstirrat Posts: 5
    I just received a call from a Service and Parts Rep for the Denver region verifying that I wanted a Prius. I tried to get some more information from him but no one really seems to know. He did tell me that I made it into the first order of 3000 and that that is a good thing. I asked him about the CD player and Mats and he did not know if I would be able to get them.

    To recap the process so far:

    Dealer put in my internet request on 7/28/00
    I received an e-mail from an automated server at Toyota verifying this.
    Dealer put my order into the system on 7/29/00
    I receiver another e-mail verifying this.
    Toyota called on 7/30/00 and left a message and called again today (7/31/00) and we verified that we do want the car.

    According to the dealer, the car will be here in 90-120 days. So I wait.

  • mlg61mlg61 Posts: 4
    I have been hearing different stories on the daytime running lights. I have asked Toyota twice now whether daytime running lights are standard or not and both times they have said that they are standard and not an option. It is also implied on their web site that they are standard.

    Does anyone know for sure?
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    Here is the word from Toyota's western regional offices:

    I've been informed that I'm about the 55th order that was received and that I should see delivery by the end of August.

    As for orders generally, I'm told that so far 3800 have been ordered (only 3000 of them will be delivered by the end of 2000). Therefore, Toyota is sold out on calendar year 2000 deliveries.

    I'm also told that there will be a total of 7000 available through the end of 2001. When those are gone, Toyota will probably modify its web site to let people know they will be waiting quite a while for delivery. Those last buyers
    (of the 7000) will be told to expect delivery in December 2001. There will, in any event, be 2002 models available after the 7000 go. (Anyone care to venture a guess as to how many more weeks before the first 7,000 are ordered?)
  • davidfsdavidfs Posts: 12
    After gkorn's info on only 7k available, I now understand why Toyota is not advertising on TV!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I think Toyota has really underestimated the demand for this vehicle. They have done this before but with the way they are allocating them (over the Internet), I think it will slap them pretty hard. I would suspect that since Toyota has such a direct hand on the pulse of the consumer now, they may end up modifying their projections and build plans.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I can't see them getting multiple hits on the prius order page and not doing something about it.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Toyota is purposely trying to keep the sales low.

    After all, the car is priced at BELOW the manufacturing cost. So they lose money selling them.

    Wow, you don't see that everyday.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    But, as they sell more of them, they begin to recoupe the R&D expenses. I think those costs are why people say they are spending so much on the cars right now and volume will take care of that. It depends on how long they amortize the development costs. Also, the more battery packs they sell, the lower the overall costs will be.

    If I were a Toyota exec, I would be very happy right now. They were hoping for a good launch and widespread acceptance so they can introduce an SUV in the next few years with this system. It looks to me like America is ready for this.
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    Question for the thread: Let's say we take delivery on a 2001 model. This will be limited to 2 options: (1) floor mats and (2) a 1 disc CD player (I confirmed this today with the western region).

    However, 2002 models should have things like cruise control, side air bags, a 6 disc CD changer, etc.

    So, if one wanted to sell a 2001 car (with, say, 5,000 miles on it) and then purchase a 2002 model, what do you think one could get by way of a resale price on the 2001 model? What I mean to say is, do you think there will be typical depreciation, or do you think that, given the limited production and high demand, perhaps we can get back what we put into it (or more)?

    Incidentally, Toyota will sell 450,000 Camrys this year, but just 7,000 Prius.
  • Re: post #185-
    This is the first I've read of someone getting info on their "place in line"- what order number they are.
    Is this info coming thru your dealer, or do you have a phone number/email for that office? I'd like that kind of info myself!
  • shaddadshaddad Posts: 4
    Northern Cal Regional office here.
    There are a few misperceptions in some earlier posts that I would like to correct so that everyone interested in Prius will be satisfied with their purchase decision.

    Daytime Running lights are not standard on Prius for now. Go take a test drive and look at the front of the car if you don't believe me.

    Production of Prius scheduled for the US is currently 1000 per month, minus 100
    per month reserved for fleet accounts. Total for 2000 Calendar year is over 7500. Total for 2001 calendar year is approx. 12,000. However, as Cliffy has pointed out, Toyota
    may modify the production schedule, or the amount allocated to the US, depending on demand.

    Contrary to the above statement, Toyota will only accept orders for 3 months of production (3000 units) before telling customers that the order bank is full.
    Currently there are close to 2800 orders so far in the US.

    It is true that the only options currently available are single-CD and floormats.
    While the timing of additional options has not been determined, it does not depend on model year. Of the 8 Priuses we have here at the regional office, a couple do have cruise control and navigation.

    Prius will be advertised on TV in the near future. (Our dealers have already seen the spots)

    The regional office is responsible for contacting customers when their Prius arrives at the port to confirm delivery. Other than that contact, customers should get info from their dealers. The dealers can contact the regional office to determine which month of production a particular order is coming from.

    Please be patient. Both the product and order process are new and we are working as quickly as we can to get your vehicles to you.
    Thanks for everyone's interest in Prius!
  • gckorngckorn Posts: 45
    for the corrections. I sent your post on to the Denver regional office and have asked them to comment (as they had given me somewhat different information yesterday). I'll report anything I hear back.

    As for the TV advts, I agree they will be coming soon (as I previously posted). Here is one such advt:
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    After just one month on the market, there are already 2800 orders backed up. If like what's been stated here, Toyota is only taking orders up to 3 months of production, and production is 1000 a month, doesn't that mean they will stop taking order very soon?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    If you're ever in the CATD region, look me up. Its good to have a factory voice here. If you know of anybody in the service department, you may want to have them take a look at what is happening in the Sienna topic. A civil disturbance is about to take place over torque converters.
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