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Infiniti Q45



  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Why is this forum unsearchable?
    I typed Q45 in the search box and it finds nothing. I have to manually scroll through the sedans community to find it.
  • bettyb1bettyb1 Posts: 2
    To Denny (sysadb), philw2, tom17 and mvargo1:
    Thank you one and all for your helpful responses to my query.
    Betty (bettyb1)
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    Rapro - As an Infiniti owner (not a Q) and a member of the IOC, I can tell you that ignoring Q45man's advice and input is very risky. I've met and spoke to Infiniti folks nationwide and have never found anyone so plugged in to the Q45 as Dennis Evans. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of people who are experts on Corvettes or Mustangs or Porsches, etc but there aren't too many who are experts on the Infiniti Q45. having him around to ask questions of is a massive asset. Don't let others tell you to ignore his advice; it's a mistake.

    I don't see that $400 for the 30K service is out of line. If the shop charged $60/hour for labor you got prolly $225 in labor charges. For parts and supplies for all that work prolly cost close to $125. With tax that's close to $400. Who's gonna do it cheaper yet with the same expertise? The 30K service on my QX4 was $350 and I got all the same services. If you're leasing the vehicle it may not pay to have all that work done, but if you're keeping it $400 is cheap in the long run.
  • kappaman1kappaman1 Posts: 18
    saw the new Q this weekend. Beautiful car! can't wait to test drive. Now if marketing will only step up to the plate.
  • raprorapro Posts: 30
    You misunderstand my point. There is no question in my mind that Dennis is extremely knowledgable about Q45's. I enjoy his comments and learn a lot from them here and at Infiniti's owners club at Yahoo. In fact that's why I asked him to brake down his estimated maintenance figure just so I could see where the money would go. I have a very good and cheap mechanic (sounds like an oxymoron, but this one is not) and I basically wanted to know how much of his figure was labour so I could calculate my labor costs which are about half of [(Chilton time for job) X $60/hour]. To be honest I felt that Dennis was overestimating the real cost a little though I understand why. A lot of people buy this car because of its initial low cost. He is just warning people that though the initial price maybe low the maintenance cost are relatively high and may go as high as $ 3000 a year or more. I think Dennis is an invaluable asset to Q owners who frequent this site as well as the Yahoo site.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    10-4. Thanks for the perspective. Best o' luck with your Q.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yes, the search feature here is, ah, quirky at best. Some suggestions: Search for "Infiniti Q45" rather than just "Q45" - that listed it for me. Also, you could "subscribe" to this discussion and then use the "Read Subscriptions" button to easily find it if it has new posts. If you need more information about these features, see the "Town Hall Help" link on the left sidebar.

    Also, if you are at the main discussion list for Sedans, you can use your browser's own Search feature (usually under Edit on the title bar of the browser) to find within the page "Q45" or whatever you are looking for. If you use this method, just be aware that there is a second (and occasionally a third) page to the board - you would use the "More" button at the bottom of the page to get to the succeeding pages. (And I have found that with Netscape, it is necessary to "select" some text at the top of each page before using Netscape's "search" feature to make it start searching from the top.)

    Hope this helps.

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  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I test drove one yesterday at my local dealer's unveiling event. I presently own a 90 Q45 with a first gear start computer. Well I was not impressed. My Q45 is a world more fun to drive. For some reason the new Q is very slow off the line (from a stop). Night & day slower than my Q in first, even seems slower than my Q in second. I tried the manual shift control to make sure it was starting in first. Well that did not help. But it did uncover another problem. The car will upshift on its own (1->2) at around 5,000 RPM. Well the redline is like 6,500 RPM. In my mind that makes the manual control worthless. Next, in the Premium version the rear seat passengers have air conditioning controls. Well I found out that instead of having a third zone (like the T&C minivan) or varying the passenger temp setting, when the rear seat passengers change their temp setting it changes the setting for the driver!
    After test driving the new Q, I really appreciated driving home in my Q!
  • plts06plts06 Posts: 1
    Took the Infiniti 'Test Drive' @ California Speedway yesterday - 135 indicated while riding in the rear seat of the new Q, what a rush!! 125mph indicated into the banked turns at the speedway, watching the lead Q45 wiggle and wobble but never lose grip while feeling the same in ours, incredible. Then a few laps on the road course behind the wheel; power, brakes, VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) all very impressive.
    Infiniti had competitors to drive, closest match was the 540i, but still 65 fewer ponies and much less room and amenities. Be sure to check out the Voice Command option when you visit the dealer, quite interesting.
    To quote a previous post, "The 2002 Infiniti Q45 is an amazing vehicle.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    As nice as your old Q is it is not even close to the power of the new one. The '94 and earlier do have the hottest engine ever put in the Q....... untill now. IF you keep your foot down the car will remain in first up to redline. The trick with the new Q is with the variable valve timing and variable length intake runners you don't feel a sudden surge of power as the revs build. Most of the torque is available along the full range of the rev band.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    I just test drove a 2002 Q45. The car was superb except that no integrated phone is available. I have a 2000 Jaguar S-Type with voice activation controls for the audio, climate controls, and the phone . . . and it works beautifully. Why, two years later, can Infiniti not integrate a phone into its voice-activated system? Or, even more absurdly, why does Infiniti not provide ANY kind of integrated phone installation?

    To drive this "ultra luxury" car and have a phone, it apparently means a cell phone sliding around the seat or something on one of those silly mounting stalks. What a joke.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I was late getting to the California Speedway for the Q test drive..I was in the last group which was scheduled at 4 pm and I got held up in traffic....they would not let me in. What a bummer! Anyway, I would love to hear more comments about the event, the new Q and the comparisons with the other cars.
  • gralapp1gralapp1 Posts: 1
    Went for a test drive of the new Q45. Power and handling were very good but the car rattled! A $55,000 new car that rattles! No thanks.No wonder Lexus out sells them!
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I know the new Q is supposed to have like 60 more HP than the original. I drove the new Q and mine back to back and mine is definately more fun to drive om local roads. Cannot compare highway response since I did not get the new Q out on the highway. Also my old Q (112K miles) is only worth $2500 trade in on the new Q. I am sorry but the new Q is NOT worth 20 of mine. Also my Q will hold whatever gear is manually selected up to the rev limiter no matter what the throttle position. When I manually selected first gear in the new Q, at between 1/2 & 3/4 throttle it upshifted on its own at about 5,000 RPM. Tried it 4 times, did it every time. Even the salesman thought it was weird. If someone traded me even up I would not turn it down, but I will not spend almost $50K plus my Q & taxes for the new one.
  • cainepcainep Posts: 35
    I was also in the 4pm group on Saturday. Lines were so long I only got to drive the XJ8 (to get used to the driving course), LS430 and the new Q, as well as the 'hot lap' (reached 130, and experienced some pretty serious G-forces in the turns). Hope to get the chance to try MB and BMW at the Motor Trend Cadillac event in a few weeks. Driving the Q, I noticed more feedback to the driver (which some prefer) than the LS430, but I was able to drive the LS faster (maybe due to the absence of feedback telling me to 'back off') in bends, and it seemed quicker on the straights. Both were a blast to drive, but the trunk size of the Q is too small for my needs, unless they add a passthrough or split/fold rear seat. Didn't mind the look of the exterior, though I prefer the rear to the front, but the ergonomics of the centre console aren't immediately intuitive.
  • warnerfwarnerf Posts: 19
    I was in the Sunday group at 10:00. It was very overcast and misty so we only were able to top out at 120 mph on the Hot Lap. After seeing the course, the only other car I was interested in driving was the 540. For the most part, the LS430 and XJ8 remained parked on the side as most people in my group felt the same way. We did see one LS430 in front of us and it was hilarious watching that car lean back and forth as it knocked over cone after cone after cone in the tight turns. They should have used the GS430 on a course like this as it would have performed much better. Also, I noticed that they rigged the test in some other ways. First of all, all the Qs on the test track had the sport package. The E430 and LS430 did not.

    I was very impressed with the Qs ability to handle turns as well as acceleration though it does not charge off the line. And its looks are growing on me. It clearly outperformed the 540 in the noise and power areas and went head to head with it in handling. I'll still wait for the prices to drop.
  • adobadob Posts: 18
    I was in the noon group, what a fun event it was. I loved driving the car's and the new Q was certainly competitive. I thought the handling was much improved over my 1999 q45T (which I love) but the horsepower difference was not overly obvious (340 vs.266) - I'm thinking the new Q packed on some weight... The things I don't like:

    Small trunk with no split fold down rear seat;
    Pseudo tiptronic (that shifts for you in manual mode);
    Cassette tape in the middle of the dash?!?! where's the single CD-I dislike glovebox changers - put the tape deck in the box - sheesh.
    Rear and front passenger controls are not separated;
    Radar based cruise not yet available;
    didn't see passenger seat memory (could have missed this)

    I liked everything else, even the guppy front end is starting to grow on me....
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I stopped in to check out this new Q in Lisle, IL today. The salesman told me that Infiniti will be offering an optional 400HP engine.

    Can this be true?

    Anyway, I did not drive the car today due to poor weather. My first impression was joy, however I was turned off immediately when the salesman told be MSRP was the only way buy one.

    So, I told him that I was not in the market for at least six months. Then I sat inside and stared at the center dash for awhile. I did not care for position of Navigational system and radio controls

    If the dash was set back a little more than I think I could take it all in a little better. I did like this car more than its predisessors. I loved the soft leather and sport level trim pkg.

    The instrumentations was clean and simple. The exterior was very attractive as well. I am considering this car over the Lexus GS430.

    I will render my final decision after a spin around town.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Is possible as a limited run model in approx 1 year
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    Infiniti dealer in Greenwich, CT told me the same thing about more power. Said Infiniti was going to introduce a turbo model in a few months that would have about 400 HP. Probably will produce more of a torque bump than a horsepower bump.

    From what little I could tell from a drive around some residential backroads, the handling on this car is pretty crisp. A big concern is the brakes . . . the car mag reviews noted that the Infiniti brake rotors average an inch smaller in diameter than other cars in this size and weight class. Even worse, I noticed the Infiniti front rotors are 11.4 inches while the front rotors of the BMW 330i (a smaller, lighter, and less powerful car) are 12.8 inches. With 17" and 18" wheels on the Infiniti, why are they stinting on brake size??? Sure hope the 400HP version puts more emphasis on braking capacity.
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