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Infiniti Q45



  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    The new Q has been a hell of a launch so far. The biggest problem is trying to find premium pkg. cars. They are impossible to find and you can't trade for one unless you have one to give back. Some dealers have sold more 2002's in a month than 2001's in six months.

    97 and 98 Q's are great cars and can be had at a teriffic price. Only weakness is how much better the 2002 is than the previous generation. 28 definatly sounds a bit strong for a '97.
  • pga1956pga1956 Posts: 1
    After reading several of your posts over the months, I've finally feel I deserve a Q45. :)
    I'm interested in a 1997 regular black sedan, with 50k that a local Toyota dealer purchased at an Infinite auction several states away. The in is jnkby31a6vm304023. I would very much appreciate any assistance folks could give me as to the service history of the car, in addition to any advice any of you may want to give. The dealer has been paying interest on it since October, and the price has dropped from 25k in Oct, to 19995 today. It has a few scratches, but otherwise seems in good condition. My ax is 515-292-7106. I really appreciate all the knowledge this club provides!
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Your local Infiniti dealer should be able to pull up any service records with the VIN number. Give them a call.

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I am just about there on my 2002 Q deal. ......I am being offered within $500 of low book on my '99T Q45 trade, and I am being offered a new car at a significant discount from the window sticker. This seems like a decent deal, especially for a brand new model. I am still sad that I cannot get the Sport Package with the natural wood (I just do not like the smoked wood) so I am just going with the base car. It is a lot of car for $49000! I just hope that they hold their value in the long run!
  • kappaman1kappaman1 Posts: 18
    If you can get a '97 Q for under 20k then take it! You will be hard pressed to get this much of a car for this little of a price.
  • svinaiksvinaik Posts: 84
    Will it be possible to get details on the 2002 pricing you got?.

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I have not finished the deal yet so I do not want to share exact deal numbers. After I get the car I will share the information
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I did it. I am driving my New Q. I got the Sport Package, it also has the sun screen package and full size spare (they all seem to come with these options) Window sticker is $53,225. My deal is probably not a good benchmark for everyone, because I have purchased or leased 5 Infinitis from this same dealer, and I know the ownership. With that said, I will share the deal...... I got my car for about about $50k. I did shop around a bit, and found that most dealers in the area were trying to get close to sticker price, although I think that a $1500 discount off of sticker might be a possible objective of a Q buyer right now. For me, the key to the deal was actually getting full wholesale book for my '99 Q45t. Between the discount and the trade value I simply could not resist.
  • rjelkhatibrjelkhatib Posts: 4

    Congrats on the new Q - that is one sharp car.

    As for myself, I am considering a 98 Q45T (I think there's not much difference between 98 and 99 Q).

    Can you tell me a little about your 99 Q? I am trying to decide between that and a Lexus.

    Any comments would be useful.

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I really enjoyed my 1999 Q45t. It was a nice trouble free experience. I drove it for about two years(over 46,000 miles) and never did more than change the oil and perform routine maintenance. It was comfortable, responsive and quite luxurious. I know that many people have felt lukewarm about the mid-generation Q's ('97 to '01) but I think that later versions ('99 to '01)with the redone tail lamps and reworked dashboard were improved over the '97's and '98's. The Touring model with the low profile tires and adjustable suspension also handled pretty well. My only major complaint is the trunk, which is quite small.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    I have done a lot of research on the new Q ( thanks here to all the posts!) I have read , online Car and Driver ( always a big critic of the Q45 in the past) and I have found nothing but good reviews. The car looks quite nice in person and I was extremly impressed when I test drove one. Wow, it can a sedate sedan, but hit the gas hard and its a rocket. I have a 1996 BMW 740i at the moment that is about to go off warranty. It is a great car and I have enjoyed it. One may ask, why give up the "prestige" of a BMW for a Q which arguably carries less of that attribute than the new Q. But . for me its not about prestige , its about the car itself ( the driving experience, ammenties.....) . Plus I can get a new Q a little below invoice for my company has a "relationship" with Nissan/infiniti and its one of the employee perks. Ironically, the same dealer owns both the BMW and Infiniti dealership in seperate buildings on the same property. I am still trying to decide. Reading your posts here helps and thanks (would welcome anu other insight!)

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I have had my new Q45 for five days....Every time I drive it, I am more impressed with it.

    At normal urban driving situations it feels like a silky, quiet luxo cruiser---even with it's sport suspension and 18 inch wheels. But, when you push it, it is just exhilerating! The engine is powerful and smooth. For a big car, it handles well too. I am also impressed by the fit and finish. The materials and details are flawless. As for the seemingly controversial looks, I like them. Most people are impressed with it. I have received much positive comment about the car....and most of the time it is people driving BMW's, Mercedes, and Jags that notice it.
  • warnerfwarnerf Posts: 19
    I recently took my '99 Q over to Infiniti of Mission Viejo (Southern Cal) for some routine maintenance and while I was there I asked one of the sales guys how the new Q was doing. His exact response was "Well, it's not doing as well as Infiniti had hoped." IMHO, that was the understatement of the year. I noticed 3 new Qs at at the front of the dealership, 2 in the show room, and 9 in back!! With the economy and such, they're going to be practically giving this car away pretty soon. It wouldn't at all surprise me if they wind up discounting it as much or more than the previous model. To date I still haven't seen one on the road and I drive the busy Southern California freeways every day. It's a great car as I can test from the California Speedway test drive but that they're already discounting is a big red flag. I don't think Lexus has started discounting the LS430 and it's been out 8 months longer than the Q.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I love Lexus vehicials, however I drive a 2000 Maxima. I think Nissan is a better value than Toyota. Nissan has high Quality, performance and it cost less per pound.

    I think Nissan has come a long way since the slump they were in several years ago. It will take a while for this new Q to get some traction and sell the units it is capable of.

    The Lexus line up has the RX300 and the GS300/430. Infinity has the QX4 which I compare to the 4runner and small suv.

    The Q and I30 and QX4 will do well, but Infinity needs to catch up with a car like suv and a smaller sedan to compete with the IS300.

    I will consider the new Q as my next purchase as well as Lexus.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    No question that the 2002 Q45 launch has been a slow starter. The economy, gas prices and Infiniti's lackluster recent history with the Q45 have not helped. At first, I was told that that Infiniti wanted dealers to "hold the line" on the new cars and avoid discounts, but necessity is the mother of invention, and discounts can be had. I think most dealers have at least ten or twelve in stock, and their need to move cars will motivate the market. In fact, had I not gotten a significant discount, along with a healthy trade-in value I would have waited too.

    By the way, Lexus dealers also have good inventory of basic LS430's right now. There is also no shortage of 740's and XJ's in dealer lots this week. There are simply not many new buyers in this high-end market segment right now. That makes it even tougher for Infiniti. As good as the new car is, it will be hard for them to get conquest buyers from loyal owners of BMW's, Mercedes, and Lexus. They need new buyers, entering this market segment, who are intrigued by the new car and the value that it represents. There are not very many of them right now! Infiniti cannot avoid making deals if they want to get the car out on the road.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    In my opinion, the slump in the ecomony should give Infinity Q45 a bigger edge then the BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and other high end vehicles. A value conscious buyer would prefer a luxury car that gives more bang for the buck (at least in theory). Q45 seems to fit the bill.

    Why spend more on LS430 or 740IL when Q45 has all the latest bells and whistles for a whole lot less $$?

    In my opinion, I think Lexus vehicles are grossly overpriced compared to their Japanese counterparts.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Well I looked them over today for quite a while, test drove one with the sports package, and these are some of my impressions. The car's looks are controversial...I like it. It, however, looks like a big Nissan, there's no doubt about it, and the looks are not stellar, if not plain. I thought the car drives tremendously. At first when you hit the gas, the pedal is very soft, made NOT to have jerky jackrabbit starts, but when pushed, there's a nice growl from the engine and it really moves! The fit and finish were good and overall have a nice feel to them. The center dash plastic is very cheap and plain looking and I envision this in future models to be improved with wood or better looking materials. The door panels, specifically the window switches look like they're out of an Altima, very plain and plasticky. When the sunroof is open and you look in from the outside, it is not finished off as well as the competition, nor is the side of the body, lower panels, door handles, etc. The choices of wheels were something I'd expect from an econocar. No, I think they are nicer on the Sentra. There were two final insults that made me exit the dealership abruptly. One was that on the sticker was an add-on, "dealer adjustment" of $2000 above MSRP, and the other was their offer of $6-7000 under Kelly bluebook for my trade. They would be willing to sell me the car without the trade for MSRP; i.e., they would take off their $2000 add-on. By-the-way, this was not for added items like tinted windows, gold package,etc. Thus, they are not discounting these cars one iota, and in my estimation, are making a big mistake. This turned me off big time! I'll let you know if they follow-up on this, but I do not intend on calling them back!
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Every one is entitled to an opinion, but I like the fit, finish, and materials in the new Q45. In fact, I find that some of the plastics in my neighbor's new S430 and my father's 2000 XJ8 are more "plasticky" than those used in the new Q45's. The exterior styling may not please all tastes, but I think that the body panel fit, handles, and exterior detailing is quite perfect. The rubber gasketing around all door edges is quite a nice detail. As for your dealer, I cannot comment on the window pricing add ons. In L.A. I know that some of the dealers will offer discounts off of window sticker.....
  • elgritonelgriton Posts: 67
    one wouldn't utter that about/from the LS 430 interiors.
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    And their placement of the numerous switches is very user-unfriendly, besides, their ride is way too floaty in my opinion.

    I would pick a BMW, Mercedes, Audi over the LS but will have to test drive the Q45..
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