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Infiniti Q45



  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    I believe the MT article said that the journalists surmised that the engine management module was the culprit. (after talking with Infiniti). But LSC has a point about bringing the car to market (or providing test units to mags) that do not deliver as promised. And especially in the performance area, where Infiniti has led the public on with anticipation for a no-excuses luxury car with sub six-second 0-60 times. While the car is still very quick, It was touted to be faster, not slower, than the competition. And by competition I mean the LS430.
    I really like this car, but couldn't wait for Infiniti to get it to market and bought a competitor. I will say that the trunk is a big improvement over the previous models, but it's still fairly small for that category of car. Like the journalists in MT, I was also enamoured with the voice activation system. It should impress a lot of potential buyers...

  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Well, I have a New Q and I like it, but I do not know if it goes from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds or 6.5 seconds. The car still feels fast enough, but I am a bit surprised that the magazine test cars could not perform the way that they advertise......
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    sysadb- I don't think you sold yourself short in picking the best in class BMW 7 (in my opinion). It may be the oldest design, but it still performs flawlessly. I don't know how BMW is going to make it even better!~ A.R.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    I would still take the new Q over the LS430. Edmunds has a new article on the LS430 and at the end they quesiton the premium of the LS430 over the new Q which is faster (?), more fun to drive and offers the same amount of luxury~ A.R.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    I test drove it today in the summer (desert) heat. Not only was the air conditioning suboptimal, but it was INADEQUATE. Thought it was the specific car so my wife and I drove two more. ALL had the same problem ! When I confronted the salesman regarding this, he said that Infiniti was "working on" refining the a/c. So, if any of you are contemplating buying one, I'd suggest to try your test drive on a hot day, and see if this presents you with the same conclusion I made... INADEQUATE air on a $50K+ car is UNACCEPTABLE ! This was so much so that the car is out of consideration for us ! BMW, when I got into the car I was trading to drive off, even after my car was sitting out in the heat, it was almost immediately cooler than the cars I was test driving for a longer time period. BEWARE !
  • are you sure about that? no other publication has made any complaints about a poor air conditioning system...BTW i didnt know lexus made a 2002 LS400. can you even buy a 2002?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    mbaudibest: All I know is that the a/c was a "C", barely passable on three out of three new Q's. I don't know why any of the auto magazines haven't made reference to it, but maybe because none were test driven in Arizona. The salesman hinted that he too was aware of it (as per my original post), and it was significant enough to totally nix my interest in buying the car. To any perspective buyer(s), check it out yourself and make your own conclusions !
  • clif3clif3 Posts: 10
    FWIW - I had a 92 Q45a (in Florida) and I would give its A/I a "C" also. I loved the a, but the transmission went out at about 90k. I got rid of it due to the high cost of this fix and the potential other high cost repairs (suspension, timing chain, etc.). Overall, it was a great driving car, but repairs were regular and expensive. I have driven the new I, but not enough to get comfortable with it. I liked it alot, but would only lease one due to my past experience. Right now, the dealers around here will not come off the sticker and the lease option is not a very good deal. I will wait to hear about various owner's experiences (and hope they get rid of the smoke dash only option for the sport). For you owners out there, keep us informed about your experiences. Thanks.
  • I just picked up a beautiful near perfect 1994 Q45t. The only bad news is its doesn't have a CD changer. Does anyone know what options I have on todays aftermarket? At one time you could get a 10 disk from Sony as well as a 6 disk from clarion. I prefer Sony car auto but I'm open to any options I may have.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Because of the Infiniti's lousy a/c, I bought the LS430. The "Q" is still a great car, just NOT for Arizona.
  • kevin6842kevin6842 Posts: 5
    Hmmm. I sure don't live in Arizona but we have had a couple of 104 degree days already and the air conditioning performed flawlessly on those days even when the car was parked out in the hot sun. I guess this summer will tell.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I got got back from a long weekend in the desert (La Quinta) It was well over 100 degrees. The A.C. on my 2002 Q worked just fine. No complaints here.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    To kevin6842 and DonFenn,

    Hopefully the air on your Q's will continue to be to your satisfaction, even though it didn't measure up to mine. Happy motoring!
  • elgritonelgriton Posts: 67
    My parents relayed the same situation with the lack of cold air coming from the new Q as they went for several test drives at dealerships in Tampa. Their salesman told them that it may have been b/c it's a brand new car sitting on the lot for awhile. Plausible? Hardly. Anyhow, just wanted to pass along that little bit of info. for perspective buyers. BTW, carnaught...congrats on your LS 430 purchase.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    While my A/C works fine,I have noticed that the factory window tint is quite light on the new Q. Seemingly it is less tinted and protected than the tint on my previous cars. This creates a really hot greenhouse effect when my car has been sitting in the sun. It cools down after the I get the air conditoning up and running, but it can be a hot potato for the first ten minutes after a good baking. Meanwhile, I am getting my windows tinted.
  • alexalee1alexalee1 Posts: 35
    For those of you with the new Q, how is the new Q "most powerful headlights in the world" fare in the real world?

    Is it enough when you want to sprint "0-60 in 5.9 seconds" at night?

    How is it compared to let's say the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I just went on a test drive of the new Q45 with a buddy who's looking to replace his E420. We also test drove a 540iA, 540i 6-speed and 530i 5-speed.

    Just my opinion, but anyone concerned about "performance" as evidenced by previous posts on 0-60 times should seriously consider the BMW 5-series. The "lowly" 530i 5-speed (which I am considering) seemed almost as quick and, equiped with the sport package, had much tighter handling. The 540iA and 6-speed were clearly in a performance league above the Q and LS.

    I'm a big Nissan/Infinity fan, but I don't think the Q45 will ever unseat BMW on the "performace" front. My buddy and I both concluded: if regularly hauling 5 adults is required and luxury touches and gizmos are important, the Q wins. If hauling 4 or fewer adults will suffice, and performance and driving enjoyment are very important, the 5-series seems the better choice.

    P.S. The experience also reinforced my previous feelings: manu-matics, steptronics, and all the other "compromises" notwithstanding, there still is no substitution to rowing your own.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    The 5 series BMW's are great cars. My buddy's new M5 is one of the greatest driver's cars that I have ever driven. The 5 series vehicles are not really aimed at the same audience as the Q45, but since the price levels are similar, people may consider them at the same time. The character of the 5 series is far different than the Q45. The Q is a luxury car with high performance abilities. Its features and drive qualities are better compared to the 7 series BMW. The 5 series is really more of a sport sedan....a very good sport sedan!
  • orman1orman1 Posts: 7
    There is nothing like your own, and it sucks that more and more cars are diminishing their 5 and 6 speeds. Not many have them, so the selection is difficult. Personally, I'd like to see a 6 in the 430 or the q. Sounds weird, but that's my opinion. They did it in the old sc300's (only a few every 1000 or so) but they left the option open. It is my opinion, but if they only left the options open for those few.... drivers that really want to control their own I think those performance drivers would benefit. But it will increase their production costs, of course. The M5 is in a class not like the ls or the q, and a vehicle I'd like to take out for a drive sometime. Seems like an awesome machine---5.0 400 hp and a 6 sp.
  • orman1orman1 Posts: 7
    As others have asked, how are the q lights at night? Do they create a beam that is the "most powerful in the world?" How is the gas mileage too?
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