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Infiniti Q45



  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    Try 100,000 miles, salvage title, it's an '01 that was titled in '02 and it's booger green with green interior... I've been keeping watch on the prices of the '02 (I miss my Q) and I would love to own the new body style. There are some '02's for sale out there but they are a bit more than $19,999.00. The outstanding debt on a '02 would likely be more than $19,999.

    If it is an '02, look very, very close, then have the Dealer look closer.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • msurianimsuriani Posts: 5
    Sorry for seeing this topic much later (May).
    When I purchased my '93 Q45 in 7/96, I had the dealer install a SONY 6 disc changer in the trunk as I had seen on other earlier Qs. That installation included a display and remote, operated by picking an FM station to pick up the changer. So radio and speakers were still intact. Works fine, however, every other vehicle I've owned has CD player built in so I don't need to find a remote or look at a dismal
  • jeff866jeff866 Posts: 5
    I spent around 5 months trying to find my dad a luxury car. He only buys new and was only willing to spend in the 30's. He also required a navigation system. My parents also prefer the reliability of Japanese cars. He is 75 so I wanted him to experience a real luxury car. Unfortunately, for what he was willing to spend, it certainly looked like he was going to have to buy near luxury.

    Then I got a phone call from a Chicago dealer. He said he would sell us a new 03 with Journey Package, MSRP about 57,000 for 39,500. It has voice control, navigation, and intelligent cruise control. The car had 35 miles on it when they took delivery. They have had the car for about a month and love it. In my opinion, the Q is a great value with the deals you can get. He got a new Q for about the same price as a loaded ES 330. The Q is the only rear wheel drive, 8 cylinder, luxury car, you can buy new in the 30's.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "The Q is the only rear wheel drive, 8 cylinder, luxury car, you can buy new in the 30's."

    Apart from the Infiniti M45 :)
  • jeff866jeff866 Posts: 5
    OK, let me rephrase that. "The Q is the only rear wheel drive, 8 cylinder, flagship luxury car, you can buy new in the 30's." The M45 is mid-luxury.
  • jeff866jeff866 Posts: 5
    Unfortunetly, the reason it has to sell new in the 30's probably has something to do with the fact that my post got one entire response in a month.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    The price of the 2003 makes a nice story in this case - the father got a great car for the money. But there aren't many leftover 2003 cars out there. 2004 cars won't go for that price.

    Wibble mentioned the M45. I can think of two other rwd 8-cyl lux cars you can buy under 40k - the Lincoln LS and the 300M. Count the Town Car also..

    I think the new M will do much better, though.

  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Infiniti are offering dealers $5000 for each 2004 Q45 sold in August. Might be useful to know if you're in the market.
  • jeff866jeff866 Posts: 5
    I don't know why you said 2004 Q45s won't go for that price. In Chicago they already have ads for 9,000 off MSRP. Each week the discount goes up $2,000.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    There's really no reason for them to sell the '04s for under $40k now. And they will not be "lowering them $2k per week". Infiniti has sold them for $10k off before, but they did not build many Q's this year, and have not had incentives on them until recently. Many other luxury brands are reducing their cars $9-$10k as well, so the discount is not radical. With a $5k incentive a $9k discount is about right, and will probably go a grand or two lower. There's no panic to move them - my local dealer doesn't even have any left to sell..

    But the point is that you bought an '03 - not an '04. The dealer had probably already amortized much of the cost of the '03. The selling price of a leftover 2003 vs a 2004 will not be the same.

  • jeff866jeff866 Posts: 5
    I was just kidding with the $2,000 per week statement. Last week my local dealership was selling Q45s for $7,000 off MSRP and this week it is $9,000 off. So that was just my dry sense of humor.

    Where are you from? There are many '03 Q45s here in Chicago. At least there was when my dad got his in June. Every store in the area with the exception of one had several.

    The luxury cars that are being discounted $10,000 are the ones that need to be, because of lack of sales. We also looked at the BMW and Lexus. A few thousand off at either of these dealerships is a big sale.

    But, please don't get me wrong. I am on your side. I think the Q45 is a great car and I hope they hold their value better. How many fewer cars were produced in '04 than '03?

    I asked my Infiniti salesman (I have a G35) how dealerships can afford to sell a car $18,000 below MSRP. He said a car has an anniversary after a year and the dealership is either forced to buy the car or write it off. The dealer's options are to put the car out to auction or sell for auction price to a customer.
  • Anyone know if there's a way to get a factory satellite radio installed in an '02 Q? I know it's in the '03s and '04s, but was wondering if a dealer could install a new radio in my '02, allowing me to get XM, and to control it by voice. Have an aftermarket connected through the cassette deck, but really want a more permanent and better looking solution.
  • There is a '98 Q45T with 23.6k miles for sale for $16.9k in my area. Original owner says its been garaged throughout and has all maint. records. Calls it "better" than excellent condition. He's asking a premium over book - does anybody know of any bad problems/tempermental issues with this year?
  • kazkaz Posts: 1
    92 Q45 Repairs by kaz Sep 14, 2004 (11:40 pm)

    I understand there is an expert mechanic in St. Louis that is able to repair the older Q's when even Infinity shops can not figure it out. Is any one aware of who this might be? Any good Q mechanics in the Kansas City area? I've had to replace the altenator twice, fuel injectors, brakes all the time...but I love the way this car performs...when it performs. Help!
  • larry3larry3 Posts: 1
    After raving about my q45 the first 6 months of ownership I am now facing issues with tires that cant keep pressure, driver seats that slip, excessive oil consumptions, intermittent radio issues, and a feeling that I was a jerk for believing there was another car manufacturer that could build cars like Toyota. Additionally the alarm has had fits of going off by itself, the a/c is marginal, and I just feel like the car was a bad choice on my part. Has anyone had issues with the 2002 first year model? I have about 49k miles on it. The oil consumption, a quart ever 1200 miles or so crazy. Also as delivered the rotors had issues in the first 300 miles, and I am still paying for early brake replacement problems. The dealer has been good but I have no time for this type of stuff, thinking of just selling it and taking the loss. I have purchased a lot of cars over 26 years (73 cars for me and my business) and this is one of the most expensive mistakes I have made.
  • jvcnjvcn Posts: 50
    Wanting a somewhat cushy daily driver I decided to look at well-used luxury sedans. Intrigued by the prices on used Q45s I went to the lots to look at them last week. Very handsome cars and they drive very smoothly. Huge depreciation on ones that were 4 to 6 years old.

    One big problem, I was surprised at how poorly they (1999 and 1998 Q45s) accomodate tall drivers. I'm 6'5" and when in a comfortable position headroom is worse than in a Dodge Stratus. Overall, it felt slightly cramped no matter how I adjusted things.

    In contrast sitting in an LS 400 was heavenly. Spacious and easy to find natural position. This comfort contributed to the feeling of buttery smoothness when driving the car.

    I must say, my hopes of finding an underpriced large luxury sedan were dashed. I shall have to stick to the Lexus as I don't trust used domestic barges, I hate the seating on the BMW and don't think any MBs are good value. Or else I'll just buy cheap domestics that are 1-2 years old and dump them when they start to break down.
  • philephile Posts: 1
    I am wearing out tires in 5000 miles. Wear is on the front inside. Alignment has been done twice and shows it is aligned. What other problem could be causing the wear.
    The dealer can't seem to solve the problem
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    Have they checked the camber? Is it all 4 or just the front or rear?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Does anyone know what Infiniti Employee Pricing is? How is the price figured?
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