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Infiniti Q45



  • have more detailed info on the 2002 Q45 than what's offered on the website?
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    Looks pretty slick, I'm afraid that we've all been spoiled by the prices we've been seeing for Q45's. How much is this thing going to cost?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    I can probably answer most of the questions you have on the new Q. Let me know any questions you have.
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    more is it going to cost compared to the 2001 model? When will it be in showrooms? How many different models (touring, base, etc..)?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    The new Q is expected to begin shipping from Japan the end of Feb. This means the middle to end of March it will be in showrooms. We are expecting the price to be around 5-10 grand higher. For example a loaded touring model, with the 18" wheels, nav system, (every option) we are expecting to come in at about $63,000. The model lineup should be the same, base/touring model.
  • ed, it looks as if we are down to the same 2 finalists...what are your thoughts on the better buy for long-term reliability and resale..I personally will drive 25,000 miles a year..are you considering any other cars such as the I30?
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    Hey Q fans, check out

  • I would like to know what options are going to appear on the new Q versus the LS430. Is the new Q going to have more back leg room? Possible extended wheel base version? Last, are you an Infiniti dealer or working for one? If not, where do you get your info?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    Yes I do work for an Infiniti dealership, in Washington state. I know quite a bit about the car, but I have not had the pleasure to see one yet, so I am going by information supplied by our district manager. As far as options go, as I stated you will have the Luxury or Touring model, DVD based nav system, run-flat tires, 18" rims, heated seats, as far as other options let me do some more research, and I will get back to you.
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    Infiniti is missing a car. I'm a QX4 owner who is really pleased the the experience I've had. Now that my lease is wrapping up I'd like to get another Infiniti, but they just don't have a product I want. I wish they had a mid size sport sedan like a GS430 or BMW 5 series, if they did I'd buy it. The I30 is too small, and the Q45 is too big, and pricey.
  • Does anyone know the difference between the two releases of the Q45 in 1997?
    Listed here at Edmunds are year model 1997 and 1997.5
    Is one better than the other?
    Why the mid-year release?
    Thanks, Phil
  • warnerfwarnerf Posts: 19

    The new Q45 which is on web site looks noticeably different than the 2002 Q45 which debuted at the New York Auto show. You can check it out at

    At first glance the cars look roughly the same but close inspection reveals that the Q on the Infiniti web site has a smaller, more aggressive looking grill. Also, the front headlights are not pulled back as far as those on the car that debuted in New York. These are just a few of the subtle differences I noticed. I'm sure there are others. Any thoughts?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    The car that was shown in New York at the auto show was a concept car. It is very rare that a car goes from concept stage to production unchanged. I have viewed several pictures of the car shown in NY, and a lot of pictures of the car due out in March. Personaly I like the car that we will be sending into production. I think it is a very dramatic change from the current model. I think this will be the car that puts Infiniti back on the road they were on in the early 90's. Performance first, luxury second.
  • I know others have asked this question, but I have yet to hear a definitive answer. Does anyone know whether there will be an in-dash 6CD changer in the new Q45?

    While there was a lot of information on TheNewQ website, I couldn't tell.
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    It will probably be the in dash version, however there has not been any specific notification on the location of the c.d. changer.

    As far as the 97-97.5 Q45, The 97 was the new body style. It was released in March of 96. Mid-way through the model year, Infiniti made a couple of changes to the Q. The most notable change was the addition of side impact airbags. This is the tell tale difference between the 97, and 97.5 Q.
  • Good morning,
    The 97-97.5 question had me stuck and I could not locate an explanation. Since my wife & I love the Q's and are now in a position to purchase I've started to do our "homework" on the preowned market.

    Here's another one for you Steve (if you don't mind me asking)
    Of the model years 97, 98 & 99, is one year model proving to be better? I realize that little "tweaks" were made each year and that the analog clock was put into the '99, but besides that is there anything major that has began to surface in these 3 model years?
    Best Regards,
  • Phil, there are not a lot of differences between the 97, 98, or 99 models. I believe it was not until the '00 model that they went to the glass roof, instead of steel in the sunroof. You will be able to pick up a 97 a little cheaper, and driving down the road no one will know the difference.
  • looking at 1991 infiniti Q45, immaculate service records; serviced and stamped service manual every 3750 miles. 15, 30, and 45k maint. service performed by infiniti. Title search and maint. records verify mileage to be legitimate (57,000) Currently on BMW/PORSCHE/JAGUAR dealer lot for 11,900. took it to infiniti dealer who also verified service records. They performed 120 point inspection which reccomended:
    -valve covers beginning to leak
    -replace front seal
    -a/c compressor beginning to make a little noise
    otherwise, says looks good. Any idea of cost to maintain this car? I feel 9900 should be fair, any suggestions...
  • Closing in on a 97 Q45t with 37k mi for 25-26k. The finance rate for a lease is 3.9%. Is Infiniti subsidizing this rate to move merchandise... seems too good to be there a catch?
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    I'm not near the Q45 expert that Q45MAN is but I do know that valve cover seal replacement is a complex and expensive job. I imagine the front seal would also cost a few bucks to replace. The A/C compressor won't get better so you'll have to replace that too. After 10 years the car will need quite a bit of work to get it up to spec so that you can enjoy the Q45 Experience.

    If you can get it for $9900, I'd take it. Then I'd take the 2 grand, add another grand or two, and have all the work done ASAP. Do all the fluids (every one of them), filters, brakes, shocks, new Michelin Pilot XGTV4's, and go thru the car with a fine-tooth comb. Then you can laugh at all your buddies who spent $30K+ on their boring Lexus'.
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