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Infiniti Q45



  • rpm9rpm9 Posts: 73
    An insider at Infiniti told me what Q45 stands for. Since the Q45 can seat five people, the letter "Q" stands for Quality, the number "4" stands for For, and the number "5" stands for Five People. Hence the name, "Quality For Five"...
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    Never heard that before...I read that the 45 was due to the 4.5 liter engine in the original Q
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    Then it must mean "Quality 4.5 Engine"...
  • wjc23wjc23 Posts: 11
    Has anyone purchased one recently? I understand there are $10,000 incentives b/c the new 340 hp Q is coming out in March or April. Does that mean dealer cost on 2001 Q45 is approx. $35,000?
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I saw the new Q45 at the L.A. Auto Show.... Although it was up on a rotating turntable, and was not available to touch. I think that it looks somewhat better in person than in the advance photos. It is not riveting in its exterior design at first glance, but it is nice-enough looking. It's a bit more distinctive than the bland new Lexus 430's looks. The grill on the new Q45 looks huge... It is quite an ironic counterpart to the original Q45 that featured no grill! The interior on the new car looks nice, spacious, and sumptuous too.... they say its got real wood trim! The photos that I had previously seen a show a maple colored interior trim, but the show car had a dark cherry colored wood with a black interior...really nice looking. The real proof of this car's success will be the way it drives with all of that horsepower! And, if they keep the price below the competition they will have a winner...
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Dealer Incentive on Q45 is $6000 so invoice price is approx. $40,000.
  • Went to the show last night...there were 4 2002 Q45 on display...3 were on the floor available for the public to molest. The outside definitely has more character than LS430. But the inside is a disappointment. Definitely not up to par with the quality Lexus demonstrated. Just take a small detail like the rear sun shades. The plastic screen Infiniti uses feels flimsy. The ergonomics of the front dash just leaves more to be desired. Now I'm just waiting till April for a test drive to decide between the LS430 or the Q45. Mmm...than there's the new 740iL coming this fall...
  • hi fellow Qers,

    I purchased a used Q45 in 1998 a 1991 with 89,000 miles I drive alot of miles per day and have yet to breakdown on me....ooops my mistake, the fuel pump when out.... other than that I love the Q, I upgraded the Bose system, with a amp and sub system from kicker, gonna add a air intake system by stillen or monster flow, possibly a tornado air system as well. I have subscriptions to japanese magazine and see the nice fixed up Q's from japan and i wanna go crazy.... I have alot of pics to post.. any idea on getting more horsepower by keeping it street legal and passing smog in sunny calif. pls feel free to email me.

    Got a nice Q with rims/springs/and kit send pics for the readers gallery.... there are alot of companies in japan that make nice body kits for the Q, I'll post thier links on my well as any links catering to us Qers

    Look for it in the next few weeks.


    p.s. my son wants my Q when i get the 2002, to show his friends not only honda/toyota/mitsu. But i might keep it myself to outrun all those mention above. hey cruzing and racing at the same time with Luxury & Power.... welcome to the world of the Q.....
  • abillyabilly Posts: 1
    Ive been in love with Q's since i first drove one of the initial entry's to the U.S. I thought that the unique styling and definate performance made this car a hit...but who am I, they changed the car totally...or submitted... should I say....Yesterday, I went to the Detroit International Auto Show and.........there it was! the 2002 "Q"..... One Gorgeous AUTOMOBILE!!!! and, if im to believe those folks at Infiniti perhaps they have now remembered their initial intention was to build a world class vehicle (I've always felt they had a superior product to Lexus)...Seems those folks over there at Nissan have realized there are enough rolling living rooms out there already, and Cadillac is not a car to aspire to.... If this new Q drives like it looks.....they might have to step up production
  • Maybe you guys can help me out, seeing that you are either Infiniti customers or potential buyers. I appreciate any support you guys can give me. Put yourself in my shoes and see if you'd like it....

    Here is the website detailing my problems with Infiniti/Nissan over my lemon QX4. Putting the finishing touches on it this week, and I'm thinking about buying an appropriate domain name for it.

    read all about it:

  • Help! I own a '96 Q45 with 59k miles and have loved it so far but all of a suddend the blower motor is stuck on 'high' and I cannot turn it off. The only time it shuts off is when I turn the car off. All other aspects of the climate control system seem to be working ok. I suspect a relay problem somewhere but would appreciate any advice. That wonderful sound system is hard to listen to when the fan is blowing so hard I can fly a kite! Thanks in advance.
  • matt00matt00 Posts: 32
    I am iterested in either buying or leasing a 2001 Infiniti Q45. I saw an ad for a 20001 Q45 for $38,000 on the east coast. Can someone tell me what they have paid for the car? Also, I am thinking about leasing the car. I would like to hear what would be a fair leas on a new Q with a sticker of $38,000?

    Thanks, Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S The reason I am looking at a 2001 and not a 2002 is because it will be a long time before Infiniti starts to discount the new 2002!
  • Assume that I have the opportunity to purchase a 1999 Q45T or a 1999 Lexus 400 GS. Both cars are in top condition and have low miles. I spent my sport cars years back in the '60s & 70's, and I still appreciate "a little snap". However, comfort and so-called "luxury" are more important to me than going from 0 to 100 in the blink of the eye.

    Question: Every thing being equal if I buy the Q45, in two or three years am I going to regret not having spent the extra bucks to purchase the Lexus?
  • bad107bad107 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what the base sticker on the new Q will be and also the price on the options??


    also does anyone know if there will be intro sales for it?

    thanks in advance
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Dealers have not yet recieved firm pricing. However pre order brochures suggest that the base price will start in the low to mid 50's with the fully equiped super luxuey model pushing into the low 60's
  • Hello Q45 owners, I have a question about the fuel pump in the Q45. I own a 1995 Q45 and at around 75K miles before a routine service, I started to hear a "high" pitch noise from the trunk area. At the service center I asked about the noise and was told, "sounds like a fuel pump going bad". I asked them to look into it and replace it if that was the case. They replaced it and at 115K miles, I still hear the damn noise and they tell me thats the way it sounds. I am pissed that I paid $650 to have work done unnecessarily.

    Have any of you experienced the same problem noise? It is very noticeable when sitting still after a long drive, like at a parking lot, before I turn off the engine.

    Thanks for your return postings.
  • rv4rv4 Posts: 1
    I am being quoted a hand and a leg (2k) from my dealer to replace my 91 Q45A (full active suspension) front struts. Any suggestions?
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    That unfortunatly is the trade off of the full active suspention it can be quite costly to maintain.
  • Hi everybody,

    I am very thankful to Frontier Infiniti, Santa Clara ( California ) to have a '02 Q45 for just 2 days so that interested people can test-drive. I got my appointment for today afternoon for half an hour. My wife and myself jumped at the opportunity and drove our 97.5 Q45 into their parking lot. The new Q was having a way too cool shade ( Royal Cabernet exterior, blank interior, smoke real wood trims ). 18 inch wheels and sport suspension. Both of us reached out to the driver's seat :-). Anyways, I got behind the wheel first ( She understood my agony if I was to be left at the passenger seat first ! ). The feel was very different from the 97 Q I have. The steering wheel has a tighter feel. Rolling out of the parking lot without using the "drive by wire" electronic throttle, I was dying to push the pedal to the floor. On th road and the first thing I did was get onto the gas and change to middle lane. In a whisker, I was at 45MPH. While accelerating,the was a very confident but faint noise from the hood, which made me feel as if the engine is saying,"Come on! I am just warming up!". The springs are certainly much tighter than the ones on my car. At the same time, there was no way I could feel more road noise from these 18 inch Z rated tires. That was a very good news for me. I want sport feel without making the cabin any more noisy. At 75 mps, it was only 2250RPM on the tachometer ( mine touches 2500RPM for the same speed ). This certainly was making the drive much smoother at cruising speeds. I stepped on the gas for a second and the response was so quick, I instantly passed the lexus which was trying to catch up on the other lane. As there were no racing roads for me to try things a little differently, but with what I had ( CA highways and entries & exits ), the ride was very smooth, no harshness despite the sport suspension but a very composed and tight cornering as well. I think from the power and performance point of view, this new Q can easily beat the 740,LS430 and S430, may be even S500. Along with the base model , there are two choices, sport package & the premium package.
    If you add the premium package with sport package, you get almost all the luxury features you can get with LS430 loaded with performance 18 inch wheels. The price could get around 63K with all the features I guess. I couldn't test the DVD navigation/sound system properly as they hadn't figured out the hi-fi system themselves as the car arrived only today morning.

    Now, about the auto-manual gear change system:
    The response was obvious when you drive in the manual mode. From 3rd , downshift to 2nd and reach for the gas, the punishing sudden power is so pleasing. Even my wife, who is usually a very cautious driver, was thrilled at the abundant power and tried to speed at corners and in the freeway :-). But the only thing I didn't like about this manual mode is, it takes almost 2 seconds before your downshift/upshift action actually takes effect. I have tried other cars with this option, but the Q takes a little longer. I suppose once you get used to this delay, you can use the manual to great use to cut through the 4.6L MUSTANGs and company.

    I just hope the frontal offset crash tests show a green flag with GOOD rating, and I would have no other argument against buying this amazingly pleasing car.
  • Love my Qship, just picked it up. Unsurpassed combo of style/power/smoothness in a nicely understated package thats a little out of the ordinary. My example is a pearl white Q in pristine condition, and the heads are turning like
    pinball flippers! BUT my question is this1 It has 124k miles,and records from the prior (and only)owner shows a new transmission (the deal maker) at 117k,and otherwise general dealership maintenance. I have heard from conflicting sources that a CHAIN GUIDE replacement job (and possibly the chain also) is absolutely mandatory at this time, an @ $2000 job. The local dealer, and some hi-end mechanics say don't worry until you hear the chain rattling, and they have never heard of anyone getting the work done pre-emptively! What's the real deal? Do you folks think this design problem (the guides in 90-93 wear out at @ 100k & frequently ruin the motor)needs immediate attention, or is this a rare occurence?
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