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Infiniti Q45



  • I have owned my 91 Q45 for almost 5 years and love the car. I did have the guides and chains replaced at 90K due to slight rattle heard by tech. Decided it was better safe than sorry. At the time I owned two Infiniti's and called Customer Service to ask about getting a price break because it was a known problem with the 91Q. To my suprise, I was able to get the work done at a warranty cost rather than retail. Went from about 2200 to 1400. I would say with the age of the car it would need immediate attention, since I was told that you can't buy single head parts for the Q, you must buy the entire head assembly, and the guides are made of a plastic material that gets brittle with age, not miles. Good Luck!
  • I too hear this noise you described coming from the trunk..I thought about changing the fuel pump myself..very expensive I know..over $300 just for parts. But after reading your message I don't think I will do that..I'll replace it when the car starts cutting off on me while cruising..what my Q is doing now is that it is stalling sometimes when it comes to a stop..using sudden braking..I'm guessing it is a vacuum related problem..have you had that happen to you?
  • Has anyone experienced a gas pedal stick on initial start in am? It seems togo smoother after running a while, but can be disconcerting when trying to slowly back up etc. Would this probably just be a lube situation, or an expensive throttle body thing or something?Would be nice to know before taking in for svc. to prepare for any economic shocks.,
  • I believe this problem is due to carbon build up in the throttle body. Had the same problem with a 93 J30 and dealer cleaned for $50. Was fine after that.
  • I need a new key alarm fob but the dealer's price is extremely costly. Where can I go to get a new one and what will the price be?
  • I have had my eye set on a '97Q45t for several months now. I have thought about a '95740il, 97 540i, 98 GS300, and even Audi A6. Looking seriously at a 97 Q45t with 36K. Asking price at Infiniti dealership is $26K. Sound like a good deal? Also have an acquaintance who says he can save me several thousands buying at an auction. My problem with that, is that I don't get to see the vehicle... to me that is like buying from bay or something related. I have been on-line with various clubs and people praise the vehicle as a hidden treasure. However one particular site scares me... which is the site where people talk about their maintenance horror stories. I would love to hear from 1997 I owners and see how they feel about their purchase, especially if bought off lease. What would you different if you did it again? I think I will definitely pay more for less mileage.... so what is a good price on the car I mentioned above? If I purchase the 97 with do you feel about extended BTB warranty to it worht it?

    Thanks for your help..I am almost a new Q45 owner.....but I still have some hesitations. I would really enjoy hearing from 1997 owners.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    The only Q's that had significant maintenece problems were pre 1993. The newer Q's have been basically flawless. In addition they are very safe cars. I just had a client whose 1997 was in an accident that compleatly demolished the front end. If you could see the pictures you would assume that anyone who got out of the car did so in a body bag. Yet he walked in to the dealership the next day and ordered a 2001.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I think either a 2.7T A6 or a 4.2L A6 is more powerful and has better deal than the other two.
    It is an European car, AWD, better interior, and pure luxury. The Q45 & RL are still "upscaled/upgraded" Japanese cars.
  • Hello anyone who can help! I'm considering the purchase of a 91 - 93 Q45. I'm looking at the Q because I'm assuming its a reliable car - even as a used buy. Are there any areas that I should watch out for? I.E. Engine, Trans., Electrical, etc.? Any information that anyone can provide would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Get the VIN # and call your local Infiniti dealer to find out if there was ever any recall work done on the transmission. The Tranny is the only weak point in the early Q's. Also avoid Q45A's the A is a blast to drive but is very expensive to fix.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    The Acura and Infiniti are refined Japanese cars. The A6 is nothing more than a refined VW, so what's your point.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    A4 may be more similiar than Passat but A6 is not. The size of a Passat and A6 may be close but they are very different. Look at its spec first.

    My point is whether it is worth to buy a Q45 when an A6 is there with similiar price. If you want comfortable interior and V8 engine, A6 has similiar interior size (more head room too), nicer interior materials, much more powerful engine (300hp), and quicker acceleration. You also get Quattro (AWD) too ! Yes, Q45 is a luxury but it is still a Nissan. I like Nissan cars but I will not pay that much for them (unless it is a Skyline or President, which we cannot get now...)

    IMO, I would pick the real luxury German sedan than a luxury Japanese sedan. (Sorry, I am those people who think why buy a Lexus/Japanese cars if you can afford MB & BMW and they have similar prices).

    I just wonder if people buy Q45 for a mixture of luxury & reliability. Some AUDI models are not as expensive as you think.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    The A6 2.7 is a great car. Fast and beautiful. But, I am surprised if you can get one for less than a current Q. My only concern would be Audi reliability. I got my current Q45t at the same time my ex wife bought an A6 2.8. She has had many more problems, especially with accessories like air condtioning and power windows.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    90-96 Q45's come with a 4.5L V8
    97-01 come with 4.1L V8
    02's will have 4.5L V8
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    An A6 4.2 is also considerably more expensive than what you can actually buy a '01 Q45 for and the '02 Q45 will blow away anything under 90 grand.
  • Based on my experience with a '90 Q45, and to some extent posts in this forum - RUN AWAY! Our Q was bought used in '95 with 39k miles, totally examined by the local Infiniti dealer, all problems fixed. It caused us no end of trouble - mostly, but not exclusively, electrical in nature. All very expensive and necessary to fix. It was such a shame, because it was a fantastic car when it was not in the shop - but so many little bits falling off, things not working, and finally the need for a $2000 brake system part made it too painful to own.

    Being a sucker for punishment, we got a used '96 Taurus SHO. Amazingly, this car has been completely trouble-free for the 30k miles we have put on it. Go figure.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I would say that your 95 Q was a lemon. I had a '95 that was trouble free until I traded it in on my '99 Q45t. It had 81,000 miles. I also had two other earlier Q's. I had no problems with my electrical systems on any of them.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    For those who cannot wait for the 2002 Q45, go check out Lots of photos and information on the new car. It has been updated and now it even features color combinations and option prices though!
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I was eagerly awaiting the new Q based upon the anticipated performance. I saw the car two weeks ago at the San Diego Auto Show and was disappointed by it's appearance, especially the front grill that looks like a generic Japanese econobox. Since it was on an elevated rotating display it was impossible to adequately evaluate it but my first impression was negative and others voiced the same opinion. Hopefully the interior as well as performance and handling will compensate.
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