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Volvo S80



  • trip7trip7 Posts: 5
    My S80 has 1600 miles and has been perfect except for one thing: the engines pings or knocks occasionally while accelerating.

    I only purchase premium high octane gas but still hear the knocking.

    Does anyone else experience this same problem?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #21:

    trip7, yours is the first I've heard of with a pinging problem. I would call the dealership and ask them if there is any reason you shouldn't try a can of dry gas in case you somehow ended up with excess moisture in your tank. This would be the easiest solution. If it doesn't work then you would need to waste some real time with the dealership to let them diagnose the problem.

    Good luck.

  • k8dmk8dm Posts: 4
    Greetings everyone!
    It's been awhile since I've been to this site. Has anyone had problems with their air conditioning fan? Mine will only work on low speed. I took it by a dealership that I happened to pass and they didn't get any messages when they put it on computer. They will need it for at least a full day to try to track down the problem. Any clues? I could sure use high fan with 100+ heat!


  • jhamleyjhamley Posts: 2
    I also have noticed a slight pinging. It occurs during light-to-mild acceleration from stop or a low speed. I had been using the middle octane grade (89?) in my Feb 00 2.9 and switching to high test did not make a significant difference. I mentioned this to my Service Dept. at my first oil change and they reported they could find no pinging.
  • bbensonbbenson Posts: 2
    A dealer has quoted me a lease price over the phone of $399/month 12000 miles for 39 months with ~2800 out the door for (cap reduction, tax/license, 1st month payment). Oh and the 399 does not include tax so it would be about 430/month. I'm due to go in next week for a test drive and just wanted anyone's thoughts on this lease. Thanks
  • bbensonbbenson Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention that the lease is for a 2000 S80 (leather, sunroof). He really didn't go into all the options but said most of the cars were pretty loaded and any lease deal wouldn't be above $450/month including tax.
  • anuthjanuthj Posts: 5
    Have you tried another gas station. I've found at least one gas station in my area of NJ that took advantage of the sky-high gas prices by slipping me something other than the 93 I usually use.

    I got a full load of fuel from a particular station and noticed after I got the car back out on the road that acceleration was very poor. The car didn't knock or ping but the RPMs wobbled a bit at idle.

    I didn't like the look of it so I siphoned out some of the fuel and let a chemist friend check it out. He said it looked like someone mixed 89 and 87 octane fuel together, with about 3 parts 87 to 1 part 89.

    Needless to say I haven't gone back there since.

    - Jim
  • broeuxbroeux Posts: 46
    anuthj and rollie, I think you both are on the right track. Years ago it was not uncommon for gas stations to deceptively peddle lower octane gas from the high octane pumps. And when living in Delaware I had so much water in the fuel system from gas bought at one station that I had to have the gas tank removed and cleaned and the whole fuel system flushed and carb rebuilt--cost me hundreds. That station's tanks were found to be leaking and were finally dug up and replaced. The attorney general's office conducted an investigation and found water in many stations' tanks, and otherwise mixed and tainted fuel. It doesn't surprise me that these problems persist in some stations. It seems to be a worse problem with off-brand, cheap gas, but its not restricted to them. My watered fuel came from a big name company.

  • emachineemachine Posts: 17
    I am getting the standard stereo with my new T6. (I listen to too mant books-on-tape to give up the cassette player)

    Is the center speaker in the dash only for the pro-logic stereo? Is this the 9th speaker and the center channel for surround?

    If so, will there be nothing under the mesh speaker cover in my T6? Maybe I can make another cupholder out of the empty space!
  • pix_epix_e Posts: 2
    I found out last night that the headlight wipers are activated by using the windshield washer function (pull the windshield wiper bar). I was wondering about this for awhile and didn't find it in the manual. I thought I read somewhere that the headlights wipers are activated with the windshield wipers. How do you activate them on your S80?
  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16
    I've recently joined a carpool which has helped reduce my fuel costs by 75% (as well as my driving pleasure by the same amount, since I now leave my T6 in the garage M-F three out of four weeks). I have about 11k miles on my car (2000 model, picked up in 12/99). I've noticed that whenever I leave my T6 parked for overnight (or longer) it runs roughly when it is first started up. Not rough enough to die, but almost. After backing out of the garage and any additional distance, the problem seems to go away. Any thoughts on the problem I seem to have developed? Thanks in advance.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #32:

    neil2212, if I were a betting man (and I'm not), I would put big money on the possibility of a low capacitance battery. It seems the initial Volvo batteries that come from the factory seem to loose their deep charge capabilities prematurely from time to time. I remember this started with the 850 series several years ago as I recall (I learned the hard way by playing the radio for about a half-hour while I washed the car once.) If you get a chance you may want to have your battery checked and or charged. Again, I can't be sure but I think the battery is a likely culprit given your symptoms.

    Good luck.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    To those who helped me with answers to some questions I had about the Orange County area - many thanks!

    Now another question, which Orange County area Volvo dealership goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep service customers happy? I will need to lease or buy another car in the next week or so and want to buy from a top notch dealership comparable to my current dealership of choice (Boston Volvo Village). If I can't find an exceptional dealer I may be forced to buy a [gulp] BMW or Audi to park alongside the T6!


  • zamazama Posts: 3
    I had the same question about the headlight wipers. They come on when you wash the windhield. Makes sense when you think of it. Not in the manual. I had to ask the dealer and felt kind of dumb after the fact
  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16

    I checked my battery voltage last night. Resting voltage (with car off, and not having been started for > a day) was 12.45 volts. Voltage measured while cranking the engine dropped as low as 11.0 volts (for an instant), and rose as high as 15.0 volts (for an instant). From these measurements, I'm suspecting that my battery is not to blame for my rough engine performance on start-up. Thanks for the thought though. Neil
  • jack130jack130 Posts: 9
    There were several recent comments re an S80 model. For a little fun and the ability to download a paper model S80 T6 go to: Then link to "Entertainment" then to "Childrens Corner" then paper craft. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader as well as scissors and glue. I printed on photo quality glossy paper and it came out nicely. Enjoy!
  • campscamps Posts: 12
    Please inform me on how this ugraded system to the Dolby Pro Logic System works. Do you lose the cassette tape playing capability?
  • thanks to those of you who have been placing excellent comments on this post site. My wife and I have migrated our search for a new car from the Infiniti I30's to the Volvo S80. Our price has increased, but I believe the extra 10% will more than be worth the trade-in value 4-5 yrs from now.
    If anyone has recently purchased the S80, 2.9 or the T6, would you be so kind as to let us know what a reasonable price would be to expect from either model. We were just looking to pick up a decent price from dealer inventory. we are in Cincinnati,ohio, but any price suggestions are greatly appreciated !
    thanks in advance
  • emachineemachine Posts: 17
    Volvo is putting me up at the Best Western Plaza Elite when I get my car next month. Has anyone stayed here, and if so how was it?
  • rook2rook2 Posts: 1

    I bought my T-6 through Volvo- Irvine and I live in Detroit. Long story, but look up Alex Doegle (pronounced doogle) , we did the whole transaction via fedex and phone, he found my car in transit, had it delivered to dealership in Ann Arbor, that he felt would provide the best "service" after speaking with them ( he had 3 to choose from in the Metro Detorit area). I have had no service issues to date, but feel that if I do encounter a problem I can call Alex to get help, even though he is 3000 miles away.
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