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Volvo S80



  • cacamiocacamio Posts: 8
    Not a major accident. Suburban backs into rear of my S80 in parking lot cracking my bumper and scratching paint on my trunk. My car will be at ins. adjuster on 6/3. Please advise on any tips for dealing with the ins. adjuster and then the body shop so we can be treated fairly. Thanks for any help on this.
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I owned a 1999 S70. About 16000 miles into ownership, someone drove along the passenger side of the car, and damaged the passenger front door and fender (he wasn't paying attention; on the phone). This was about $3K+ damage. Luckily the driver had insurance, but his insurance company insisted that I use one of their body shops, a local Ford Dealership. I fought them for two weeks through my insurance company, and finally they allowed me to have it repaired at a body shop that specializes in volvo, jaguar, bmw, mercedes repairs. The owner of the shop had visited one of the Volvo factories to see how they are manufactured, and only uses genuine Volvo parts, and paint. The repair and paint jobs were perfect. My car was in for repairs for aprox 5 weeks, and insurance picked up a rental car for the whole time period.

    The message here is find a body shop that has a great deal of experience repairing Volvos. Your dealership may be able to help locate one in your area. And use only genuine Volvo parts. And insist the Suburban's insurance pay for a "luxury" rental car...maybe a volv, but probably an infiniti or lincoln LS.

    It is not surprising to me that the driver of something as big as a Suburban hit you. I have seen many near misses in parking lots. If people only had enough common sense to buy sensible cars, instead of gifantic gas guzzlers.... oh well, off the soap box.
  • toddartoddar Posts: 10
    I need a little help. I am looking for a suggestion on replacement tires for my S-80 T-6. The factory Michelin Pilots are getting to the end of their useful life at about 30K. They are okay but I was looking for any suggestions on better handling/wear/ride. I do a good mix of city and highway driving. Since I am not on the Autobahn, I do not think a Z rated tire is necessary. Also, the upgraded Michelin's appear a little pricey. Also, my 30K service is approaching and I think we all know that is an expensive one. Any suggestions from you all knowledgeable ones would be greatly appreciated.

  • cacamiocacamio Posts: 8
    Thanks for the tips. We did get the car to a shop recommended by my Volvo dealership. This place has been repairing Volvos since the mid-1980s. In fact, I did recall having my '82 DL (my first Volvo) in there many years ago. Insurance is taking witness statements now and things look good about proving this was the Suburban's fault. I will post when I get the car back - I miss it a lot!!!
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 255
    I am looking for an S60 board and don't see it. Is it time for me to go to the optometrist? Please point me in the right direction.
    Thanks !
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Here is a link to The new Volvo S60 sedan discussion.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • plumber9plumber9 Posts: 1
    my s-80 ia approaching 30000 miles and I wonder if anyone has changed the engine air filter and cabin air filter themselves. How hard a job? Where did you buy the filters? Also how long should the brake pads last with mostly highway driving?
  • doctordickdoctordick Posts: 36
    Query re: air cabin filter change. Filter is under dash on passenger side. I've had it changed twice and it looks like a contortionists job. I had my service persons do it.

    I have over 36k miles and will need pads at next oil change i.e. 40K. But I'm easy on brakes.

    Incidentally, I had a fellow come up to me in my bank parking lot asking about the vehicle. He'd been put off by all the complaints on various web sites. I told hime--and anyone else too---that the car I have, a 99 T6 is the best car I've ever had. Sure, there have been problems, but since I didn't get a bad transmission, the front bushings and air mass replacements were nothing compared to some I've had in the past. Love the car.
    Will think about replacing it in a few years with another 40-60K on it.
  • I am looking at getting either a new volvo s-60 or a used volvo s-80 t-6 with 12000 miles. The S-60 will rum be about $32K with all of the option. Whereas the 2000 S-80 T-6 will run me about $34,500. Which one is the better buy and why.

    Also, I looked at some crach results which said that the 2000 S-80 had some type of problem regarding their airbags in a low speed crash test. Has anyone had this type of problem?
  • shellzshellz Posts: 33
    Hmmm, you have a tough choice. At 12,000 miles, I'd say that most of the S80s problems have probably been worked out. The S80's a comfortable, fast, big car; I love riding in it, but it's not my favorite car to drive. I think your choice depends on your priorities. If you want a big, comfortable, fast (0-60 in 6.6 seconds) then get the S80. I don't know which S60 you're talking about, but it sounds like a base 2.4 or maybe a 2.4t, anyhow, the S80 is faster off the line, but: I would get the S60 if you want a driver's car. The S60 is comfortable just like the S80 too, and it has virtually the same interior, just downsized a little bit, but the S60 drives more nimble and handles better, that's why it's compared to the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, etc.
    So I guess what I'm saying is, that if you want a big car get the S80, the back seat is huge, but if you don't need the size, then get the S60.

    As for the Volvo safety issue, I think I know what you're talking about. I don't remember if Volvo did a recall for that or not, but I do not that starting for 01 S80s all airbags are dual stage, meaning softer impact. Additionally, the Volvo S80 is the safest passenger sedan in the world with five star crash ratings all around.

    Happy shopping, Shellz
  • My experience has not been great. The wait for loaners is too long. They usually do not have the parts you need, even when you describe the problem at the time of an appointment (requiring two separate visits).
    They also have problems getting things to work when they drive the car. I took the S-80 in three times about noise on the moonroof before someone agreed that it needed a new rubber gasket. They beg for you to tell Volvo they are "excellent" but the attitude and experience do not reflect that.
  • bucky1bucky1 Posts: 20
    Am wondering if anyone can give me some input. I am ready to take my S80 2.9 in for 30,000 mile service. My dealer has quoted $435.00 for this service, which (upon reviewing the list of what they will do) seems pretty expensive. The major services (including parts) include 1.) rotate the tires; 2.) replace cabin air filter; 3.) lube, oil and filter; 4.) replace air filter; 5.) replace spark plugs (at 30,000 miles???); 6.) replace brake fluid; 7.) check and top up all other fluids; 8.) lube doors, hood, trunk, sunroof; and 9.) inspect fuel lines, brake lines, brake pads, etc.

    Has anyone had this 30,000 mile service, and what did it cost you. Thanks for your help!
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 339
    Here is my recommendation:
    Have them do what the Service Book requires - nothing more, nothing less. The 30,000 mile requirements are not that bad on Volvo's, so the price quoted you probably includes many additional items. If you mention this, the service department will continue to try and 'sell' you additional services. But if you insist, you should see the total fall significantly.
  • Recently my service light came on. This occurred right after the car had been serviced. Undoubtedly the mechanic failed to reset. I seem to recall seeing on this board (but have no idea how to locate) instructions for resetting this light w/o having to bring it back to the dealer. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • albert123albert123 Posts: 71
    Topping up all fluids includes the battery. This will dilute the battery and it may die in a few weeks if its condition is bad. This happened to my S70. I complained to the dealer because they didn't warn me and they acted just like this is supposed to happened when I reported the problem to them. Well, my experience has been reflected in the Volvo online survey.
  • pagewilpagewil Posts: 2
    We bought our S80 2.9 thru the OSD program last fall. Picked up at the factory was 11/2/2000. The OSD experience was fabulous -- we did not have time for a long trip, so we drove the car to Copenhagen and back and thoroughly enjoyed the paid for trip -- it was a trip I won't forget and would do it again! I would encourage anyone to go that route, even if they can only do a long weekend as we did. It was worth it and alot of fun. We have had no troubles with the S80 and love the car. My only concern has been the running motor after I turn off the car. I remember reading some postings on this, but can't find them. Can anyone tell me what is normal-- I remember the postings as saying it was normal for the motor fan to run and it cooled off the engine or something .... ? I am getting ready to schedule by 7500 check-up and wanted to see if I should have that checked at that time.
  • jlfoxjlfox Posts: 14
    You may be misunderstanding the topping off of the battery. If the water is low, it means that you've lost water due to normal charge/discharge cycles. You must replace this lost water to keep the plates covered. You are not "diluting" the battery if you mean hurting its function in some way. Volvo had problems with their batteries a while ago and added this checking and topping off to the service routines to extend battery life.
  • landlockedlandlocked Posts: 14
    pagewil - I was too impatient to wait for the OSD delivery and purchased my car without. I am thinking that I should have been more patient given the positive comments I've read recently.

    I have also noticed that the fan inside the car continues to run after I turn off the car. Last week, we parked the car, went to dinner and returned nearly an hour later to find that the fan was running. The outside temp was probably around 75 degrees farenheit at the time, which didn't seem terribly warm ...

    Can anyone who knows about this respond to this post?

  • jlfoxjlfox Posts: 14
    This is a feature not a bug. About 50 mins after turning off the car, the interior fan runs at hi speed (if the A/C was running previously) in order to dry moisture out of the A/C system and thereby prevent mold from forming.
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