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Volvo S80



  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    I'd like to see that. Can you throw it up on the Mountain, too, maybe?
  • kjewelkjewel Posts: 19
    Two 1/2 years on my 2000 T6 with little to complain about. I'm currently up to 34k miles but am wondering about the ride/suspension.

    Specifically--and I realize the car has some mileage on it--it feels like an older car. The suspension doesn't feel "tight", i.e. after hitting bumps, the suspension recovery time seems slow. I don't expect this car to ride like it just drove off the showroom floor, but with new tires installed and only 34k miles, I would think it would still feel tight.

    Any similar experiences or thoughts? Thanks.
  • paltingpalting Posts: 26
    Funny I was just thinking the same thing when I saw your post. I have a 1999 S80 T6 with 16K miles. When I first drove the car 3 years ago, I thought the ride just a little too firm. Now it felt somewhat more comfortable. Decided to test drive the 2002 model. Just got done. I am happy to say that they ride approximately the same. Took both cars through the same twisty roads. It maybe a function of familiarity and comfort, but I felt that my older car felt more precise and surefooted.
  • I get conflicting info on if my 2000 S80 T6 has a pvc valve. Does anyone out there know. If their is one where is it located. If there is not a pcv valve, then it must have an orfice if so where is it located.

    Regarding the engine distruction problem caused by the pipe hitting a curb being driven into the asscessory belt: The Volvo mechanic has told me that on new models the pipe has been eliminated and a plug installed where it had attached to the box. Also stated it is not a Volvo problem!!

  • twindytwindy Posts: 18
    to the two that are having / had problems with VOR would like you to know you are not alone. Where is the dealer in Ft. Worth. I don't live too far from Flower Mound, hate the thought of taking car to Ft. Worth, but for decent service and TREATMENT, it would be worth it. Anyone have any dealings with Volvo of Dallas or Point West. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  • praineyprainey Posts: 1
    Do not go to volvo of richardson, Point west is pretty good, Autobahn is the dealer in fort worth. I bought my wife a volvo two years ago and was dealing with volvo of richardson, they gave me their best deal on a demo that they could give, I stopped by point west on the way out to richardson and they blew volvo of Richardson deal out of the water, I ended up with a brand new car a year newer model for 2k less than the 99 demo.
    Long story short, I took the courtesy to call the guy at Volvo of Richardson and left him a voice mail explaining I appreiciated his time but I got a much better deal at Pt.West.
    Well the next day he called me back absolutely cussing me out calling every name in the book etc, Well I ended taking my complaint all the way to Volvol N.America since the managers at richardson basically said they didn't beilieve, it.I will never ever deal with volvo of richardson again.
    I am about to by my wife a new s-80 and it will be between volvo of dallas and pT.west both are way better than volvo of richardson.
  • sampatesampate Posts: 4
    Well, I finally got everything taken care of and the car is running great (for now). I ended up taking the car to Point West since the service manager "seemed" to care. They found a few other items that were conveniently covered under warranty. I wonder if I really needed the extra items they found, but it runs well and was under warranty.

    I am curious about the Ft. Worth dealer, but it is soooo faaaar, in fact, isn't it a long distance call from Dallas? :-)
    I will go back to Point West for now, but NEVER to Volvo of Richardson. Volvo Corporate and Ford blew me off and V.of Richardson only reacted after I called, wrote and yelled for a couple of weeks.
  • rms409rms409 Posts: 10
    I'm a new Volvo S80 2.9 driver. I've been noticing other Volvos out there and am wondering why all of the S80 2.9 models that I see have the black bumper and side protectors, but my car does not. Are the protectors an option? Is this a factory installed item or an accessory I can have put on by the dealer? They seem as if they would be worth having in order to avoid those parking lot scrapes on the bumper and nicks on the door. Anyone out there have any answers?

    BTW, I am really enjoying the car!
  • sampatesampate Posts: 4
    I don't think the black bumper guards are optional, especially on the S80. You might want to check if your vehicle was re-painted. If you bought it used, you never know what could of happened. I would run a CarFax report and ask a dealer to pull up the vehicle history by the VIN number.
  • cacamiocacamio Posts: 8
    I've been a Pt. West customer since the 1980's. I came to the Dallas are with a '82 DL, then bought a '89 760 Turbo from them, and then in '99 we got an S70 for my wife and an S80 for me. All these cars have been serviced at Pt. West and I've been happy. BTW, if I call them with a problem they will try to coach me through a simple fix if possible, and I have stopped by at times to ask a question and the service writer has walked out to my car and taken care of a minor problem at no charge. They do want to keep the customer. Good luck.
  • rms409rms409 Posts: 10
    Regarding my car's history, it is brand new, was not in an accident or previously owned.

    I called the Volvo dealership this morning and asked why my 2002 Volvo S80 did not have the black bumper and side door guards. The very helpful saleslady replied that the half year models were manufactured without them for aesthetic reasons. But they had the same guards but were the same color as the car. This is true, I do have the strips and they are the same color as the car - ash gold.

    So, question answered. I guess we learn something new everyday about the Volvo! But thanks for your response, sampate.
  • oper8rnoper8rn Posts: 5
    I bought a used 1999 Volvo S80 with 49,000 miles one year ago. I now have 70,000 mi on my car. I wish that I had found this website before buying.

    I had always wanted a Volvo, because of safety, and because I thought that the car would be an "investment"...lasting me 200,000 miles or more with meticulous maintenance.

    I have been dissappointed by the problems I have had, which echo those of others on this board. I may have bought mine used, but am I wrong to believe that a VOLVO which had an original sticker price of $43,000 should be a solid car without headaches?

    I have had numberous headlight and tail-light burnouts, electrical problems such as doorlock failure, gas line problems, and clunking transmission. Now there is a recall on the engine fan which overheats and damages electrical wiring...which may explain some of those problems.

    Luckily, my extended warranty has taken care of the cost to repair most of these problems. However, I am concerned about expensive repair bills when my warranty runs out. Every repair has been $800-1000. I have only had to pay $100 deductible, which is bad enough. My Volvo dealer has been unable to find a problem in my transmission in the 2 days that they had my car...when I left the dealership the car's transmission clunked into 2nd and 3rd gear about 5 miles away. I find that to be very frustrating.

    I have learned an expensive lesson. Thoroughly research the car you are to buy, and NEVER, NEVER buy a model the first year it comes out...wait a couple of years for the bugs to be worked out. I am now looking into other cars with a 5 star safety rating, and a proven reliability track Honda. I will compromise for something a bit more boring that won't nickle and dime me to death with repairs.
  • paltingpalting Posts: 26
    I'm sad that such a great car is getting a bad rep. I believe that the problem S80's are a significant minority of the whole s80 population. Certainly a lot less in relative numbers compared to all other brands out there in the same price range.

    I have a 1999 S80 T6, and have had the engine fan replaced. Other that, I've had no problems over the last 4 years. Yes, 4 years. Had one of the first ones delivered. And, I've USED the car. Have gone cross counry, shuttled 4 kids, raced and won over a BMW 530i. A joy to drive, a great ride, my winter driver, still turns heads with incredulous people turning their heads "That can't be a Volvo!".

    For a family sedan that seats 5 comfortably but can blow the doors off a BMW, at a price certainly more reasonable than a lot of cars in it's class, with the legendary safety of the Volvo as attested to by one of the posts, the Volvo S80 IMHO is unbeatable.

    Would I buy another? In a heartbeat. Would I recommend it? Wholeheartedly and without reservation.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    you are one of the lucky ones! The 1999 S80 is notorious for reliability issues (check out CR - read what they say, based on owner inputs). The current Volvos are nowhere near as reliable as the older models such as the 240, 740, 850, etc. That's why I unloaded my 960 last year (after 20 yrs of owning Volvos). For that price, there are FAR better choices out there than the S80. Having said that, the S80s seem to have improved the past few years...though, still not enough to get a recommendation from CR.
  • paltingpalting Posts: 26
    I'm a loyal CR subscriber, and have been one for almost 20 years. As far as the Volvo goes, I'm not one of the lucky ones. I'm one of the usual one's. Reliability reports for CR, unfortunately are based on the number of consumers who report in problems. It is not based on a random survey of S80 owners.. Their manner of obtaining reliability data is one of the most skewed forms, and most prone to error.

    Far better choices? Read your own source. Based on the CR report itself, the Volvo S80 2.9, the least of the S80 line, beat out the MB C320, the Lexus ES300, Lincoln LS V6, Audi A4 Quattro, Acura 3.2 TL, Infiniti I35, Chrysler 300M. One of three that beat the S80 was the BMW 330i, a car whose forte is performance but got it's doors blown by yours truly(actually a 530I). They could not recommend it simply because of the unfortunate way they judge reliability.

    I highly recommend it, for all the same reasons CR still rated the S80 2.9 ahead of the others mentioned above, but also for the personal reasons I mentioned in the prior post.
  • trash32trash32 Posts: 1
    I've got a 00 S80 2.9. 3 years in August, 21000 miles.
    Problems: Had the notorious clunk--bushing replaced at about 7K, no problem since. I have a slight tear in the top rear corner of my driver door seal, will be fixed shortly. My son was able to do something to a rear door lock by snatching it open as I was unlocking the car. All corrected under warranty. I consider these to be minor annoyances, 1 was self-inflicted.
    Likes: Seats, ride, stereo, headlights, interior ergonomics.
    Dislikes: Light functionality -- stupid feature to have DRL's functionally same as "On" except can't select brights--I had them turned off, still drive w/ lights on much of the time. Don't like no bell when parking lights left on. Remote--short range and 2-step (w/ noticeable delay) unlock--had it reprogrammed for 1 step unlock.
    Could be better: Engine power, 2.9 very smooth but could stand more low end throttle response. I don't feel its particularly underpowered, just have to get on the throttle harder than most cars to get same response. Road noise should be a bit more muffled. Could be mostly tires, seems like about the right amount of engine noise.
    Bottom line: Great car, no reliability issues for me so far, fun to drive, best features and layout of any car I've sat in. Tested Acura CL type S, didn't think the performance was that much better. Definitely wouldn't give up the S80's features for it. I thought when I purchased (Overseas delivery) it was overall a terrific value, I still do, don't know what car I would replace it with for near the price.
  • denoon1denoon1 Posts: 1
    Today I rented a 2.9 S80 and drove it 350 miles of town and country roads. Avg fuel consumption was 25.3 and avg speed was 39mph. The car is probably the best I have driven in some time.
    steering is excellent,ride is solid and noise levels are very low. The seats were comfortable for the first 2hrs. but it started to become difficult to sit still for the next hour. Iwas glad to get out.(On returning the car, my wife picked me up in her new Taurus and her seats were a relief.)After lunch and on the return trip it was the same story. Power was not bad for a 2.9 and braking was good. Alot of squeaks for a car with only 7000 miles. Poor quality control I think. Typical of Ford products. Overall I liked the car but I probably won't buy one if I have to get out every 2 hrs. I think the seats are too small for a person of my size (6'and 185lbs) My problem is I don't know what to look at next. I need a front wheel driven auto.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I'm not gonna argue with you! I will say again the 1999 S80 has had NUMERPOUS reliability issues. For you to say CR's data is skewed is just looking the other way! It's based on data from Volvo owners - what more do you want? Also, check out local Carmax sites and see the number of 1999 S80s on their lots - you'd be surprised. Now why would someone unload a 2yr old Volvo at Carmax? Mmmmm....nuff said!

    Bottom line: for a $40K car, the S80 (esp the '99) has had far too many reliability issues.
  • oper8rnoper8rn Posts: 5
    I agree...for a $40 K car, the '99 S80 has had far too many reliability issues.

    Since my 1st posting on 4-14-02 I have talked to someone at the Volvo dealership where I bought my '99 S80...Mooer's Volvo in Richmond, Virginia. They suggested that I speak with the service manager, with whom I have an appointment tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

    The Mooer's dealership has an excellent reputation for customer we shall see what happens. I am going to give them an opportunity to fix my transmission and other problems.

    I am angry about the problems I've had with the car. However, I have too much invested in my car to walk away without a fight. I want a new transmission among other things. I have decided to go up the chain of command until I get something resolved. I will inform you of my progress...or lack thereof.
  • I had a 99 S80-T6 with virtually every problem you've enumerated and some additional as well. Even had to have the transmission replaced a few months ago with less than 40K miles on the car. As I found myself drawing close to the end of the warranty period I felt I had no choice but to dump the car - sold it last week at Carmax and bought a spanking new Audi A6. While there are some things I'll miss about the S80 (great seats and sound system), what I won;t miss is the complete lack of confidence in reliability.
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