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Volvo S80



  • 2001 and up. And 2.5T is GOOD.
  • Keep in mind, most people only post with problems. That being said, I love Volvos, but I would own one without a warranty. Of course I feel that way about all luxury cars. :)
  • We (all my family of 4 with 2 teens) love our Volvos, We own 740, 2000 S80 2.9 and 2004 XC90 2.5T AWD. And we already planning an OSD trip to get our next S80.
    I did buy an extended warranty for both new cars though, however, it is just to buy a peace of mind. I did not break even with my S80 (110K and counting) and we did not even tap into any repair bills with our XC90 (32K).
  • Has anyone had problems with condensation inside the headlamp assembly during wet and humid weather? I have a 2005 S80, T6 but the service department will not fix it until I can bring it in when there is condensation. What was the fix for this problem?
  • larryp3larryp3 Posts: 20
    Volvo has been fitting a revised lamp access cap inside behind the headlight assy (2 per side) which has a gortex vent built in to release that moisture. This fix has been around for about 3 or 4 years and is included in all production since introduction. The part is a direct replacement for the original which releases with a turning motion.
  • westeemwesteem Posts: 49
    Thank you for your response. If this fix has been in production for a couple of years, wouldn't the 2005 model have the fix installed as part of the production car? Could this be caused by another problem?
  • deb16deb16 Posts: 1
    I also own a 99 S80 T6 and I also have the same problem! I have brought it in many times also; the light goes on then off now it is on all the time. I also have developed a oil leak for the 2nd time and the ball joints are loose again! the car only has 63,000 miles, :mad: I am about ready to trade it in :cry:
  • tulsahogtulsahog Posts: 64
    On a 2003 Volvo S 80 with 18,000 miles, this morning when I stepped on the brake a message in the info center came on as: Check Stop Lamp. It went off when I took my foot off the brake. The "Brake" message light did not come on, so it does not appear to be related to the brakes.

    I assumed this referred to the rear stop light mounted in the middle top of the rear window or to one of the stop lamps in the tail lights. All three are working properly (both stop lights in tail lights and the lamp in rear window).

    Any ideas what this means?
  • tulsahogtulsahog Posts: 64
    Called Volvo service and they said this means one of the stop lamps is going out. A higher than normal resistance in the lamp has been detected.

    Guess I will wait until it goes out and then replace.
  • spridelspridel Posts: 2
    I purchased a certified pre-owned 2000 S80 with 26k miles on it and drove it mainly on the highway for an additional 50k until I had a catastrophic engine failure that lead to a massive fire and the car being destroyed. Thank God for good insurance, since Volvo basically wiped their hands clean even though the car was still under warranty. They said I did not have the proper maintenance performed, even though I had over $2000 worth of work done at the dealership. I had all the paperwork to prove it and they still did not want to help me and neither did the dealer.

    I can tell you of all the issues I had starting way before the engine failure.....

    1. I had the top strut mounts replaced because of a very loud clunking whenever a bump was hit in the road. This was at 42k miles.

    2. The oil pressure sensor was replaced 3 times between 50k - 62k. At this time they also tried to get me to purchase a new oil pan due to sludge. I told them to clean it out. I am not replacing a part because it is dirty.

    3. The O-ring for the oil pump had to be replaced.

    4. The throttle body unit was replaced due to a TSB.

    5. The headliner and cloth on the pillars started falling off.

    6. The door alarm and key switch failures.

    This is just the start of things and that I cannot remember the rest. It angered me that Volvo did not want to help me with my issues. It is hard to believe that I was wanting to trade this car in on a new S40 or V50....You guys sure know how to dispose of customers. Since you did not want to assist me, I am spreading the word about the a very bad reputation. Thanks really ruined what used to be a good car company. :lemon:
  • True - a whole bunch of baloney. Nothing that you have described may cause the fire.
    What is that "catastrophic engine failure" that cause the fire? Broken fuel/oil line?

    I have my 2004 S80 @111000 miles and going very strong. Interior is clean and solid as new, no rattles.
    So, I would like to spread a word that Volvo builds very good cars. And I do thank Ford for bringing more financial stability to the great company and allowing the development of different vehicles - XC90, C30, for instance, that would not be feasible for Volvo alone.

    P.S. It was enough for my wife to run over some "left-over" construction defects in our drive-way alley @ about 40-50 MPH to shut both front struts dead. The reason was that the interior insulation is such and the overall "bump absorbsion" performance of S80 is so good, that she did not feel that she was inflicting damage to the front suspension.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    I bought a used 2000 S80 T-6 with 16K miles in late 2004, and just got in under the wire for the extended warranty-- just in case. Now I'm about to turn 50K with no issues other than ordinary TSB's. So far, the $2,000 I spent on the extended warranty from Volvo has been wasted cash. Not everyone has had your experience.
  • arnold14arnold14 Posts: 22
    I am thinking about getting this car within the year. How has the reliability and performance been?
  • spridelspridel Posts: 2
    Well, I have somehow managed to find 2 people that have had great success with their Volvo's. I know several people that have had nothing but troubles. It doe not seem to matter if it is the S80, S60, or V70.....I am sorry to be so negative, but Volvo decided not to take care of me when I had a major issue. This is the only action I can take is to use word of mouth. They blamed it on lack of service even though all services were done at the dealer where I bought it from and at the correct intervals. It was mentioned what the catastrophic engine failure was? I threw a connecting rod through the side of the engine block while doing 70 mph on the highway with the cruise set. There were no signs of oil appears the 2 bolts came out connecting the rod to the crankshaft and the hole in the engine led to an oil fire. So it does not get much worse than that. I really did like my car when it was running...but for now it has been replaced by a Toyota.
  • cbeck1cbeck1 Posts: 1
    Since Oct. 2005 my S80 has required more than $5,300 in repairs/maintenance. Had to replace transmission at 27,000 miles, replace an engine mount at 30,000 in addition to an oil leak repair which came to over $1,700. Had to replace front disk brake pads at 25,000 miles. It has become a Ford - no surprise!! Fix Or Repair Daily. Ford did the Swedes no favor in this merger. My FIRST Volvo and my LAST. Cannot afford to maintain this car. Would have been better off with a Honda!
    Volvo can call it a safe car only because it's in the shop more than on the road. Do Not Buy A Volvo
  • Somehow, I seriously doubt the accuracy of this info.

    The transmission replacement @27,000 miles should be free, unless there was an extremely serious reason to void the warranty, in which case, I would not blame it on Volvo.

    Same with the engine mounts - there was a recall for the sub-frame bushings, and the replacement should be done at no cost, unless, once again, there was a serious reason to void warranty.

    Non-warranty oil leak repair for over $1700??? Sounds wrong again.

    It seems to me that Edmunds attracts a lot of Volvo-bashers (e.g. "trolls"). I read other boards too, and do not see such amount of opened anti-Volvo propaganda anywhere else...

    I wonder why....
  • arnold14arnold14 Posts: 22
    Had the 4 year warranty just run out? Ford doesn't have anything to do with the manufacturing of Volvos. They just own the company. Volvo had a bad reputation for reliability before the Ford merger. The 2004 S80 is recommended by Consumer Reports for the first time. Has anyone had problems with it?
  • tollhaustollhaus Posts: 10
    I own a 2001 S80 2.9 with around 68,000 miles on it. I need to take it in for service (last routine service done at 61,xxx).
    How can I tell what needs to be done at this service (I guess the 67,500 mile check) and does a dealership have to do it?
    I bought my car in Germany (but it has American specifications) and the Service Manual I have uses KM instead of Miles and essentially uses every 10,000 miles for the checks. At "70,000 miles" it tells me I need to complete the following:
    * Oil/filter change
    *Coolant, level check
    *Battery, acid level check
    *Power steering, check oil level
    *brake fluid, check level
    *brake pads, check
    *parking brake, check
    *gearbox/rear axle, check seals
    *Front/rear suspension, check
    *brake and fuel lines, check
    *cabin air filter, check/change
    *Fuel filter, replacement

    Most of these seem like they can be "checked" at my local quick oil change place, right?

    In Germany I was routinely paying $150 and up for these routine services and I don't want to pay a Volvo dealer just because they are a Volvo dealer.

    I live near Dothan, AL and there don't seem to be any independent mechanics that work on "them foreign cars."

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • tulsahogtulsahog Posts: 64
    Have had dealer perform all oil and filter changes. Have only 19, 600 mi on 2003 model S80. I declined the 15000 mi service at last oil change. According to the maintenance schedule, looks like they only check things like coolant level, battery water, wiper blades, tires, etc. I check these items more frequently. I did not see any apparent warranty-critical items like transmission fluid level?

    They wrote: !!customer declined 15k service!! on service writeup. Looks like intimidation.
  • Just for the record: I have a 2004 S80 T6 picked up at factory. Have 26K plus miles. Transmission needed computer download once and I get oil changed every 5K miles (use only sythetic) as I do with all our vehicles. Have 4C suspension--wow what a fine ride on mountain roads!

    Really no problems. Love the car! Its my second S80 T6; the first was a '99 but I missed all the transmission problems. It needed three air mass systems and at 100K needed some expensive repairs ($2500) but I gave it to my daughter and those repairs were cheap insurance.

    We are on our 8th Volvo. My wife has a '04 V70; she would like it to be as big as her 960 wagon, but that's not going to be. She feels safe and some bugs but no big problems.

    Thought someone would like to know they're not all big problems!
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