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I hate my Traverse



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,915
    The contact email shows up when you click on the member name.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    I have an 09 Traverse LTZ, now with about 22,000 miles. Has been a very dependable car. Only complaints involve the chrome stip (only on the LTZ models) that has bent out due to wind I suppose, and had to replace both sides under warranty, and the nav system needed to be reprogrammed. Do your due diligence and test drive all the cars in the same class and make your own decision.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 242
    to all, i just came over from the nissan murano cvt message board. for those of you who hate their suv, go there and get a dose of reality. people have cars that can't be driven, have spent 6k,7, etc for repairs, etc. I have one of those muranos, and I am trying to decide what to turn to.
    highlander -- timing belt, distributorship fee, and more??
    murano - timing chain, cvt, big repair $$
    traverse - static, wind noise, some other minor issues. sounds a lot better. rr70
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    edited May 2010
    Nissan HAS SOLD WAYYY MORE MURANOS THEN Chevy has sold traverses and been around for years longer, so more likely to have more problems. Considering the Traverse is relatively new there shouldn't be so many problems,TSB's ,RECALLS,etc. As others on Edmunds have had the same no start dead problem I had and then have service frequent excuse "can't duplicate" .

    A friend of my was going to Lease a Chevy Surburban /Tahoe but went with the Murano and is very happy with it
  • blend1blend1 Posts: 13
    JWally - Now your just crying a bit too much. Get over it...Your on every single site concerning Traverse with the same tired complaint. Maybe your part of a GM competitor who doesnt want to see GM succeed or are you just anti American Car. Havent seen you praised Ford or Chysler.
  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    Now the truth comes out--all about retribution against GM because you lost your retirement. We all lost stock value in the last two years; get over it. GM makes high quality vehicles and are very competitive with foreign cars and superior in some respects. I think the moderators should remove all of your posts and ratings because they are apparently not based in reality but in vengeance.
  • blend1blend1 Posts: 13
    Wally - You shouldnt be name calling. Your point is extremely one sided. There are many Asian and European cars that have recalls and breakdown just as American cars. You...Just had the good luck to get a lemon. I live on base and have to tell you that WE prefer to stand by America and its products.(depends on where you live you will find the type of cars on the road). My fellow soldiers as well as myself have had no real complaints about the Traverse or any other American car we drive. The price is right, the product is strong and we would rather support our country first. If you recall that Toyota cut cost as well and had the quality control issue. You shouldnt sterotype how the GM production line works without comparing it to others in the same industry by watching it. If you cannot, you should not be negative b/c of your misfortune. I stand by the U.S. products as the Traverse is a well built CUV. The only 2 complaint I have is that the headrest is a bit awkward and the gas miles isnt as good as advertised.
  • jwallyjwally Posts: 71
    edited June 2010
    i SEEM TO REMEMBER THE MILITARY HUMMER, believed to be made by GM or was but they had to liquidate assets and sold it,.American soldiers requesting bullet resistant vest to be donated to line them with because of poor quality made resistants to rounds,etc. The Traverse when it starts rides relatively nice and maybe i do have a lemon but that does not excuse GM's (from Corporate reps down to Dealers) not caring and no assistants. The recall for it not starting is the EXACT problem I have but of course GM/Chevy denies that my vehicle is part of the recall,I guess they wouldn't want to have a major recall of all Traverse for not starting it may damper sales. So i purchased a new vehicle hoping to have a reliable vehicle for my family and yet it has failed. maybe its easy for you to hitch a ride on base if yours doesn't start but for me its disgraceful to spend near $30,000 and at 4019 miles for a vehicle NOT start! Silly me I guess to think a new vehicle with only 4019 miles should start. its very simple for them to fix my concerns and make me a happy customer but all i get its no assistance.
  • zaken1zaken1 Posts: 556
    Some time back, a GM Customer service rep went out of her way to contact you on this forum, and invited you to contact her for assistance. Your first excuse for not doing so was that you "didn't get the e-mail address" when you clicked on her name. But the host of this forum then went out of his way to tell you how to find the e-mail address (however, he didn't mention that you must be logged on in order to go to that address). You have never posted the results of that contact; nor posted whether you even bothered to contact her. As a first time reader of this forum; I find that your extreme negativity and reluctance to follow constructive suggestions is undermining your credibility. IS THAT HOW YOU WANT TO BE SEEN BY THOSE WHO READ YOUR POSTS? If not, why don't you take positive action to deal with this situation; instead of just griping, griping, and griping more. Despite your pessimism; I guarantee that there are people out there who would be interested in buying your car (if the price was attractive). Do you have a problem with finally getting rid of the car you hate so much? Why won't you take positive action?
  • blend1blend1 Posts: 13
    I found this on another website under I have an AWD this is a front wheel drive but tried it and received better gas mileage. Hope this helps anyone. (Dont think you need to reset as much as he states, I did it only once.)

    I have been having mileage problems with my front wheel drive traverse which I described in a prior post.

    I took my car to three Chevrolet garages to have it checked and their computer techs (they really are not mechanics anymore!) told me there was nothing wrong with my car and that 17.7 on the highway was just fine mileage...BS!!

    After talking with an old experienced mechanic he told me that the trouble could be the traction control switch and that I needed to reset it...he had noting but disdain for this particular feature.

    I got my car up to speed, set the cruise and did 6 sets of disengaging and reengaging the traction control and it fixed my problem.

    I just got back from a trip to the airport, 125 miles with cruise set at 58 and got 27.1 MPG...amazing!!

    Please, try this on your car and report back...this could be the fix to your problems too!
  • 2thebeach2thebeach Posts: 6
    edited September 2010
    Purchased 7/2010 Made trip to Disney in Orlando from Virginia w 4 passengers onboard. Everyone enjoyed the ride and 2 rear buckets w overhead Entertainment Center. Mileage 17-23 both ways. Traded from 2007 Tahoe. LTZ 4WD.
  • My wife (a realtor) bought a 2009 LTZ at the end of the year and now has about 8,000 miles on it with no mechanical problems. Mileage is about 14 around town and 25-28 at 70-75 on the Interstate, This is about the same mileage as my 03 DeVille so I'll sell it and drive her car on trips.

    The only problems have been loose side moldings,, a missing DVD for the Nav., a bad seat belt lock, and now the courtesy lights on the overhead won't turn on when the doors open. They never did but I rarely drive the car and discovered it the other day. My dealer has been great. If I had the problems the above owner had I would give the car back under the lemon law.
  • In April 2010, my wife and I brought home a Traverse, LT, with "Travelers Edition" package (Nav, DVD, rear audio controls, wireless headsets, etc). Now, as of Nov 2010, it has 11,000 miles, and no real problems at all. The DVD player needed to be replaced (stopped playing DVDs), but the dealership (Herritage/Mile One in Owings Mills, MD) has been very easy to work with and provided a loaner with no hassle.

    My wife avergages about 19.5 mpg on her commute, which is about 70% hwy. When I drive it, I tend to average about 22-23 mpg hwy (lighter foot, more Cruise Control). I was able to wring more than 25 mpg out of it on a 600 mile trip down I-95 back in August.

    Only complaint (which is minor) is that the transmission sometimes goes "gear hunting" when speeding up quicky after decelerating (like when merging into traffic between two highways). However, for me, this was mostly a matter of getting used to the peculiarities of the vehicle and adjusting accordingly.

    In any case, our experience is very, very positive with the vehicle so far, and we recommend it highly. Very spacious, reliable, comfortable family hauler. :D


  • Jwally,

    I have had unending problems with my Traverse. It's been in the shop 11 times in 19 months. Never for the same problem twice. I'm not sure who you're dealing with at corporate but when I brought this problem to them they agreed to assist me in getting out of this car. Did you ever think that maybe part of the problem is that you're so hostile? If you immediately attack someone on the phone or at the dealership they are less likely to help you. The dealership where I bought my car has been very professional and helpful. GM corporate has been very helpful in assisting me with this problem. I'm quite satisfied with the responses I've received. Have you also heard that sometimes a bad one comes off thel ine? It happens. My last vehicle was worse. I have every intention of buying a 2011 Traverse LS 8 passenger.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    You stated your vehicle has been at the shop 11 times in 19 months. I am checking in to see if everything has been taken care of. Please keep me updated.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • Caron,
    We're working on getting it taken care of. The dealership is working with GM to get me out of this car and into a 2011. So far I've been satisfied with all that's happened to help me out. GM says they can't exactly figure out what's wrong with the car this time around (which is a first) but they're willing to help me get out of it. I'm hoping that by this time next week I'll be driving a new car. I never expected the dealership or GM to help me out here so it came as quite the surprise when they told me they would help me get out of this car. It also helped that they did all the service on the car. They had ALL the records on how much this car has been in and what it's been in for. Thanks for checking in with me. I'll keep you posted.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    Glad to hear the dealership and GM Customer Assistance are helping you! Definitely keep me posted. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • plumbobby0plumbobby0 Posts: 4
    I have to say that you are one of the chosen few. I bought the LTZ, which cost way more than the SUV it replaced, a Cadillac SRX. The change came about because of the problems with the transmission in the SRX, only to find that the Traverse has exactly the same problem. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone and if I hadn't put a sizeable deposit on it I would hand it back!!. Having say this I hope your luck holds out and you got one of the few good ones.
  • plumbobby0plumbobby0 Posts: 4
    I suppose you could say that most makes and models give some minor problems but the Traverse, and it seems any GM that uses the same transmission, have a problem that can be potentially dangerous in that accelerating hard can actually cause your vehicle to HESITATE and if you are overtaking another vehicle or even if you are just acelarating the gearshift can jump 2-3 gears back which causes the engine to retard momentarily and slow the vehicle down. I have my Traverse up for sale and I am prepared to lost over $10,000 just to get rid of it, that is how scared this problem makes me.
  • plumbobby0plumbobby0 Posts: 4
    I would be very interested in the types and severity of your problems with the vehicle and in particular the problem that they couldn't resolve.
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