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Acura Legend



  • petek3petek3 Posts: 3
    hey jeff...that's an awesome site....esp the forum..that's great now i wont have a problem with findin info about how other ppl souped up their legends...thanks!
  • outhereouthere Posts: 16
    here's the solution, provided your window run channels are not damaged. Spray 100% silicone spray with the spray wand all around and in the window tracks with the windows in the down position. Don't be shy with this will not hurt the interior trim, windows or the paint. Run the windows up and down several times. Clean the windows with normal glass cleaner...but some streaking may be evident for a day or two. Also works to prevent that annoying sunroof squeak when driving in the closed position. Yup...antenna too! As long as it is not bent. DO NOT USE ANY SPRAY LUBRICANT such as WD40...these lubes contain oil and will attract dirt and dust...thus compounding the problem within a few short weeks...
  • hoorayhooray Posts: 15
    I am the original owner of a 1991 Cobalt Blue Legend Sedan with nearly 90,000 miles. I have followed the Acura maintenance schedule religiously.

    Last week I took a 400 mile roundtrip and noticed intermitent steering wheel vibrations at various highway speeds. It would come and go between 50 and 70 MPH and it was not consistent at what speeds the steering wheel would vibrate and which speeds would be smooth.

    I just had the tires balanced and rotated in April, which was less than 3,000 miles ago.

    5 years ago I had to replace the master cylinder because the brakes were engaging on their own. The problem started with minor occasional vibrations and within a few weeks the brakes were actually smoking after a short trip to the Acura service dept. That is when they believed I had a problem and tried the master cylinder, which solved the problem.

    Does my current problem sound like the beginning of a master cylinder problem again? Any other thoughts? I see that master cylinder problems are common in the Legend. For those of you that have had to replace yours, what were the symptoms.

    Thanks for your help. I'll be crossing the 90,000 mile threshold this weekend with another out of town trip.

    Also, this is now primarily my oldest daughter's car. She is starting college in a few weeks and will be 200 miles away. Does everyone agree that this car should be able to give her 4 years of reliable service (as long as I make sure that it is maintained!)?
  • Ok, my first post wasn't to specific. I'll try again. The car blows out blue smoke after it has been sitting idling for about 5 minutes. The car has 130,000 miles. I am using about 1.5 qts of oil every 3000 miles. Does this sound like rings or something else?
  • I am looking for some feedback on 93-93 Acura Vigor Model- I have been car shopping for one lately and I am interested in your opinion about this, I have seen the price range between $5500-$7500. I am deciding between thie model or a high end Accord. Thanks for your input a head of time.
  • I need to replace the radiator on my 93 legend L. I have the following questions:

    1. what is the price at acura dealer?
    2. I am thinking to buy the radiator online. The cost is ~$120. a local garage quote me $110 for labor to do the job? is it a good deal?
    3. How many types of radiators out there for my car? Someone mentioned something like single-core and double core types, which type should mine be?

    Thanks a million!

    P/S I live in central Jersey.
  • I have a 1991 Legend LS, and I'm interested in buying a cover for the rear seats.
    Does anyone know where I can buy one?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • I have contacted nearly everybody associated with Acura and nobody can seem to supply me with factual information on the differences between the 1991-95 Legend Sedans. I want to make sure I am getting the best car for the money and considering I have to drive nearly 150 miles to check them out, I want to know exactly I'm driving to look at. Where can I get this information?
  • I believe you are burning coolant...or would blue smoke indicate oil? Hmm...I forget...anyway...if your car is around the 130k may have a headgasket is not uncommon.
  • need to relax. The 'factual' differences between the years are small. Some of the 'factual' differences are the engines...type I, or type II...cupholder...airconditioner. Thats pretty much it...everything else is close enough to be the same...most of the variation is with the trim. Any second generation sedan you want to get is going to be good. Not much changed because the change wasn't needed. the type II engine came out with the GS model...maybe some later LS models too?...not the 'sportier' more powerful legend...if you find one in good condition...consider yourself lucky...especially a 6 speed. Cupholder...I think most or all have them...I dont. AC...EPA regulations forced car makers to use a different refridgerant. anything else?
  • What's the difference between the L and the LS. I did a price search and found that the L is worth more than the LS in both Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book? Why the difference? Isn't the LS the more "luxurious" model?
  • outhereouthere Posts: 16
    you are correct the LS is the HIGHER model, and should be priced at a premium over the L model. Did you compare 4 door sedan or coupe models? What year?
  • Ghostalica - thanks for the input. The smoke is positively blue which indicates oil is being burnt. The coolant level has not dropped any. I don't think the head gasket is shot yet. I have made an appointment with my mechanic and he is going to do a compression test. I feel this will shed light on the problem.
  • Looking for a little help on error code E-01. Don't feel the need to take it to Acura. But I can't figure out how to even get the bugger open. Any thoughts would be great.

    PS- 102K, still runs like a dream,
  • Hurricane: I'll never remeber my password, so please reply to me at:
    Was curious what you mechanic said. I too have a smoke problem. Checked the compression by my mechanic and it was good. He said the valve seals and ring seals are probably shot, recommended a $5K rebuild - ouch! Tried "smoke fix" addetive and "engine restore" along with Valvoline MaxLife. Seen some improvement. Please let me know what you discover. Thanks,
  • Want to test drive a '92 with 75k miles. One owner. Asking $8,500 not sure yet if it is a L or LS. Always loved the Legend. Is it worth selling a Camry worth relatively the same to buy a used car that I am not familiar with the history? Is a '92 OK or should I look for newer? What are some common problems to look for? What is the year breaks for change in body style? Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Hi there,

    First time poster, but a grateful reader of recent months.

    I live in Switzerland and am about to buy my first Legend. I've got two cars under consideration, one a 1995, the other 1996. I'd be grateful for some advice or comments from this group about my best purchase. Here's the details....sorry to say I can't give a trim designation for either vehicle at the moment because they are both sight unseen and known here as Honda, as opposed to Acura Legends:

    1995 (Sept) Honda Legend 3.2i
    54,000 miles
    5 speed
    No CD, original timing belt and water pump

    1996 (Aug) Honda Legend 3.5i
    71,000 miles
    CD, new timing belt and water pump

    Both cars are the sedan models (wife and 2 kids, you know), and according to the sellers are in mint shape with no electronic problems etc.

    Obviously there's a difference in displacement with the two engines, although the horsepower is identical. Not sure if the larger engine in the 96 model translated into some gain in torque, or other advantage....kind of why I'm posting here is to get input on those kinds of things.

    So, what's the story with the '95 versus '96 models? The exterior lines of the car seemed to have changed quite a bit during these two years,and obviously the engine size changed as well. Did the new engine in the '96 model experience some teething problems and is it a year to be avoided? Which of these two cars would you guys here opt for and why?

    Thanks for any help I can get on this,

    Dave Meddings
  • petpadpetpad Posts: 153
    Hey sirik - a bit late to answer here for you, but in any case, the Vigor can be expected to be as good looking and as reliable as any Legend, simply because they were very close. I own a 92 Vigor, and several hundred Vigor owners can answer all your questions in our clubhouse which is hosted by Yahoo. First go to , and then click on the Yahoo link for the clubhouse.
  • Is there anyone know if there are some difference between these yesrs models on tail lights?

    I think there are some difference, based on what I saw on the road. Later model got more brighter points..

    If you know some, please let me know... Thanks.
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