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Acura Legend



  • My 95 legend is overheating so, I had it checked at a reputed acura dealer who said the head gasket needs replacement and said it would cost between $3000.00 and $3500.00.
    I find the quote absolutely ridiculous and want to know if that is the normal price.

    Thanks a lot.
  • dagr8n8dagr8n8 Posts: 5
    REDicluSS!! i jsut blew a head gasket and they said it should cost about 1500$ to replace. but im gonan try to do it my self and it should be around 300 at the most because its a 90% labor job.

    dose any one have ne tips on replacing a head gasket?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'd also post this in the Got a Quick, Technical Question? discussion while you're waiting for some input here. Good luck with it.
  • thefuzzthefuzz Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 94 Legend. It does it daily. Any ideas?
  • baumbaum Posts: 15
    Hi! I am new to this site and I am hoping I can get some advice. My 1990 Acura Legend is having some shifting problems. :confuse: It has an automatic transmission. This happens totally randomly, usually when it is hot outside.... my car seems to be stuck in 3rd gear. When I accelerate from a stop, it lags, like I am starting in 2nd or 3rd gear. And when I am driving above 30 MPH, my RPM's don't go down, like I'm not shifting into a higher gear. Also, I notice on my dash that the "S3" light flashes.
    Could this be a transmission problem or something easier? PLEASE HELP ME!! =) THANK YOU anyone!!
  • lastwraithlastwraith Posts: 350
    If you have a transmission light flashing (S3 OR D4) then the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) has run into a problem and logged at least one fault code. Have the code read by either an independent shop, AutoZone, or a dealer to start addressing the problem.

    Also (regarding another poster who was responding to a message from 2000) not sure if you read the response to that 2000 message but......the D4 light does NOT flash for no reason. A fault code should be logged if the D4 light, or any similar light has flashed while driving. This may also be accompanied by "limp-home" behavior from the car.
  • Hey I have an Acura Legend 90, I am facing this heating problem for a while but I found an easier way to over come this issue, hope it works for u as well.

    Check for the FAN REGULATOR SWITCH & try to change it , its not a costly part & may solve ur problem,

  • baumbaum Posts: 15
    Thank you lastwraith for responding. Hopefully its not expensive! I just spent $260 on some fluid changes and a Main Relay switch. :cry:
    Thanks again!
  • lastwraithlastwraith Posts: 350
    Yikes, that's a lot of money. You're welcome and I wish you luck.
  • baumbaum Posts: 15
    I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem as me, and if so, what was the diagnosis of the Transmission Control Unit Faulty Code thingy.
    Thank You!
  • baumbaum Posts: 15
    I have a 1990 Legend and the "S3" light flashes. Its like I get stuck in 3rd gear... Do you remember around how much it costs to get the speed sensor relaced? Does my problem sound the same as yours? (S3 light compared to D4 light)
  • lastwraithlastwraith Posts: 350
    I'd imagine your Acura is similar to my Honda, when my Accord detects a transmission related problem it defaults to 2nd gear only mode (limp-home mode) to save itself. This means you start out in second gear (not a fast start) and it will not shift out of it even if you try to travel at high speed.

    I replaced my vehicle's VSS (vehicle speed sensor) and it was under $70 for the part. It is pretty easily accessible in my car and it took me about 40 mins to change only because I had a hard time finding the right size tool for the job. I would not pay more than $200 to have this done. Anything higher is a severe rip off. At that point, get the part online and just have them charge you an hour's labor.
  • nupe1nupe1 Posts: 1
    Owned the car since is was new...always kept maintenance up. Lately, alarm goes off periodically for no apparent reason. Doesn't do it enough to pinpoint actually what triggers it...pretty sure it's not external factors. Any ideas? I want to disarm it until I can get the entire system checked out...can anyone tell me (how to disarm) and whether disarming it is fairly simple...i.e. disconnecting a wire or two or something I'm going to need a professional to do...thanks
  • Hello. I just recently purchased a 1991 Acura Legend and it did not have an owners manuel. I know I could spend some time and put in some effort to find out some things I am unsure of, but I dont have the time to do so. I was just wondering if anyone that does have a manuel would be interested in telling me some things that I would like to know? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  • baumbaum Posts: 15
    thank you so much for your help. i'm going to try it next weekend....i'll keep my fingers crossed! Kinda weird hasn't done it since i posted the last message. :confuse:
    Thanks again :)
  • bucksbucks Posts: 3
    I just paid for new head gaskets, water pump and timing belt on my 1991 Legend Coupe. The car has 155000 plus miles and runs great. The only problem I have is the car shifts hard in 2nd and 3rd gear. Also, the car will shift hard when slowing down to stop. I took it back to the repair shop and they told me due to the car running so well, it will have a tendency to shift hard (ha!). I think the RPM needle is set to high. But again, the mechanic told me the RPM needle is set per specs. Any ideas???
  • Does anyone know where the headlights-on chime/alarm is located? I suspect that it was disabled and want to enable it. :confuse: Thanks in advance.

    1990 Legend LS Coupe
  • Did you solve this issue? I am having the exact same problem. :confuse:
  • I have a 86 Legend. The other day I twisted the switch to turn on the headlights. In the first position the dashboard light and running lights come one, but if I turn it to the next position the headlights come one but the dashboard lights and running lights go off. Brake lights not affected. I am not much of a diagnostician or mechanic so I am hoping someone can tell me what the problem is and if it is something a guy with a tool box the size of a lunch pail can fix. Appreciate any and all input. Thank You very much.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to also post this in our Electrical Problems discussion while you're waiting for some feedback here.
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