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Acura Legend



  • Anyone, I mean anyone, know what happend to
  • Do you have a service manual (pdf) that I can have
  • Hi,

    The airconditioning on my 91 Legend sometimes works fine and at times it doesn't blow cold (the radio display does this on/off thing too). I took it to the dealer, who found no leaks but topped off the refrigerant in the compressor, then thought the electrical relays might be at fault and now says that there is a problem with Electronic Control Unit's grounding.

    I haven't been able to get a clear answer from him about whether replacing the ECU is a safety concern or not. For example, does it control the transmission or the ABS or if all it does is control the compressor and maybe the radio display. It would be helpful if someone could shed light on what the ECU does and does not control or if there are several ECUs each with a different set of purposes.

    Thanks in advance!
  • puchopucho Posts: 1
    Clutch pedal sinks to floor and has no pressure to return to its normal postion. Has anyone had a similar problem? What should be done?

    My 1992 Acura Legend Coupe v6 engine with 5-speed manual transmission

    Any clues appreciated. TIA.

    PS. The mechanic wants to change clutch slate and master. He said "hydralic part has slow internal leak and needs to be changed." It is normal wear and tear of the part. Clutch and transmission have been already been changed 4 months ago.
  • There should be a TCU (transmission control unit) mounted right next to your ECU, I'll leave it up to you to figure out what that does ;) But as for the ECU...

    Straight from a reputable auto repair website:

    "Definition: The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) controls the fuel injection system, ignition timing, and the idle speed control system. The ECU also interrupts the operation of the air conditioning and EGR systems, and controls power to the fuel pump (through the control relay). The ECU consists of an 8-bit microprocessor, random access memory (RAM), read only memory (ROM), and an input/output interface.

    Based on information from the input sensors (engine coolant temperature, barometric pressure, air flow, etc.), the ECU determines optimum settings for the output actuators (injection, idle speed, ignition timing, etc.)."
  • sixfivesixfive Posts: 45
    Anyone care to comment on a 7900 Purhcase price for a car with 48k in excellent condition. This car should have 100k to go based on my experience with Honda and Acura but the pricing appraisals all come back in the 5000 -5500 range. Thanks
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,918
    I'm definitely not an expert....

    But, I do own a '92 Legend L.. with around 40K on the clock...

    Before I bought it from my uncle, he had a few dealers tell him that they would put it on their lot for $8500, and probably get $7500 out of it... this was a couple years ago...

    The Legend is very popular, and the LS model even more so.... but, it seems prices have started to tail off a little, as it gets harder every year to find nice examples...

    Not sure if this is a dealer or private seller, but if the car is in good shape, in accord with the low miles, then I'd say it should probably bring $6500-$7500... The lower end from a private seller, and the upper end from a dealer...

    With that mileage, I can't see it going under $6K, unless it has some bad custom work or is an iffy color, or some other problem...

    Hopefully, some of our members will chime in with some recent pricing experiences.. (I got a family deal on mine).

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  • sixfivesixfive Posts: 45
    Great Info - thanks kyfdx.

    What are the trouble areas I should look for? Isn't the tranny an issue for some years? Also, wasn't there a hefty HP increase for the last year or two on the 6 speed. I saw some information a while ago and can't find it now. Any help is appreciated.

    Also as an enthusiastic car person, what other great buys would you suggest. I like the idea of an old early 80's low miles supra. I saw one going for 14k. I love the idea of getting a car for 8K and selling it in 3 years for 7k. Grand National may not lose much value either but good ones tend to cost a tad more. Sorry to digress but Acura sure did a good job way back then and I'm wondering if anything can compete before I sell my G and have to decide.
  • hawks1hawks1 Posts: 57
    I have a 1990 Legend (L Series) with 188K miles. For some time, well over a couple of years, the yellow ABS warning light comes on after brief driving and remains on. A local mechanic has assured me nothing is wrong with the ABS system but nothing can be done to "turn off" the warning light. Does this sound reasonable and has anyone else had this problem? I'm getting ready to sell this car and I'm sure this question will arise with a perspective buyer.
  • hyiuhyiu Posts: 18
    I have a 93 Legend Coupe.
    leather seat, and driver side power seat. The leather on the front seats cracks pretty badly.

    I want to cover it with a seat cover. I'm using a t-shirt to cover it for now. But because of the bucket seat shape, the back doesn't fit well at all.

    Anyone uses a seat cover of some sort to cover their seat ??
    If so, can you tell me how good they fit, what brand, and what price ??

    - Henry.
  • I have read several comments on overheating. I wokred for Honda for a few years so I had access to my techs on a regular basis. I have a 93 Acura LS Coupe Type II, 6spd. It had an overheating problem as well. The relay to the electric fan had to be replaced, it was as simple as that. Check your relays first, look at your diagram in your fuse box, the one located in your engine compartment. My Acura mechanic had stated the relay that runs the second electric fan (the one that usually turns on after your car is off and turns on and off as your car is at idle) usually has to be replaced after 10 yrs or so. Try that if you haven't. If I recall the relay was about 20-25 dollars.
  • If you're in the market for a Legend Coupe and you a performance enthusiast get a 1993 or newer, this is when Acura came out with the TypeII motor along with the 6spd transmission pushing the horsepower on the 6spd to about 235 w/about 210lb ft of torque. 0-60 runs about 6.3 seconds and 1/4 mile in about 14.8 with TCS off. It's not super fast but remember it's a big heavy touring coupe that'll push 160mph, 155mph is what it's rated at from the factory then the fuel cut off kicks in.
    Mechanically I haven't heard anything being a common problem for the Legend. There has been a few electrical issues. By the way, mine is for on black LS 6spd Type II, runs awesome, custome paint, ground effects and performance suspension etc.
  • Delray Acura has a 1992 Legend Sedan with 52000 miles up for auction on eBay, and for sale at the dealership. I drove it today, it's nice! It's one owner, bought 13 years ago, maintained at the dealer, just traded in. I think it's as nice a '92 Legend LS sedan as you're likely to run in to. They're asking 8,900 on the price tag, but the eBay reserve is lower... somewhere. Via and eBay completed items searches, it looks like $5500-6000 would be what similar cars would go for... but I can see how a one-owner, service records available example could command a premium. What would you say a fair price for such an example would be?

    Oh, and if you're in the market, I call dibs!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    While you wait for some input here, check the Edmunds Used Car Appraiser.

    You might also try asking Terry (rroyce10) in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to include all the necessary information that is listed above the post box.
  • As things turned out, someone else just won the eBay auction at $7150, about $1500 more than the Edmunds Used Car Appraiser (92 LS, 52K, Excellend cond, dealer retail) suggested would be reasonable, and $100 more than I'd bid before the auction ended. I'm split between bummed at losing the auction and glad that I didn't have to pay the premium. So I guess that's ok for today.

    I asked the question here specifically because it looked to me like the Edmunds price was low, and I wanted a second opinion. Based on this one data point it looks like dealers can get premium pricing on really good examples.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Wow, too bad you didn't get it. Good luck finding another one.

    Sounds like the market answered your question, though ... even though it wasn't what you wanted to hear.
  • don't mean to sound like a hater but i find it hard to believe. i'm reffering to the fact that you say 1/4 mile time for type II 6-speed is 14.8. the book says 15.7 for 93 coupe type II. that is 1 sec difference which is a lifetime on a track. is that even possible?
  • Hwello,
    I love the style of the Legend and I am considering buying a 91 Legend LS sedan for $5,000 with 72,000 miles, or a 94 Legend LS sedan with 65,000 @ $7,000.....Does anyone know about the differences between these two model years...things to check on, repairs?, engine problems or suspension changes?, etc....I have done a bit of homework on Edmunds and other sites, and the price seems fair....I was just trying to find a real person who has had some experience with either or both...Thanks!!
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