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Acura Legend



  • I have for some time had great admiration for the acura legend, and was very happy when I picked one up at an auction. Its a 91 LS with 137 plus miles. It seems to run fine even with that high miles on it . The engine starts right up each time I crank it. Here are a few things/problems I have noticed wrong or cropped up with the car. (1) A blinking D4, which from reading this column I understand I have a sensor in the trans to replace. (2) I have no fan running inside the car, hence no heat, no a/c, no defrost, and (3) the security system is not working. Any help on finding a fix/cure for these problems will be highly appreciated.
  • I am the same one that have message #608 above posted. I just forgot to mention that the factory radio in the vehicle is not working as the word "CODE" flashes when the radio is on.On the display for the heat/a/c there is no display or anything showing in the display space . It is the automatic type. Could the problem be a sensor,relay, fan etc, please help. Short of going to the dealer any help on solving the above problems would be sincerely appreciated.
  • Could you elaborate on what sensor you had to replace for the blinking D4. I am having the same problem with my legend 91 LS with 214K...also the speedo hand is all over the place while driving the car.
  • The bliniking D4 is a bad VSS vehicle speed sensor that costs around $80 and is located by the oil filter. A easy DIY with a floorjack and some basic tools it's a male to female type plug in module. Change it asap becasue if affects the tranny shifts. The no fan sounds like a bad blower motor which is common but not alot. Best bet since it's big $$ new is to get one from a junk yard have it insalled. Will have to remove the glove box door to get to it. Have this done by an independent Honda/Acura shop who :confuse: 's worked on the Legend. Factory alarm is crap get a good aftermarket. Make sure to replace the electrical ignition wire since it will eventually crap out and the car won't start if you plan on a new alarm since they will cut into this wire I think around $60 bucks.
  • I believe the flashing "CODE" on the radio simply means you need to enter the security code for the radio. Take the car back to the dealer and have them get the code for you. There are various ways to obtain the code ranging all the way down to simply reading the serial number off the radio and waiting for the dealer to fax it to get the security code for you. Makes you feel real secure right? That will at least give you music (?and climate controls?).

    The suggestions about the VSS and squirrel cage blower motor are dead on. Had both problems in my Accord, both are user replaceable though the blower motor is fun to wrangle into position behind the glovebox. Might wanna let someone else deal with that. The VSS is absurdly easy, hardest part is getting to the bolts.

    good luck!
  • Hey guys I was recently on and saw a 91 Legend L with 121,00 miles for $2500 that is was interested in,but isnt that kind of cheap? The web site said the vehicle has no problems but of course I would still have to check it out and isnt 121,000 like really high mileage? So do you guys think this is worth looking into? Im gonna post the link for you guys......
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    Actually, 121K is pretty low miles for a fifteen-year-old car...

    Once a car gets to be that age, it is all about the condition of that particular car.. If they are asking $2500, I would think that the car has problems or is showing it's age..

    I wouldn't buy anything off of Autotrader, without making a trip to inspect it, first...

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  • 1991 Acura Legend 4 DR--- How can you tell if it's your ignition switch or your main relay? They have similarities in troubleshooting the problem of why the car won't stay on after you try to start it and it kicks over? :confuse:
  • K, {1} ;) now the D4 light tends to blink off and on when I was driving and the speedometer would go nuts spinning all over the place. We noticed that when the cruise control was on, and this happened, it would shut it off right away. What causes this? :confuse:
    {2}Another thing, the gauge that tells you when your car is getting hot, a few times it went close to H in the red :shades: , than when we gunned the motor, it gradually went down. This happened when we were like in a fast food line or waiting awhile in traffic. Is it the thermostat sticking, cuz as quickly as it went up, it shot right back down!! WIERD!! ;) Owner of a 91 Acura Legend 4DR
  • Sounds like it's time to have the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) checked and likely replaced. Also, if the car doesn't know it's own speed, Cruise isn't going to work obviously ;)

    Legends are notorious for cooling problems, especially having to do with operation of the cooling fans. Best to have them and their electronic switches checked. Some owners have had to rig up manual switches, though I think thats a last ditch solution.

    good luck!
  • edanceedance Posts: 1
    I have a 1990 Acura Legend with 86000 miles. (just a puppy) Does anyone know if there is a fuse in the air conditioner clutch line and where it is?
  • pm454pm454 Posts: 2
    About 6 months ago my son purchased this car w/ ~110k and in what I thought was excellent condition. Local Acura dealer went through it and I had timing belt, all hoses, and water pump replaced (never mentioned head gasket issues of course), dealer also resoldered fuel relay? connections (under dash) and said they needed it. THEN I happened on this forum and after son complained of on/off heat, weird idle, etc. Read all the posts, checked all the things others had checked, dealt w/ the air-purging, and concluded the dreaded BHG had taken hold. Long story short, I swallowed hard, decided not to tackle myself and had the gaskets replaced by excellent local mechanic (Bruce Beard Automotive, Middletown RI) for reasonable sum. Both gaskets VERY worn, # 6 cylinder worst. She works flawlessly now and we're hoping for long life. My take is that these 100k+ vehicles will have this problem so expect it and be prepared to bite the bullet and get her done. The results ARE worth it. This car is quite a runner, not to mention gorgeous! :)
  • So... what was the bill for that?

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  • Just look on the bottom of your ash-tray that is where my code for my radio is located. Put the numbers in and the CODE you see displayed will disappear and your radio will work fine.
  • pm454pm454 Posts: 2
    Sorry, didn't give all the details. I also replaced the radiator, thermostat, and cap also. The radiator, related parts, and hoses are from NAPA (a real copper radiator btw), the head gasket job cost ~$1700 which included having the heads checked (they were fine), etc. Acura dealer wanted $2500.
  • I rarely post messages to forums but had to acknowledge the value of this site. I purchased a 92 Legend LS with 233K miles, excellent interior for $1K. Engine runs very smooth. Had blinking 4, running hot, and intermittant loss of power while driving. Changed thermostat for heat problem, no BHG. One day car would start at all. Mechanics said replace fuel pump for $300. I didn't agree. Found this site. Removed Main Relay. Had it soldered for $15. Car fired up immediately. Will be getting a VSS for the blinking 4. Thanks for everyone's input.
  • 92legend92legend Posts: 2
    hey guys..maybe someone here can 92 legend fans does not want to come on....when i first turn the keys to the on position. the fan will run for about a minute, but after that it will not go on even when the car is starting to overheat..except once in a while..i tried switching relays around to see if it was the relay but no luck...could it be the coolant temperature sensor not sending a signal or not sending it all the time...when i drive the car the temperature needle will rise and fall at the drop of a dime...please help :cry:
  • softailsoftail Posts: 3
    Just had that problem myself; Replaced battery and alarm behaved better. Check battery level first
  • softailsoftail Posts: 3
    Agreed! No timing belt at 90K, no sale.
  • softailsoftail Posts: 3
    Fix it. I had 215K on my 89 when it got stolen and stripped, ran like A clock (& looked good to boot)
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