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Acura Legend



  • patt1patt1 Posts: 1
    Last year this time, when the weather became colder, my engine started racing in idle. After a while it started doing the same thing in drive. I took the car in for servicing and the mechanic said I just needed fluid in the radiator. Everything was fine until now. The car started racing intermittently while in nutural. I took it by the mechanic, but he is nolonger there. The new mechanic said I had enough fluid in the radiator, but he proceeded to put some in the overflow. All was fine for 2 days. Now it is racing and boiling over, out of the radiator. The temp control dial in the car is normal. Do I need to put a special mixture of the fluid in the radiator?

    Please make a recommendation as to what I must do.
  • I have a 1994 Acure Legend L and recently the taillight on the passenger side quit working, but it still lights up when I hit the brake. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be or how to fix it? Also, my entire gauge lighting has gone out.
  • Hi Kirkaja! I've been an Legend owner for ten years and still counting. I'm 31 yrs now and have owned 5 Legends and 1 TL, and have definitely had my share of mechanical problems with the legends. I've had the problems with the overheating, differentials, tie rods and axles, shocks and struts, glass replacement, trunk leaks, power windows, tail pipe smoke, and stallings that happen out of no where! It seems to me that you might want to get the whole system reconditioned from the head gaskets to the senors.
    You have to remember that the car was well made and that all the components kind of depend on each other to perform their very best. Try replacing the coolant temperature sensor and temperature switch as well as the usual like gaskets, pumps and thermostat. But it would also help if u have the engine, radiator, and transmission flush and fill.
    I know it sounds like that would be a hefty repair bill but just think how much longer your "LEGEND" would last! You got to remember that the previous owner of your new baby may have not taken the best care possible. That's probably why they gave it up in the first place, thinking they'll just get a newer car and be alright. TRUST ME! They still reminise about that LEGEND!
    As for as the car stalling, try replacing spark plugs, air filters and fuel filter. If that don't work, you might want to take a look at the catalytic converter.
    These cars are AWESOME! This car helped me to convince my wife that buying a late model used car with over 125,000 miles is a great idea (as long as it is a "LEGEND"). We are the proud owners of two Acura Legends. A 1994 Legend GS(type II engine), and a 1993 Legend LS; both 4 door sedans. How ya luv dat!
  • Just replace that particular light bulb. Those bulbs have 2 filaments in them and one of them may have blown out.
  • Hello: My first foray into this forum..: I've been driving a1994 Acura LS since 1996. It now has 135,000 on it and I've maintained it meticulously. I'm now told, during routine service, that the engine gasket, and the power steering pump are leaking. BIG BILL! Are these problems I should expect at this mileage/age? Never run so many miles on any car before. Grateful for comments.
  • Reply to Donald.
    Answer a few questions first. Have you experienced any overheating, or weird idling or even smelled something burning coming through the vents or when you get out of your car after maybe a 30 min drive? Those could be symptoms of leakage or problems brewing. As for the power steering, have you noticed that you have to put a little more muscle in to a turn from a dead stand, than compared to when the car was brand new? Have you had to refill the steering fluid, and if so how often? If it is a gasket problem and you want the car for longer period of time, my advise would to get it done as well as check every thing else related to those workings. Always get a second opinion or qoute for repair.
    I hope this helps.
  • my92my92 Posts: 5
    I bought my Silver, 92 Legend L 4dr sedan in 1992 with less than 5,000 miles on it. This is February 2008 and I have 50,000 miles on it. It is garaged all the time and never sees snow. It is never parked near another car, so the finish looks showroom new. I replaced the timing belt and water pump at 45,000 only because they thought I should. It was in perfect condition. I have replaced the front headlights with brighter bulbs. Normal service maintenance. Recently replaced the original front tires and aligned all 4 wheels. This car is fantastic. A fun car. It drives and looks like new. It holds the road so well. I never liked to have ugly license plates on the front, so I have driven it with a nice clean look on the front for 16 years. This car was built in Japan. My main driver is a Chrysler product and my H-D cycle.
  • Hi. I'm new to this board. I found it while trying to trouble shoot a problem and loved it. My question is, does anyone know where the relay switch is on the 91 Legend cpe? I've reviewed questions and answers, but couldn't seem to find an answer where it is located. The fans won't come on when the car begins to overheat, but will come on after the engine is turned off. I also have an 88 Legend and the fans won't come on when the air condition is on and cause it to overheat. Cut the a/c off and it goes back to normal. I also have an 89 Sterling with the type II with a 5sp that will just flat die while driving, then once the check engine light comes on the car will drive fine. So if you can answer any of these questions it would be GREAT!!

    I love all my acuara's!! I have 4, the 2 legends, the sterling and an integra. However im gonna sale 3. The integra is sold basically, I want to get the sterling right before I sale it. I'm only gonna keep the 91 Coupe. Only gone to sale the 88 coupe after getting my wife a minivan or something. All have over 200kmi except the Sterling of 116kmi and run smooth.

    Thanks Jimi H
  • dmoseleydmoseley Posts: 1
    I bought my daughter a 93 ledend and the speedometer doesn't work when it get's warm. I was looking at parts and don't know if I need a speed transmitter or a speed sensor? also the speed transmitter part look different from one auto parts dealer than the other. Can any one help? Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - you might want to also ask that question in our Answers section. See the Ask The Community box on the right side of the page.

    Good luck - hope we can help. Legends are great cars!
  • bp2008bp2008 Posts: 2
    Pedal to the metal

    Testing 123
  • roofer77roofer77 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 92 Acura Legend LS Sedan. 200,000 well maintained. all the bells and whistles work. no tears in the leather. I paid 2500. anyone have feedback on this car for me.
  • trailhikertrailhiker Posts: 26
    I have a 1988 Legend with 225k miles. I have always kept up with the yearly maintenance and oil change schedule and with the exception of the parts that wear out with mileage and age (tires, cv joints, water pump, belts, etc) I cannot say I have had reliability problems with the car. After 20 years, everything that was factory installed still works on the car. I drive it 70 miles every day to and from work and it gets around 25mpg. The technicians at the Acura dealership have told me the Legends were really built well to last. I just got a 2008 Acura TL and from the quality issues I have had with that car over the past 3 months, the quality of Acura has really gone down hill and I would think twice before buying another current production Acura.

    No doubt if the car was well maintained before (engine oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze changed), with continued TLC, from my experience with my '88 Legend, I would believe your '92 will last quite a while.
  • I have a '92 coupe LS. I bought it seven years ago with ~184,000 miles. It now has ~292,000 miles and is getting a bit long in the tooth. I get 25 mpg city/highway, only because I pretty much concentrate on driving for mileage.

    The main issue with all Acuras as far as appearance goes, is the leather, which almost uniformly gives out around 100,000. I saw an '88 the other day with what looked like perfect leather, and I wish I could quiz the guy, because neither of our two specimens has done that.

    Good luck! Your car should really last, and the price was right, seems to me.
  • gchambersgchambers Posts: 3
    they are really that good?
  • Pretty much. The suspension, like all Legends I have experience with, really, really needs help because of excessive body lean anywhere near the limit. And before.

    But a rear bar should cure that. Once you have it in place, you will be looking at almost any car on the road receding in your rear-view mirror. The acceleration of this car, 6.4 sec. 0-60, with good cornering that doesn't panic you out, makes it into a very satisfactory way to get there.

    But if you drive like I used to, you can count on only 21 mpg. It's a tradeoff.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    Cost us about $600 to redo the front seats and armrest with new leather on the 1988 4 Door White/Tan LS we bought for our son in 1996. We redid the leather in 2003 with 143,000 on it. Looked like a new car - we bought it used with 96K on it and all service records - FLA car, so no rust. Goregous.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    Fabulous cars -

    new '88 Legend Sedan - totaled in accident in 1993 with 78,000 miles - no problems, all passengers suffered nothing. Hit black ice, right side guardrail, back onto interstate, broadsided by a van, hit center guardrail. Not even any airbags!

    Used '88 LS Sedan with 96 K for our son - drove it to 168,000 and sold it

    Used '90 Sedan for other son with 122K - one owner with all records. We kept it until 180K and gave it to charity. LOVED that car - great handling and power from 80-100 was amazing for only 161 HP!

    Used '94 6 Speed LS Coupe with 57,000 miles on it. What a gas - would easily do 150+ (155 governed) 0-60 in 6.5. 230HP. Honda must have had BIG horses in there! :P
  • Anyone interested in a 94 Coupe LS, Type II, 6 speed with ONLY 17K miles, get in touch with me. Looks great, runs great, the last of the best.
  • hey i just got an 88 acura legend LS and the guy i bought it from can't find the alarm thing for it. how can i fix this problem? can i remove the stock alarm easy or do i have to get a new alarm thing from the dealer? well i hope someone can help me. Thank's
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