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Acura Legend



  • I realize this message is from 2000, but my daughter is interested in buying a used 1995 Legend LS, it has all the bells and whistles etc....they are asking $2500.00 and it has around 175,000 miles on it. It is now Sept. 2008 I would like to know if people think it is worth the money, and what are the things we should look for to go wrong. We are wondering how much upkeep people have seen on this old of a vehicle.

    I have read quite a few of the other posts and it seems to depend on how well the car has been maintained and we must say this one had for the most part only one owner, but we would still like to know what are some of the things to look for to make us aware of oncoming extreme expenses.

    My daughter is a student and does not have a high budget for alot of upkeep. This would be my 20 year old's first car. I hope you can clue us in and any advice is extremely welcome.

    Thank you,

  • can anyone one identify the 4 individual electric plugson a 1990 legend and tell me exactly what each componet does? (speed pulser?ect.).4shift soilinoids what does each one do exactly?can anyone one identify the 3 individual electric plugson a 1988 legend and tell me exactly what each componet does? (speed pulser?ect.).4shift soilinoids what does each one do exactly?
  • Kirkaja,

    I have a 94 legend with 206,000 miles on it and have for that last 8 months experienced the same slight loss of coolant. Recently, it has begun to occur more frequently. My symptoms now are 100% identical to the situation that you had described. I get fluctuation of the temp guage, coolant loss, heat comes and goes, blows white smoke only in the morning, rough idle, pulsing idle. This sounds like the seeping head gasket that someone else here had described. Any thougths? What did you end up doing to your legend? Did you have the head gaskets replaced? Thanks.
  • I too have been experiencing the same symptoms. The car has 145k miles on it and it's a '95 (L) in great condition. Should I replace the head gaskets or cut my losses and get rid of it?
  • oznawoznaw Posts: 5
    Had mine repaired twice, 1st lasted 4 months, 3nd about 6 months, new radiater, cap, themostate, timing never ran the same, swapped engines and it's ok now, Spent to much on that car
  • My understanding is that this results, especially in the starboard head, from overheating, to which the Legend is particularly sensitive.

    Once the head is replaced/repaired and a new head gasket applied, all should stop.

    Good luck.
  • My quote from a reliable, honest mechanic is $2600. For that they will replace both head gaskets, I believe, and R&R both heads. Is this the way to go? :
  • What makes these cars blow head gaskets? I have a properly maintained car with oil changed at every 5k miles and coolant every two years. Never a overheating problem and I bled the air out each time. What gives? Low mileage for a 13 y/o car but this is the first major problem. :sick:
  • my92my92 Posts: 5
    I have a 1992 Legend since 1992, with only 52,000 miles on it. It never sees snow and is garaged all the time. A beautiful driving car.
  • Unfortunately Westofleft, that might be the way to go. Its mainly the labor that makes it cost so much. I had it done twice on my 1993 Legend sedan. The first time was cheaper than the second because labor prices went up from $60 per hour to like $72 per hour for labor. They break the engine down and you'll be surprise how many pieces there are. I believe when or if you get it done to replace all coolant systems if you can. (i.e. new radiator, water pump, hoses, timing belt, fluids, thermostat) Because if you think about it, one part of the cooling system has been contaminated which also circulates to other parts throughout the entire cooling system. So it is bound to be contaminated in some way or form. Yes its costly but so is restoring a 57 chevy. We are talking about a car that is about to be 18 years old!(1991 models) Definitely shop around! I think u can find a better deal.
  • Well, after much soul searching and debate with the boss (wife) I decided to go ahead and repair the car. She and I both really like it, it's still a solid vehicle and I just can't see disposing of it with such low mileage. It's in great shape, still looks good. I am going to have it smogged by the shop doing the repair just to make sure everything came out ok tho. That's the problem I ran into with my daughter's '89 Camry. Wish me luck :)
  • YuZhuYuZhu Posts: 2
    I bought a legend 91 recently. It runs smoothly and the car condition is good. I do change the oil, transmission fluid, brake pad and disk when I purchased it. However, it stopped before a red lamp today and then can not start again. The car fully lost its electricity. My friend came and use his battery charged my one. Then we can start it and drive it back home. It looks like the alternator's problem because the battery lamp is red for a few minutes before we get stacked at a red lamp. Anyone has idea of the repairing cost? Could it be any other problem?
    many thanks in advance.
  • I would look at both the battery and alternator in that order. OTC car parts places like Pep Boys or Kragen can test both. Start with the battery. It may not be producing the cranking amps it needs and it's the cheaper of the two fixes.
  • van47van47 Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about purchasing a 1995 Acura Legend Gs with 165,000 miles for $4000. What problems should I look for before buying? Is $4000 too much to pay for it?

  • lhylhy Posts: 48
    Hi everybody:

    I am looking at possibly buying a used 1993 or 1995 Legend and was wondering what repair costs in general are like. Are they considered high, average, or low in general?

    I have heard that Acuras in general are fairly expensive to repair.
  • my92my92 Posts: 5
    Hi, I have not had to pay any excessive repair bills on my 1992 Legend, just normal maintenance bills, however I only have approx. 50,000 total miles since new. It is garaged all the time. Only driven on nice days. It is a real driver. I am always amazed how far advanced in design and performance the 1992 Acura was compared to the US built cars.
  • lhylhy Posts: 48

    I am considering buying a 1993 Acura Legend 4D sedan. Is it true that this car can only use premium gasoline?

    What will happen if I just use regular unleaded gas in it?
  • Gas will cost you a bit more if you use regular.

    The Legend is so well set up that (in my case at least) I get about 10% better mileage with premium, while it costs about 6% more than regular. And, of course, since the price differential between regular and premium remains pretty rigid at ~$0.20/gal., the more expensive gas gets, the smaller the percentage in price difference.

    Plus, it's a WHOLE LOT more fun to drive on premium, as the engine is high-compression and the computer has to compensate for regular.

    Good luck, and have fun. Caution to the winds!

    If it doesn't work out for you as it does for me, change. But you're better off with premium.
  • my92my92 Posts: 5
    With my 92 Legend I use both. but, if I want maximum preformance and power it runs best on Premium fuel. For the difference in cost, the car will just run much better I find. But, I do not my car as an every day driver, only nice sunny days.
  • I have a 1990 Legend also that had the ABS warning light come on only after I would break a while. I found that replacing the relay in the under the hood fuse box on the driver side did the trick. Later the motor on the ABS motor became noisy and I also replaced it. GOOD LUCK hawks 1.
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