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Acura Legend



  • I was only 15 when i fell in love with a 1990 Legend and i swore my first car would be a legend. I'm now at the point of life where i absolutely need a car but i don't have much money (i have $4500) but i really want a legend (90 or 92 model). The mileage i've seen for 90 legends for that price is 140,000 or more. I know Legends are expensive to maintain and if it breaks down, i won't have the money to fix it. Since you guys own legends and have had it for a while i have a couple of questions to ask.
    1. After what amount of mileage do legends usually start giving you problems?
    2. WOuld you advise me to just let go of my dream legend and buy an affordable car or do you have faith in the beauty of legends.
    3. Is anyone trying to sell their legend?
  • anh2anh2 Posts: 1
    i've got an Accura Legend 94 without a cd player. I'd like to have one but i don't know what to put in. The stock one is a bose cassete and i wonder a alpine cd changer could work with this casette? Anyone knows how, please give me a suggestion.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Check your manual to see if your head unit is up-gradable to adding a trunk-mounted CD changer. If so, the audio controls would be dual-purpose for the cassette and CD. Honda has a history of having their cars pre-wired for audio up-grades extra speakers, CD changer). The 1994 Legend may be one of those.

    If not, there are a number of after-market audio units of the identical physical dimensions and which contain the tuner, cassette, and CD player (single-disc or changer).
  • rb5505rb5505 Posts: 1
    Go here for more info on cd changer for you Legend:

    and here for Legend talk:
  • I wouldn't let the dream to what to look for isn't so much in the car - Acura-s are wonderful cars, but as to who owned it, how it was driven (highway/city) and how was it maintained - regular oil/fluid changes are critical to longevity. If you can talk to the owner(s), then the only decision on a used one is if you can live with the color selection. Oh yeah, it's a good idea to spend a few hard earned bucks and have a qualified mechanic check it over thouroughly before buying.
  • Have a 94 GS sedan with an air leak in the driver door somewhere. Not bad, but just bugs me when the BOSE isn't on. I know it's not the window seal, but sounds like the door seal. Any suggestions. Man I LOVE this car!
  • Hello fellow Legend owners and enthusiasts! I recently found this page and decided to contribute. After looking for close to one year, I finally found my Legend (1994 GS). First of all, I want to say it was well worth the wait!! This is the type of car (as we all know) that was meant for driving - not just everyday driving, but to take out, put down the windows, and just drive - for the thrill of it! I found my Legend off the internet, as the previous (and only other) owners of the car e-mailed me several pictures of the car. The internet is a very powerful tool, and when I told my parents I found my car off the internet, they (at first) didn't believe me! But then when I told them the car was located over 150 miles away, they really saw the power!

    Anyway, I bought this one owner car with 110,000 miles on it - the man had every receipt from day one, including gasoline receipts! Everything was done correctly on this, as the car has never been in an accident. So, I'm up in Sarasota, Florida (where the previous owners reside) and the guy tells me a little story about the car before he gives me the keys. Now, I've read that the GS only was offered in three colors: Black, Green, and White. He also mentioned this, but on the title, original bill of sale, etc., the color reads Silver. Now, the car definitly isn't silver, except when it rains - then you can see some silver highlights in it. Well, this fella tells me how he got this car - he claims when the GS model came out in 94, a new ad campaign to promote it featured this car - he saw the car in a magazine ad, went to his Acura dealership (in Michigan) and ordered one. When asked the color, he said the same one in the magazine ad, which was also featured in some of the brosures at the dealership. The dealer told him they don't offer that color, which Acura calls Silver. After waiting several weeks, the dealership secured (on special order) the car used in the ads, and this guy paid over $41,000 for it, plus special shipping from Japan. He claims it's the only Silver GS - I've looked all over, and I have seen the color on earlier models, but never a GS. If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know. Also, I've been trying to find out how many Legends were produced in 94 and 95 - total and just GS.

    The car now has 112,000 miles on it, and resides in Florida - I've had to make a few modifications to it - the best thing I have found, is to buy a bra for the car - which covers the bumper and hood, and it covers up all the stone chips from the car sitting low up front. Well, time to go, but if anyone has any interesting information about the above, please share it!

    Also, my e-mail address is:


  • That's an awesome story! A silver Legend is rare indeed considering there is probably only a hand- full of them(including the earlier models)out there. What color is the interior? Silver on black would look really good. I'm not sure how many GS's were produced in '94 and '95 but about 70,000 Legends were sold in those years combined. I would guess that maybe 10,000(or 5,000 a year)at the most were GS models. I own a '91 so I know what great cars Legends are. I really hate that Lexus stole Acura's popularity.
  • I'm not sure what else could cause the wind noise you describe besides worn rubber molding around the door opening. My '91 has the same air leak and I know it is caused by the rubber molding which has flattened out over time. It really doesn't bother me too bad since I drive around with the radio on almost all of the time.

  • qzbackqzback Posts: 7
    I have a 95GS that is cashmere. I've also seen them in black.
  • Well, my wife and had the choice of giving up my 91 Legend to my son at college or our '95 Range Rover, a dog of a car. We decided to give him the Range Rover, in large measure because it is a dog to drive and he has less of chance of getting speeding tickets.So far, so good.

    My car seems to have lost a little of its original power. No compression problems. Any suggestions. Also the AC seems very underpowered. Would changing the freon help?

    Thanks. This is a great forum!
  • Good choice on giving your son the Range Rover instead of the Legend. He could get himself into a lot of trouble with that power. About your power loss, I would recommend that you have the exhaust system checked, check your tranny fluid, and have your fuel injection system checked. A problem with any of the above items could be causing a loss of power. About the AC, you could have it recharged but you might need to convert to the newer R-134a refrigerant, if you haven't done so already. The conversion kit is a couple hundred bucks at the most. The R-134a refrigerant didn't debut until the 1993 model year Legend. I hope that I have provided you some assistance and good luck.

  • #15 thicks-I own a '91 Legend L, 4 dr., auto; transmission work @ 122800-torque converter, clutch kit, splined power shaft that transmitts power from the trans. to the transaxle($$$$$$$$), new radiator, water pump, T-belt, inner tie-rod ends. Do you have any info to pass along as far as additional maintenance? The security system will occasionally go to alarm when I insert the key to unlock the driver's door.
  • grubbagrubba Posts: 1
    I just bought a 91 4 dr Legend LS. I love it. I sold a Porche 911 Convertable and I do not miss it! This car is Cherry - 84k miles and not a scratch on it.

    Does anyone know how I can find out what this car would have cost NEW in 1991?
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    The MSRP price was $34,200 + $160 destination. Dealer add-ons: pro-pack (rust-proofing - $389, paint sealant - $359, rear mud guards - $67, carpet mats - $99). Total: $35,274, excluding an ADM of $3900.

    I paid $30,699 + TTF. I also bought an extended warranty (7 yrs/100K miles) at a reasonable $597.

    It proved to be a great car. I sold it three years later to my client. Even with 52K miles, he was able to get the rest of the extended warranty (4 yrs/47K+ miles) for a $50 transfer fee. All service records were provided by the dealer and this validated the transfer.
  • I don't think there is any other major items that need maintenance on your car since you have covered the most important items (T-belt and water pump). Just keep getting the regular maintenance done, check all of your fluids periodically and the car should be fine for many more thousands of miles.
  • I bought a beautiful used 93 White Legend coupe in 96 with only 23K miles from an Acura dealer in Long Island, NY. The car (in and out) was in perfect condition and today, 4 years and 33K miles later, its still in perfect condition.
    I haven't had any trouble with the car except for the CD changer, which I went through 2 of them and finally got an after market brand.
    The car is great and I understand all you legend lovers out there how great this car really is. It runs well, looks good and it's a classic. I thought of selling it for an Audi Q4 but just couldn't do it. I just recently had my rims (16 inch 4 spoke) refinished for about $100 each and it was well worth it. They sanded it down, refinished the entire rim and put new clear coat on it, better than new!
    Anyway, I thought I write since it was my first time at Hope to hear from you Legend Lovers. By the way, those anyone know how much a 93 LS Coupe would be really worth? I heard $18K+, is that true?
  • I just bought a 1991 Acura Legend with 109,000 miles. Not my first choice, but I know the owner and knew I could trust him when he told me the car's history. It runs fairly well, and my mechanic said I could expect to keep it until it has 150,000 or more miles; however, it's not free of certain minor problems (one engine light malfunctions; control button for one window is broken, another is on its way out; radio antenna won't extend; tape deck is broken; leather seats are cracked and worn), and I'm a little wary about mechanical problems to come. I would encourage you *not* to hold out for a 1990 or 1992 Legend at this time for the following reasons:
    -- Bad mileage: about 17 mpg city. (I wouldn't have purchased mine if I'd been able to find something affordable with better mileage when I needed to replace my car). We pollute so much in so many ways -- it's crucial that we try to minimize wherever we can.
    -- You would do much better to spend $4000 on a car with 50,000 miles that's about 5 years old -- no matter how well a person has maintained a car, parts simply wear out over time and affect the integrity of the machine.
    -- If you buy a car that you can't afford to maintain, you're throwing away the money you invested in it; and if you struggle to find the money to maintain it, then you're mortgaging your future -- incurring debt to pay for maintenance and repairs, harming your credit if the debt is unmanageable.
    -- I sympathize with your yearning for this car -- most of us know what it is to want something intensely -- but: you're 25 years old, and you have plenty of time in life to purchase what you believe to be the car of your dreams. Also, and I offer this is a friendly way, and am not sure that it applies in this instance: when anything in life takes on disproportionate importance (a relationship with annother person, material objects, food, sports, gambling, partying), it's time to ask ourselves, "What is really important in life? What do I really want? What is missing in my life that I am overly focused on having something or someone?"
    Best wishes, and hope you find a reliable car that makes you happy.
  • Call your local Acura dealer.
    Call national headquarters for Acura.
    Or call your local library -- reference librarians are amazing. If they can't find the info for you, they can tell you where or how to find it.
  • Contemplating purchase of a 94 sedan for my wife, down to two choices, both clean one-owner; 1) LS w/67k miles @ $14k(private seller); 2) L w/35k miles @$17k(dealer-not Acura). Lot of money for a seven year old car, but have wanted one since they were new when we owned a mid-eighties Cressida which I loved. You Acura owners seem passionate about these cars...I'm pretty much convinced on how good they are, looking for feedback on these two possible deals. Also considering a mint 92 Mazda 929 w/70k for under $5k
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