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Acura Legend



  • 1. Regarding the Cracklie random playing speaker. My problem started with one speaker, the back rt. then spread to the rt. front. Sometimes the system would work fine for a week, and then the problem returned. As I mentioned before, the problem was the Bose Power Amp behind the back seat. Once replaced with a Phoenix Gold Amplifier, the speakers were fine.

    2. The Rocking Seat. For the 1991 model, the service Bulletin is 92017R Date 93/01 NHTSA#SBO32944. If you need a list of other yrs, go to Look for "Safety Problems & Issues, then go to Tech Service Bulletins. There is a wealth of information available from NHTSA.

  • As a former Rx-7 owner, I believe that the problem that you are referring to was a fairly common "flooding" problem caused by the fuel injection system. A manual fix to this situation is to remove the fuse for you fuel injection and crank the engine for about five seconds (burning off any excess fuel). Replace the fuse and it should fire up easily. Should you find this method to be a huge pain, you can also get a mechanic to hard-wire a switch (mounted on or under your dash) to break that same fuel injection circuit for about a half hour's labour and less than $5 in parts. Good luck!
  • azsundevil: Thanks for the suggestion. I really had not though about interrupting the fuel . Rather than doing that did you ever find out the source of the problem on your RX-7 (not a GSL-SE by chance? )? Was it the distored (aged) shape of the injectors - suggested by the dealerships - or something to do with flow / mix regulation that caused the hard start that then led to the flooding?

    ...even though the cost-benefit ratio is rather lop-sided in this case (hey, an '86 is worth ~2K on a trade-in) I would rather "fix" the problem.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I may yet dance with the parts man...
  • Did any first generation model owners have a problem where the automatic transmission makes a loud clunking noise when shifting from P to R to D, when the engine is cold? Any input would be appreciated.
  • My 1994 Legend has 117,000 miles on it and I am starting to notice some problems occurring. It recently started shifting hard between first and second gear. The transmission fluid is fine so I don't know why that is. Also sometimes when I go to start it, the odometer needle will jump between 1 and 0 when my foot isn't even on the accelerator and smoke will come out the exhaust, then it will put-put & stall out. Immediately after I go to start it again it starts right up like it is perfect. Anyone out there had this problem and can tell me what it may be?
  • I've had that happen, but only a couple of times. It never happened again after I changed my air filter. If your air filter has already been changed it may be your fuel filter that needs changing or your idle speed may need adjustment. The worst case scenario would be a problem with your fuel injection system but I would start with the little things first before you conclude something is wrong. Good luck and if you have any more questions just ask!
  • Hey,has anyone found a 1992 LEGEND ?She was stolen back in March from NY.Yeap,life sucks so hold on to your LEGENDS gyus.
  • I'm considering buying a 90 Coupe. The body and interior appear to be in excellent cond. Car has had two older female owners. Car has 125k miles. Within the past year the automatic trans was rebuilt and the timing belt, water pump, cv joints, distributor and tires replaced.
    In driving it I noticed a pronounced shift between 1st and 2nd. After reading this board that seems to be common...? Car is white, sleek and in great shape to the eye. What should I look for? Of course I will have an Acura mechanic check it out. Asking price is $5400. After checking Edmunds and KBB I realize this is kind of high. I intend to offer between 4 and 5k. Any pointers or suggestions?
  • Hello All...

    I am considering a 1993-1995 Acura Legend for a used vehicle purchase. After looking at several vehicles, I have some concerns regarding the durability of the San Marino Red color. The cars I have seen seem to show poor gloss retention and signs of white surface haze.

    Any comments from owners experience would be greatly appreciated.

  • luvthattiger-I agree that most older cars with red paint do look kinda shabby. I believe it is because red shows fading more than other colors. Most other colors just get a little lighter than they were when new, but lighter red means pink, which is bad. My Cobalt Blue Legend is a little faded but it is only slightly lighter blue than it was in '91 and most people don't even know that it's faded. As for glossiness, red isn't as shiny because most reds(with the exception of dark reds) aren't a pearl color like blue, green, etc. and therefore less light reflects off of the painted surface giving a dulled appearance. I have a friend with a red '90 Integra and her paint doesn't shine like my similarly aged '91 Legend or other '90 Integras that are a pearl color even though her car still has a clear coat. So unless you find a good San Marino Red Legend and plan to take really good care of it(garage it), you probably should pick another color that won't show fading as much.
  • realbook - i bought a 89 legend coupe last year so your situation is quite similar to mine. IF (and this is a big IF) you can be certain that all the maintenance that you mentioned was done correctly, then I'd say you have a bargain in the making. when i bought my legend, it was poorly maintained and i found myself having to put in a new timing belt, replace the water pump (wanted to do those two things anyway, just in case), replace the ball bearings (i don't know if that was the correct terminology but it fixed the looseness in my front wheels), replace the starter (it died when i was at the bank getting money to pay for my earlier repairs!), replace the brake pump (the brake pedal was feeling like a soft sponge), and a couple of other things that don't come immediately to mind. I bought the car at $4100 (down from the the $4700 asking price) thinking I got a great deal.. only to find myself paying well over $5700 after everything was fixed. So if yours is in really good condition and the mechanic gives it good marks (I didn't have one check mine, bascially took a gamble) then i would say go fot it! in the end, the car will be well worth the money if you keep it properly maintained. i just think i did the car a favor by rescuing it from the loser who negelected it. and the harsh shift from 1st to 2nd is quite normal, subsequent shifts are smooth and acceleration is .. satisfying.
  • I previously posted about a rattling noise on driver's side and a rumbling noise on passenger side, both in front. After reading an earlier post, I asked the mechanic to look at the heat shield on the catalytic converter. He said it had rocks in it and that fixed the rattle -- he was wrong about the rattle. Apparently those heat shields do get rocks in them, though.

    Anyway, as for the rumble noise on the passenger front, apparently it was caused by a broken transmission mount. There was also kind of a dragging feeling at the beginning of a takeoff at low speeds. I had asked the dealer no less than three times to check the front end because I knew something was not right and finally they came up with the transmission mount, which seems to have been the problem. I felt like a whine, but I know my car extremely well and I knew something was wrong. I guess you have to be persistent.

    And, since this is for "personal reviews," I love that car! Many's the time I've appreciated the thoughtful engineering, such as the way the windshield is designed so that some of the runoff from wipers, etc., doesn't fly back on the side windows. And yes, the acceleration is "satisfying!" I am about to move to an area with a high rate of car thefts, but I made sure I've got a garage to park this baby in! These cars do cost to maintain, and you've got to take some responsibility for finding out what's wrong, but overall, it's cheaper than a new one, and well worth the luxury that I couldn't have afforded otherwise.

    Happy New Year to all.
  • ugougo Posts: 1
    Hi There,

    I am looking for used wheels on my '94 Legend Sedan. I am really interested in a set of 16" rims from a '96-'98 Acura RL model. If you have any information or other sites that I might find
    what I am looking for, I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks for the input!

  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    I had the speed sensor replaced in the Legend's transmission that was causing the D4 light to flash. All seems well. While it was there I asked them to service the transmission with fluid and filter since I had bought the car in August and didn't know when this had been done. The service guy said that they just replace the fluid (and I don't think they can change all of it at any one time). They didn't charge me for a new filter. My question is: Do these transmissions even have filters?
  • I think it does have a filter but I don't think it is changeable.

  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444

    Thanks for the information about the transmission. I am happy that I had the fluid changed because it was previously brown on the dipstick and is now a healthy appearing pink. It does seem odd that there is no changeable filter, but Mother Honda seems to know what it is doing, so who am I to question it.
  • I own an 89 Legend with approximately 100K on it. Recently the brake light and the ABS light on the dash started illuminating. My mechanic checked the car, and couldn't find anything wrong with the system. The brake fluid level is normal. The brakes seem to be fine, even in icy conditions. What could be causing these problems?
  • This message is for apowell1 or anyone else who can provide me advice on a 1991 Legend LS sedan...

    I just bought one with 101K miles. It's pretty nice!! I bought it from a dealer who I think was straight with me about the car. After checking it out thoroughly, here's the problems I noted, and it sounds like some of you have similar issues with yours. Any advice would be much appreciated:

    1. Radio going bad - My driver's rear channel doen't work (Bose unit), and I get a slight hissing sound from the rear speakers only. An occassional loud feedback noise comes from the bad channel, but this goes away as the car gets warm. Sounds like a bad amp, which apowell1 replaced with an aftermarket unit. Any other ideas? Has anyone tried a used amp from the bone yeard? Is this something I can replace myself (I'm a little handy) with either a used Acura part or an aftermarket part?

    2. Does anyone know whether a factory trunk mounted 6-cd changer from a 1999 RL will work with this radio?

    3. I have also noticed a slight rocking of the front driver's seat. Was this a safety recall on this car? I read the NHTSA bulletin that apowell1 mentioned (NHTSA#SBO32944) but it only lists a summary at the NHTSA site. Any info on the cost of the fix and whether it's a do-it-yourself thing?

    4. My antenna mast is stuck. Dealer says I can replace the mast only for about $30. Motor works when the radio starts and stops. Lube doesn't help.

    I found an entire replacement power antenna unit at for $39.95. Reviews I read on replacing power antennas indicate this new one is pretty smooth. Has anyone replaced the entire power antenna or just the mast on this vehicle? Is it easy, or should I stick with a dealer fix? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I have loved legends for years, but never owned one due to cost. I have craved a 94-95 coupe for years, but due to an upcoming wedding, I'm looking at sedans. The GS model is what I've been waiting for. It seems as soon as one comes up for sale, it's gone in days, even with high milage. I assume they are pretty rare vs. the LS's. I have found one at a local lexus dealer, 94 GS, black, 85K, very cheap I think at $11,900. What do you think?
    My biggest question is when looking at Edmunds, it has an optional 4 speed auto listed during 94. I thought all GS's were 6 speeds, either the rare manual or auto. Is this true?
    Do you have any comments for me about the GS?
    I love the wheels on the GS's, not to mention the 230 h.p. It apprears to me that the 4 spd auto was the only option.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about becoming a 94 GS sedan owner.

  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    The automatic was indeed an option even on the GS but the six-speed is the way to go. I owned a '94 Coupe with the six-speed until building a house, which necessitated the need for a truck.
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