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Acura Legend



  • rc52rc52 Posts: 27
    Cook2u -
    If it's an AT you're talking about you should get that checked out. I experienced similar chatter in 3rd/4th (sort of like driving over a washboard) but I ignored it thinking it was just rough road. A year later my tranny needs to be rebuilt, and the service tech asked if I ever experienced that washboard-like chatter sensation. He said that's the first indication of a possible tranny wearing out - something about the torque converter not staying locked?
    You should investigate maybe having the AT fluid power flushed to get rid of the old fluid in the converter. Regular drain and fill AT servicing doesn't empty the converter - but be warned - the Acura tech doesn't recommend due to "sensitive" internal valving in the AT unit. Maybe they were just saying that to get me to bite for the $2500 rebuilt unit. I ended up selling the car instead.
  • A customary weak link is the rear engine mount (which one tech called a transmission mount) going bad. Don't accept a hard shifting auto transmission - this needs maintenence and some people do the flush and switch to Redline ATF to fix this. There is a plug to inspect the timing belt and if the seal on the plug is untampered then it most likely has not been done. There are at least two OEM Bose radios and some power antennas on eBay now if you search under "Legend".
  • cook2ucook2u Posts: 2
    Thanks for your helpful comments and responses to my questions about the '91 Legend I just bought. I took it to a (friendly) mechanic today and of course there was no "chatter" when he drove it; (but it's there). I also (now) noticed a mild vibration in the engine at 1500 RPM's when in neutral(????) but not present at any other time. Please tell me this isn't serious (PLEASE!). LOL. I am going to try and get the transmission flushed as recommended and try the redline ATF. Then if that doesn't work I'm taking my Legend to Lourdes for a dip in the Holy water.
    Thanks again for the assistance! You guys(?) are the best!
  • I have a 90 Legend Coupe LS with 135k and have loved it!! I am looking to get a 95 LS Coupe with manual transmission and wanted to see if there is anything I should watch out for. Would love comments from anyone with late model coupes with manual transmission (6 speeds). Any regrets vs. automatic?!?
  • pjdcpapjdcpa Posts: 1
    I think $13k for that car is high. For comparison, I am currently selling a '95 SE w/ 85k miles for $14k. Edmunds puts the private party deal for the car you are looking at around $10,800 which seems to be a little more accurate than the KBB value (which puts my car at $17k)
  • The decision to go auto or manual is very personal. If you have to have a manual (you know who you are!) there is no substitute. I have a 6 speed GS sedan which is staying put with me for a while. On the other hand, if you're constantly in stop-and-go rush hour traffic I thoroughly understand wanting an automatic. Another factor: my parents don't see any point in buying a luxury car (ie: Legend) and then defeating the purpose of having a luxury car by getting the stick. They have a point - most of the buyers of Legends got it for cruising, not zipping.

    PS. Check the rear engine mount (transmission) before purchase and radiator (cracks in plastic)
  • kbohipkbohip Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 94 or 95 Acura Legend 4 door with the six speed tranny in it. I test drove one today and it seemed to have a vibration at around 1500 rpm. Is this normal or is something wrong. Also the dealer wants $14,900 for it which I feel is high. It has 75,000 miles on it but it has two small dents behind the rear door. Other than that it is in great shape for a 7 year old car. I am going to look at another 94 tomorrow that is exactly the same car except it has gray leather instead of tan and it has 64,000 miles on it. This one is from a private owner and he wants $15,500 which is even worse. He did tell me that he had bought Blizzaks for it though. I was figuring on spending no more than $13,500 for one but now I question if that is feasible or not. It seems Legends go for more than book.
  • No, no, no! These prices are not too high! You have lucked into the mother lode of rare GS Legend 6 speeds if you do indeed have a 6 speed with 4 doors. These prices are right in line or maybe a little low as there are any number of folks I know who would love to get there hands on one over at

    (which really is ground zero for Legends).

    As far as the car you found, the vibration could be anything from an engine mount to a loose heat shield. They should also have no problem fixing the dents for you.

  • Hello. I'm checking out an 89 sedan. It has 181,000 miles on it. It's real clean with leather interior. The owner is asking 2900 dollars for it. I'm told it runs good and the engine does not smoke. Should I pursue this car with the high mileage?
  • I need to replace the timing belt and water pump in my 93 LS sedan. Does anyone know of a reputable shop in NJ that would be less expensive than a dealer?
  • I have a opportunity to pick up a white legend L
    1993 with only 21,790 miles on it!!It is from a family member so i know the service history.
    I am concerned that although it has low mileage,it still is a 8 year old car that is not under warranty.
    Should i keep this car? Or should i sell it ?
    I am currently driving a 1996 Volvo 850 with 65,000 miles on it.
    I do not know alot about acuras, i would really appreciate alot of info about this car to help me make a intelligent decision.
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    The most important question is: how much are they asking for the car??? If the price is right, the car could be a real steal that could last you for 200K miles...
    If you really want to get more info about the car, take sfearing's advice and visit
    It's got to be one of the better, more civilized forums out there in the cyber space...
  • ebbieebbie Posts: 1
    Just purchased my first Acura Legend LS today....a 1990 LS with 117k miles on it, garage kept, immaculate inside and out, all service records and maintenance done a dealer recommended intervals, including timing belt and water pump at 90k miles. Paid the grand total price of $4,800 from Crown Acura in Richmond, Va. Every oil change done at 3k mile intervals, everything is original and working, car has only had 2 owners since new. Based on what I have seen....looks like this was a pretty decent price. I think it will be a nice addition to my 95 Lexus ES300 and 93 Cadillac Deville. Only bought this as a spare due to the price. Would appreciate any comments as to maintenance items to look out for.
  • Hi all. I have two Acura Legends; a 1987 and a 1990. I love them both. The '87 has 230,000 miles and only major problem was not replacing the timing belt in-time and had to have top-half of engine rebuilt. That was about 30k miles ago. Problem is a gas smell, mechanics can't seem to figure it out. The Acura dealership after a thorough check suggested $2,400 worth of parts and labor. I about fell over, especially since aside from the gas smell, this car runs excellent. They said I need all 6 fuel injectors, Oxygen sensors, etc, etc, seems like they want to replace anything that is in contact with fuel. I apologize for this long diatribe, but I would really love to know if anyone has had a situation like this, and what did you do? This is my first post to your forum, I relate to all of you other Acura fans out there! (fans of the car, not necessarily the service dept.)
  • I have been eyeing this Acura Legend for a while now. It has 96K miles on it, and it has leather seats, sunroof, auto. I did not pay too much attention to trunk lid to see any letter disignation for model. Is there any on the trunk lid? If not, how can I tell by looking at the car. What kind of things I need to watch for when buying a legend 91-95 style.

    I test drove a 92 with 124K miles several months ago, and I liked the way it drove. It felt like a very refined Accord. Right now, I drive a 96 Camry XLE V-6 with 47K miles. Edmunds put the value of the 47K Camry the same as the 96K mile Legend.
  • At the beginning of this year, I drove my 1994 Legend GS (I guess) 6-speed manual coupe about 1500 miles to my new place of abode, in the Phoenix area. It was a pleasure to drive and gave me no trouble the whole way.

    The problem is what I've posted about before. At low speeds, especially when turning right at low speeds, I hear what I describe as a rumble. At first I thought it was coming from the tires, brakes, or right (psgr) side front, but now I think it may actually be in the steering somehow. No vibration in the steering wheel, though. Front end was checked no less than three times - cv joints are supposedly okay, brakes are new x two months. After reading earlier posts, dealer checked out the heat shield for a different rattle, but rattle not fixed. I'm leaving that one alone until or unless it gets worse, but I'm worried about this rumble sound. And it wasn't the transmission mount that they replaced either--that was causing that dragging feeling when backing out and a big clunk when going over a driveway bump or speed bump, and that was fixed after they replaced that part. Any ideas on whether this is a steering problem or what?

    Also, had brakes done because I was hearing a kind of a throbbing noise (woom-woom-woom) while going down the highway - it's beter, but not gone on the passenger front. They replaced the pads and turned the rotors. Any ideas on what the noise I'm still hearing is? Could they have messed that job up too (lots of problems with bad work on timing belt replacement)?

    One more mechanical thing - I now have to find someone new to work on this baby. Should I go to the dealer in this area, or should I use a Honda mechanic the people I work with have recommended?

    By the way, an earlier post asked about finding a GS coupe 6-speed. Around the time I bought mine (1998) I know there was another one similar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mine is pearl white. And yes, these cars were a limited edition. I got lucky. Good luck finding yours.
  • A gas smell indicates a serious problem you don't want to take a chance with - a fire. Take it to another shop and get another opinion. Maybe something is loose and it's an easy fix. Also there are such things as rebuilt parts and you could find a way to get new parts in the car for a lot less by finding an independent Honda/Acura repairman but first this - how long do you intend to keep the car? If the answer is more than 5 years then it might be worth repairing it if the car is in flawless condition inside and out but realistically, save your money and start looking for another car.
  • Okay, I'm posting this without looking at my manual for the car. I should know this, but I'm just a part-time car buff. I must have a 1994 Legend LS Coupe, 6-speed manual, since there is no GS model listed when you go under Edmunds "used cars...." Anyone care to clear this up? I've seen others post about GS models that have a 6-speed manual transmission, but apparently there isn't one? You guys that are real car buffs should know the answer, if you care to enlighten us.
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    There is no letter designation on Legends... There are several ways to tell which model it is:
    if it has automatic climate control, it's most likely LS or GS... If the engine has written "Type II" on it - the car is a GS.
    Also, I believe the body molding on L is black, wheras LS and GS have body matching color...

    W/ the car having 94K miles, you should find out if the 90K service was performed (mainly timing belt/water pump). If done at the dealership, these two will set you back ~$700/800 (I had mine done by local mechanic - ~$450 using Acura OEM parts).
  • goralgoral Posts: 138
    Yes, you do have 6 speed LS coupe...
    Yes, there are no 6 speed GS coupes, but ... there are 6 speed GS SEDANS...

    Btw, can I be your friend :) ??? I would love to get my hands on 6 speed... I only have '91 I auto :(

    Regarding mechanic - if you can find someone cheaper than the dealer (yet qualified) I would definitely do it. If needed, you can easily pick up OEM parts on-line (from or I am fortunate to know someone who is really good and CHEAP (working out of his garage)...
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