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Toyota Corolla



  • I thought 'saturnboy' would never consider another brand than a Saturn. Will your screen name change soon?

    Anyway, a rumor going around is that either all manufacturers will offer longer warranties like the Koreans, or as soon as sales get up to a good level, the Koreans will return to average warranties. Which do you all think?

    I would rather get a used Corolla then a new Kia.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    I would get almost anything else than a KIA.....
    With the exception of Chryslers/Dodge.....

    I doubt that other manufacturer will increase their warranty to match Hyundai/KIA. Its mainly a sales pitch, since its only valid to the original owner. Afterward, it goes back to 3/36K & 5/60K for any subsequent owner.
    I doubt Hyundai/KIA will lower their warranties either, unless they have extreme # of warranty works....which I fears what will happen with KIA, unless they cleanup their act quickly. At least they're own by Hyundai now.
  • I drove a 91 Civic Hatchback and was blown away by how fun it was to drive. It felt like it had much more power then my 98 Saturn, and it handled like it was on rails. I am looking at Civic's, hoping they remain true to their fun to drive character.
    I don't think most automanufacturer's will extend thier warranties to compete with Korean cars, the korean car companys like hyundai/kia will most likely cut thier good warranties when their reputation improves. Remember , dodge/plymouth/chrysler had the 7/70,000 warranty, and when people thought thier cars weren;t crap anymore, they dropped it. Imo, their still crap :)
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    If you could compare a 91 civic with 98 saturn...then either honda is that good, or saturn is really lagging a few years back on their car compared to their japanesse counterpart :)
    It should be no contest though, the 2001 civic shoould be much better than the 91, although they did loose the double wishbone suspension from the previous generation, but they also improve rides and passenger space as well.
  • Well, the Civic hatch is fun to drive. I failed to mention that my car is quieter believe it or not, yes , Saturn's can be quiet especially since starting in 98, Saturn received engine improvements to deaden excess noise. Also, my 98 Saturn rides more comfortably, would much rather go on vacation in my car then my friends Civic.
    I heard that since the 2001 Civic's lost thier wishbone suspension that their kind of soft riding too. Maybe that will be a good thing ?
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Well, thats kind of depend on the driver. I bet the typical rice-boy enthusiast won't be happy because of the probable performance drop, but other driver would appreciate the softer ride and more quiet cabin, as well as extra room.
    How soon are you from purchasing the new car? Beginning of new model-year makes it a bit harder to get lower prices.
  • I have a ways to go before I will actually buy or lease a new car. Im constantly car shopping/comparing new models,etc. Probably about 6-9 months before I buy. Should give the Honda dealers/salesman time to realize that "their shi* does stink" and their sales games won't fly with me. They or who ever can either sell me the car I want at the price I want, or I will buy something else. I do like the softer ride, but also want something that handles decent
  • If you want to purchase a Corolla for a good price, consider a 2000 Chevy Prism. I just purchased an LSI with a 4 speed automatic, CD and Chrome wheels for $13,700 plus tax. This includes A $2000 rebate. The car is loaded with air, cruise, PW ,remote entry,larger tires, power mirrors, etc. I was even able to apply points from my GM charge card. Bottom line, I paid 12,900 with tax.
  • Any newer Corolla owners notice a soft brake pedal on their cars? Got a 2001 LE with front disk and rear drum and no ABS. I think the brakes are soft. I wonder if this is normal? Also, is there supposed to be a seatbelt warning buzzer to go along with the seatbelt warning light?
  • karegkareg Posts: 1
    yes. i also found the brake soft. also it seemed to make some noise also. regarding the seatbelt, i think there is a warning ring also.
  • jsleesijsleesi Posts: 33

    I have 1999 Corolla CE, I had mush pedal once in a while, when I checked my break fluid reservoir
    found alot of black particles floating inside the
    reservoir. I took to deal, they told me that some one put wrong fluid, I had to pay about $1600 for replaceing master cylinder, rear and front etc.

    I talked with Toyota people, they flushed and replaced the master cyl under warranty.

    Now I have no problems.

    js lee
  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    IMHO, someone who put wrong brake fluid into your car was probably a dealer you bought the car from. Otherwise sounds lame or you have a brake service(any services) done somewhere else. So did you pay $1600?
  • Does anyone know of any deals on new Corollas? I'm in the San Francisco area and am in the market for a new Corolla. Where are prices with respect to invoice?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Pick up a copy of the Friday Chronicle; read the display ads from the bigger dealers. This is a starting point. Most will sell you a loaded LE automatic for less than $15k + taxes. Have a look and make some calls for comparison...these cars tend to trade very close to invoice plus a few hundred $...even better at end of month.
  • I don't think you can invoice out a LE loaded for under 15K. Unless your version of loaded is different from mine.Moonroof,Goldpackage,alloy wheels, C.D.player,RS3010 security system,spoiler etc.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,367
    Lord, no, of course not! My definition of loaded is a/c, cruise control, power pkg, automatic, mats, and yes, that price included the alloys: $14,888 was the offered price.

    Why do you want a sunroof in an air-conditioned car? and the other stuff, especially the gold junk and spoiler are examples of individual taste [or lack thereof...I think they're called spoilers on passenger cars because they spoil the looks of the car].

    I agree that adding the CD and basic security system would be things I would need to do...but my point was that no dealer in a competitive urban area needs to see more than a few hundred over invoice on this car. Corollas are commodities: in any large urban market, there will be ads the help benchmark the price. I was suggesting that the original questioner start with the most accessible source...the local paper. In the Chron, these cars are regularly featured and not difficult to deal on.
  • Obviously, there are times when fresh air is welcomed through the windows or moonroof. Just because a car is equipped with airconditioning doesn' t mean you would use it 100% of the time.The description moonroof leads me to believe that the roof would be open in the evening hours when the cooler air is present and A.C. is not needed.Where your desription of sunroof leads me to think of it being open in the daytime heat.Besides some of us enjoy dressing up our vehicles to make them more pleasant to look at and enjoy more when driving.But like you stated it is all a matter of personnal preference. Also, if your not going to dress it up or add and appealing extras why would you want a security system in your corolla when it would not be attractive to steal? But at least we know why we did not agree on our invoice prices.
  • I spot a next generation corolla on my neighbor's (the owner works at a Toyota dealership) driveway here in Toronto. The car have no liscence plate on and i guess it is probably a emmision test vehicle or something like that. To me, it look very small from outside, kinda like a bigger echo. I think the car is already on sale in Japan, i am just suprised to see it here now.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    WOW! If you get another chance, or maybe you can even go out of the way, can you snap a picture of it and post it? I would really like to see the next generation Corolla in the U.S.

    I don't know about the appearance, but the next generation corolla on paper is something like 5.3" longer and 3.7" taller than the current corolla. Hmmmm....
  • Are you sure it wasn't Toyota's new hybrid electric/gas model " PRIUS" which is already on sale here I believe.
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