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Toyota Corolla



  • I have an S model so it has the ground effects and the black interior. The sticker on mine was about 17500 and I got it for 16000+ttl (invoice was 15800. I think the le might be a better deal overall but could not find one with the options I wanted(5 speed and sunroof). Good luck! you can't go wrong with a Corolla.

  • Does anyone know if the RS 3000 security system (like used on the 1996 model) would prevent the car from locking while the keys are in the ignition and the car is turned off? I know that our Avalon had this feature. I'm asking because I found my keys in the ignition of my locked car after a New Year's party. Arghhh.... I would think that even without the RS 3000, the car would still not do that. I'm very disappointed with this.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Thank you Steven for the reply. I apologized for my comment about the "awful side skirts. Just because I don't like them doesn't mean they are ugly to someone else. I do realize, however, that these ground effects lower the car so while parking in a lot the bottom can get scraped if you go over a divider. That always happened to me when I had my beloved Camry.

    Happy new year and enjoy your new Toyota Corolla!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    I thought as you did that the SI and all the VTECs used a chain now, and since the original poster was looking at an EX.........

    However, having now researched it a little, it appears it is true that only the SI has gone to a chain, while all the other Civics still use a belt. Shame on you, Honda.

    Another good reason to go corolla - it has used a chain since '98. Why waste several hundred dollars every 90K replacing the belt and the water pump?

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • coolguyky7,

    Toyota mailed a "CreditCard key blank" to me after I purchased my Corolla. I had it cut at a Toyota dealership, so I assume that you could purchase one there. I think you can also get them at a AAA auto club office. You just keep it in your wallet and you won't be screwed if you lock yourself out of your car. Check out the link below for a picture.
  • glenglen,
    I just bought my Corolla but did not know anything about the CreditCard key blank. Did you order it or Toyota just sent it to you?
  • vnguyen5,

    I didn't have to order the CreditCard key blank, Toyota just mailed it to me. So, if you've purchased your Corolla as a new car, I would think that you'd receive a CreditCard key blank in the mail without having to order it.

  • Thank you Glen.
  • I was on my way to school a cold morning a few days ago. I got into my car, then had to open the door because I found that my leather coat flap was caught in the door. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. I used the power unlocking feature and tried to unlock it manually. I was forced to just tug at the coat corner which fortunately released itself. The door still wouldn't open and so I climbed out the passenger door, went around, and it wouldn't open from the outside. I got back in, went to school, and at a stoplight I tested the door again, yet to no avail, it would not open. I tried to open my power windows which barely worked...they just creaked. Then I attempted to open my door again, and voila! it opened. I know a girl with a 1996 Corolla DX (like mine) who had the same thing happen to her. Is this a problem on this model or with cars in general? Last year we had a heck of a winter but this problem never arose.
  • I am looking into the Corolla LE vs the Civic EX and would like some 03'-04' Corolla owners' experience. I have a 50 mile commute to work and average traffic flow is 70-80mph. At what RPM is an Automatic Corolla running at 70, 75, and 80mph? How does it handle passing at these speeds? Does it shake? Does it get loud? Feel free to touch upon any other topics that you feel might be relevant.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    2600 RPM at 70 MPH, almost 3000 RPM at 80 MPH. Quiet, shake free, but a little sensitive to strong side winds. Adequate passing power, good long distance commuter. Make sure you find the seating position comfortable.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    In looking at car prices, to me Corollas have high resale compared to other compacts, so don't worry. Even the older body style before 2003 still command higher prices than typical compacts.
  • battb1battb1 Posts: 2
    My 2003 Toyota corolla, bought new on October 27, 2002 is a big mess. From October 20, 2003 to January 22, 2004, we've had to take it to the dealership 5 times for either stalling, failing to start after several trials,or for coming to a complete stop while in traffic. In all 5 occasions, the engine light stayed on permanently. This car had to be towed twice already. The servive technician at the Toyota dealership told us that the ECU module could be the problem. In November, they replaced it, and since then the car stopped twice in a 8-day period,and on one of these occasions (this week), it had to be towed. We have been told that it had consistently generated computer codes unfamiliar to Toyota technicians in several diagnostic tests. Does anyone here have an idea about what is going on? Also, what are your experiences with the Toyota arbitration process?
  • I know that the RS 3001 security system allows you to program it several ways to do what you want. This includes not locking the door when the ignition is off and the doors are closed. I assume the 3000 will also do this. Check your security system book if you have one.
  • 18fan18fan Posts: 147
    Does anyone know if Toyota has plans to put an AWD system into a Corolla sedan? We know they already have the technology, since there is an AWD version of the Matrix available, which is built on the same platform.
  • No. There are no plans for an all-wheel drive system for the Corolla but as i'm sure you are aware, there will be a Corolla XRS with 170hp available in the 2005 Corolla.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Actually, I'm pretty sure the XRS is still going to be a 2004 model, since its coming out April/May-ish, and that would be a bit early for the entire 2005 Corolla line to debut, given that there is not going to be any MAJOR changes.

    However, perhaps my assumption is off:
    The 2005 Pontiac Vibe, produced at NUMMI in Cali, will be available in early April, with myriad enhancements. One of them, which I hope will also be offered on the 2005 Corolla (whenever it may come out...) is side thoracic and curtain airbags available as an option. Additionally, VSC is also going to be available, though I see the Corolla getting the curtain availability prior to VSC.

    Should be interesting.

    Toyota, if you're listening, please give us an XLE model as well, improve the seating position of the Corolla, and make a LARGER (not higher revving a la XRS) engine option available.

  • I hate to correct you because I enjoy your posts but the Corolla XRS will be a 2005 model and the Matrix will get the side curtain air bags as well. I am not 100% sure about the Corolla but when I find out I will let you know. I am pretty sure it will also but I will probably post the answer tomorrow.

    The Corolla XRS will be built exclusively at the Cambridge, Ontario plant. The Corolla is not to receive anymore engine changes until the next model change in 2007 as a 2008 model.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Oh hell, its all good, you should definitely correct me- or anyone- who provides wrong information or makes incorrect assumptions.

    All I was able to find on Toyotas PR site was "The Corolla XRS will be built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Canada (TMMC) in Cambridge, Ontario alongside the Matrix. It will reach dealerships on May 1st of next year. Annual sales of the XRS are projected at approximately 5,000 units." (11/05/03)

    Curious- do you have any inside information (as in- how do you already know about the Matrix, the certainty about Corolla engine upgrades...). If so, when you learn anything about the 2005 Camry revisions, keep us posted. Literally.


  • The 2005 Corolla and Matrix will start production towards the end of April. Both models will come with side curtain air bags and Vehicle Stability Control as an option. Both models will also receive added reinforcement for improved safety. You may also find this part interesting. Both models are being tested/compared by Toyota against several SUV's for crash worthiness, thus the need for added reinforcement.

    The Corolla XRS has an estimated build of 5,000 units but will be adjusted accordingly based on the demand for it, meaning more will probably be built as Toyota tends to underestimate.
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