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Toyota Corolla



  • needsahemineedsahemi Posts: 18
    modestmouse take a boo in the "corolla problems and solutions" forum.
    I have a corolla and it will be my last one.
  • sophiesophie Posts: 5
    Can someone please tell me what the differences are?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have you checked the vehicle descriptions for each? Use the blue New Cars tab at the top to get to them. You should be able to find all the differences.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, we are here to help others.

    If you feel like you can help, please do so. If not, there is no reason to respond. Just skip it; why waste your time??

    Okay, back to the discussion at hand now ...
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Jennifer: Did you call 911 right after the collision? And if you did, did you tell them that the guy had left the scene of the accident?

    I don't know what year your Corolla is from, but bumpers are generally expensive to replace. Especially, if there is damage beyond the bumper. How did the other vehicle smash into your car?? Front, side? Was it only the bumper that sustain damage?
    You don't need to take it to the dealer for the repair.

    I don't about Texas but here in NY is illegal to drive without insurance. I believe you should contact your insurer even if you don't file a claim but just to see what they say. I'd also consult with a lawyer. Do you have witnesses??
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I also encountered the same problem a few years ago with my '96 Corolla DX, but my guy took off and never returned.
    I needed a new rear bumper, luckily that was all I needed to make the car whole again. As I remember, the total cost was $496.00 plus the 3 day rental car. As my deductible is $500., I had no choice but to eat the cost of the repair.
    It's very unfortunate that so many in this country will not take responsibility for their actions. I know I was quite pissed for awhile, but since I was not hurt, just rattled a bit, I just wrote the whole incident off as another life's lesson learned!
    Very sorry to hear of another person having a similar problem though. Good luck.

    The Sandman :-)
  • Sophie:

    If you mean 2004 S vs. 2005 S I believe they revised the front and exterior body trim, and updated the interior. Otherwise I really dont' see any difference. There might be some minor component changes. I wish they would have put all 4-disc breaks and a telescoping steering wheel and some improved seating adjustments.

    Speaking of which, and off topic, I was looking on the Toyota's web site investigating the "features" section on the corolla. They had a little Flash animation describing how the seating adjustments in the new corolla seemed almost "endless." This gave rise to a small chuckle considering they were referring to the back seat folding down to accomodate extra cargo. Which is all fine and dandy but hardly seems to offer "endless" possibilities *giggle* I think that versatile would have been a better choice. I mean what kind of garbage do they think they can push...sheesh where's a competent art director or marketing person when you need one. *just thought I'd sardonically point that out. :D

  • hoodyhoody Posts: 25
    OK after reading these posts for several months now, and going back and forth between the RAV, and Hyundai's Santa Fe forums, I settled in on this corolla one for a bit, since I just got my mom in a 05 CE while in Memphis , I liked it, so here I am with a 05 LE Corolla....... I got it for what I figured was a good price... after all the research.... it has the usual stuff, all weather guard, preferred owners portfolio ( I guess is this book lookin thing).....the usual 4 floor mats, cargo mat, and some goofy cargo net... the main one is the VV the audio value pkg with a CD changer and 6 speakers this also incl the cruse..... which I don't use anyway..... the thing had a MSRP on the sticker of $15,690.00..... after the "options" it came to $16,919.00..... it had a $250 extra value pkg discount..... which had a sticker of $16,669.00...... to make it short here, I ended up payin $15,307.00..... with the final OTD inl ALL fees of $16,238.31....... a price I can live with as carmax was only 90 bucks less and I would have had to drive 3 hrs to DC to get it, besides buyin it here I also got 2 years of free factory recomended maintenance at the required milage, free oil and filters for that time, and life time free state inspections.... and a free ride and pickup when its in the shop.... so all in all I feel I did OK and am happy with the deal...... OH its Impulse Red with Lt gray interior... I was also interested in a S, but didn't wana pay any more for extra plastic or a useless spoiler,although I do like the extra fog lamps on the S.. (Southern VA area)
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    One of the changes in the '05 Corolla, as it seems from Toyota's website, is that they eliminated the cassette player. Is there a new audio system?
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    I believe a CD player is standard in all models including the CE.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Cassettes are dying.

    Fact of life.

    Check out any "record" store...
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    I just filled my 05 Corolla LE (auto tranny)up for the 3rd time and only got 22.5 mpg with 95% city driving.

    Hope things improve. The car now has 700 miles.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    ONLY 22.5 mpg with 95 percent city driving? ONLY?

    Seems like VERY good mileage to me.

    Almost no one actually gets what the EPA calls city mileage in actual city driving.

    But yes, the car will improve over time, but perhaps not to whatever it is you are expecting...
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    Yes, I thought most Corolla owner's were approaching the EPA estimate of 30 mpg in the city.
  • 22.5 is what my 94 olds 3.1L V6 achieva gets. MAYBE.

    When the EPA is 32 city you at least should be able to expect something close to that. Why not just drive a V6 and have some fun if all you're going to get is 22mpg? When its close to 10mpg off the EPA rating something is wrong in my book. IMO if the EPA rating is off that much something needs to be changed.

    22.5mpg is not good let alone VERY good even for city driving. I would have it checked out. Also consider your driving style that will also affect milage. Just my 2 cents.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    As the miles accumulate your Corolla's mpg will improve gradually and markedly. This may take sometime as the car goes through the break-in period. The mileage you're getting although dissapointing to you it's far from dismal.

    Also please note 2 things: Most of the driving you do is interrupted by stop and go traffic, traffic lights and stop signs. Your highway mileage is probably much better. Also mileage estimates are just estimates and nothing more. Your driving style is also a factor.
  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    I'm not sure what happened to only get 22.5 mpg, but with such a small tank, it is easy to get variations of "full" tanks from fill-ups. Even when my Corolla was new, it was getting over 30 in town, so I would be willing to wager that the calculation is some sort of mistake, or there is something wrong with the car.

    It is better to check gas mileage over the course of multiple fill-ups to allow for variations in the filler neck, pump, and cut-off sensor
  • Thats probably true. But still estimate or no estimate 22.5 is much less than 32. The EPA must do something similar to city driving if they are going to call the rating "city MPG". I realize the tests are probably out dated and probably don't account for things like traffic jams, but still. People buy the corrolla on its EPA rating, and Toyota prides itself on it, so please IMO an estimate is not just an estimate when it comes to cars.

    For the sake of argument: We all know how big the corolla's tank is. If you don't its all over this site and I'm sure in the owners manual. When you fill up and the pump cuts off calculate the difference and start from there. Do it over a few tanks and get an average it its still 22.5 I would get it checked out. Keep a log and show it to your dealer.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Ive found that in practice, Consumer Reports tends to do a good job of guaging a vehicles overall fuel economy, and if anything, their number sometimes is on the low side (for example, they list the Camry LE 4A at 24 MPG overall, while we typically average 27 in a mix of city & highway).

    The CR rating for the Corolla auto is 29MPG.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,629
    CR's overall observed fuel economy for the Corolla was 29. Their observed city mpg was 20; highway was 40.
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