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Toyota Corolla



  • pcotugnopcotugno Posts: 8
    I live outside of Denver. Do you think the altitude (5000' and higher) is affecting my mileage? Does the EPA modify it's mpg for different parts of the country?

  • sparks2sparks2 Posts: 1
    I just purchased an new Corolla. Does anyone have info on how to remove the stock six CD changer/AM/FM radio in the 2005 Toyota Corolla? Just wondering if there is a web site around with instructions and photo's.
  • kmc2kmc2 Posts: 1
    "The dealer tech guy said that it was a normal sound for a Corolla" - Sounds like a lazy dealer tech guy.

    My wife's '98 Corolla (it only has 40K on it) also made nasty grinding sounds when turning left - more so on hard left turns (not fast, just with the steering wheel all the way to the left) - I took it to a dealer, they drove it and said is was just a Corolla thing - what a load of bunk. I also took it to a Midas shop - they drove it, put it up on the racks and looked for CV joint boot tears or other indicators - they found nothing. They also said it was just a nuisance noise and we should just get used to it. (Note: neither the Toyota dealer or the Midas shop bothered to remove the tires during their "inspection"

    Finally, last fall when I was rotating my wife's tires, I found the culprit. On the passenger side, front tire, one of the spring clips that holds the brake pads in place was mis-positioned - it was rubbing against the brake rotor, and actually ground a significant groove into the rotor. I used a pair of needle nosed pliers, tugged the spring a bit - it "popped" into place, and when I got the tire back on and test drove it, the grinding sound had vanished.

    I'm not saying this is the cause of your problem, but it doesn't hurt to share right?
  • jim56jim56 Posts: 3
    I have checked my mpg at least six times and have always
    gotten 43-45 highway (5-speed manual). This is a great
  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    Wow, thats great. I've not noticed mine being that high, but I typically only check it when I'm on trips, whereas I would be driving 75 mph. Maybe at 60-65 mph it would be a little higher. It is a great car.
  • jim56jim56 Posts: 3

    I am a conservative driver - usually 65-70 on the highway. No jackrabbit
    starts or stops.

  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    I've approached the 39 mpg highway with my 05 LE automatic, but never came close to the 30 mpg city ... closer to 23 mpg.

    If Toyota introduces the ECHO hatchback to the U.S. in 06 I may trade in.
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    I consistently get 31mpg reguardless of driving easy or fast. sometimes I drive like an old lady and other times I jackrabbit and pass slowpokes.
  • curtsailcurtsail Posts: 3
    I too am wondering about the cost vs benefit of Vehicle Stability Control and Anti Lock Brakes. Does anyone have one or both of these on a 2005 S?

  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    I've got ABS but not Stab on an '05S. I learned to drive on late 60's and early 70's big Detroit suspensions in Chicago road conditions. I hate ABS and, although I don't have Stab, I can't imagine I would like it. Relinquishing control of my almost three ton Lincoln to a pile of sensors doesn't appeal to me.

    Having said that, the S is my wife's car, and she can't drive for damn (never will). It is also the car that my kid is learning on now and two years from now, another will be learning. For these reasons, ABS and full bags were essential to me. I'm not yet sold on Stab.

    More directly addressing your question, the ABS I have works great. It kicks in quickly, is very effective and is free of the scary pedal feedback some systems give you.
  • curtsailcurtsail Posts: 3
    I do agree about VSC and after looking closely at the 05 Corolla sales brochure VSC is not available on the 5sp. Strangely I cant find a Corolla-S 5sp with side airbags and ABS in the Portland Oregon area! Local fleet manager said this option combination was not brought into the NW for dealer stock. Did you have to order your S with ABS and side airbags? We are moving up from our '91 Corolla and want all the safety features we can get so it looks like factory order is our current option. I posted a message under the other "Toyota Corolla" heading asking about factory ordering experiance.
    Thanks for your input.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Now that you mention it, we did have a hard time getting the one we wanted. We wanted Impulse Red with sunroof, bags, ABS and Auto. There was ample supply, both new and a couple of used '05's that had all of it - except bags. We passed up a real steal on an estate sale car because my wife wouldn't accept no bags.

    The salesman called me one day to report that one had just come off the truck. I was there in 30 minutes but missed it already. The owner of the dealership just looked on his computer and said there was one in the "pipeline" coming to his place in two weeks. I put $500 on it while it was still being built. Two weeks later it landed and I drove it away.

    Not really a factory order, per se, but I had to wait for one to show up.
  • sdjoshsdjosh Posts: 20
    Thank you all so much for replies related to VSC and ABS- the info is very helpful. My dad feels the same way as several of you about ABS, but I want to have it for others who will be using the car. I wonder how available/popular the system will be on the 06...

    I'm still debating a sunroof. My wife wants one, but I'm wondering if it will affect MPG/performance. Any thoughts?

    Last obsession: stereo. JBL worth it? I'm also curious to see if the 06 will have an ipod/aux input jack. Anyone have any problems using FM transmitters with their Corolla?

    Thanks again everyone!
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    I think the sunroof is one of the coolest features of the car. A lot of folks don't like them, but I do.

    I don't think MPG will be affected, but headroom definitely is. Make sure you check out both.
  • 01loadedle01loadedle Posts: 23
    no the sunroof doesnt affect performance or mileage and if youre not over 5'11" tall it wont affect headroom. get the sunroof, your wife wants it so thats that. ;o)

    you could get a jbl audio system cheaper than what toyota will charge but yes it will sound better than the pioneer radios toyota uses although theyre good. I can hear music with all the windows down on the highway so its plenty loud enough unlike other cars Ive had where you couldnt hear music with the windows down on the highway.
  • sdjoshsdjosh Posts: 20
    Thanks to everyone regarding the sunroof and JBL system. Your comments have all been truly helpful.

    01loadedle, you make an excellent point, of course I should have just listened to my wife! What was I thinking? I haven't been married a full year yet, so I'm still learning. I've never had a sunroof (or a new car), so I'm sure we'll both be pleased.

    I think I will now officially stop obsessing about Corollas- at least until the '06 comes out. Then it's back to the neurotic drawing board, and you'll likely hear from me again.

    Best wishes to each of you.
  • m_c_1212m_c_1212 Posts: 2
    :cry: Hello All,

    Ref : ENGINE BREAKDOWN for corolla 2000, with 62k miles.

    My car is Toyota Corolla 2000 CE, Automatic. It has 62,000 miles on it.
    Yesterday while I was driving for a trip, it made some noise and then "check light" cameup. I stopped and then tried to start, it would not start again.
    It had to be towed to a toyota service shop. The service man said that the "engine has broken down" and would need about $3500-4000 to put a new engine.
    I WAS IN TOTAL *****SHOCK*****.

    Since it is a Toyota dealership shop, I am inclining to trust their diagnosis. To be exact he said, the 4 rods of engine has broken down and this is the first time I have seen any such problem.

    I am very very surprised and shocked to see car like Toyota corolla, with just 5 years and 62,000 miles on it, have its engine breakdown. I did regular maintainenace with oil changes and in fact just had my 60k few weeks back. I dont understand what would have gone wrong...... ( The car is not under warranty now so no way they will take care of it by their money ...)

    Questions need help :

    1) Does anybody knows how much does it cost to replace a new engine in corrolla? Is $4000 , (california) too high for a new one with labor charges ...?
    2) Could my car have some manufacturing defect from beginning that may have caused this case? How do i deal with this case ??
    3) Would the main toyota centre help in reimbursing this amount since this looks like such an unusual problem... or do you think they will just say "What can we do" ... You must have not maintained it--- Though i have most of the records to support maintanenance... Has anybody come across any issues out of warranty and talked to 800-331-4331 ( toyoyta line) and reimbursed from them...
    4) Any other ideas suggestions, inputs ( I know i could get a new car for like 10-15k so 4k is a big amount .... so buying a new is an option )

    Overall I am shocked at this "engine failure" event. I will talk to the Toyota service center tomorrow and see what can they do. Already talked to my dealer .. he says "do what you want to do" I cant help .... you must have not maintained your car ... ( thats pretty "rude" ) .....

    anyways... thanks for taking time to reply.
    mary :cry:
  • Hi all,

    I want you to know that I searched first and did not find an answer to this question, so I am going to post. My wife bought a 1998 Corolla LE from a Nissan dealer in Tallmadge, Ohio on 9th June 2004. At that time, we couldn't take delivery of the vehicle right away because there was a problem with the air bag light coming on. So, they had it fixed.

    Fast forward to today: We now live in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, and the airbag light has decided to start blinking. A couple of questions:

    a) Does the blink pattern mean anything, and is there an online resource that might clue me in to what the blink pattern means?

    b) I was reading on a message board about another car (a Nissan product) that there was a way of resetting the air bag light by doing something with the door close sensor thingy in the door. Is there such a "secret handshake" for the Corolla?

    c) Does anyone know if this would cause the car to fail inspection in Pennsylvania (we are moving back East in a few weeks)

    d) In the words of Cliff Huxtable... "How much" That is, how much could this set us back... low end to high end. I know there could be multiple scenarios as to what is wrong with it. My money is on funky sensor, but who knows...

    Thank you all in advance for your help!!
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to your car, and although it's very unusual, it does unfortunately happen to all makes. I hope, however, that since Toyota prides itself on the reliability on its cars that it will help you cover some, if not all, of the costs even though your car is out of warranty. You stated that your car is at 60k/5 years, which is the extent of the powertrain warranty on Toyotas, and the engine is part of the powertrain. I'd be interested to see if Toyota has been helpful in this case. Please let us know.
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    My wife's 2000 Corolla had to be rebuilt under warranty due to a piston rod problem as well at just under 60,000, so it was covered under warranty, and they did give a free rental car while it was in the shop.

    In an event unrelated to quality issues, we later replaced the engine due to my wife running it without oil in it, and the cost for a engine replacement from a used 2001 Corolla with 40,000 miles was around $2,800. I used an independent shop who found a used engine - often times a dealership will not install used parts.

    Car has run fine in the 18 months since the engine replacement.
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